Thomas Wayne needs your help with AMERICAN SOLDIER!!!

by ThomasWayne


Howdy ladies and gentlemen…glad to be back. Seems like forever since my last post or article (in fact, it has been nearly 3 months since I have blessed or cursed you with some of the ramblings that bounce around my crown) and any amount of time away from a good baseball discussion is far to long.

But yet, I am not here to discuss baseball…I mean…I suppose we could….at least for a few minutes.  So with that in mind….no I don’t know what is wrong with Pujols…yes…my pick of the Royals early success looks spot on – but again it is very early….and no I am not the father of another Schwarzeneggar love child. That last one really isn’t baseball oriented but I thought I would  smash those rumors now before an over zealous media (and my sure-to-be-disgusted-wife) runs with it.

Now…back to bigger and much better things….

Amid all my busy business and lack of time for baseball musings I have found the time for an awesome project that I could really use a big old Dugout-Central-reader-helping-hand with.

Over at I have a project up called AMERICAN SOLDIER-FINAL JUSTICE. The finished project will be a comic book that follows Seal Team Six as they take down Osama Bin Laden. I’ve been a comic nerd my whole life (the ying to my baseball yang) and I’ve always wanted to produce a great, action packed book, and AMERICAN SOLDIER is it.

Now…here is the real kicker and the reason I need your help. Once the completed comic is finished I will donate every penny I make from said finished completed comic to three great veterans and military family organizations.

Here is the link…go check it out for yourselves…

If you can…donate a dollar.  Or two. Or ten. Whatever you can. It will take you five minutes to set up the pay-pal style account you have to have through to make a donation. The money will eventually reach the final goal…what I need is the support. The number of backers a project has is in direct relationship to how Kickstarter promotes it….so give if you can…even if its a dollar…and take the link and send it to everyone you know via email or Facebook or whatever. Just get the word out. If you have a blog, promote it on your blog. If you have a website, promote it on your site.

The end game is to get as much buzz about AMERICAN SOLDIER as possible because if we do it right we can raise thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars for three amazing charities that exsist soley to help our countries best and brightest young men and woman. Young men and woman who risk their lives daily to serve our country.

I hope to have a baseball article up sometime in the near future, but for now promoting AMERICAN SOLDIER and the chance to raise money for three great organizations is my top priority.

I hope you will take the time to join me in doing so.

Thanks for your time and good luck in all you do.

Thomas Wayne

For any questions, comments or thoughts please email me at

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2 Responses to “Thomas Wayne needs your help with AMERICAN SOLDIER!!!”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Thanks, Thomas, I’ll take a look.

    Did you do the drawings as well?

  2. Thomas Wayne Says:

    Thanks for taking a look. Yes, I’m the artist as well as the writer. Spread the word if you can.
    Thanks again,

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