For Your Need To Know: The Babe’s Record Deal – March 8, 1930

by ThomasWayne

This is For Your Need To Know:

On this date in 1930 The Babe (the Sultan of Swat – the Bambino – the Colosus of Clout – the Maharajah of Mash), George Herman Ruth, signs a two year pact with the Bronx Bombers for $160,000. At the time, his $80,000 per year salary was the highest ever paid a professional athlete.

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11 Responses to “For Your Need To Know: The Babe’s Record Deal – March 8, 1930”

  1. brautigan Says:

    That was a huge amount of money for the time.

    Of course, by Carl Crawford’s 33rd at bat this season, he will have made more money this season than I have in my 57 years on this planet.

    Something is truly wrong in our society. Our priorities are really amiss.

  2. John Says:

    Supply and demand baby.

  3. Raul Says:

    This world is much, much more complicated than “supply and demand”.

  4. John Says:


    Not really.

  5. Raul Says:

    Actually it is, John.

    Take a look around the world. Politics, greed and foreign policy.

    Then reconsider why you’re paying $4 for a gallon gasoline.

  6. John Says:

    Because, much as it pisses me off, I have a need, or *demand* for it.

  7. Chuck Says:

    “Take a look around the world. Politics, greed and foreign policy.”

    There’s way more gas in the world than we can ever use, so to pay $4 a gallon for it is nothing more than price gouging.

    Which is, by definition, greed, politics and foreign policy.

  8. Cameron Says:

    Start growing corn. The more gas costs, the more you can sell corn for.

    Heard that while I was flipping through the radio and was on one of the left-of-the-dial stations. Ironically enough, the more left of the dial you go on FM here, the more conservative it gets. The 80-90 range is nothing but talk radio and church stations. I’m convinced I live in Bizarro World between the radio and the weather.

  9. KerryWhisnant Says:

    This a month after the fact, but I glanced at this title today and got a vision of The Babe cutting a rap record…

  10. Bob Says:

    Lastings Milledge was designated for assignment by the White Sox, and the Red Sox owners add Yankees fan Lebron James as owners of their Liverpool soccer team.

  11. Bob Says:

    In non-baseball news, which will hurt baseball, Japan is getting hit again. Unreal

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