Hype vs. Truth; Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and Who is REALLY the Better Player

by Chuck

The general population of casual baseball fans first became aware of Bryce Harper when, as a sixteen year old, he was the subject of a Sports Illustrated cover and feature article written by Tom Verducci.

The article, filled with exploits of 570 foot homers, 96 mph fastballs, eyeblack art and bible verses on wristbands brought a mixed bag of opinions, from being further advanced at the same age than either Ken Griffey Jr. or Alex Rodriguez, to Verducci trying to create his own version of Sidd Finch.

Almost from the time the June 8, 2009 issue hit the newsstands, Harper’s name was either on the lips or in the mind of every scout, writer, general manager and agent.

Fast forward a year, to June, 2010 and the eve of the MLB Amateur Draft, Harper’s exploits were widely known; bypassing his senior year and obtaining his GED so he would be draft eligible a year sooner, national media interviews, and spending the season playing junior college baseball for a program, ironically, which played in and exclusively used wood bats.

At the same time of Harper’s whirlwind manipulation of the system and the media, was the much less publicized yet no less significant performance of Manny Machado.

A senior at Brito Private High School in Hialeah, Florida, a white collar suburb of Miami, Machado quietly went through his final high school year the same as every one else, he played baseball, he hung out with his friends, he mulled over the decision on who to ask to the prom.

Everything but be the subject of a flufff magazine article.

Machado, who is just four months older than Harper and almost his equal in size (both stand 6′3″, Harper has a twenty pound weight advantage),  hit .639 with twelve homers his final season, and had accepted a full boat scholarship ride to nearby Florida International.

As the draft approached, two things became abundantly clear; the 2010 draft class was woefully thin, so much so that some people with many years of draft experience went so far to call it, potentially, one of the worst ever.

The second was that there were only three players, Harper, Machado, and Texas high school righthander Jameson Taillon, were so far above everyone else in the draft that teams such as Arizona and Houston, who held the sixth and eighth picks in the draft, didn’t even have scouts watching them during their respective school years, knowing full well they had no shot at drafting any of them.

The first three picks in the draft played out exactly to the scenario, Harper (Washington), Taillon (Pittsburgh) and Machado (Baltimore) went in the first three picks.

While all three signed before the August deadline, only Machado went on to make his professional debut before the end of the season. Splitting nine games between Rookie and Short Season, Machado posted a .306/1/3 split with an .813 OPS in forty one plate appearances.

After the first month of their respective minor league seasons, the gap between Harper and Machado isn’t quite as big as was initially thought. Playing together in South Atlantic League (with Taillon), both Harper and Machado have each been named league Player of the Week once and are at, or near, the top of the league’s offensive leaders.

Harper started slowly, but has hit at a .467 clip during his current thirteen game hitting streak, raising his average from .231 to .376, a mark which ties him for third in the league batting race.

Machado’s POW came during the week of April 25 through May first, a span of seven games which saw him hit .480 with five homers and 12 RBI.

Machado, who was placed on the DL on May sixth after tweaking his right knee running the bases, has played 25 games to date, with Harper having appeared in 29.

If you put them together, though, you’ll see the gap is, in fact, not as wide, and, when considering Harper is a corner outfielder and Machado a shortstop, there should be some room to consider on which one YOU would rather have.


Harper 29, Machado 25

At Bats:

Harper 101, Machado 90


Both with 20


Harper 38, Machado 30


Harper 18, Machado 13


Harper 7, Machado 5


Harper 24, Machado 21

Total Bases:

Harper 70, Machado 55


Harper 16, Machado 19


Harper 24, Machado 14


Harper 1.155, Machado 1.062.

Adding to the equation is both their respective teams, Delmarva and Hagerstown, sit tied atop the Sally’s Northern Division with 20-11 records.

So, on one hand, we have a converted catcher playing right field with questionable character issues and a shortstop who spent the off-season working out with Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera and other professional players, learning how to BE a professional; on AND off the field.

Those who know me understand I don’t pay ANY attention to what someone does in A ball, especially LOW A ball.

The differences between high school and junior college and the first year of pro ball is something every player has to deal with. The first month or so, the adrenaline is flowing and numbers get posted, but once spring turns to summer and thirty game high school seasons turn into one hundred and twenty game minor league seasons, things start to add up and take a toll.

Things we, and they, take for granted, sleeping in your own bed, Mommy’s home cooking, hanging with the bro’s on weekends, these things matter to eighteen year olds, and while actually getting a paycheck to play baseball is something we’d all love to experience, the drive and maturity needed to play everyday, even when sometimes you don’t fee like it, doesn’t happen overnight.

I’m not an owner of any Bryce Harper stock, a corner outfielder with a plus arm and power potential who projects to a lefthanded Mark Reynolds at the major league level isn’t going to give the same return as a solid shortstop defender with middle of the order potential.

And truth be told, my investment is in Taillon.

Several people close to, or involved in the Pirates’s draft process have said recently that if they had the number one pick last year Talllon would still have been their choice.

More advanced at the same age and with better stuff than Stephen Strasburg, Taillon is considered the best high school pitcher since Josh Beckett. It’s hard to throw all your eggs into a basket being carried by a guy who will only pitch once every five days, but in the Pirates’ situation the choice is easy, you don’t build a team around pitching.

You build an organization around pitching.

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365 Responses to “Hype vs. Truth; Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and Who is REALLY the Better Player”

  1. Joseph DelGrippo Says:

    I absolutely agree that teams build an organization around pitching.

    Entering the 2010 draft, the Nationals felt they built their organizational pitching block a year earlier with the selection of Stephen Strasburg.

    Taking Harper (who was without a question the best player in that 2010 draft) with the first pick in 2010 was the Nationals attempting to get the franchise position player after they selected their franchise pitcher. It does not matter to me whether a kid catches, plays shortstop, center field or right field when drafted. If they are going to hit like Harper will, they are always important no matter the position.

    I also believe all the off field stuff about Harper is way overblown. I have seen him play in person during last years Arizona Fall League, met the youngster and spoken with him and his father. (I also met Chuck, too, during the 2010 AFL!)

    Harper is all about playing baseball the right way and winning games.

    Combined with Harper’s God-given natural ability, I will take that makeup over anything else.

    Interestingly, as I believe Taillon will pretty a pretty darn good major league pitcher, he already faced Harper this season on April 27th, Jameson’s first pro start.

    Harper walked. Ho hum.


    By the way, Harper comes to my area this weekend for a three game set against the Lakewood BlueClaws. Nothing like seeing Harper, a future major league All-Star in person during his first season of pro baseball.

    By the way, Machado and Taillon play here a few weeks later.

    Dig, gig, giggity!

  2. Raul Says:

    I’m going with Machado.

    Harper might play the role of a down-to-earth kid but his past actions and his expressions don’t lie. That kid is a primadonna if I’ve ever seen one.

    For seasoned major leaguers to take in interest in you and spend time with you, training and talking about the game, that says all I need to know about his character and commitment.

    Harper may very well become a star. Or he could become Brandon Wood with an attitude problem.

  3. Cameron Says:

    I’ll be about 20 minutes late to the Royals game, gotta watch last night’s Daily Show.

  4. brautigan Says:


    I look back at possibly the greatest team of my lifetime (1975 Cincinnati Reds) and their strength was defense up the middle. Bench at catcher, Morgan at 2B, Concepcion at SS, and Geronimo in CF. That defense allowed them to go through the season with a patchwork rotation (due mostly to injury) and a high reliance on the bullpen. But the defense was so good, and the supporting staff (Griffey, Foster, Driessen and Rose) were more than adequate offensively, that this team was built to win.

    That said, I can see why I would draft a Shortstop ahead of a corner fielder or even a starting pitcher. And I certainly hope Machado’s knee injury isn’t too serious because I have a sneaking suspicion that he is going to emerge as the MVP of the Sally league.

  5. Cameron Says:

    And fun fact. #1 pick and #3 pick Harper and Machado are in A ball right now and #4 pick Christian Colon is in AA ball.

    Suck it, bitches.

  6. Cameron Says:

    *switches to the KC-NYY game*

    Davies is on the mound… At Yankees Stadium.

    This… Is gonna suck.

  7. Chuck Says:

    No, what sucks is seeing the Royals five times in spring training and having Davies be the starting pitcher in three of them.

    Although, actually, he pitched pretty well.

    The two others were Vin Mazzaro and Sean O’Sullivan..who both suck.

  8. Cameron Says:

    O’Sullivan’s looking relatively competent in the majors right now… Until about the seventh inning or so.

  9. Cameron Says:

    Ah… Now I remember why Joe Girardi likes Jeter so much. I can give you 4 reasons.

    1996, 1998, 1999, 2000.

  10. Raul Says:

    Girardi likes Jeter because he probably gave him a reach-around on “rookie day” and Jeter didn’t call the cops.

  11. Cameron Says:

    He was a teammate on 4 World Series champions with him. He’s guaranteed to have a soft spot for him. I bet if someone like Tino Martinez or Paul O’Neill were managing, it wouldn’t be much different.

    …Though I do shudder at the thought.

  12. Cameron Says:

    It’s official, Jeremy Jeffress is the team rally monkey. That dude is nothing but energy in the clubhouse. Loves it here and is always the first to congratulate and give high-fives to guys.

    …Makes me wonder if he switched from weed to blow since he came here. That, or if Zack left some of his antidepressants lying around.

  13. Cameron Says:

    So, I’m getting an idea based off Chuck’s Indians-Royals thing. Using my copy of MLB 2K11, I want to host a mock World Series based of teams filled with the best regular players at a position vs. the worst regular players at a position.

    I’m just having problems on a standardized formula, but I think I’ll use the formula I usually use for the game.

    8 starting position players
    1 DH (AL)/Power bench bat (NL)
    5 Starting pitchers
    6 relievers (1 LR, 2 MR, 2 SU, 1 CL)
    5 bench players (C, CI, MI, CO, CF)

    So I’mma go and post the rosters for this mock matchup when I dig through the rosters for all the teams in the game and compile the ratings.

  14. JohnBowen Says:

    Joseph? Missed ya buddy.

    I absolutely think it makes sense to build an organization around pitching.

    But that’s very different than building an organization around *a* pitcher.

    Which goes for drafting highly touted Strasbourgs as well as signing high priced Kevin Browns.

  15. Cameron Says:

    Man, Tim Collins’ curveball is so pretty.

  16. Chuck Says:

    “But that’s very different than building an organization around *a* pitcher”

    Yes, it is.

  17. Cameron Says:

    To be fair to Washington, while they have Strasburg, their rotation will have a core of Jordan Zimmermann, Sammy Solis, and AJ Cole (and John Lannan if they keep him, and I still somewhat like him), as well as back-enders like Clippard and Storen.

    They’re trying to develop good pitching, but that really shiny piece is distracting everyone else from the nuts and bolts.

  18. Joseph DelGrippo Says:

    JohnBowen and Chuck,

    It is obvious you don’t build around one pitcher, but most teams who want to be good need to have that ace at the top of the rotation.

    And the Nats think Strasburg can be that guy. When they surround Strasburg with guys like Jordan Zimmerman and (possibly soon) Sammy Solis, they might have the making sof a decent rotation. I know Solis is a Chuck Johnson favorite.

    Add Harper to Ryan Zimmerman (if he can stay healthy) and the December 2011 signing of Prince Fielder for the next 7 years, the lineup looks pretty good, too.


    Unfair to compare the one of the greatest teams of all time to any team playing today. But that Reds up the middle defense doesn’t win without the other components of the team being so good, too. Perez, Foster and Rose (even Driessen)were OK players. And that bullpen was stellar.

    And Machado (or Harper for that matter) will never win any minor league MVPs as they likely won’t stay at one level long enough to warrant consideration.

  19. Cameron Says:

    *looks at mlb.com’s front page*

    …Since when in the streaking blue fuck does John Danks count as a “veteran”?

  20. Chuck Says:

    Hey, Braut.

    The ‘76 Reds were better.

  21. Cameron Says:

    Speaking of the ‘75 Reds, the MLB Network has been counting down the 20 greatest games of all time for nearly the past 2 years. They finally released their #1 greatest game of all-time.

    1975 World Series, Game 6

  22. Chuck Says:

    Greatest games of the past fifty years, not of all time.

  23. Chuck Says:



  24. Cameron Says:

    …That game could still carry it’s weight in a list of all-timers, same as the 1991 WS Game 7.

    O_O Holy sweet shit, Odorizzi just made me cream my jeans. 13 Ks and one hit over 6 and a third?

  25. Chuck Says:

    No hitter thru five for Lincecum.

  26. Chuck Says:

    Look at his season totals, 51 K’s in 32 innings.

    That’s a sick total in video games.

  27. Cameron Says:

    >> Not if I’m playing them, but yeah. That qualifies as “video game stats” level. He’ll probably end up in NW Arkansas by year’s end, KC by 2013 midseason or 2014.

    Though I was a year off with Hosmer, so let’s hope my predictions keep coming wrong. Word on the grapevine is next guy to get a callup is Danny Duffy. Kid’s been hot and the pitching needs it. In order to shore up the rotation, KC DFA’d Bruce Chen and called up Vin Mazzaro before today’s game.

  28. Cameron Says:

    And if Timmy does this, that makes this 3 no-hitters in the span of five days I believe. Pretty sure that’d be a record.

  29. Chuck Says:

    There goes the no-no..line drive single to center by…..

    …Ian Kennedy.

  30. Cameron Says:

    Ouch, there’s a kick to the nuts.

  31. brautigan Says:

    1938 NL. The Pirates lead for much of the late season and Chicago is catching up. The Homer in the Gloamin’ by Gabby Hartnett off of Mace Brown. That ranks up there too.

  32. JohnBowen Says:

    Joseph: “but most teams who want to be good need to have that ace at the top of the rotation.”

    That may be the case.

    But I don’t think it’s smart.

    I’d rather have the 2008 Ray rotation than the Spahn and Sain Braves.

  33. JohnBowen Says:

    “The ‘76 Reds were better.”

    Weren’t they pretty much the same?

    Granted, the ‘76 team swept it’s way through the playoffs without a hitch, but the ‘75 team actually won 6 more games.

  34. Cameron Says:

    Uh… There had to be some significant addition to make them better.

    And John, the 2008 Rays still had a good co-front of Shields and Garza, not to mention Scott Kazmir before he sucked. There wasn’t a definite ace on there, but only because of competition. Those 3 would be aces on lesser teams that season.

  35. JohnBowen Says:

    When I think ace, I think Tim Lincecum, Roy Halladay, Felix Hernandez.

    I don’t think of Matt freaking Garza.

    Those 5 guys on the Rays rotation all had ERA’s between 3.49 and 4.42 (ERA+’s of 100-127).

    Nothing aceish about them.

    But none of them were weak spots either.

    So they won the pennant.

  36. Cameron Says:

    True. Though Scott Kazmir in his prime was pretty ace-ish.

  37. Raul Says:

    Scott Kazmir had the stuff to be a great pitcher.

    I don’t know what led to his injuries. He had a good curveball and I wonder if he threw it a bit too much — but I don’t know. I didn’t watch a lot of his games.

  38. Cameron Says:

    He’s been healthy lately, he just doesn’t have the same stuff. Soon as he went to LA, he tanked. No idea why. Even when he’s healthy these days, it’s not the same.

  39. Cameron Says:

    If you’re in Sandy Alderson’s shoes, you have to realize that if your team isn’t competing, you have a real tough choice ahead of you. You’ll have to start rebuilding the team at some point, but how? Trade or draft? Reyes, Beltran, and K-Rod could net them 6 draft picks in the 2012 Draft. On the other hand, they could be traded for more proven prospects and you could add potential salary dumps like Johan Santana, Jason Bay, Mike Pelfrey, and David Wright.

    Do you trade your team-controlled guys and let the free agents walk? Keep your team-controlled guys and take their draft picks? Trade everyone possible? Tough decision. Personally, I say put everyone worth more than a sack of bagels on the trading block and gauge your offers against the player’s respective compensation draft class and weigh your options.

  40. John Says:

    “Jason Bay, Mike Pelfrey, and David Wright.”

    David Wright kindly asks that you not group him with Jason Bay and Mike Pelfrey.

  41. Cameron Says:

    Not saying they’re on the same level, I’m saying they’re all trade bait that’s worth more than a sack of quarters.

  42. John Says:

    The difference is that Wright could actually still net something.

    No one is going to trade for Johan Santana or Jason Bay’s contract.

  43. Cameron Says:

    I dunno, I think a team like Philadelphia or the Yankees that could afford them on a rental could give a possible call. I was listing all possible trades, not just the realistic ones.

  44. Cameron Says:

    Wow, the Astros only sold for $680 million dollars. That’s a bargain.

  45. Raul Says:

    The Yankees are worth around 1 billion.
    680 million for the ‘Stros seems about right.

    I couldn’t find confirmation that they sold, though.

  46. Cameron Says:

    The sale hasn’t gone through yet, it’s on pace for possibly next week. It’s agreed in principle right now.

  47. Cameron Says:

    And Raul, you gotta remember Houston is the fourth largest city and fifth largest market (The fact Dallas and Fort Worth are one market make it the small Texas team), so a team being sold in that huge a base for that little is what surprised me. The Astros EASILY are a large-market team, but no one ever calls them that.

  48. Raul Says:

    Not sure how I would rank the markets.

    NY Yankees
    LA Dodgers
    Boston Red Sox
    NY Mets (same market but they compete with the Yanks)

    Then maybe Houston?

    If you figure the Yankees are about 1 billion, estimate on down to the 6th team or so. 680-700 million? Seems close, right?

    What do you think the Astros should go for?

  49. brautigan Says:

    Machado has a dislocated knee cap and is supposed to return in two weeks. I have had that twice and while it hurts like hell, it’s not that debilitating, and I was catching at the time I did it. So he should be close to 1005 when he does come back.

  50. Cameron Says:

    I’m not talking baseball markets, I mean general media markets. Boston is actually a smaller market than several teams. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the country, HUGE market for any kind of media. If you gave any sort of effort into it, you could make billions there.

    If I was the Astros ownership, I’d start the bidding around 800 million.

  51. Raul Says:

    But the sport kinda does matter, Cam.

    You wouldn’t pay the same dollars for the Dallas Mavericks that you would for the Dallas Cowboys.

  52. Jim Says:

    Metro areas by size:

    Interestingly Boston is #10

    Metro areas by average household income):

    Boston is 5th here and NY 12th

    Regarding the Mets and potential trades, something to consider is that the CBA is up and it is possible that the rules regarding FA comp may change and the two draft picks are not a guarantee.

  53. brautigan Says:

    Raul has a point. A baseball market in Florida is significantly different than a football market.

    Try selling soccer to Bubba in Alabama.

  54. Bob Says:

    Try selling anything other than Alabama or Auburn T-shirts or tickets to Bubba in Alabama

  55. Cameron Says:

    Ture, but baseball’s big in Texas. Look how loyal Rangers fans have been. Houston fans are pretty loyal too, but only seem to attract dedicated fans. I think with decent marketing (which the Astros don’t have) or owners that give a shit (which they haven’t had in ages) and the team could make money hand-over-fist. Look to when the Astros were bigger in the 80s and 90s. The uniforms may have been stupid, but with attractions like the Killer Bs and aces like Nolan Ryan and Mike Scott, the city had great interest in the team.

    They just need to find a way to attract in fans, make the city care again. The last ten years or so have really been a drag and the only players people cared about were Berkman and Biggio. If the Indians can sell out 455 straight home games in Cleveland by cultivating a team the fans care about, the Astros should be able to field a team that can make them the money to be a Yankees or Red Sox type team. The money’s there, they just need to find a way to make it.

  56. Raul Says:

    “The money’s there, they just need to find a way to make it.”

    And yet when I say that about Oakland, people want to defend Billy Beane up the ass.

    Oh, the Giants dominate.
    Figure out a way to take a part of their market share.

    So with regard to the Astros, until they figure out a way to generate more interest and take some of the Texas Rangers’ thunder, they’re going to be valued a little less than they could be.

  57. Cameron Says:

    There’s a difference between the money to be made in Oakland (a town of 390,000) and Houston (a town of 2,100,000).

    To sell out an A’s game, you need to drag in about 10% of Oakland’s population. To sell out an Astros game, you need to drag in about 3% of Houston’s. Big difference in the amount of money there. Oakland has money, Houston is swimming it.

  58. Raul Says:

    You think most of the people who go to Yankees games live in NYC?

    Come on, Cameron…

  59. Cameron Says:

    True, but even counting the outlying areas in Houston’s market, there’s still a good chunk of people there. The Rangers’ market is close enough to be competition, but the market’s still so fucking huge you can eat the overlap and just try and compete.

    Seriously, they aren’t utilizing that population at all. It’s kind of sad.

  60. Raul Says:


    But I can make the same argument that Oakland doesn’t utilize the surrounding population either.

    But Oakland constantly gets a pass, and most people would argue that Houston just sucks at generating interest and revenue.

    The double-standard is hilarious.

  61. Cameron Says:

    Not gonna disagree with you on that one, actually. Oakland may be relatively small, but the Bay Area has several towns to really crank up the attendance figures. I’ll agree Oakland doesn’t utilize its market efficiently, but that’s not Billy Beane’s fault. Billy Beane doesn’t manage the business. Blame the right guy and go “Fuck you, Lew Wolff.”

  62. Raul Says:

    With regard to Beane though…

    He chose to stay in that situation. So he does share some part of the blame — and he’s part owner.


    The Astros need an entire overhaul of the organization. They should have known better back in 2005 when they were aging with Pettitte and Clemens and Biggio and Bagwell, and they did little to invest in the future.

  63. Cameron Says:

    True. The Astros as a potential, with that market and the Astros fans, there’s SO much potential that’s going to waste.

  64. Bob Says:

    Not completely true. They drafted and signed Koby Clemens.

  65. Raul Says:

    I think I heard about Koby Clemens like 7 years ago. He’s nobody.

  66. Bob Says:

    I was kidding.

  67. Raul Says:

    I know, Bob.

    Good lord, Koby Clemens was drafted at 18 in 2005, and as of 2009 he was still playing games in High A-Ball.

  68. John Says:

    “But Oakland constantly gets a pass, and most people would argue that Houston just sucks at generating interest and revenue.”

    1) Has nothing to do with Billy Beane. He’s not in charge of marketing the team.
    2) Houston
    a) Has a much much bigger media market than Oakland
    b) Doesn’t have any competition from a team that got there first.

    Now, Oakland as an organization really has no excuse after 40 years, but they’re just never going to be as popular as the Giants. They really ought to jump ship but there’s a fair amount of red tape in the way.

    Houston’s a different story. Who are they competing with? The Rangers? In the same sense that the Reds and Tigers are competing. It’s about the same distance.

  69. brautigan Says:

    I think the difference for San Francisco is they no longer play in the Stick. The new stadium makes all the difference in the world, but sooner or later the novelty will wear out (see Cleveland for a reference).

    Oakland, perhaps they should build a stadium in Portland with a retractable roof. They might get 14,000 per game. But they would have to build it, no way does Portland, or many other markets, have the cash to build their own stadium.

  70. Cameron Says:

    John, the problem is Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth actually has an overlapping market at the outlying parts of it. Besides, markets by teams vary. The Royals used to have the biggest market in the MLB because outside of the Twins WAY up north, KC pretty much had the TV market from KC to California covered, but in 1993, the Rockies came in and cut that market we used to have in half and revenue’s never really been the same.

  71. Cameron Says:

    If they want to go on the cheap, they could look into minor league stadiums that have contigencies for major league expansion. I know Portland has a minor league stadium with a Major League plan, as do Las Vegas and New Orleans.

  72. Raul Says:


    You miss the point an awful lot.

  73. Cameron Says:

    These discussions are something I like to consider a specialty of mine. While Chuck has his playing days as a reference, I was raised by marketing and media people from day one and am just a couple years away from a business degree. Knowing the money side of it really puts a lot of moves into perspective for me.

    …And kinda makes trying to analyze the league a lot less enjoyable for me with fuckwits like the Wilpons and McCourts involved.

    Now if you excuse me, I just watched a video of a man eat a McDLT he bought off eBay and now I need to vomit.

  74. Raul Says:


  75. Cameron Says:

    The McDLT was a cheeseburger served in a two-chamber styrofoam container wehere one side had the top bun, lettuce, and cheese while the other side contained the patty and bottom bun. It “keeps the hot side hot and the cool side cool”.

    …It’s about 25-30 years old, too.

  76. John Says:

    I hear when Billy Beane signs a free agent, neo-nazi gangs funding for their meetings.

  77. Cameron Says:

    Really? I thought every time Billy Beane signs a free agent, Smirnoff Ice gets a new flavor.

    Smirnoff Ice: Fuel for douchebags.

  78. Raul Says:

    You guys are hilarious

  79. Cameron Says:

    Please, that’s nothing. I still remember telling my theory on Barry Bond’s mass steroid injections were a result of him being used as a weapon to fight Godzilla.

  80. John Says:

    …get funding. Screw doing this on a phone.

  81. Chuck Says:

    It’s not just the size of the market. thanks to a gazillion illegals working under the table for 20% of what you or I would take, Phoenix has the lowest per capita income of any MLB city.

    Houston has to be close, with all the relocations from Katrina and the flooding. Who do you think pays their unemployment claims?

    New Orleans?

    With what money?

  82. Chuck Says:

    I rarely listen to sports talk radio, most of those guys couldn’t have an intelligent conversation with themselves, but lately I’ve been tuning into Colin Cowherd on my way to work.

    And I hate to admit it, but he’s starting to grow on me.

    Today, he was going off on the prospects of Jeff Kent possibly being a Hall of Famer.

    He said putting Kent in only because he is the all time homer leader as a second baseman would be like putting a kicker into the HOF because he’s the all time leader in 40 yard field goals, or a center because he’s the all time leader for the position for three pointers.

    He then went on a rant comparing Kent to Steve Garvey, and how statistically they’re similar and the most deserving of the two has no chance.

    He did NOT, by the way, believe Garvey to be anything more than borderline.

  83. Raul Says:

    Even a fool will say something you agree with once in a while.

  84. Cameron Says:

    Again, listing all possibilities and not just realistic ones.

  85. Cameron Says:

    Though I’d probably say New Orleans has a more viable market than Portland because there’s very little in the way of competition of a TV market instead of being in Seattle’s backyard.

  86. Cameron Says:

    And recently I’ve softened on Kent’s HoF resume. While he was one of the best bats at the position, he wasn’t one of the best players of it and that hurts. Being one-dimensional can get a guy in the hall, but that dimension as to be really fucking good and Kent’s bat alone won’t cut it.

  87. Raul Says:

    Wow @ what the Padres are doing to the Brewers right now.

  88. Cameron Says:

    I think they scored more runs today than they did last week.

  89. Raul Says:

    The 23 hits are what stand out to me, more than the 13 runs.

  90. Cameron Says:

    I dunno, I’m more inpressed by the RS. They seem like a team like the last few years of KC. A team that can string hits and finish up there in team BA, but can’t punch anyone across.

  91. Raul Says:

    Yankees minor league OF Slade Heathcott thus far in A-Ball:

    29 games
    29 runs
    11 doubles
    2 triples
    3 homers
    14 rbi
    2 steals
    3 caught stealing (got a bit to learn, kid)
    30 strikeouts

    He’s 20 years old. From what Joe Del Grippo mentioned a while back, the kid looks like he’s got some potential.

    Again, it’s A-Ball…the stats aren’t meaningful. But I’m just saying.

    Jesus Montero is hitting .333/.370/.410 in AAA thus far, with just 1 homer in 25 games. Of his 35 hits, just 6 were for extra bases. He’s also got just 4 walks.

  92. Cameron Says:

    So Montero’s profiling like Joe Mauer’s bat and Mike Piazza’s glove. Charming.

  93. Raul Says:

    I think that since March, Jesus Montero has gone from Top 5 Major League prospect to not being one of the Top 5 YANKEES prospects.

  94. Cameron Says:

    Gary Sanchez is the catcher of the future in New York, always has been.

  95. Raul Says:

    Yeah but Sanchez is 3 years away.
    I understood over the last year that Montero would not be the future catcher.
    But I did think he would be an impact bat.

    It was disappointing to see him this Spring. It doesn’t look like he’s capable of turning on anything.

    I saw him hit a curveball the other way —— and it was down the middle.

  96. Chuck Says:

    I’m not sure what to make of Heathcott, to be honest.

    On one hand, he’s repeating a level, which you never want to see a prospect do.

    On the other hand, he’s been injury prone since he signed, and that has something to do with it.

    On one hand, he appears to be healthy for the first time, on the other hand, those numbers aren’t very good for a guy who projects as a middle of the order bat.

    They don’t even project well for a leadoff hitter, which is what he is.

    He’s supposed to be a better outfielder than Brett Gardner (hard not to be) and Brian Cashman recently called him a “five tool prospect.”

    He must be counting the screwdriver and hammer in his garage, don’t see how you get five any other way.


    Every day he wakes up is one day closer to the day he’s traded.

    The Yankees easily could have kept him on the roster as a part time catcher/DH, especially with Posada sucking and Cervelli hurt, but they didn’t.3

    Because hitting .350 in AAA, CATCHING everyday increases or keeps his trade value high.

    I don’t know where he lives in Scranton, but if he’s smart he hasn’t unpacked yet.

  97. Bob Says:

    The Jays released Scott Podsednik.

  98. Cameron Says:

    I just got the idea for the screenplay for Moneyball 2: The Ball Strikes Back. The A’s finally get successful after years of using advanced techniques to compete despite their market deficiencies. They’re on the top of the world, but the evil New York Yankees use their connections to the commissioner to get the A’s contracted if they lose next season. The Yankees send all sorts of hired agents and have their players intentionally injure the A’s players during their games. So thy fall back on their wise free agent signings and rookies drafted that no one said would succeed because they didn’t look like to be good players help them win the season and advance to the playoffs after the 163rd game that knocks the Yankees off their chance for the playoffs.

    Brad Pitt returns as Billy Beane, and Kevin Spacey plays Brian Cashman because Kevin Spacey is badass as a villain.

  99. Cameron Says:

    …Why no, I’m not bored at all.

  100. Cameron Says:

    …Okay, I think the LA Angels are back around to awesome in my book. They set the world record for “Most People Wearing Lucha Libre Masks” at over 40,000 fans.


    They did the same thing last year with Snuggies, but that was gay.

  101. Chuck Says:

    And Lucha Libre Masks aren’t?

  102. Cameron Says:

    >> I hold infinitely more respect for the art of Lucha than the snuggie.

    …In all honesty though, lucha has had some insanely good matches. Completely different style than American pros, but they have some great stuff.

  103. Cameron Says:

    Though those masks were pretty stupid…

  104. Chuck Says:

    Fake is fake, Cameron, the language doesn’t matter.

    Mexican Idol is no different than American Idol.

    Neither is wrestling.

  105. Cameron Says:

    It’s scripted, not entirely fake. It’s still dangerous as hell and needs a lot of training to be done properly. Not any jackass can pull off a suplex without snapping someone’s neck.

    And Mexican wrestling takes FAR more training to get the style down correctly, with a lot more potential for injury, and far more grotesque ones too.

  106. Chuck Says:

    “It’s scripted, not entirely fake”

    There is no difference.

  107. Cameron Says:

    Well, I put in bad wording. The outcomes and main action spots are scripted, but the physical action is real and there’s still a great amount of physical danger involved in the act.

  108. Cameron Says:

    Vin Mazzaro isn’t off to a good start here.

  109. Chuck Says:

    “but the physical action is real”

    No, it’s scripted.

    Just like TV shows, you have to move and stand in certain places at certain times.

    Nobody climbs the rope and dives on someone without them knowing first, or drilling someone upside the head with a chair.

    Do guys get hurt?


    Two four hundred pound steriod-raged people inside a ring or a cage are going to get hurt, no way to avoid it.

    But if you think their movements are spontaneous or natural, I have bridge to sell you.

  110. Cameron Says:

    Oh good, Jorge Posada’s at the plate ground out in 3… 2… 1…

  111. Cameron Says:

    I know it’s scripted, but they still actually have to go out and hurt it each other and it requires very intense and specialized training. I have respect for the guys who can do the stuff successfully. Guys who are the victims of improper training end up like Darren Drozdov, quadrapalegic, or Mitsuhara Misawa, dead.

    The difference between Lucha and American Wrestling is that Mexican wrestling is much more physical, the style is much more aerial in nature and the moves involved are much harder to pull off. To be successful in Mexico, there’s a lot more work involved to do it without hurting a guy.

  112. Raul Says:

    When people say things are fake, they generally assume that the action is fake.

    The physical acts are very real. And the abuse those guys take — scripted or not — is brutal.

    The wear and tear that professional (tv) wrestlers go through in 5 years is more than the average athlete in any sport suffers in their entire careers.

    Just because you don’t respect it as an “art” or sport doesn’t make it any less physically grueling or legitimate.

  113. Cameron Says:

    Here’s a pretty good example of a luchador at their best. Meet Mistico, the man who’s been the king of lucha for about the past 6 years and now wrestles in WWE as Sin Cara.


    You fuck up those kinds of moves and serious injury for either you or your opponent is all but guaranteed.

  114. Cameron Says:

    Thank you Raul. American wrestling can be no less brutal. To quote Jim Ross (I miss Good Ol’ JR), “You can’t fake falling off a 20 foot ladder.”

  115. Cameron Says:

    SWEET! Eric Hosmer hit his first ML Home Run tonight. May 763 more follow. XP

  116. Chuck Says:

    Bryce Harper extended his hitting streak to 15 games with his first professional grand slam.

    He’s 3-4 and now at .391.

  117. Cameron Says:

    Good for Harper. As much of a hype magnet he is, I do genuinely hope he plays well in the future.

  118. Chuck Says:

    Wow, Hosmer’s homer was a bomb…upper deck job.

    Swisher turned around, took about two steps, and just watched it.

  119. Raul Says:

    Hosmer better be hitting. I benched Kubel for that sucker and Kubel had a damn good game.

  120. Cameron Says:

    Butler almost made it back-to-back. You saw that thing flying and Swisher was watching that ball thinking, “Please god, give me something to catch.”

  121. Cameron Says:

    Not only is he hitting, my box score shows him batting third. …Isn’t this his fifth MLB game?

  122. Raul Says:

    Really, Gardner?
    That wasn’t even close.

  123. Raul Says:

    4th inning and Mazzaro has 90 pitches?

  124. Cameron Says:

    Wow, Jeter is 0-3 in the 4th inning.

    This is gonna be funny.

  125. Cameron Says:

    A golden sombrero is 4 Ks, right?

    So… What will Jeter be wearing at the end of the game? I nominate the term “Diamond Pope’s Hat”.

  126. Raul Says:

    Just saw the highlight of Hosmer’s homer.

    3-2 fastball. Hey, Burnett challenge the kid and he threw down the hammer.

    Nice job, kid.

  127. Chuck Says:

    Slumping Alex Gordon getting the day off, it seems.

  128. Cameron Says:

    Not sure if it’s because of a slump or if it’s just a routine off-day for Gordon.

  129. Raul Says:

    Come on Burnett. You’re pitching well. You can’t walk Escobar.

  130. Raul Says:

    Burnett’s missing spots.

    2-2 fastball. Martin has the glove at the knees. That fastball was almost letter-high — fouled off.

  131. Raul Says:

    Well, the 8th pitch was a good one. Fouled off though

  132. Cameron Says:

    I’m sorry, he can’t walk Escobar? Try not walking Dyson.

  133. Raul Says:

    Two 2-out walks.

    He probably just pitched himself out of the 7th inning with these last two hitters.

  134. Raul Says:

    Adcock in the 5th?

  135. Cameron Says:

    They’re going by bullpen role. Crow’s in platoon as RH setup so they went for the middle relief guy instead.

  136. Cameron Says:

    Oh shit, is Cano okay?

  137. Cameron Says:

    O_O Holy shit, did he hit him in the face?

  138. Raul Says:

    No intent on that.
    One just got away from Adcock.

    Cano will be alright.

  139. Cameron Says:

    If he was alright, he wouldn’t need to be walked off the field. Cano’s out of the game, expect a concussion test tomorrow.

  140. Raul Says:

    Kinda disturbed that Michael Kay and John Flaherty have called Eric Hosmer “The Hozz” like 4 times and I’ve only been watching for about an inning and a half.

  141. Cameron Says:

    “The Hozz?” …Thank god I have Ryan and Frank on commentary. As much as Lefbvre says stupid shit, he’s never THAT bad.

  142. Raul Says:

    He’s alright. MLB is taking precautions like crazy because they don’t want their players ending up like guys in the NFL.

    Plus, the injuries to Morneau and Wright over the last 2 years are waking people up to the effects of head injuries.

  143. Cameron Says:

    Or the WWE, they’ve gotten good about concussions. After Chris Benoit, they kinda have to be.

    Wright’s bounced back. Morneau… Not so much.

  144. Raul Says:

    Couple of walks for Burnett. That’s always what has hurt him in his career.
    He never really seems to give up hits but when he does, there tends to be men on base.

    What’s he got? Like 4 walks or something but allowed just 1 hit to Hosmer?

  145. Chuck Says:

    Boy, those douchebags MLB hires to input PitchFX data are something else.

    According to them, the first three pitches to Hosmer were an 80mph KNUCKLEcurve, an 89 mph changeup, and a 90 mph cutter, followed by a 92 cutter and an 88 changeup.

    Holy shit.

  146. Cameron Says:

    That’s the problem of the power pitcher. When you’ve got good speed but no control, you learn very quickly that the faster a ball heads to the plate, the faster the ball goes out of the park.

  147. Cameron Says:

    Knuckle curve? God damn, who was the last guy to throw that one. Mussina?

  148. Raul Says:

    Holy shit.

    Burnett hits Francoeur.

  149. Cameron Says:

    Adcock’s pitch was an accident, but I wanna call headhunting on AJ’s part.

  150. Raul Says:

    I actually don’t think it was intentional by Burnett.

    You got a 1-run lead with 1 out and the tying run on base.

  151. Chuck Says:

    According to average dimensions (right, center, left), there are five NL parks bigger than CitiField.

    This coddling of David Wright is getting nauseating.

    Shea was bigger than CitiField for chrissakes.

    And, yeah, I know CF is bigger in Citi, but that doesn’t effect him.

    Wright’s a pretty good player.

    He’s not elite.

  152. Chuck Says:

    No way that’s intentional..one run lead with a runner already on base?

    No way.

  153. Cameron Says:

    Raul, I just have suspicion on anyone getting hit in the head. It takes a guy either getting really unlucky or good aim. Adcock’s never thrown a day above A-ball before this season and AJ’s a ten year vet.

    AJ knows better.

  154. Chuck Says:

    And I bet the umpire issued a warning.

    Step back and adjust your tampon there, big guy.

  155. Raul Says:

    Wait, 3-2 change-up to Hosmer that went for a home run?
    I’m going to go ahead and say that a Change-up is probably Burnett’s worst pitch. No fucking way he was throwing a change. Like 80% of Burnett’s pitches are Fastball/Slider.

  156. Chuck Says:

    I don’t have audio, so if the announcers say anything about Cano, let me know.


  157. Cameron Says:

    The umpire issued a warning just as a caution. I think umpires have an unwritten rule about issuing a warning after a guy on each team gets drilled, intentional or not.

    And Chuck, how many parks are bigger than Target Field? Something has to be going on there, because you know how many homers the Twins have hit at home this season?


  158. Chuck Says:

    According to Pitch/FX, it was a 92 mph four seamer.

  159. Cameron Says:

    Burnett has a slider? I thought he was straight fastball-curveball.

  160. Raul Says:

    The Twins are playing Jason Kubel and Danny Valencia.
    Hitting 3 homers at Target Field is exactly what I’d expect.

  161. Raul Says:

    I’m pretty sure Burnett throws a slider. Then again I completely forgot how the Save rule works the other day so I could be completely wrong.

  162. Chuck Says:


    And how many Twins are whining like a girl scout?


    Morneau had his panties in a bunch for awhile, but he seems to have chilled about it.

    Especially since he has other issues to worry about.

    Like his career.

  163. Cameron Says:

    Kubel’s always been a 20-25 HR kind of guy, he’s got good mid-range power. That Morneau-Cuddyer-Kubel combo’s good for about 60-80 HR a year. 3 at home is bullshit.

  164. Cameron Says:

    Last season the Twins were complaining about the trees in CF blocking the batter’s eye, actually. They took out the trees and it changed fuck all.

  165. Chuck Says:

    He may, but it might be just a show me. He does have a great curveball. Maybe he just takes something off and it looks like a slider.

  166. Raul Says:

    I want to know when Posada is going to realize he really fucking sucks at baseball and his time would be better spent banging his hot wife.

  167. Cameron Says:

    Wow… Never realized Target Field was that big. That center field’s a Minute Maid-esque no man’s land.

  168. Chuck Says:

    That single by Posada raised his average to .163.

    Two hits tonight.

    He’s on fire.

  169. Cameron Says:

    And he’s still a more viable catching option than Jesus Montero.


  170. Cameron Says:

    Yay! Tim Collins time! Love this kid.

  171. Raul Says:

    Tim Collins needs to grow a fu manchu

  172. Cameron Says:

    My bad, AJ Burnett just put on a Royals uniform between innings.

  173. Cameron Says:

    I’m pretty sure he’s working on it, Raul. He wasn’t allowed to grow any facial hair in the minors and now he stopped shaving altogether as a way to celebrate.

  174. Chuck Says:

    The 23 hits by the Padres today is one short of the team record.

  175. Chuck Says:

    Tim Collins needs to grow.

  176. Cameron Says:

    Bullshit! Be proud you’re short Mr. Collins! If I haven’t grown an inch since middle school, he doesn’t have to either.

  177. Chuck Says:

    Dallas Braden to have shoulder surgery, same procedure as Johan Santana.

  178. Cameron Says:

    Oh shit. I saw the news he’d need surgery, but I hoped it wasn’t serious.

  179. Raul Says:

    Fuck Dallas Braden.

  180. Raul Says:

    Michael Kay just called Vin Mazzaro “a former A”.

    Not a big deal, but that just bothers me.

  181. Cameron Says:

    We get it Raul, you hate the A’s and anything A’s related. At this point it’s getting old. Try hating a new team. The Cubs are always a popular choice.

  182. Chuck Says:

    Weird..Barry Bonds is an A and he never played for Oakland.

  183. Cameron Says:

    There’s a difference between an A and an A-Hole, Chuck.

  184. Raul Says:

    LOL @ Chuck.

    No, it just sounds stupid to call a guy “a Former A”
    Just say Athletics, dickhead.

  185. Cameron Says:

    Ah. Yeah, it’s kinda stupid. Though to be an asshole who brings up semantic, isn’t he a current Athletic by playing baseball for a living?

  186. Cameron Says:

    Semantics. Fuck this keyboard.

  187. Raul Says:

    Part of me wants Hosmer to homer right now just because Robertson is a dick for walking Melky Fucking Cabrera

  188. Cameron Says:

    Wow… The key to Bartolo Colon’s recent success and healthy shoulder? Stem cells.

    For the record, it’s adult stem cells from Colon himself. They took bone marrow from his hip and used the stem cells from there to repair his rotator cuff. It’s been done before medically, but not in sports medicine.

    That… Damn, I knew stem cells could do a lot of stuff but I never thought they’d make Bartolo Colon a major league pitcher again.

  189. Chuck Says:

    “Damn, I knew stem cells could do a lot of stuff but I never thought they’d make Bartolo Colon a major league pitcher again.”

    They’d be better spent making him skinny.

    And there’s a big difference between pitching in the major leagues and being a major league pitcher.

  190. Cameron Says:

    Stem cells aren’t a miracle drug. The only things that will make him skinny again are a good nutrition program or a machete and a shopvac.

  191. Raul Says:

    Frenchy came out his shoes in that swing.

  192. Cameron Says:

    Tie game, bitches.

  193. Cameron Says:

    And in the on-deck circle is Alex Gordon.

  194. Chuck Says:

    Remember Kevin Frandsen?

    He’s playing AAA for the Phillies and drew a 50 game suspension for PED’s. Some anti-depressant or some shit that accelerates metabolism and keeps you more alert.

    Prescription speed.

    And that Japanese reliever for the Dodgers, Kuo or whatever, was placed on the DL due to anxiety disorder.

    Probably heard there’s no authentic Japanese restaurants in Albuquerque.

  195. Raul Says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL @ John Lackey being destroyed yet again.

  196. Chuck Says:

    The out drops Gordon below .300 for the first time this season.

  197. Cameron Says:

    Kuo’s… I wanna say South Korean, actually.

  198. Raul Says:

    It looked like Jeter wasn’t trying to sacrifice. He was trying to bunt for a hit.
    Way to blow that shit, “Captain”.

  199. Cameron Says:

    Nice 1-4-3 DP.

  200. Cameron Says:

    What’s this? Mariano Rivera in a non-save situation?

  201. Raul Says:

    What other choice does Girardi have? It’s been determined that Rafael Soriano is quite “Matt Thornton-esque” at pitching.

  202. Cameron Says:

    Exactly, that’s why I surprised he didn’t put Rafael out there.

  203. Chuck Says:

    Could be a two inning stint for Mo.

  204. Raul Says:


  205. Cameron Says:

    Or a walkoff win. Though I have a feeling The Mexicutioner is coming out next.

  206. Cameron Says:

    Chris Getz, you fucking suck.

  207. Cameron Says:

    >> Okay, who’s been coating that balls with butter?

  208. Cameron Says:

    How must it feel being the guy to come up to the plate after an intentional walk? Does “Oh man, they think I’m the easy out” ever come to them?

  209. Chuck Says:

    No pinch hitter for Posada?


    Shit, I’d send CC up there.

  210. Cameron Says:

    Aaron… What the fuck was that? Were you trying to cap his ass?

  211. Cameron Says:

    Check swing strikeot to send it to extras.

  212. Cameron Says:

    The Yankees are sending out a pitcher named Buddy Carlyle.

    …Who the fuck is Buddy Carlyle? Sounds like someone who came back in time from the 30s.

  213. Chuck Says:

    Who the fuck is Buddy Carlyle, and why the fuck is he wearing a Yankee uniform?

  214. Cameron Says:

    That pitch was so bad Eric Hosmer practically walked to second.

  215. Cameron Says:


  216. Cameron Says:

    Both teams have had a HBP and an IBB tonight. …That seems kidna rare.

  217. Raul Says:

    Why the fuck did Rivera only pitch 1 inning?

    Every day I fucking hate baseball more and more.

  218. Raul Says:

    I’m down 10 pts in my fantasy league and Brandon Morrow AND Jon Lester have given me negative points.

  219. Cameron Says:

    Mexicution time, mothefuckers.

  220. Chuck Says:

    I hope you still don’t have Ryan Franklin active.

  221. Raul Says:

    I can’t understand why the fuck you set around to bunt as he’s throwing the pitch.


  222. Raul Says:

    I dropped Ryan Franklin weeks ago.
    That scumbag.

  223. Chuck Says:

    Soria…nine pitches…two strikes.

  224. Lefty33 Says:

    “He’s playing AAA for the Phillies and drew a 50 game suspension for PED’s. Some anti-depressant or some shit that accelerates metabolism and keeps you more alert.”

    He was taking an offshoot of Ritalin called Ritalinic Acid.

    The Phillies are not allowed to release him during the suspension but after the 50 are up he’s toast.

  225. Cameron Says:

    Having Escobar at short is so nice.

  226. Chuck Says:

    Cards brought him in middle relief after Jake Westbrook got lit up, and he’s getting torched too.

  227. Raul Says:

    Nice job, Curtis.

  228. Cameron Says:

    Fucking Christ…

  229. Chuck Says:

    “The Phillies are not allowed to release him during the suspension but after the 50 are up he’s toast.”

    Why’d they even pick him up in the first place, they already have Cody Ransom.


  230. Cameron Says:

    Oh for the love of fuck.

  231. Lefty33 Says:

    “but lately I’ve been tuning into Colin Cowherd on my way to work.”

    I’ve listened to Cowherd off and on for about four years and if there is one sport he doesn’t know shit about it’s baseball.

    He doesn’t really like it and has said numerous times that he normally doesn’t watch anything other than the WS and maybe some playoff games.

    When it comes to Football he’s great.

    On Baseball he’s a idiot.

  232. Chuck Says:

    OK, that takes balls…2-0 changeup.

  233. Lefty33 Says:

    “Why’d they even pick him up in the first place, they already have Cody Ransom.”

    Ransom is hitting around .300 this years for Reno along with Andy Tracy.

  234. Chuck Says:

    He’s done.

    Career ender.

    If he broke it that bad or had that much ligament damage they might have to fuse it.

  235. Cameron Says:

    Kendrys Morales… Is a dumbass.

  236. Chuck Says:

    You’re right, brain fart, I actually watched the Reno game last night for awhile.

    They have Wily Mo Pena, too.

    He’s fat.

    Refrigerator Perry fat.

    Has about a dozen homers, too.

  237. Cameron Says:

    Wait, Fridge Perry in Chicago fat or Fridge Perry now fat? Cuz Fride weighs about 400 pounds now.

  238. Raul Says:

    Nice job, Kendry Morales.

    When you’re driving trucks for a living in 20 years and your kids wonder why you didn’t have a longer career, you can tell them you got hurt stepping on home plate — jackass.

  239. Lefty33 Says:

    “Not sure how I would rank the markets.

    NY Yankees
    LA Dodgers
    Boston Red Sox
    NY Mets (same market but they compete with the Yanks)

    Then maybe Houston?”

    You guys totally forgot about Philadelphia.

    They have solidly been the fifth largest market for a long time.

  240. Raul Says:


    Philadelphia is a shithole and me blocking it out of memory is one of the best things my brain does on a daily basis.

  241. Lefty33 Says:

    “or Fridge Perry now fat”

    Closer to now than Chicago.

    It’s a great 3-4-5 in Reno with Pena, Ransom, and Tracy. Old and Fat.

  242. Raul Says:


    Today was my 31st birthday. I had planned on heading out but I’m feeling a bit lazy and I don’t feel like waiting for this woman to get off work. So I think I’ll grab that Makers 46 and have a drink.

  243. Cameron Says:

    Yeah, Lefty. Again, I was going by general media market. For a baseball market, Houston’s not the biggest, probably barely in the top half.

    In terms of general media? You have to be idiots not to make money there. Lucky for Houston, the Astros are full of ‘em. It’s hard to make money in any market when your team sucks.

  244. Chuck Says:

    Wow, Adrian Gonzalez is sure on fire, isn’t he?

    John Lackey, 2-5, 8.01 ERA.


  245. Chuck Says:

    Happy Birthday, bro.

    I’ll have one for you when I get home.


  246. Cameron Says:

    A regression to the mean is fun to watch when it’s a good player fresh off a cold streak.

  247. Raul Says:

    Thanks Chuck.

    Adrian Gonzalez is hitting pretty well now.

  248. Cameron Says:

    happy birthday Raul. I’ll toast a glass of water to you.

    It’s less to do with me not drinking and more to do with me being shit broke.

  249. Lefty33 Says:

    “Philadelphia is a shithole and me blocking it out of memory is one of the best things my brain does on a daily basis.”

    Very true, I was just making the point that I thought Philly was bigger than Houston but on further review the top 5 would be NY, LA, CHI, HOU, PHL

    Boston is not even close to the top 5.

  250. Cameron Says:

    Lefty, I’m pretty sure the Rangers and their Dallas-Fort Worth Market are in at #4, Houston at #5, and Philly at #6.

    And Eric Hosmer is up with the bases loaded fresh off the game’s 19th walk.

  251. Lefty33 Says:

    “Again, I was going by general media market.”

    In terms of population Houston is a solid fnumber four.

    Boston is in the upper 20’s.

  252. Lefty33 Says:


  253. Raul Says:

    Thanks Cam

  254. Raul Says:

    Pretty impressive that KC’s bullpen has allowed just 1 run.

  255. Raul Says:


    The White Sox have just 1 player in today’s lineup hitting over .267 and that’s Paul Konerko.

    Most of the team is under .250

  256. Lefty33 Says:

    My bad, Happy Birthday Raul.

    Without you I wouldn’t be telling my wife daily that she’s acting like a jagaloon.

    (As soon as she goes to urbandictionary I’ll be the one eating the bag of dicks.)

  257. Raul Says:

    LOL @ Lefty

    Thank you

  258. Chuck Says:

    Clint Robinson went yard again.

    Wow..a Matt Rizzotti sighting, he did as well.

    Who’s playing first in Allentown, Lefty?

  259. Raul Says:

    Perhaps it seems like it’s very quiet, but Mike Trout is hitting pretty well thus far.

    And he’s 19, doing it in AA.

    The attention goes to Harper though…

  260. Cameron Says:

    Actually Lefty, that’s just the city. A media market encompasses more than the city, it’s the surrounding cities and suburbs. So, here’s my list of MLB media markest by metropolitan area, team, and population size.

    1. New York (Yankees/Mets), 18,897,109
    2. Los Angeles (Dodgers/Angels), 12,828,837
    3. Chicago (White Sox/Cubs), 9,461,105
    4. Dallas-Fort Worth (Rangers), 6,371,773
    5. Philadelphia (Phillies), 5,965,343
    6. Houston (Astros), 5,946,800
    7. Toronto (Blue Jays), 5,623,450
    8. Miami (Marlins), 5,564,635
    9. Washington (Nationals), 5,582,170
    10. Atlanta (Braves), 5,286,860
    11. Boston (Red Sox), 4,552,402
    12. San Francisco (Giants/Athletics), 4,335,391
    13. Detroit (Tigers), 4,296,250
    14. Phoenix (Diamondbacks), 4,192,887
    15. Seattle (Mariners), 3,439,809
    16. Minneapolis-St. Paul (Twins), 3,279,833
    17. San Diego (Padres), 3,095,313
    18. St. Louis (Cardinals), 2,812,896
    19. Tampa (Rays), 2,783,243
    20. Baltimore (Orioles), 2,710,489
    21. Denver (Rockies), 2,543,482
    22. Pittsburgh (Pirates), 2,356,285
    23. Cincinnati (Reds), 2,130,151
    24. Cleveland (Indians), 2,077,240
    25. Kansas City (Royals), 2,035,334
    25. Milwaukee (Brewers), 1,555,908

    …I’d like to amend my previous statement. You’d have to be an idiot not to make money ANYWHERE with a fucking team.

  261. Chuck Says:

    Jeff Larish?!

  262. Cameron Says:

    There’s just one problem with being a Stormchasers fan, Chuck.

    You have to watch Jeff Suppan every five days.

  263. Chuck Says:

    “The attention goes to Harper though”

    The advantage of being drafted first, instead of twenty-fifth.

  264. Chuck Says:

    “You have to watch Jeff Suppan every five days.”

    But at least you don’t have to watch Vin Mazzaro any more.

    Unless you’re a Royals fan.


  265. Cameron Says:

    Our rotation is Hochevar, Francis, Davies, and O’Sullivan. You really think Vin Mazzaro bothers me at this point?

  266. Chuck Says:

    Good point.

  267. Lefty33 Says:

    “Who’s playing first in Allentown, Lefty?”

    It’s been Frandsen and Jeff Larish.

    Tagg Bozied has been “hurt” aka he’s been fine since the season started but they had no position for him to play since Larish started the year somewhat hot so Bozied got the DL.

    Now with Frandsen being gone Bozied got the start tonight and got a double with 2 RBI in his first game of the season.

    Rizzotti showed up to ST something like 20-30 pounds overweight and was sent back to Reading as a punishment.

  268. Chuck Says:

    What a dumbass.

    I saw him in the AFL and he was still pretty lean, so he must have starting pounding the calories afterwards.

    Tagg Bozied, there’s a story for you.

  269. Cameron Says:

    Tagg Bozeid sounds like a football player from the 70s.

    …Then again, so did Boomer Esiason.

  270. Cameron Says:

    He also sounds like a guy the Raiders would put on their roster, which now makes me inherently despise him.

    You know how I said I’m pretty much a fan of every team in baseball? That’s just baseball. In football, I’m as loyal as a Chiefs fan can be and that requires a burning hatred of the Raiders.

  271. Lefty33 Says:

    “Tagg Bozied, there’s a story for you.”

    Do you mean his whole ruptured patela tendon while celebrating a walk-off GS that cost him something like two seasons and a chance at making the Padres?

  272. Cameron Says:

    Holy shit, it’s a minor league Kendrys Morales.

  273. Raul Says:


  274. Lefty33 Says:

    “I saw him in the AFL and he was still pretty lean, so he must have starting pounding the calories afterwards.”

    I think he read his own press clippings that he was the chosen one to start in AAA this year and that he was now a “prospect” and then just kind of let it ride.

    Frandsen was signed very late this year and I think that once Brian Bocock got hurt and Rizzotti showed up looking like Rick Reuschel that’s why he got signed because he could play both SS and 1B.

  275. Lefty33 Says:

    “Holy shit, it’s a minor league Kendrys Morales.”

    Pretty much.

    Tagg has put up some big minor league numbers (.315/27/92 and .402/.631/1.033 in 104 games in ‘10.) but it’s also hard to fully respect a 31 year old beating up on AA pitching like he did last year.

  276. Bob Says:

    Raul, hope you had a great birthday. In honor of you, I will have a mimosa instead of a coffee today.

  277. John Says:

    Last year Colin Cowherd was saying that Joey Votto shouldn’t make the all-star team because, and I quote, he “hasn’t heard of him”.

    He said that Aaron Rodgers wasn’t an elite QB. LOL

    He said that Blake Griffin shouldn’t be a leader on his team because his father abandoned him.

    Hell he’s even wrong about the Kent thing, even though his conclusion was right (analogy was way off…Kent was a 1b who insisted on hurting his team in the field by playing 2b)

  278. Raul Says:

    Thanks Bob!

  279. Raul Says:

    “He said that Blake Griffin shouldn’t be a leader on his team because his father abandoned him.”

    Fuck the heck?

  280. Cameron Says:

    John, you’re right.

    …Kent was a DH who hurt his team by insisting he play 2B.

  281. Raul Says:

    I need help. Seriously.
    I have to find a way to wean myself off of reading ESPN.com because everything I read is just f*cking stupid.

    The only writer I even respect on there is Dan Rafael because he’s at least somewhat honest about boxing. But the analysis of every other sport is horrendous.

  282. Bob Says:

    What topic/writer sent you over the top?

  283. Raul Says:

    Kevin Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus) writing about how the Royals made the wrong decision to bring up Eric Hosmer.

  284. Raul Says:

    I’ve decided that ESPN is the Fox News of sports reporting.
    Which is sad because even Fox Sports isn’t the Fox News of sports reporting.

  285. Chuck Says:

    “Do you mean his whole ruptured patela tendon while celebrating a walk-off GS that cost him something like two seasons and a chance at making the Padres?”


    “Rizzotti showed up looking like Rick Reuschel”


    “but it’s also hard to fully respect a 31 year old beating up on AA pitching like he did last year.”

    Let that sink in a bit. A thirty one year old in Double A.

    For the record, Bozied was the Padres third round pick in the 2001 draft.


  286. Chuck Says:

    Kevin Goldstein’s a douchebag.

  287. brautigan Says:

    1) I was at the game when Bozied hurt his knee. Just like Kendry. Exactly like Kendry. My friend Greg then christened him “Tagg Bozo”.
    2) Colin Cowherd was a Portland announcer (The old Portland Rockies short season team) and then a radio host before he went to ESPN. He’s more interested in cologne than he is with baseball.
    3) Portland’s population is 500,000 +. The metro area is 2.2 million. Portland is without a team. Did I mention I hate soccer?

  288. John Says:

    “25. Milwaukee (Brewers), 1,555,908″

    I would like to point out that, despite having 12 people in our entire city and having like 9 of them unemployed thanks to the recession, the Brewers have ranked 7th, 6th, and 6th in the NL the last 3 years in attendance.

    That’s pretty impressive

  289. brautigan Says:

    Personally, I like Baseball prospectus a lot. But Goldstein’s comments are borne out of ignorance.

  290. John Says:

    LOL at point #2, brautigan.

  291. Chuck Says:

    “the Brewers have ranked 7th, 6th, and 6th in the NL the last 3 years in attendance.”

    What else is there to do in Milwaukee?

    Tour the beer factory on Monday;

    Tour the bratwurst factory on Tuesday;

    Tour the cheese factory on Wednesday;

    Tour a dairy farm on Thursday….

  292. Raul Says:

    Apparently some are suggesting that personal problems are responsible for John Lackey pitching poorly.

    His wife had a miscarriage last year and is now battling breast cancer.
    That’s unfortunate, and hopefully the Lackey family can overcome that.

    For the Boston Red Sox, maybe they need to call up another pitcher.

  293. Chuck Says:

    So, I went to ESPN.com to read Goldstein’s reasonings and couldn’t because I don’t have a subscription, so I went to BP to see if he cross posted the article there.

    He did.

    And I can read it for $4.95.


    I’m in the wrong line of work.

    I need to start a blog, fill it with stupid shit, use sabermetric terms, (same thing, I know) make up some fake bio, then sit back and wait for the checks to start rolling in.

    I mean, if those guys can do it, why not?

  294. Chuck Says:

    My wife had six miscarriages, so while I feel for Lackey, especially with the cancer issue, he has to suck it up and do his job.

    The guy works three hours a week.

    He can’t concentrate for three hours?

    And I did hear about the cancer diagnosis, but since Lackey chose to keep the story private, there’s not much out there, such as when the diagnosis was or what it was.

    He reported to spring training on time, he obviously spent most of the off-season in the gym, so it appears to me this is more Lackey sucking than anything else.

    He’s never said anything, it’s the media and blogosphere making the excuses, not him.

  295. Cameron Says:

    What’d Goldstein use as his reason for delaying Hosmer? Most guys are calling service clock.

    I also saw someone from the Kansas City Star say we should offer him a 6/$25MM extension with 2 club year options that’d bring it to 9/$45MM at contract’s end.

    …That plan immediately falls to shit when you realize he’s a Broas client.

  296. Chuck Says:

    “I also saw someone from the Kansas City Star say we should offer him a 6/$25MM extension with 2 club year options that’d bring it to 9/$45MM at contract’s end.”

    That’s an embarrassing offer if true, and no way I’d sign it even if you were my agent.

  297. Lefty33 Says:

    “Let that sink in a bit. A thirty one year old in Double A.”

    How about John Suomi?

    He’s playing in High A for Clearwater and he turns 31 in October.


    (For a laugh check out where he went college.)

  298. Lefty33 Says:

    What else is there to do in Milwaukee?

    “Tour the beer factory on Monday;

    Tour the bratwurst factory on Tuesday;

    Tour the cheese factory on Wednesday;

    Tour a dairy farm on Thursday….”

    Maybe tour the Pepto factory on Friday?

    I’m constipated just reading that schedule.

  299. Cameron Says:

    It wasn’t an actual offer Chuck, it was someone from the local paper suggesting we buy low now.

  300. Raul Says:

    9 years and 45 million for Hosmer?

    I got Hosmer putting up a counter offer of 1 middle finger and a smile.

  301. Lefty33 Says:


    Apparently Scranton will not lose the Yankees.

  302. Chuck Says:

    Didn’t they just remodel that Stadium not long ago?

  303. Raul Says:

    Not sure how I missed this…

    So last November Sal Fasano was promoted to manage the AA New Hampshire Fisher Cats of the Eastern League (Toronto Blue Jays affiliate).

    NH is currently 19-12 in 2nd place.

  304. Cameron Says:

    My bad, it was an option set to incres it to 9/$65MM, not 45.

  305. Lefty33 Says:

    Yes, but it still has major draining and flooding issues and the last two years they have had to cancel a few series and play them at the opposition’s stadium.

    Former Gov. Ed Rendell got involved and tried to force the Lackawanna County Stadium Authority to sell the place to the Yankees because they said that either the stadium gets more or less rebuilt from scratch or else they might pull the team after the current contract runs out in 2013 or 2014.


  306. Lefty33 Says:

    I figured by now Sal would have started a US chapter of this club.


  307. Lefty33 Says:


    Take a look at Sal’s rookie card. My first thought was who the hell is that?

  308. Cameron Says:

    Silly, he’s already a member of a club.


  309. Chuck Says:

    “Not sure how I missed this…”

    Because I didn’t tell anyone..my bad.

    The minor league directory came out about a month ago and I’ve been so busy I haven’t got around to sending out the “notables”.

    Like Seattle’s new AA hitting coach.

    Cory Snyder.

  310. Cameron Says:

    I already knew that Fasano was managing.

    Cory Snyder? Who’s next Rob Deer? …Wait, he’s Mark Reynolds’ private batting instructor.

  311. Raul Says:

    Born today:

    Yogi Berra
    Felipe Alou
    Lou Whitaker
    Kevin Bass
    Wes Helms

    Yogi Berra played 19 seasons. He was voted to the All-Star game in 18 of them.

  312. Raul Says:

    Excuse me, it was 15.

  313. Lefty33 Says:

    “Silly, he’s already a member of a club.”

    Wow, they actually honored Robert Goulet?

    Or I guess I should say not him but his facial hair.

  314. Raul Says:

    Some things I noticed about Yogi Berra’s statistics.

    Yogi had 30 career triples, including 10 in 1948 alone.

    Yogi’s career high in strikeouts for a season is 38, and he did that in his age-34 season. He finished his career with more walks than strikeouts: 704 walks to 414 strikeouts (just about 2 seasons-worth of Mark Reynolds).

    In 1950, Berra tallied 192 hits. While I don’t know what the record is for most hits in a season by a catcher, that is impressive. He also struck out just 12 times that season.

    Berra grounded into 146 double plays in his career. That puts him 274th all-time behind active players: Vernon Wells, Bobby Abreu, Aubrey Huff, Jason Giambi, Jim Thome, Aramis Ramirez, AJ Pierzynski, Placido Polanco, Jorge Posada, Todd Helton, Michael Young, Orlando Cabrera, Adrian Beltre, Carlos Lee, Andruw Jones, Derrek Lee, Torii Hunter, Omar Vizquel, Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Chipper Jones, Magglio Ordonez, Edgar Renteria, Paul Konerko, Derek Jeter, Vladimir Guerrero, Miguel Tejada, and Ivan Rodriguez.

  315. Chuck Says:

    “Wait, he’s Mark Reynolds’ private batting instructor.”

    Ted fucking Williams couldn’t make Reynolds a good hitter.

    You have to WANT to succeed.

    Reynolds doesn’t care. He wants to trot 40 times a year, and if he drags the bat back to the dugout 200 times in the process, so be it.

  316. Lefty33 Says:

    “While I don’t know what the record is for most hits in a season by a catcher”

    I would guess it would be Piazza with 201 in ‘97.

  317. Raul Says:

    Of note:

    Jim Rice is 6th all-time in GIDP and did so with less At-Bats than any player in the top 20 except Joe Torre (15th) and Miguel Tejada (20th).

  318. Cameron Says:

    CAn’t think of any higher. Only Ted Simmons and Joe Mauer were the other catchers I could find with more than 190. Ted Simmons bested Berra twice in hits.

  319. Lefty33 Says:

    “Only Ted Simmons and Joe Mauer were the other catchers I could find with more than 190″

    Pudge had a couple of 190+ season as well in the mid-late ’90s.

  320. Raul Says:

    Barry Bonds managed to post over 500 homers and 500 steals in his career.
    It’s unlikely that a player could achieve both of those feats.

    Alex Rodriguez has over 500 homers but just 301 steals, and hasn’t topped 20 in a season since 2007. He’s also 34 years old and has attempted just 1 steal this season (he was caught).

    Matt Kemp is 26 years old with 116 stolen bases and 96 homers. He has somewhat of a chance at the 500 stolen bases if he has a long career but even if you give him until age 40, he’d have to hit about 29 homers a year for the next 14 seasons. Not sure he has that sort of consistent power.

    So will anyone ever approach 500-500? Or even 400-400?

  321. JohnBowen Says:

    ARod definitely had the talent to do 500-500. I think being in the Yankees order (why steal?) combined with the hip injuries kinda cut down that hope.

    Even considering steroids, it’s crazy how good Barry Bonds was at baseball. He stole 500 bases as sort of a side project.

  322. JohnBowen Says:

    Mike Piazza is indeed the all-time leader in hits in a season for a catcher with 201 in 1997 (probably the best offensive season by a catcher ever). Pudge is second with 199 in his MVP season of 1999 (really should’ve been Pedro). He had gotten 192 in 1996 too.

    Others with 190+:

    Jason Kendall (191 in 2003)
    Ted Simmons (192 and 193 in 1973 and 1975 respectively)
    Thurmon Munson (190 in 1975)

  323. Chuck Says:

    Jesus Montero hit his second HR of the season today, a three run shot to right center off the immortal Bobby Parnell.

    Take away his two homers this year, he has six RBI in 111 at bats.

    He’s a top five “prospect”, hitting third in the lineup and he has six RBI.

    Just goes to show that one stat doesn’t mean anything and proves you can be hitting .327 and still suck balls.

  324. Raul Says:

    “Jesus Montero hit his second HR of the season today, a three run shot to right center off the immortal Bobby Parnell.”

    ” a three run shot to right center off the immortal Bobby Parnell.”
    ” a three run shot to right center”
    ” a three run shot to RIGHT CENTER.”


  325. JohnBowen Says:

    Raul: “Adrian Gonzalez is hitting pretty well now.”

    I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so I told you so

    Ok, I’m done.

  326. Raul Says:

    It’d be nice if you’d tell me that Ian Kennedy wouldn’t damn near pitch a f*cking complete game every time I bench him.

    Because every time I bench him he goes out there and pitches like Greg Maddux

  327. Chuck Says:

    “Because every time I bench him ”

    Serves your ass right for benching him in the first place.

  328. Chuck Says:

    So, Tagg Bozied gets called up to AAA and homers in his first AB.

    Pretty sweet, probably took him a half hour..The Phillies AA and AAA teams are about 20 miles apart.

  329. Lefty33 Says:

    “The Phillies AA and AAA teams are about 20 miles apart.”

    Because I’m an A-Hole Chuck I’ll point out that it’s actually 38, Tagg was on the “DL” this year until last night and has first AB yesterday against Toledo was a two RBI double.

    He is now sporting a slash line of .750/1.400/2.150. (After two games)

  330. Chuck Says:


  331. Chuck Says:

    I always forget to double the distance.

    When I was working for the Phils in Reading, we rented a house in Kutztown, which is halfway between Reading and Allentown.

    We had an office in Allentown for awhile, it was much easier to drive 36-38 miles round trip than one way.

  332. Cameron Says:

    Whenever I hear Allentown, I think of Billy Joel.

  333. Lefty33 Says:

    “When I was working for the Phils in Reading, we rented a house in Kutztown, which is halfway between Reading and Allentown.”

    And really nothing has changed about Kutztown since you were there.

    The college has gotten a lot bigger but other than that and scrapple at the kutztown airport diner there’s no reason to ever get off 222 to go there.

    The university’s contributions to the athletic world have been Andre Reed, John Mobley and Ryan Vogelsong.

  334. Lefty33 Says:

    “Whenever I hear Allentown, I think of Billy Joel.”

    If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard that….

  335. Chuck Says:

    So, I went thru Scranton’s game logs today looking at Jesus Montero’s at bats.

    He’s put the ball in play 89 times and has pulled the ball 34 times. He has 12 hits, which is a .353 avg, but, shockingly, has hit SIX balls in the air.

    Everything else has been on the ground.

    You hit the ball in the air to your pull side, and on the ground to your weak side.

    What I need is for someone who knows more about baseball than I do to look at his career stats and explain to me how I’m supposed to believe this kid is an impact bat.


    Counting this year, he’s had 1621 professional at bats and has 60 homers. That’s one every 27 AB’s.

    That’s not an impact bat, that’s Jeffrey Hammonds.

  336. Chuck Says:

    “The university’s contributions to the athletic world have been Andre Reed, John Mobley and Ryan Vogelsong”

    Bruce Harper and Doug Dennison.

    “there’s no reason to ever get off 222 to go there.”

    College pussy?

  337. Lefty33 Says:

    The two times I’ve seen Montero this year Chuck the stats you’re reading don’t lie. He hits the ball hard almost every AB, BUT everything is pounded into the ground.

  338. Lefty33 Says:

    “College pussy?”

    No state school pussy for me.

    I’ll hang out at Lehigh or Lafayette.

    Sorry, but I’m a private school pussy snob.

  339. Chuck Says:

    Lefty, he hits the ball to the right side more than Jeter.

    It’s like he’s lefthanded.

    Major league pitchers will chew him up.

    He’s 6′3″, 230 pounds and hits like he’s playing slow pitch softball.

  340. Lefty33 Says:

    “Lefty, he hits the ball to the right side more than Jeter.

    It’s like he’s lefthanded.

    Major league pitchers will chew him up.”


  341. Chuck Says:

    “Sorry, but I’m a private school pussy snob”

    There was this all girl school in Bethlehem we used to terrorize.

    Not sure if the school was private, but it sure was snobby.

    But, when you’re 22, 23, pussy’s pussy.

  342. Lefty33 Says:

    “There was this all girl school in Bethlehem we used to terrorize.”

    It was either Moravian or Cedar Crest College.

    Both are private and Moravian is like a half tick less than Ivy league in terms of cost.

  343. Chuck Says:

    It was Cedar Crest.

    Kind of sits up on a hill, and you can see it from the main road?

    If you’re driving East from Allentown, it’s on the left.

  344. Lefty33 Says:

    “Kind of sits up on a hill, and you can see it from the main road?”


    All that’s changed about that area is that Dorney Park has gotten huge and the par 3 chip and putt that was there got bulldozed twenty years ago for a strip mall.

  345. Chuck Says:

    I remember a miniature golf place, but it was more towards Reading, so maybe two different places?

    It was across the street from Roger Penske’s first shop.

  346. Chuck Says:

    OK, this is funny.

    Chase Utley, Roy Oswalt and Carlos Ruiz all played in a rehab game today in Clearwater. (Utley homered).

    Combined, they will make $33 million dollars this year.

    The cost to build Clearwater’s stadium?

    Twenty five million.

  347. Cameron Says:

    They probably made more money in that game than Clearwater’s roster will make all season.

  348. Lefty33 Says:

    “I remember a miniature golf place, but it was more towards Reading, so maybe two different places?”

    Schell’s Dairy Swirl in Temple, it’s a real 27 Hole beauty and it’s still there.

    They used to sometimes sponser at Reading the nightly attendance guess with the winner getting two rounds and two small ice creams.

    Before Stein and Domino took over some of the early April games when it was cold would allow a diehard to count the attendance head by head and come damn close. (Guilty)


  349. Lefty33 Says:

    Best and stupidest Reading promotion this year.


  350. Chuck Says:

    “Before Stein and Domino took over some of the early April games when it was cold would allow a diehard to count the attendance head by head and come damn close.”

    That was my job with the EL..promotions, ticket sales, ads.

    We’d go around to local businesses and trade tickets or ad space for donations, door prizes and stuff.

    Then we’d rig the drawings.

  351. brautigan Says:

    I wonder what weirdness Daulton will produce for the Reading folks.

  352. Chuck Says:

    He’ll show up in short sleeves with a syringe sticking out of each bicep?

  353. brautigan Says:

    Here’s my schedule as of tomorrow:

    Leave Portland for Reno. Watch Iowa @ Reno.

    Sunday: Iowa @ Reno
    Monday: Lake Elsinore @ Lancaster (day game)
    Monday: Rancho Cucamonga @ High Desert (night game)
    Tuesday: Stockton @ Bakersfield
    Wednesday: San Jose @ Modesto
    Thusday: New Orleans @ Fresno
    Friday: Oklahoma City @ Sacramento

    Should be a lot of fun. That’s a lot of baseball in 7 days.

  354. Chuck Says:

    “Best and stupidest Reading promotion this year.”

    That’s pretty typical of minor league promotions, “best and stupid” rolled into one.

  355. Hartvig Says:

    Harmon Killebrew released a statement via MLB.com saying his battle with esophageal cancer is nearing an end and he has entered into hospice care.

    brautigan your trip looks like a real adventure- especially the 2 games in 1 day on Monday. Go easy on the brauts with kraut that day or it will come back to haunt you (found that out from a Cubs day/White Sox night trip a few years back)

  356. Chuck Says:


  357. Raul Says:

    Unfortunate news about Harmon Killebrew.

  358. brautigan Says:

    Killer used to live here in Oregon (he was from Payette, on the Oregon border, I think he lived in Ontario).

    I’ve met Killer at least 6 times. What a gentleman. May he and Nita have a wonderful life together.

  359. brautigan Says:

    Hartvig: Usually the standard fare at these ballparks in California is a lot of drool worthy BBQ. Not a lot of brauts. But lots of cold beer. The hotter the weather, the better the beer. It looks like it will rain in Reno on Sunday and it might in Modesto on Wednesday, but it sure beats the 110 in Modesto back in 2009. That day was just hot, and Modesto had NO SHADE. (No fans that day either, just my idiot friend Greg and I).

  360. Bob Says:

    Sad news about Harmon Killebrew.

  361. Cameron Says:

    “Hartvig: Usually the standard fare at these ballparks in California is a lot of drool worthy BBQ.”

    Must… Resist… Urge to be… Barbecue snob…

  362. Raul Says:

    Listen, Cam…

    I don’t think anyone would give you a hard time for being a barbecue snob. You’re in KC. Everyone knows about KC barbecue.

    I’m the same way when it comes to pizza, being that I’m from New York.

  363. brautigan Says:

    I see where Mel Queen died. His dad was a major leaguer and he came up as an OF and then he became a pitcher. He had one very good year and then arm troubles. Sorry to see him go, R.I.P. Mel.

  364. Hartvig Says:

    About a year ago I started working on a baseball binder for my niece’s youngest son (he’s 5 and moderately autistic). I haven’t finished yet but the plan is in addition to a card or 2 each from all the notable players in Twins history (they live in Minnesota just outside Minneapolis) to have a Killebrew card from every year he was in the majors. I’m short a rookie card (I’ve bid on a few on eBay) and 1 other year, I think, plus I want to find a few more players from my own collection to add. The cover is an 8 by 10 glossy of the Killer.

    So Cam, who is KC’s best BBQ? Arthur Bryant’s? Gates? Fiorella Jacks Stack? When I was in KC last summer we were going to tour the Negro League Museum & go to Bryant’s but it turned out that the National NAACP convention was in town that weekend and THEY had a program there that day so you couldn’t get within a mile of the place so we went to Gates instead. Mighty fine eatin’.

    And brautigan the best I can counter is next week is the season opener for the Fargo RedHawks of the Northern League. Not much chance of it hitting 110. Actually today the high around here is like 46 but next week it’s supposed to be in the high 60’s & low 70’s so beer will flow here too.

  365. Cameron Says:

    It’s a tough call, depends on what you’re going for in your barbecue. Most guys just know about sauce, but I look at it as a total package and the most inmportant part of good barbecue is how a chef treats the meat, and no pit does meat better than Arthur Bryant’s. Their main sauce is more a spicy vinegar base, something Gates does better if you ask me, but there’s not a better pit in the world. Portions are insanely huge there too. A seven dollar sandwich there can feed two people easily.

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