And The Red Sox News of the Day Continues…

by ThomasWayne

As reported earlier in the day by myself and 100,000 other news outlets the Boston Red Sox have come to terms with former Angel ace John Lackey on a 5 year deal worth just a little more than Ecuador. One would think this would be enough Sox news for the day but those damn Phillies had to go and get Halladay so Boston felt cheated in the headline grabbing department and added the following tidbits for your hot stove delight…

Mike Cameron

As reported by An already eventful Monday for the Red Sox gained further steam in the evening, when reports circulated that the club is in serious talks with veteran outfielder Mike Cameron.

If the Red Sox are successful in signing Cameron, it further cements a development that has become all but certain in recent days — Jason Bay will not be returning.

Aroldis Chapman is reporting that Cuban left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman has an offer on the table from the Boston Red Sox worth $15.5 million.

The 21-year-old received the offer while he was still represented by Edwin Mejia, Arangure reported. Chapman is currently represented by the Hendricks brothers. Randy Hendricks told teams this week that they aren’t even accepting offers at this point, so it’s possible that Boston’s offer has still been the only one Chapman has officially received.

Chapman, whose fastball was clocked at 102 mph at the World Baseball Classic this year, defected from the Cuban national team in August during a tournament in the Netherlands.

Opening Night 2010- Red Sox host the World Champs

From MLB announced on Monday that the Yankees and Red Sox will face off in the first contest of the year on Sunday night, April 4 at Fenway Park, with the 8 p.m. ET matchup televised nationally on ESPN2.

The event will mark the fifth time in the past six years that the defending World Series champions have played in the season-opening Sunday night game.

It also marks just the second time that a standalone game between the two rivals has been the first game of the season. The two clubs faced off to open the 2005 season after the Red Sox won the ‘04 World Series, with the Yankees winning at home, 9-2.

The 2010 season opener will be the 30th time that the Yankees and Red Sox have opened a season against each other, dating back to the first time in 1904.

One would think that the Red Sox news for the day is done, but by my clock there is still an hour and some change to go East Coast time. They could easily sign and/or trade for two or three more players in that amount of time.

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45 Responses to “And The Red Sox News of the Day Continues…”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Aroldis Chapman = Hideki Irabu.

    Jacoby Ellsbury, meet left field, left field, meet Jacoby Ellsbury.

    I was at a Yankee Red Sox opening day in 1983, I believe. At Fenway, Phil Niekro started for the Yankees, Lou Piniella went yard.

    In a freaking snowstorm.

    Average daily temperature for Phoenix on April 4th..78.6 degrees.

    I’m good, thanks.

  2. Phil Says:

    Ouch, it would really hurt Jacoby’s ego to be replaced in center by a 37 year old man. Oh well, play better Ellsbury.

    I actually would have guessed higher than that for April 4th in Phoenix. But whatever.

  3. hossrex Says:

    1985. Niekro got shelled. Pinella retired the year before. Dwight Evans, Jim Rice, and Tony Armas all hit home runs. Disappointingly the “field condition”, and “start time weather” are both “unknown”.

    Not too many happy Yankee fans after that day… a 9 to 2 loss to the rivals.

  4. hossrex Says:

    Chuck: “Average daily temperature for Phoenix on April 4th..78.6 degrees.”

    Interestingly, one of the conscious reasons America didn’t switch to the Celsius temperature scale was because having a 180 degree margin between the freezing point of water and the boiling point of water allowed enough differentiation that it wasn’t required to give temperature measurements to a decimal point when broadcasting weather forecasts.


  5. AdamWhite Says:

    Could the Lackey and (potential) Cameron moves be intended to free up Buchholz and Ellsbury for Adrian Gonzalez? And then they re-sign Bay? Then the line-up looks like:

    Scuturo (ss)
    Pedroia (2b)
    Youkilis (3b)
    Gonzalez (1b)
    Bay (lf)
    Martinez (c)
    Ortiz (dh)
    Drew (rf)
    Cameron (cf)

  6. BillWellman Says:

    “Snow played games with the opening games of the baseball season today, but following an overnight snow that decorated Fenway Park, the Boston Red Sox rained home runs on the Yankees and thrashed them, 9-2.” – Murray Chass, New York Times, 4/9/85

    There had been a snowstorm, but according to Murray Chass it was the night before the game. Knowing Boston weather, I’m sure that there were, at the least, lingering flurries.

  7. Raul Says:


    Jason Bay is moving on, I think. It’s interesting though, but I’m not sure even Mike Cameron can carry an outfield with Drew and Bay.

  8. Jim Says:

    Trade rumors in Boston have focused on AdrianG and Miguel Cabrera, both 1B. It’s not known if the Padres are willing to trade AG without a ridiculous offer and Cabrera is likely off the market with Curtis Granderson going to the Yanks. The signing of Cameron opens the possibility that the Sox could seek a bat from a team willing to move an outfielder, 1st or 3rd basemen. Possibly allowing the Sox to get a productive hitter for a cheaper package, say some combination of Ellsbury, Michael Bowden, Lars Anderson, Josh Reddick and Manny Delcameron. Or they could stay the with the current line up and move Youk to third and use split first/catcher between Martinez, Varitec and Casey Kotchman and wait and see who becomes available at the 2010 trade deadline.

    Do you think Scott Boras is having a bad day? I suspect the over-under on the potential contracts for Holiday and Bay just went down.

  9. ThomasWayne Says:


    You make it sound like Drew and Bay have no arms and a limp while playing the outfield. Sure, neither are Jim Edmonds or Devon White but come on…

    They both make 95% of the plays they need to make and are more than serviceable on a day in or day out basis. I do believe the Red Sox made the playoffs last year with both of these dead weight cripples playing the corner outfield positions and complaints were at a minimum.

    I just don’t understand this mindset that all defensive players need to be the equivalent of Willie Mays and Omar Vizquel to somehow be considered an adequate defender.

    Would you have benched Teddy Ballgame based on his serious defensive shortcomings for a much stronger fielder?


  10. Jerry Says:

    It seems to me like neither Ellsbury nor Cameron is all that valuable if they are playing the league’s smallest left field. So I do think the idea that Cameron is meant to free up Ellsbury for a trade makes more sense.

  11. Raul Says:


    For one thing, Bay and Drew are going to be a year older, with an even older outfielder manning CF.

    Would I have benched Ted Williams for a better fielder? That depends. What inning is it?

  12. ThomasWayne Says:


    The way you worded your question about benching Williams…you must be a lawyer…lol.

    And I would think the score in relationship to inning would dictate his removal. Or would it?

    Hypothetical here…bottom of ninth in a 1 run game. Red Sox are ahead. Teddy is due up third if it goes into extras. The team the Sox are playing have two lefties and an opposite field power hitting righty due up. The Sox closer is good but not great.

    Do you pull The Splinter for a better defender or do you make due with him defensively and keep him in there in case it goes to extras?

    There really isn’t a right or wrong answer. Just a managerial decision. What say you Skipper Raul? (and anyone else for that matter)


  13. Raul Says:

    Sunny or Rainy day? Just kidding.

    I bench Williams for a better defender.

  14. Chuck Says:

    “Could the Lackey and (potential) Cameron moves be intended to free up Buchholz and Ellsbury for Adrian Gonzalez”

    Great point, Adam. Although with two, below market value years left on his deal, the Padres are in no real hurry to move him. If the Sox want him that badly, they’ll have to include alot more than a #4 starter and below average CF, especially considering how much bigger CF is in Petco.

    Thanks for checking, Bill, but I was there, and it snowed during the game, and at times it wasn’t no damn flurries.

    Twenty-five years dulled my recollection of Piniella hitting one out or of what year the game actually was, but you don’t EVER forget snow during a game.

  15. Jim Says:

    “I bench Williams for a better defender.” LOL

    IIRC, Raul was among those who criticized Joe Girardi for pinch running for Arod during the WS, an analogous situation to the one Thomas suggested.

  16. Raul Says:

    I criticized no such thing.

    Most of the time, most pitchers are capable of getting 3 outs. I’ll take my chances in extra innings if the closer blows it.

    Thanks Jim.

  17. John Says:

    The ESPN article talked about how Mike Cameron is going to be the new LF for Boston. What a joke…the guy who wrote it should be fired.

    Mike Cameron is still, at the age of 37, one of the best defensive CF in the game. I’ve seen him flub exactly one play watching the Brewers – unfortunately, it was on Chase Utley’s 2-RBI double in game 1 of the 08 division series and it cost us the game. But I digress.

    Cameron is terrific.
    Ellsbury sucks.

    I can’t see any scenerio under which Ellsbury stays in CF. But it’s gonna take a ton of blue chip prospects to acquire Adrian Gonzalez.

  18. Raul Says:

    Jerry Crasnick wrote it.

  19. Vic Says:

    To Adam white sox and chuck….First Chuck. Why would the sox move Jacoby who is an awesome centerfeilder with top speed out of center for 37 yr old cameron who has already agreed to moving to left? Adam what would lead you to believe that the redsox will make a trade for Gonzalez and then sign Bay, further more put 37 yr old cameron in center benching ellsbury who could steal 2nd running backwards and by all reasonable observations plays a better centerfeild than Cameron. Cameron was one of the best in center but that was 10 yrs ago. You 2 really need to improve your bseball IQ’s.

  20. Chuck Says:


    Ellsbury sucks in center. His routes are bad, his jumps are bad, and he was the worst arm in the game. Don’t let his speed fool you, just because he catches balls some others may not doesn’t mean he’s and “awesome” centerfielder.

    Ellsbury’s a one trick pony (speed) and as soon as that starts to go, his seeming awesomeness will go with it, and so will Ellsbury. He doesn’t have the skills to hang around as a fringe player, one day, starting in center for the Red Sox, the next valet parking at the Marriott.

  21. BillWellman Says:

    Jacoby Ellsbury has a career UZR/150 of 20.8 in LF and RF combined. He’s very slightly better in left.

    Just because he had trouble in CF in 2009 doesn’t mean that he’s a substandard defender. He’s not as good as Mike Cameron at CF. He’s capable of fielding the position part-time, though, and a starting outfield of Ellsbury, Cameron and Drew could do quite well defensively.

  22. Chuck Says:

    “Jacoby Ellsbury has a career UZR/150 of 20.8 in LF and RF combined”

    UZR= Worst stat ever.

    Jason Bay played errorless in the OF in ‘09 and led the AL in assists, yet is considered the twenty-ninth worst LF in baseball?

    Ellsbury sucks.

  23. BillWellman Says:

    “UZR= Worst stat ever.”

    Several disagree with your position.

    “Jason Bay played errorless in the OF in ‘09 and led the AL in assists, yet is considered the twenty-ninth worst LF in baseball?”

    You still regard fielding percentage as a useful metric of the quality of outfield defense, Chuck?

    Again, Ellsbury could play an excellent left field, and he’s certainly capable of covering CF if Cameron were to need a day off.

  24. Chuck Says:

    “Several disagree with your position”


    “Again, Ellsbury could play an excellent left field”

    No one said he couldn’t.

    “You still regard fielding percentage as a useful metric of the quality of outfield defense, Chuck”

    Never mentioned FP anywhere, Bill.

  25. BillWellman Says:

    “Jason Bay played errorless in the OF in ‘09″

    “Never mentioned FP anywhere, Bill.”

    Right, Chuck, gotcha.

  26. hossrex Says:

    Chuck: “he was the worst arm in the game”

    The new White Sox center fielder would have a thing to say about that.

    I don’t like UZR either… but I also don’t like the idea of simply counting the number of errors, or the number of assists a player accrued. Especially since a player generally leads the league in assists because people run on him… because he’s bad… and for a left fielder to make an error he basically has to drop a fly ball. A fly ball. A bad major league left fielder will catch 999 fly balls out of a thousand. Unless the entire scoring system is changed, and outfielders are awarded errors on plays where they failed to catch the ball because they ran a poor route.

    There literally isn’t a good way to judge the fielding performance of an outfielder without watching him play.

  27. Chuck Says:

    “Right, Chuck, gotcha.”

    Thanks, Bill.

    “The new White Sox center fielder would have a thing to say about that”

    There’s an OF drill I was taught 40 years ago that I still use coaching today…take a 50 gallon drum and lay it on its side and OF’s practice throwing into the drum. Could be at second, third or home. If a player one hops the ball into the drum it’s a sign that he would be one-hopping the catcher as well.

    Jacoby Ellsbury and Juan Pierre couldn’t do this drill without a cutoff man.

  28. hossrex Says:

    I watched a lot of Juan Pierre last year (he still played surprisingly often considering his “fourth outfielder” status). If there was a man on first, and a ball was hit into any sort of gap near Juan Pierre, the man on first wouldn’t even bother to look at him as they were rounding second, they’re that confident they’re about to score.

    It seems like I do remember one fantastic play in that situation though (I think it was a pitcher running), where Pierre fields the ball at the fence, and Raphael Furcal is literally standing where the center fielder is normally positioned. Pierre limp-noodles the ball to Furcal who throws a frozen rope home, and Martin catches a perfect strike to get the runner sliding home.

    Seriously. When Furcal would cut off Pierre he was out so far he could have ordered a bag of peanuts from the bleachers.

  29. Hartvig Says:


    “Seriously. When Furcal would cut off Pierre he was out so far he could have ordered a bag of peanuts from the bleachers.”

    Seriously funny comment too…

  30. Shawn Says:

    Actually the scouting report on Ted Williams in his career was godly hitter, OK fielder, not terrible, decent arm. I think the only way I would take him out would be if it was a blowout. The guy wasn’t human, .482 OBP. He comes up in later innings, they’ll pitch around him, with his 20/10 unreal vision, he’s gonna get on base.

    I thought the Girardi pinch running for A-Rod made no sense because he’s great defensively and he is not a slow runner at all.

    “Seriously. When Furcal would cut off Pierre he was out so far he could have ordered a bag of peanuts from the bleachers.” – Made me laugh.

  31. hossrex Says:

    Shawn: “482 OBP”

    And that in an era where managers were less fearful of pitching to good hitters.

    If Ted Williams played between 1989 and 2009 his career OBP would have EASILY been over .500, and probably closer to .600 than .500.

    I wish I could have watched him play.

  32. Shawn Says:

    I totally agree with you on both things. Pitchers 1- walk significantly more guys today then they did then. 2- He would get unlimited batting practice (he always said in interviews he wished he could have gotten more batting practice). 3- they would pitch around him significantly more, and he was notorious for being stubborn and never swinging at balls. As I said before his eyesight was 20/10 and the Marine doctors were in utter amazement when they tested his eyes.

    He said later in interviews, with today’s game he felt honestly his batting average would dip a bit, but he’d hit more home runs. So to me a .330/.500/.650/40ish HR season would be a good estimate on a typical year for him today.

    My Grandfather, both my great uncles, all my grandfathers friends and honestly almost every single WW2 Vet I know, all say Ted was the best they ever saw. And all of them have been watching baseball for 55-60+ years. Pop used to say the first base coach would stand near the dugout whenever he came to bat. But my favorite, if Ted took a pitch that was borderline and the umpire called it a strike, he would turn around and tell the umpire it was outside/low, and the umpires would APOLOGIZE, most of the time. So ridiculous.

  33. Shawn Says:

    Eerr, i meant 65-70 years. My pops in his mid eighties. For you also Hossrex, my grandfather used to go to see the Brooklyn Dodgers all the time, he said his favorite on those teams was Jackie Robinson, he said that guy was unreal to watch.

  34. hossrex Says:

    Shawn: “his batting average would dip a bit”

    Yeah. I almost said the same thing. Even when he wasn’t intentionally walked, he’d see nothing but garbage. Even if you take advantage of every mistake, you’re not going to get as many hits as you would if they actually pitched to you.

    Shawn: “the umpires would APOLOGIZE

    Awesome. If Albert Pujols did that, the umpires would instigate a conflict, and press him into doing something worth an ejection.

    As much as I love baseball… I wonder some times how much more I would love it if I could have actually enjoyed baseball when it was good.

  35. Jim Says:

    Williams’ reputation as a defensive player took a hit due to his replacement being Yaz, who was a tremendous defensively and his focus on being a hitter.

    One thing you youngn’s may not know about the left field wall in Fenway, is that until the mid 70’s the wall was sheet steel riveted to steel girders, so depending on where the ball struck the wall it would either fall on the warning track or rebound partway to SS. It really must have been miserable for visiting outfielders.

    Today the wall is covered in some sort of rigid foam board that provides a fairly consistent rebound.

  36. Shawn Says:

    Yeah those old fences were terrible. The owners never seemed to care about the players, much worse then but not great now even.

    “If Albert Pujols did that, the umpires would instigate a conflict, and press him into doing something worth an ejection.”

    Umpires just seem to get worse and worse, they just seem more arrogant and ejection happy then ever before. Even from 10 years ago to now. Pujols is unreal, but when Williams played his eyesight was legendary and he himself was a legend, so they probably just knew they were wrong lol. But yeah, the post season this year, was a disaster. If a player makes even a mild argument on a bad call sometimes they just eject him. They warn teams if ONE guy gets hit sometimes. If Bob Gibson played today he would only have 100 IP with all the ejections/suspensions.

  37. hossrex Says:

    Shawn: “They warn teams if ONE guy gets hit sometimes.”

    Yup. Which just punishes the team that didn’t do anything wrong.

    It’d be like if you had two kids, a boy and a girl. The girl goes in and steals a cookie. You find out the girl stole the cookie, so you sit both kids down and give them a warning. If anyone tries to take another cookie, they don’t get any more cookies for a month. Then you catch the buy trying to steal a cookie, and you punish him. He did the exact same thing as the girl, but the girl didn’t get in trouble? Simply because she was wrong first?

    If stealing a cookie is wrong, punish everyone who steals a cookie.

    If throwing at batters is wrong, punish everyone who throws at batters.

  38. Jeff Says:

    “They warn teams if ONE guy gets hit sometimes.”

    Yeah, but they still only eject someone if they deem it intentional, so it really doesn’t matter. It’s not like they eject anyone who subsequently hits a batter (except for a few dumb exceptions).

  39. hossrex Says:

    Jeff: “It’s not like they eject anyone who subsequently hits a batter (except for a few dumb exceptions).

    How much baseball do you watch?

    After a warning, only once have I ever seen a batter hit without both the pitcher and the manager ejected.

    I’ve seen a closer ejected in the ninth inning because he hit a batter, even though the Cubbies were up by one run, with a runner already on first. As if he was intentionally putting the tying run in scoring position?

  40. Raul Says:

    They give warnings for just pitching inside. If you want to send a message to the batter, you get a warning. Another one? You’re out.

    Stop that nonsense, and you’ll see pitcher ERAs drop a half-a-run tomorrow.

  41. Chuck Says:

    More players get hurt in these stupid charging the mound incidents than by getting hit by a pitched ball. I’m not talking the pitcher and batter either, I’m talking about these idiots like Jonny Gomes, running around sucker punching people like he’s some sort of designated body guard.

    Then you get the retards who charge the mound after getting hit…with a curve ball.

  42. hossrex Says:

    Chuck: “Then you get the retards who charge the mound after getting hit…with a curve ball.”

    Or late in the game down by one, with a runner on first.

    As if any team is going to put the game on the line just to “send a message”? If they’re willing to do that, let ‘em… take the free win.

  43. Shawn Says:

    That and guys wear so much body armor they look like they could joust each other, stand on top of the plate and act like a baby when they get hit.

    I remember once when Billy Wagner was pitching for Philly a few years ago. With 1 out in the 9th in a 1 run game, he hit a guy and was ejected. No warning, just ejected. This was in late September, when the Phils were trying to make a run at a playoff berth.

    See this is where a normal Commissioner of sports comes in and makes some changes to help the game. Mr. Selig has no comprehension of doing anything to improve anything.

  44. Raul Says:

    The game Shawn is referring to was 9/11/2004
    Phillies vs Mets

    Bottom of the 9th, Phillies led 9-7.

    Single. Strikeout. Walk. Wild Pitch. 2nd and 3rd, with 1 out.
    Fielders Choice, run scores, man on 3rd. Two outs.
    Score is 9-8, Phillies.

    Single. Run scores from 3rd. Tied 9-9.

    Wagner ejected for throwing at Cliff Floyd. Floyd wasn’t actually hit. He flied out to end the inning.

    Phillies wound up winning in the 13th inning. Doesn’t look like Philly was in a pennant race. They were 4 games over .500

  45. Shawn Says:

    They were not fighting for the pennant but they still had a chance to make it. I thought I remember him hitting a guy, but it’s even worse he didn’t actually hit him. It was more of a general statement on how ridiculous that situation was. I didn’t remember all the details, it was 2004, but yeah, it made no sense.

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