When Does a Prospect Cease to be a Prospect?

by Chuck

As I was scanning through the blogosphere the other day, specifically those related to the Yankees, I came across a which had recently scored an interview with Yankees’ VP Mark Newman.

In Major League Baseball’s annual personnel directory, Newman’s official title is “Senior VP, Baseball Operations and Player Development, a moniker which puts him at the top of the food chain in terms of the minor league system.

I’ve made mention here on a number of occasions that when reading or hearing an interview with a player or manager or front office guy, what they don’t say sometimes is more revealing than what they do.

When the Milwaukee Brewers dropped Corey Hart to seventh in the order a few weeks ago, the reason given was “he’s struggling now and we want to take some pressure off him.”

What they really said was, “Corey’s really sucking ass right now, and the only reason he’s hitting seventh is major league rules don’t allow us to hit him tenth.”

Newman revealed some very interesting things in his interview, and he really didn’t say anything about them.

In answering the first question presented by , Newman states when talking about pitcher Hector Noesi;

“Noesi’s had some OK moments, but he has a lot of development still to do.”

Kreese immediately followed up his answer by asking Newman if he agreed, especially after Noesi’s “great year in 2010″, on how  Noesi had been used so far this season. Newman replied, in part;

“Our thoughts are that we’re in an ‘all-hands on deck’ scenario. Our mission is to win games in New York. Our secondary mission is to develop championship-caliber players in our farm system. In the ideal situation, Noesi would be a starter in Scranton right now and be continuing his development.”

Kreese’s next two questions were attachments to the first, and went into the decision making process which led to the Yanks’ picking up a journeyman AAA with a 25 man roster guarantee tied into an opt-out clause in his contract.

On Brian Gordon;

It was our decision that at the current time our best option was Brian Gordon. He had extraordinary performance over the last couple months in AAA, and because of an out, he became available. We always want to promote our guys, but this was a special case. We needed to make a decision on what would help us win in the short-term.”

On why AAA Scranton prospects David Phelps and Adam Warren were seemingly passed over for Gordon;

“They were in consideration. Adam Warren has picked it up a notch over his last few starts. But, his walks have gone up and his strikeouts have gone down. … The silver lining is that Adam Warren will get more time in Triple-A…. Signing someone like Brian Gordon gives Warren a little more time to refine his abilities….Phelps has to work his way through this shoulder thing. But, he’s pitched fine all year.

Since this interview, Phelps has been placed on the DL with the aforementioned shoulder problems, but at the time was in the mix as a possible replacement.

What do those comments tell you?

What they tell me is there is no one in the Yankees organization, anywhere, they are comfortable with in making one or two emergency starts while Phil Hughes or Bartolo Colon were on the disabled list.

The Yankees didn’t sign Brian Gordon because he was a “special case”, they signed him because the they felt he was a better pitcher than anyone currently in their system right now.

The interview then moves on, talking about the struggles of former first rounder Andrew Brackman and the versatility of former major leaguer Greg Golson and how that’s helped with the day to day lineups in Scranton.

The conversation finally turned to the inevitable discussion of top prospect Jesus Montero.

Most of those who follow me on various comment blogs know of my disdain for Montero as a prospect, and that disdain goes back to the first time I saw him play in 2009.

I’m not afraid to admit my failings; I’m the guy who thought a certain California surfer dude would win a batting title, or a local Arizona high schooler I scouted while with the Seattle Mariners would be a better pitcher than a 2010 playoff hero.

I give credit to Mr. Kreese here;  he started off with a high inside fastball and when Newman ducked, he came right back with another one.

The first part of  Newman’s answer was Montero has improved defensively.


In 2010, Montero threw out a woeful 23% of runners attempting to steal (a total based on him throwing out nine of his last ten) and led International League catchers in passed balls with fifteen.

So far this year, at the halfway point?

Montero has thrown out 18% of runners and leads ALL minor league catchers in passed balls with thirteen.

Where’s the improvement, exactly?

Reading through Newman’s full answer I came across one thing which really got my blood pressure rising;

“Montero is 21 years old, he’s basically a college junior…”

Age wise, that’s true, but what does that have to do with major league readiness?

Montero was signed as a sixteen year old free agent and has played over 420 career minor league games.

Jason Heyward was a high school draftee and is four months older than Montero and is already a major league All-Star.

Mike Stanton is three weeks older than Montero and will be a National League All-Star this year.

Starlin Castro is six months younger than Montero and finished the 2010 in the top five in voting for Rookie of the Year.

There is no such thing as “organizational age”

If Bryce Harper is still in the minor leagues when he’s twenty-one, the Nationals will be pissed.

Reading further down, Kreese again throws Newman something off-speed in a fastball count;

“Well, let’s go back to what you said earlier in that the Yankees’ main priority is to win games at the big league level. Playing devil’s advocate, why wasn’t Montero brought up when Russell Martin went down to his back injury… Why wasn’t Montero called up if the priority is to “win now?”

Newman’s answer was, ” Cervelli still would have caught every day because he knows the pitching staff. Joe wouldn’t use Montero, and there was no point using him as a backup to Cervelli.”

Wait a second.

Joe wouldn’t use Montero”?

So, what you’re really saying is the Yankees’ manager, the guy who writes the lineup everyday and is singularly responsible for personnel decisions,  AND who played fifteen years in the major leagues as a CATCHER doesn’t think Montero could handle the job at the next level”

Kind of sounds like the Noesi/Warren/Gordon situation, doesn’t it?

You have a guy believed to be a top prospect in your organization at a specific position, at least the media leads you to believe there is, yet when the time comes for a need the team looks elsewhere for a fill-in?

I mean, dude, c’mon, really?

The Montero situation reminds me of those Carfax TV commercials. Keith Law and Jonathan Mayo and the rest of the media hype machine are the car salesmen, and Montero’s the car.

They can BS us all day long about what a great product is, but when you ask for the Carfax, what you eventually see is a lemon.

I’ve seen Montero play forty times at least over the past two seasons, and if you looked up lemon in the dictionary, you’d see his picture.

Newman goes on to say Double A Trenton catcher Austin Romine “should be in AAA”, which kind of tells me the Yanks are concerned now that Montero’s lack of development is now hindering that of Romine.

Romine played in the prestigious Arizona Fall League last year and will start in the Eastern League All-Star game for the second consecutive season.

What the Yanks should do is promote him to Scranton for the second half and DH Montero until they can find a trade for him.

At this point Montero’s place in the system is doing nothing but retard the growth of not only Romine, but that of JR Murphy and Gary Sanchez.

The lack of depth in the Yanks’ system is frightening, especially at the position level, but one place they are strong is at catcher.

Former Dugout Central Staff Writer Mike Silva said on his website today that he had information from an American League scout that not only confirmed my opinion Romine has passed Montero on the Yankees’ depth chart at catcher, but so has Class A prospect Gary Sanchez.

The moral of the story here?

The Yanks went out of their organization to sign a Triple A pitcher who wasn’t good enough to make the major league roster where he was to put him on their own major league roster to make an emergency start over every other pitcher in the system.

That means the Yankees don’t believe anyone in the system is right now a capable major league pitcher.

The Yankees went out of their organization to sign an injury prone former All-Star to handle a premium defensive position, yet they were comfortable with the backup at the position catching everyday even though statistically he was one of the worst position players in the game in 2010.

Did I really need to explain this to you?

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264 Responses to “When Does a Prospect Cease to be a Prospect?”

  1. Raul Says:

    Nice article, Chuck.

    At around the All-Star Break, I fully expect Keith Law to update his prospect rankings to show Montero as the 2nd best prospect in baseball.

  2. Cameron Says:

    In all fairness to Russell Martin, that’s possibly the best example of a high-risk, high-reward paying off this season I could give you.

    But yeah. Montero is capable enough with the stick at the major league level, but he’s too terrible to play the field. There’s your problem, Montero’s a DH and his bat simply can’t play at that position at the major league level without playing to all fields (or, as Yankee, even FURTHER to right field).

  3. JohnBowen Says:

    Great article, Chuck.

    This seems like an easy decision for the Yankees. You’ve got a prospect who’s as overrated as they come – essentially because of the position he plays, which he plays poorly.

    And, as we found out last week, he’s a lazy douche.

    Problem is, if you and I know he’s overrated and can’t catch, pretty much every organization is going to know too.

    What kind of MLB caliber player(s) can the Yankees get for Montero? Or, in a different direction, would they try to trade him for lower prospects?

  4. JohnBowen Says:

    “At around the All-Star Break, I fully expect Keith Law to update his prospect rankings to show Montero as the 2nd best prospect in baseball.”

    I loved his summary of him: “Montero sucks. He’s awful. He can’t pull shit. He makes Mike Piazza look like Pudge Rodriguez. He’s the third best prospect in America.”

  5. Raul Says:

    There are teams and scouts that look at players in another organization and think there’s still value there, so Montero can still get the Yankees SOMETHING.

    The thing is, he’s not going to get you anybody’s top guy, no matter how young that returning prospect may be.

    And I’m against trading a highly rated prospect (as bogus as it may be) for bullpen help.

    NY needs to look for a quality arm with issues they can fix…or a solid OF bat that maybe needs to develop power.

  6. Cameron Says:

    The smart avenue, to me, is Texas. No long-term solution at catcher and his bat could conceivably force Mitch Moreland out of a job by next year if converted. Or Young could move to first and Jesus DHs. There’s options there.

  7. Chuck Says:

    I think Texas is going to be a player in the Prince Fielder sweepstakes.

    Montero’s trade value isn’t close to what it was a year ago, and even then it wasn’t what you’d expect from a “top five” guy.

    It’s no secret Cliff Lee ended up in Texas because the Mariners liked Justin Smoak better, and, while the Yankees deny it, I’ve seen two separate references to a Montero even up for Joaquim Soria deal….which the Royals turned down.

    I could see the Yanks using Montero to get a Wandy Rodriguez type guy. Wandy’s a good pitcher but the Astros have no money and their organization’s a train wreck.

    They’ll be giving players away.

  8. Cameron Says:

    I’ve been saying since last season that Texas would either trade for or sign Prince in free agency (unless this playoff push ends well and Milwaukee decides to really commit, something I can put as a good second place), but it seems to be the most logical point to start at.

    Houston is confident in their system to where I don’t think the Astros would want him. Catcher has Jason Castro, first has Brett Wallace, and he won’t be moved because of Chris Johnson. They’re on the right track, but have no adequate pitching outside of Jordan Lyles.

    Oakland would also be a good trade target, too. We all know he doesn’t know how to trade for position players.

  9. Raul Says:

    That Texas may not have a solution at Catcher means little in terms of trading for Montero.

    Keep in mind that if Montero couldn’t take the catching job from Jorge Posada or an injured Russell Martin, he’s got no chance at taking the job away from anyone on any team in baseball.

    And considering he’s not the most mobile guy there is, I’d say he’s limited to the American League since National League teams might not take a risk on a defensive liability.

    So what team might fit him? Oakland doesn’t have any hitting on the entire team, much less DH or 1B so that’s a possibility.

  10. Cameron Says:

    Dude, his competition is a platoon of Mike Napoli and Taylor Teagarden. Jim Abbot could win that catching job.

  11. Raul Says:

    Mike Napoli can hit.
    Teagarden has incredible power also.

    Both are better than Montero defensively. I don’t see Montero beating Napoli out of a catching job. Maybe Teagarden – but only because Montero would make more contact than Teagarden.

  12. Chuck Says:

    “but only because Montero would make more contact than Teagarden”

    What did Anthony Rizzo do in AAA?

    What’s he doing now in the majors?

  13. Cameron Says:

    Napoli can hit, but he can’t catch. And Teagarden has the raw power, but I’ve never seen him put any form on contact on that ball.

  14. Raul Says:

    Rizzo is hitting .178 with 26 strikeouts in 24 games.

    Point taken.

  15. Chuck Says:

    I think the A’s are a good place for Montero, he’s the type of player Beane likes.

    Montero could slot in as a righthanded version of Jack Cust or Erubiel Durazo..minus the steriods.

    And the walks.

    And the power.

    So, basically he’d fit right into their lineup.

  16. Cameron Says:

    And, factoring in offense, could be a decent enough backup for Kurt Suzuki if you platoon him with Landon Powell.

  17. Raul Says:

    Willie Randolph is 57 years old today.

    In 1980, Randolph walked 119 times in 138 games. The Yankees would lose in the playoffs to the Royals that year but Randolph did well in his 3 games played, going 5-13 with 2 Doubles and 1 RBI.

    According to John’s favorite statistic, Randolph had a WAR of 6.4 among position players in 1980 — good for 6th in the American League. His Offensive WAR placed him 3rd, behind George Brett and Rickey Henderson and ahead of Robin Yount.

  18. Raul Says:

    Bryce Harper was just promoted to AA by the Washington Nationals. We all take statistics at the lower levels with a grain of salt, but just to note:

    Harper at A-ball:
    72 games
    14 homers
    17 doubles
    1 triple
    19 stolen bases

    Perhaps what has gone almost completely unreported, however, is what Mike Trout has been doing.

    Trout has spent the entire season at AA, producing:
    74 games
    9 homers
    12 doubles
    11 triples
    28 stolen bases

    This isn’t to discredit Bryce Harper. Whatever people may think of him, he certainly is a talented kid. But Trout has matched or surpassed Harper’s production all the way and while he’s rated highly, I doubt if more than 2 people in the media even know who he is.

  19. Chuck Says:

    Randolph was a heckuva player.

    Say what you want about Reggie and Gossage and Munson and Guidry, etc, but without Randolph the Yanks don’t win shit.

    Then we’d all have to listen to Cameron brag about the Royals mid-seventies dynasty which took place 15 years before he was born.

  20. Chuck Says:

    If Tony Reagins called Mike Rizzo and offered Trout for Harper even up, Rizzo would take it in a heartbeat, and is a liar if he says otherwise.

  21. Cameron Says:

    And in order to make that offer, Reagins would need to suffer such severe head trauma that he’d forget how to dial the phone to make the call in the first place.

  22. Cameron Says:

    “Then we’d all have to listen to Cameron brag about the Royals mid-seventies dynasty which took place 15 years before he was born.”

    The bitching I put out would be even more insufferable, because we’d have that dynasty and still have to put up with being absolute shit since the early 90s. It’d be insulting.

    Also, in case you’re wondering, my slight hatred for the Phillies does have a basis in 1980 and not just backlash against a super-hyped team.

  23. Raul Says:

    As much as I’ve stated here that I was never a big Jeter fan, I can take a moment to appreciate what a great player he’s been. Articles are popping up about it now with him approaching 3,000 and the sappy writings aside, they have a point.

    But with the talk of Jeter’s hitting milestone, I couldn’t help but think of another hitting machine over the last decade — Ichiro Suzuki.

    Suzuki is a ways from approaching 3,000 hits and he plays a different position than Jeter. But both men are 37 years old and I started to wonder:

    If you were making your team, who would you choose? Their career averages are a lot closer than some of you may think.

  24. Cameron Says:

    Ichiro, both at their prime and in the current year. Despite having less power, I think Suzuki is the more complete player. Put him at the top of the lineup or in the middle and the runs will come to you.

    Jeter’s good and plays a more important position, but Ichiro’s the real star.

    …And I still give him an outside shot at 3,000. He’s starting to show signs of age, but not enough to dissuade me yet. He could be the next Julio Franco with the shape he keeps himself in.

  25. Raul Says:

    He’s on pace for less than 200 hits for the first time in his Major League career.

    But let’s say he does get another 100 hits this season. He’ll be roughly 560 hits short of 3,000 going into his age 38 season.

    If he plays until he’s 41, he’ll probably do it.
    And if he does, it’ll be one of the most incredible achievements in sports history — that a guy can enter the Majors at age 27 and get 3,000 hits.

  26. Raul Says:

    My bad.

    I took attention away from Jeter’s milestone. Didn’t really mean to.

  27. Cameron Says:

    Ichiro doesn’t have any notable injury history and is still in great shape. Playing into his mid-40s doesn’t seem unreachable for him.

    And bro, we pretty much all hate Derek Jeter here. Part of me wants to go to the new Yankees game and take a chainsaw to Jeter’s legs after he hits 2,999 just to see the reaction their hero won’t hit 3,000.

    …Most of me wants to see him hit it, though. I like milestones.

  28. JohnBowen Says:

    Chuck: “I could see the Yanks using Montero to get a Wandy Rodriguez type guy. Wandy’s a good pitcher but the Astros have no money and their organization’s a train wreck.
    They’ll be giving players away.”

    Grant Bisbee of SBnation discussed this: http://mlb.sbnation.com/2011/7/6/2262642/mlb-trade-rumors-wandy-rodriguez-astros

    Chuck: “Randolph was a heckuva player.”

    I completely agree. But this is out of character for you. Randolph hit .276 with 54 career HR and a bunch of walks. So, kudos buddy!

  29. Chuck Says:

    “I completely agree. But this is out of character for you.”

    Actually, it’s more out of character for you.

    “Grant Bisbee of SBnation discussed”

    Smart guy.

    “If you were making your team, who would you choose?”

    Jeter..not even a question.

    “And if he does, it’ll be one of the most incredible achievements in sports history — that a guy can enter the Majors at age 27 and get 3,000 hits.”


    Ichiro with his little pussy-ass swing and little bunts and bloops.

    He’s been in the league the same length of time as Pujols.

    Pujols and Ichiro have the same lifetime batting average.

    One is one of the more productive hitters of all time, the other is unquestionably the most unproductive “great” hitter of all time.

    It’s a disservice to Albert to mention him in the same sentence with Ichiro.

    At least when discussing offense.

  30. Chuck Says:

    Check out this catch


  31. JohnBowen Says:

    Chuck: “It’s a disservice to Albert to mention him in the same sentence with Ichiro.
    At least when discussing offense.”

    Who did the heck did that?

    Chuck: “He’s been in the league the same length of time as Pujols.
    Pujols and Ichiro have the same lifetime batting average.”

    Oh. You did.

  32. Cameron Says:

    Ha, nice notice John.

    Ichiro isn’t the same type of player as Pujols, I’ll admit. Ichiro scratches and claws at any hit he can get. He reminds me a lot of Pete Rose without the gambling problem. Pujols just turns balls into home runs.

    Ichiro is great, Pujols… Is Pujols, there is no word to describe him.

  33. Chuck Says:

    Reveling in the fact Casey McGeehee got an extra base hit today.

    Yanks placed Jesus Montero on the DL today with a stiff back.

    No comment.

  34. JohnBowen Says:

    W.R.T Jeter vs. Ichiro…

    Ichiro didn’t play in the majors until he was 27, so that leaves open the question of what he could’ve done had he been here He consistently hit around .400 in Japan, but that was Japan.

    Pro’s for Jeter:
    Higher OBP (along with that, works the count better)
    Higher SLG
    Better OPS+ (barely, considering ballpark, but still better).
    Plays a more demanding position

    Pro’s for Ichiro
    Better BA
    Roughly 8.9 trillion times better defensively
    More durable
    Better base-stealer

    Much as it pains me to say it…I’d take Jeter.

    As I said that, Jeter fails to get to a grounder. My dead grandmother has more range than him.

  35. Cameron Says:

    Damn, why couldn’t it be a stiff neck? I could make a joke out of that.

  36. JohnBowen Says:

    “Reveling in the fact Casey McGeehee got an extra base hit today”

    About effing time.

    You know that that’s the SECOND time he’s come off the bench to hit a come-from-behind HR?

    It was his FIFTH HR overall. Like, all year. Five. With two coming off the bench.

    He needs to turn it around. The Brewers are begging to lose by protecting Fielder with guys with a cumulative .100 OPS.

  37. JohnBowen Says:

    “Ichiro is great, Pujols… Is Pujols, there is no word to describe him.”

    I’m pretty sure we can agree on that.

  38. Cameron Says:

    Well, they don’t plan on sending Casey down to the minors. Their best backup is Mat Gamel, so I agree.

  39. JohnBowen Says:

    I wanna see the Brewers do something baby-crazy to work Mat Gamel into the lineup and work Yuni out of it.

  40. Chuck Says:

    “My dead grandmother has more range than him.”

    I’m calling bullshit on that one.

    You and I both know if that were true Billy Beane would have signed her already.

  41. JohnBowen Says:

    Well, her out-avoidance rate has been outstanding since 2006.

  42. Cameron Says:

    I’ve seen John’s grandma at the plate. Beane doesn’t like her because she can actually hit a home run once in a blue moon.

  43. Chuck Says:

    Pedro fucking Gomez.

    What a puss.

  44. JohnBowen Says:

    Ball ripped by Sizemore, but right at Granderson.

    Still got the run in.

  45. JohnBowen Says:

    @43…care to elaborate?

  46. Chuck Says:

    That just pisses me off beyond words.

    Seriously, you can’t throw a fastball for a strike?

    I mean, goddamn.



    Santana drives in a run and doesn’t even fucking swing.

    I don’t know who that reliever is, but he’s lucky I’m not the manager..no way he gets on the team flight.

  47. JohnBowen Says:

    It was Sergio Mitre.

  48. Cameron Says:

    Shit pitchers start to blend together after a while.

  49. Chuck Says:

    Well, other than being Barry Bonds’ personal ass-wiper for years.

    Gomez is Phoenix.

    Before he went to ESPN he was just a local beat writer here.

    I thought he was a nice guy.

    My wife and I are on a flight from Dallas to Phoenix and we see Gomez at the counter.

    He goes up to the ticket clerk and starts big-timing her, “I’m with ESPN”, trying to get a free first class upgrade.

    Then he does the same shit on the plane, trying to get free food and shit.

    And if that wasn’t enough, Cedric Ceballos of the Suns is on the same flight. People had recognized him in the terminal, so when the lights went off, the stewardesses were letting people go up one at a time to first class and get his autograph.

    I guess because of what happened at the counter the staff wouldn’t let Gomez go to first class, so he started with, “Tell Ced Pedro’s here”, “Gomez from ESPN”,
    blah, blah.

    I wanted to slap his ass.

  50. Chuck Says:

    Way to hustle a double into a single, ARod.

  51. Chuck Says:

    No wonder Cameron dumped your ass, the rumors of being “a little short” are true.

  52. JohnBowen Says:

    lol…was this recent?

  53. Cameron Says:

    “No wonder Cameron dumped your ass, the rumors of being “a little short” are true.”

    Wait, how did I get dragged into… Oh, that Cameron. Yeah, who knows? I guess she got tired of staring at that portrait of A-Rod as a centaur while she cried herself to sleep after realizing she’s sunk to starring in movies like “Bad Teacher” for a paycheck.

  54. JohnBowen Says:

    Without A-Rod, the score would be 7-2.

    Then again, a loss is a loss.

    As it turns out, the deciding run was Lonnie Chisenhall’s first career dinger.

  55. Chuck Says:


    No, about ten years ago.

  56. JohnBowen Says:

    haha, dude I’m confused. What prompted you to get pissed off at Gomez just now?

  57. Chuck Says:

    Hey, guess who needs shoulder surgery?

    Brandon Webb.

  58. Chuck Says:

    He was on the Yankee game on ESPN.

  59. Chuck Says:

    Wow. big respect for Tom Verducci. After getting called out on the air by Eric Byrnes the other day I figured he’d be in witness protection by now.

  60. JohnBowen Says:

    What did Byrnes say?

  61. Chuck Says:

    They were on the MLBNetwork highlight show, and somebody (I think Travis Snider) missed a pretty easy play.

    Byrnes is a very animated guy, and pretty funny. Picture Jon Stewart on crack.

    So, Verducci starts talking about how whomever it was must have misjudged the ball and referred to his “advanced defensive metric UZR rating…”

    He didn’t even finish the sentence when Byrnes, off camera, busts out with “he couldn’t catch a fly ball in a phone booth, there’s no stat worth anything that can make him a good outfielder.”

    If Verducci stopped here it probably wouldn’t have gone further, but he made the mistake of trying to explain it, “it’s a grid system”, and everytime he said something, Byrnes just let him have it.

    Best ten seconds of TV ever.

  62. Chuck Says:

    Line drive, upper deck walk off bomb for Mike Stanton.

    I guess his vision is OK.

  63. Chuck Says:

    Verducci just picked the Dbacks as the NL Wild Card and said it’s because “they have the best offense in the NL West.”

    Then Craig Amsinger, the host, turns to Larry Bowa and asks him who he picks for the NL Wild Card.

    “Colorado, because of their offense.”

    Can’t make this shit up.

  64. Cameron Says:

    Chuck, I laughed READING that. Haven’t seen Eric Byrnes enough, but I gotta catch him more.

    Eric Byrnes, Harold Reynolds, what is it with Ex-Mariners making good sports show personalities? Reynolds may not be the most professional or knowledgeable sportscaster, but I love his energy and personality.

  65. Raul Says:

    LOL @ Eric Byrnes
    That was great.

  66. Raul Says:


  67. Cameron Says:

    Kevin Millar and his little buddy are pretty good, but fuck that, THESE TWO need their own show.

  68. Chuck Says:

    Check out this guy’s stats.


  69. Chuck Says:

    Curt Schilling is at it again.

    I usually take everything he says with a grain of salt, but in this case I think he’s actually being conservative.


  70. Jim Says:

    This may have been noted on another post if so indulge the redundancy. Don Buddin died last week. He was a SS for the Red Sox in the late 50’s, early 60’s and finished his career with the Colt 45’s (nee Astros for you younguns).

  71. Raul Says:


    I’m not following on Henry Pena. What about him?
    He’s 20 year old…appears to have a bat…strikes out a lot…off to a slow start this year in just 7 games though.

    Should Brett Gardner be concerned?

  72. Chuck Says:

    Seventeen at bats and sixteen strikeouts??!!

  73. Cameron Says:

    Being conservative is something I’m used to seeing in Curt Schilling.

  74. Bob Says:

    That is why Chuck likes him. Speaking of which, want me to continue sending you e-mails?

  75. Cameron Says:

    No team in the past twenty years has won clean…

    Bet you five bucks we never hear anything about him returning his 3 World Series rings because they’re “tainted”.

  76. Raul Says:

    Curt Schilling would know…as a user himself.

  77. Bob Says:

    Jose Reyes is on the DL.

  78. Raul Says:

    16 strikeouts in 17 at-bats.

    Can’t see how I missed that one.
    As crazy as it is…I really would say “what the heck, he’s a rookie”


    It’s his 4th year of minor league ball.

  79. Jim Says:

    Dick Williams passed away today.

    Good speed.

  80. Cameron Says:


  81. Raul Says:

    Born today:

    Tim Teufel is 53. Teufel is beloved in NY as one of the members of the 86 Mets, but he was much, much better offensively in 1987. Teufel Shuffle is all you gotta say. Teufel was actually part of a trade that got the Mets rid of Billy Beane. Fantastic. Teufel was apparently a successful minor league manager for the Mets before being replaced by former Mets catcher Gary Carter — which I suspect was bullsh*t.

    Chuck Knoblauch is 42. Knoblauch should have had a more productive career and he apparently forgot how to steal bases in New York. Well, that, and he couldn’t get a decent throw to Tino Martinez — one of the better defensive first basemen of the time. Knoblauch went on to more notoriety as a steroid user, which might have explained why such a little guy was using such a heavy baseball bat. According to his Wikipedia page, when Knoblauch arrived in New York, Buster Olney predicted that Jeter and Knoblauch would team up to become the greatest double-play tandem in history. That’s all you ever need to know about Buster Olney.

    About Knoblauch: “He made an unprecedented number of throwing errors, routinely making abnormal throws out of the reach of the first baseman. (During one game, an errant throw sailed into the crowd and hit sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s mother in the face.)”

    Jeff Shaw is 45. Shaw was the 1st pick overall in 1986 — albeit in the January draft. He’d spend 12 seasons as a reliever before retiring in 2001.

  82. Cameron Says:

    Knoblauch’s one of the biggest douchebags I’ve ever seen step foot on the diamond.

  83. Bob Says:

    Dick Williams R.I.P.

  84. Chuck Says:

    BA updated their top 50 prospects today.

    Montero went from #3 to #8

    Banuelos went from #41 to #13

    Betances went from #43 to #26.

    Betances is pitching better than Banuelos against the same competition.

    BA used to rock the world when came to prospect coverage, but sometimes I wonder where or who they’re getting information from.

  85. Cameron Says:

    Myers and Montgomery fell to 17 and 27, Lamb’s out for the season and not ranked, but Odorizzi shot up to 21. I’ll take it.

  86. Cameron Says:

    You know what I just remembered? The Rogers Centre, home of the Blue Jays, has a 70-room hotel in left field. Not even joking.

  87. Hartvig Says:

    Cameron- Then you must not have seen the game where the couple left the curtains to their room open. Pretty unforgettable that.

    And, to be fair to Olney, Knoblauch was a decent defensive player in Minnesota and comparable offensively to Alomar or Biggio. His entire game crumbled like crisp bacon when he moved to New York.

  88. Cameron Says:

    Wait, left their curtains open. You mean… Oh dear god, please tell me my dirty mind is right for once. That would be comedy gold.

  89. Cameron Says:

    I was trying to think of a list of guys the Yankees have traded away that made them really kick themselves in the ass. Help me out.

    Jose Tabata (is like Brett Gardner but can hit)
    Ian Kennedy (Need we say more)
    Austin Jackson (great leadoff hitter, but Ks too damn much)
    Tyler Clippard (he’d help that bullpen so much right now)

    Anyone else I’m forgetting?

  90. Chuck Says:

    “The Rogers Centre, home of the Blue Jays, has a 70-room hotel in left field. Not even joking.”

    Yes, you are joking.

    The hotel is in right field.

    My Mom took my Dad to Toronto for his 70th birthday in 2003 and they got a room on the field.

    They watched the Red Sox and Jays from their room for a couple of innings, then went downstairs and had a table in the restaurant with a field view.

    Thing is, most of the Jays players live in the hotel.

    Bobby Kielty was a few doors down from them and they met him almost right when they got there.

    Over the three days they were there, Kielty introduced them to a few of his teammates. My Dad is a fan but not to the point where he would get an autograph.

    My Mom finally got so pissed off she went to the team shop in the hotel and bought a 2002 yearbook and went around and got it signed for him.

    Autographs he has;

    Carlos Delgado, Frank Catalanotto, Doug Davis, Roy Halladay, Eric Hinske, Reed Johnson, Shannon Stewart, Jayson Werth, Vernon Wells, Kelvim Escobar, Lloyd Moseby and Corey Lidle.

    My Mom says there are another half dozen signatures but she can’t read them.

    I asked her, “Why didn’t you have them sign their page”

    She said, “I watched someone else get them to sign, and I just walked up and handed them the book.”

    Five years later, in October, 2008, he goes to a celebration for the Sox’ 2007 Championship team at a restaurant not far from where they live in CT.

    The guys come up and talk, there’s some food and a showing of the WS video, then everyone goes into a room and forms a line where they pass along a big table with about a dozen players signing WS memorabilia.

    My dad gets in the line and comes up to Kielty, who stands up and says, “Hey, Dick, good to see you, man, how are you?”

    He doesn’t see him for five years and remembers his name.

    My Mom said he about passed out.

    They have a picture on the fireplace mantel with the two of them and Dad is wearing Kielty’s WS ring.

    Fuckin’ awesome.


  91. Cameron Says:

    Now that’s a story.

    And why are all the attractions in baseball parks stationed in right field. Hotels, sports bars, fan areas, all that shit seems to be in right field for some reason.

  92. Chuck Says:

    Friday’ Front Row Grill at Chase Field is in left field.

    It’s not uncommon for a Justin Upton bomb to land in your nachos.

  93. Cameron Says:

    Yes, but the swimming pool’s in right. Is there some law all the cool shit goes there?

  94. Lefty33 Says:

    “The Rogers Centre, home of the Blue Jays, has a 70-room hotel in left field. Not even joking.”

    The 70 rooms I believe are only the ones that have either whole or partial field views. The entire hotel itself, The Renaissance Toronto Downtown, has a little north of 300 rooms and 30 or 40 suites.

  95. Lefty33 Says:

    “I was trying to think of a list of guys the Yankees have traded away that made them really kick themselves in the ass. Help me out.”

    Ted Lilly

    Mike Lowell

    Jay Buhner

    Fred McGriff

  96. Cameron Says:

    I was thinking more recently, but yeah. The Yankees have a record of getting hosed in trades.

  97. Cameron Says:

    Looking at guys the Yankees traded recently. Zach McAllister’s tearing shit up at AAA for the Indians. The guy you traded him for? Also with the Indians.

  98. Lefty33 Says:

    “I was thinking more recently,”

    Michael Dunn

    Daniel McCutchen

    Mark Melancon

  99. Lefty33 Says:

    Retro Yankee Trade Fuck Up Team:

    C- Rick Dempsey

    1B- Fred McGriff

    2B- Damaso Garcia

    SS- Greg Gagne

    3B- Mike Lowell or Rex “The Wonder Dog” Hudler

    OF- Willy McGee

    OF- Ruppert Jones

    DH- Hal Morris

    P- Doug Drabek

    P- Scott McGregor

    P- Al Leiter

    P- Tippy Martinez

    P- Tim Burke


    Joe Lefebvre

    Jose Uribe

    Stan Javier

    Otis Nixon

    Mike Heath

    and of course Bye Bye Balboni

  100. Cameron Says:

    Interesting ones, but I don’t know if they’d be good contributors at the ML level for the Yankees at the moment (well, Dunn’s debatable). But here’s a list of six guys I’ve compiled of letting guys go since the 2007 offseason.

    1. Dustin Moseley, Starting Pitcher
    -Free Agent Signing for the San Diego Padres
    -Throwing a 3.21 ERA (but has a 2-8 record due to 2.44 runs of support per start)

    2. Austin Jackson, Center Fielder
    -Traded to the Detroit Tigers as part of a 3-Team Deal for Curtis Granderson
    -2nd Place Finish in 2010 AL Rookie of the Year Voting
    -263 Career hits in 1.5 seasons

    3. Ian Kennedy, Starting Pitcher
    -Traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks as part of a 3-Team Deal for Curtis Granderson
    -Has 3.38 ERA, on pace for roughly 200 Ks

    4. Tyler Clippard (Traded to Washington)
    -Traded to the Washington Nationals for Jonathon Abaladejo
    -Currently has a 1.86 ERA
    -On pace for second 110+ K season out of the pen

    5. John Axford
    -Released by the Yankees in 2007, Signed by Milwaukee as a Free Agent
    -Current Closer for the Brewers
    -Currently has a 2.75 ERA and 22 Saves

    6. Jose Tabata
    -Traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates as a package for Xavier Nady
    -.285 Career Average, .348 Career OBP
    -On Pace for rouglhy 30 SB

    Collective Salary for Said Players: $3,077,000
    -Moseley is on 1-Year Contract
    -Clippard is Arb-Eligible in 2012
    -Jackson, Kennedy, Axford, and Tabata are Arb-Eligible in 2013

    …If you had a little patience, a quarter of your team is cost-controlled and cost-effective.

  101. JohnBowen Says:

    “During one game, an errant throw sailed into the crowd and hit sportscaster Keith Olbermann’s mother in the face.”

    She deserved it for what she brought into the world.

    “Buster Olney predicted that Jeter and Knoblauch would team up to become the greatest double-play tandem in history.”

    At least Knoblauch WAS good when he was a Twin. Didn’t it just kind of hit him all at once in like one season where he was making those ridiculous throws?

    “Friday’ Front Row Grill at Chase Field is in left field.”

    Same with Miller Park. Provides a surprisingly decent view; I never thought I’d actually enjoy watching a game from a restaurant.

  102. Lefty33 Says:

    “Interesting ones, but I don’t know if they’d be good contributors at the ML level for the Yankees at the moment”

    Any of them would be a major upgrade to the Yankee roster over Mitre and Logan.

  103. Lefty33 Says:

    “If you had a little patience, a quarter of your team is cost-controlled and cost-effective.”

    Although right now I don’t think the Yankees are exactly kicking themselves over the Granderson/Jackson deal.

  104. Chuck Says:

    “Although right now I don’t think the Yankees are exactly kicking themselves over the Granderson/Jackson deal.”

    I beg to differ.

    Kevin Towers calls tomorrow and offers Kennedy and Gerardo Parra for Granderson and Cashman’s a fucking moron he says no.

  105. JohnBowen Says:

    Long-term, I would say Chuck’s right…the Yankees are going to wish they had Kennedy.

    But it’s hard to be too pissed off right now.

  106. JohnBowen Says:


    Stanton launched another one today. Glad his eyes are working again.

  107. Cameron Says:

    John, Ian Kennedy and Austin Jackson make less than 900 grand combined and are arb-eligible in 2 years.

    Curtis Granderson makes $8.25MM this year and $10MM next year.

    You tell me the better option.

  108. Cameron Says:

    Er, Lefty. My bad.

  109. Cameron Says:

    Huh, in the Nats’ last 11 wins, 11 different pitchers have collected a win.

  110. Chuck Says:

    Angels called up Mike Trout.

  111. Cameron Says:

    Already? Jesus fuck, when was the last time a position player made his ML debut at 19? This is, what, a year sooner than we called it?

  112. Cameron Says:

    Okay, Starlin Castro did it last year. Still, position prospects usually take time.

    Debuting at 22 is young.
    Debuting at 20 is a future star.
    Debuting at 19 is holy fuck.

  113. Bob Says:

    ” Jesus fuck, when was the last time a position player made his ML debut at 19?” ( Or earlier) Probably ARod.

  114. Bob Says:

    What a tragic story in Texas. Josh Hamilton has to feel like shit.

  115. Cameron Says:

    Word is that Josh is taking it pretty hard, and that’s completely understandable.

  116. Chuck Says:

    PER MLB.com;

    Notable players who made their Major League debuts before their 20th birthdays:

    Justin Upton 19 2007
    Felix Hernandez 19 2005
    B.J. Upton 19 2004
    Adrian Beltre 19 1998
    Andruw Jones 19 1996
    Alex Rodriguez 18 1994
    Gary Sheffield 19 1988
    Dwight Gooden 19 1984
    Fernando Valenzuela 19 1980
    Tim Raines 19 1979
    Alan Trammell 19 1977
    Robin Yount 18 1974
    Cesar Cedeno 19 1970
    Bert Blyleven 19 1970
    Larry Dierker 17 1964
    Tim McCarver 17 1959
    Harmon Killebrew 18 1954
    Mickey Mantle 19 1951
    Bob Feller 17 1936
    Mel Ott 17 1926
    Jimmie Foxx 17 1925
    Red Ruffing 19 1924

  117. Cameron Says:

    Pretty select company there.

  118. John Says:

    Ok, someone please explain the fight at fenway to me. I’m so confused.

  119. Cameron Says:

    Kevin Gregg threw three pitches that were all inside to David Ortiz, they yell at each other but the umps break it up.

    Papi hits a fly ball, Gregg cusses Papi out as he turns first base and the big man goes apeshit.

  120. Hartvig Says:

    Chuck @116 Quite a list. Eight HOFer’s, 1 that will be (ARod), 3 have a good chance of being (Trammell,Raines&Sheffield), 4 that looked like they would be early in their careers (Cedeno,Valenzuela,Gooden&Jones) and 3 that it’s too soon to tell yet. That leaves Beltre who has put up HOF like #’s a couple of seasons along with a bunch of mediocre to decent ones and Dierker, who had a career a bit like Beltre’s. McCarver is about the only one who never put up HOF level numbers in any season but was consistently very good throughout his career. I’d say Trout has a pretty decent shot at winding up in the HOF if he stays healthy.

    And you missed Al Kaline also.

  121. Lefty33 Says:

    @ Chuck 116 – Didn’t Griffey Jr. debut at 19 in ‘89?

  122. Cameron Says:

    Well, A-Rod and Sheffield’s HoF candidacy are a wait-and-see approach because of the PEDs.

    And oh shit, someone said Raines has a chance at the Hall of Fame. HEAD FOR THE BUNKER!!!!

  123. John Says:

    I’ll sit this one out…

  124. Cameron Says:

    Jose Bautista is sitting on 29 HR and has three games left until the All-Star Break. If he hits another homer before the big game, he joins this list of players who have hit 30 HR before the AS Break.

    - Albert Pujols (2009)
    - Alex Rodriguez (2007)
    — David Ortiz (2006)
    — Jim Thome (2006)
    — Barry Bonds (2001, 2003)
    — Luis Gonzalez (2001)
    — Mark McGwire (1987, 1997, 1998, 2000)
    — Sammy Sosa (1998, 1999)
    — Jose Canseco (1999)
    — Ken Griffey, Jr. (1994, 1997, 1998)
    — Greg Vaughn (1998)
    — Brady Anderson (1996)
    — Matt Williams (1994)
    — Frank Thomas (1994)
    — Kevin Mitchell (1989)
    — Mike Schmidt (1976)
    — Dave Kingman (1976)
    — Willie Stargell (1971, 1973)
    — Reggie Jackson (1969)
    — Frank Howard (1969)
    — Willie McCovey (1969)
    — Harmon Killebrew (1964)
    — Roger Maris (1961)

  125. Mike Felber Says:

    That list is not complete. My Avatar is amongst those who debuted before 20.

    Raul, I want to know why you are sure Schilling is a complete liar & hypocrite. And what you came to NYC for, & did you like it here?

  126. Cameron Says:

    That list in 116 was provided by mlb.com, not Chuck’s own research. If it included a full list, it’d be a lot longer.

    Though that list looks a bit too long to me, maybe they should’ve listed it to players since ‘65(?), when the current draft system came into place.

  127. Hartvig Says:

    As did Ruth, Cobb, Speaker, Hornsby, Eddie Collins and a whole slew of early major leaguers. As well as the earliest of the all, Joe Nuxhall and the most publicized, David Clyde. Point being, as Cameron kind of made earlier, if you play in the majors before you’re 20 you’re very likely to have a successful career. But it does seem to be becoming less common for it to happen.

  128. Chuck Says:

    Cameron..Futures Game is on ESPN2, and not MLB Network.

    So you don’t have to fight your step-dad for the remote.

  129. Bob Says:

    ARod has a slight meniscus tear. Long way from Aaron or Bonds.

  130. Bob Says:

    Congrats to Jeter.

  131. Chuck Says:

    Aw, shit, forgot the game was on and missed it.

  132. Bob Says:

    It was a homer. He and Boggs have hit homers for # 3000.

  133. Chuck Says:

    Yeah, I went to MLB.com and saw the replay.

    Coolest thing?

    Johnny Damon calling all the Rays out of the dugout to cheer for Jeter.

    Class act.

  134. Bob Says:

    That was neat. And while I know people have shit on him the past 2 years, the reality of it is he ( Jeter) is a decent guy.

  135. Chuck Says:

    When the security guard went over to the kid who caught the ball, he just handed it to him. The guard asked him what he wanted and he said “nothing.”

    So, they take him downstairs and the security office calls the Steinbrenner’s suite and they give him four front row seats to tomorrow’s game, four suite tickets to each home game the rest of the season, including the postseason, a trip to spring training next year, signed memorabilia from some of the players, and he gets to meet Jeter after the game.


  136. Mike Felber Says:

    That is really generous Yankee heart. On phone with my unpaid Editor when he saw it. I look forward to the video.

  137. Chuck Says:

    Jeter played in the AFL in 1994. BA had a nice cover of him and I took it with me to a game to see if I could get it signed.

    I went down to the dugout and Jeter was in there all by himself. He came over and signed right in the center in two inch script. He has a real nice signature.

    I hung it on the wall in my den.

    My niece is a big Jeter/Yankee fan, and every time she would come to the house she’d ask me if Jeter was nice and ask for the picture.

    For her tenth birthday, my brother in law took her to Yankee Stadium.

    Before the game, they’re down next to the dugout when Jeter comes out to sign.

    Right before he gets to where she was, two kids pushed her down and cut the line. I guess she got scraped up pretty good and by the time her mother calmed her down Jeter had gone to stretch and that was that.

    She cried for a week.

    When I heard the story, she didn’t have to ask again for the picture.

    She’s 25 now, has a degree from ASU in criminal justice, just passed the test to be a Phoenix cop, is married with a two year old daughter.

    Walk into the den in her house, and guess what’s on the wall.

  138. Chuck Says:

    Jeter’s the 28th player to reach 3000.

    Two singles hitters are the only two members to hit a homer for #3000.

    Can’t even explain that.

  139. Mike Felber Says:

    Awwww-well she may have used that experience to motivate her for a law enforcement career. Very good action/story Chuck.

  140. Cameron Says:

    “Yeah, I went to MLB.com and saw the replay.

    Coolest thing?

    Johnny Damon calling all the Rays out of the dugout to cheer for Jeter.

    Class act.”

    Oh yeah, when you play in New York you treat the city with respect, but you piss all over KC when anyone BARELY knows you?

    I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but fuck Johnny Damon.

  141. Cameron Says:

    3,000 hits… it’s official. All The Captain has to do now is collect the checks.

  142. Cameron Says:

    Wade Boggs and Derek Jeter both collected #3,000 off home runs. Who’d have called that one? Homers ain’t what they’re known for.

  143. John Says:

    Watching Jeter’s 3000th was seriously cool.

    Even from a critic.

  144. Cameron Says:

    The last hit #3,000 I watched ended up in Craig Biggio getting tagged out trying to take two, so I give credit to Jeter for taking that taste out of my mouth.

  145. Cameron Says:

    Add Jose Bautista to the list of guys with 30 jacks before the All-Star Break.

  146. Chuck Says:

    Andrew McCutchen named to NL All Star roster replacing Ryan Braun.

    Never should have come to this, but it’s no less well deserved.

  147. Cameron Says:

    Congrats, Catch-22.

    There’s gonna be quite a few replacements pitching-wise it seems.

  148. Cameron Says:

    Jim Riggleman has an interview for an undisclosed position with the Giants. Since they seem happy with Bochy (who’s a pretty damn good manager), I’d guess bench coach.

  149. Cameron Says:

    Oh shit, K-Rod is now a Boras client.

  150. Mike Felber Says:

    5 for 5 w/a HR AND the game winning hit? What else could the Captain possibly have done?

  151. Cameron Says:

    Go left?

  152. Bob Says:

    Have 2 stolen bases.

  153. JohnBowen Says:

    John Lackey finally had a game where he didn’t suck.

  154. Cameron Says:

    Is his ERA still north of 7?

  155. Cameron Says:

    Chuck’s watching the Futures Game in person, I’ll be providing commentary off the TV broadcast.

    Last-minute roster change, since Mike Trout is currently on Anaheim’s Major League roster, San Francisco’s Gary Brown is manning center field for the US Team.

    Your starting lineups.

    1 – Jason Kipnis, Second Baseman (Cleveland Indians)
    2 – Manny Machado, Shortstop (Baltimore Orioles)
    3 – Bryce Harper, Left Fielder (Washington Nationals)
    4 – Paul Goldschmidtt, First Baseman (Arizona Diamondbacks)
    5 – Devin Mesoraco, Catcher (Cincinnati Reds)
    6 – Will Middlebrooks, Third Baseman (Boston Red Sox)
    7 – James Darnell, Designated Hitter (San Diego Padres)
    8 – Wil Myers, Right Fielder (Kansas City Royals)
    9 – Gary Brown, Center Fielder (San Francisco Giants)
    Starting Pitcher: Tyler Skaggs, Left-Hander (Arizona Diamondbacks)

    1 – Starling Marte, Center Fielder (Pittsburgh Pirates)
    2 – Jose Altuve, Second Baseman (Houston Astros)
    3 – Yonder Alonso, First Baseman (Cincinnati Reds)
    4 – Dayan Viciedo, Designated Hitter (Chicago White Sox)
    5 – Alex Liddi, Third Baseman (Seattle Mariners)
    6 – Alfredo Silverio, Right Fielder (Los Angeles Dodgers)
    7 – Chih-Hsien Chiang, Left Fielder (Boston Red Sox)
    8 – Wilin Rosario, Catcher (Colorado Red Sox)
    9 – Hak-Ju Lee, Shortstop (Tampa Bay Rays)
    Starter: Julio Teheran, Right-Hander (Atlanta Braves)

    First hit was a trainwreck to watch. Jose Altuve hit a ball that deflected off Middlebrook’s glove, Harper overshot the throw to Kipnis, and was saved a triple/inside-the-parker by a heads-up save from Goldschmidtt

  156. Cameron Says:

    Thoughts on Tyler Skaggs: Decent heat, but the kid’s a stuff lefty. Good curveball, but he lets stuff hang every now and then and starts to get hittable. He could be a good starter, but you’re not getting an ace out of him.

  157. Cameron Says:

    US Team Manager: Mike Piazza
    World Team Manager: Luis Gonzalez

  158. Cameron Says:

    First hit for team USA is a Jason Kipnis home run. Kipnis showed some great patience in not hacking at balls and put good contact to make fouls, but he just found one he could pull and ripped it to right field. Dunno how many homers he’ll hit in the majors, but he’s a leadoff type with some great plate discipline. Expect to see Kipnis in an Indians uniform by the end of the season.

    This may just be me saying it, but Machado actually looks a little small. He’s a big guy, but he doesn’t have enough muscle to fill out his body yet. He’s only 18 or 19, so he’ll grow more. Machado popped up to shallow right. He had a good approach in the box, but he seemed to have a hard time catching up to the gas Teheran was throwing.

    Bryce Harper is a skinny motherfucker, but he’s got a big chest, though. He looks like a ballplayer.The first thing I noticed from him is that he’s trying his damndest to hit a home run. He looked like a dumbass swinging on Teheran’s changeup, he’s basically sitting on fastballs the whole time. He really needs to work on his approach.

    I barely saw Goldschmidtt. He took one hack and it was a fast grounder.

    Thoughts on Julio Teheran: I love Teheran, but he’s not without his faults. He’s got a Pedro Martinez fastball-changeup approach, but he’s still working out control issues. Not command, basic control, he’s prone to giving up balls. His fastball sat around 95-97, but it kinds sits there. That’s how Kipnis took him for a ride. His changeup is amazing, though. It makes good hitters foul it off and bad hitters look like complete dumbasses.

  159. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher is Brad Peacock, a pitcher for Washington’s AA team.

  160. Cameron Says:

    Silvireo was down on three pitches. Tiny, tiny man.

    Chang took one hack and grounded to first, didn’t get a good look at him.

    Rosario’s kind of stocky for a catcher, but he’s not too big to where I think he’ll need to move. His first hack was beautiful. Nice, fast, compact swing. Sort of a Chase Utley/Evan Longoria swing. His other couple of hacks were big, slow loopers though. Popped up to short.

    Even though Brad Peacock retired the side, I wasn’t impressed. Average stuff, average veolcity, the guy’s a reliever.

  161. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher for the World Team is Liam Hendriks, a pitcher for Minnesota’s AA team.

  162. Cameron Says:

    Mesoraco’s a big boy. Big, muscular catcher. Hit a liner over Lee’s glove into shallow left. Beautiful hit, he’s got confidence in his hitting ability for sure.

    Middlebrook is a pretty physical specimen. Not muscular, but trim and atheletic. Showed some good bat control and laced a grounder right past Lee. Hak-Ju has to be pissed right now.

    James Darnell is 24, the oldest player in the game. He’s also a DH for the Padres. His stats are video-game level at AAA, but he’s got no natural defensive position because he’s that bad. Pretty tall from what I see. He ripped once to center that was caught at about the 400 foot mark. The crack of his bat tells you how strong he is, it sounds like a Mike Stanton hit.

    Myers is a pretty scrawny kid, but he’s showing competence out there. Took some good hacks (swing is a little choppy, though) and hit a chopper to score Mesoraco and beat the throw to first. Good speed, good bat control, just needs to work on his speed.

    Gary Brown… Honestly? Looks like he’s on meth. I’ve never seen anyone who wasn’t strung out that was THAT twitchy. He looks like he’s having an asthma attack in the box. This kid is supposed to be a leadoff type, but he’s really a muscular kid, he looks like a middle-of-the-order guy. His hack ended in a broken bat ground-out to third, Wil Myers ran on it before Hendriks started his windup, no one caught it.

    Liam Hendriks looks like Johnny Damon, which instantly makes me hate him. Other than that, average velocity, hittable stuff. Future bullpen guy.

  163. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher for Team USA is Shelby Miller, AA in St. Louis.

  164. Cameron Says:

    Hak-Ju Lee is a tall, skinny kid. he’s shown hustle in the field and he showed good discipline in not chasing Miller’s pitchers. Struck out on a checked swing.

    Marte is a wiry kid, took a good hack that beat right in front of the plate, Mesoraco threw to Goldschmidtt to end the inning.

    Altuve broke his bat, but the ball ended up looping to CF to make him 2-2.

    I dunno what to say about Alonso. He’s an ML first baseman, but suffering the most epic of organizational cockblocks. Drew a walk off Miller.

    Viciedo has a major-league ready bat, but he’s blocked again. The best he can hope for is to develop a good enough glove to bench Morel’s bat, but that’s unlikely. He’ll be traded before too long. Groundout to Lee to end the inning.

    Miller’s fastball sits in the 92-93 range (hits 95), but it has a lot of movement, lateral or sinking. I saw, shit you not, and 89 MPH changeup with a break that goes belt-high to the knees in the time it takes you to blink. This kid’s a star. This is him at Double A, when he hits the majors, it’s gonna be fuckin’ scary.

  165. Cameron Says:

    New World Team pitcher is James Paxton, AA for Seattle.

  166. Cameron Says:

    First hack for Jason Kipnis is a broken bat check swing, shit you not. The ball barely rolled out in front of the plate, the bat head ended up in right-center. Kipnis is showing strength tonight that’s not showing up in the scouting report.

    Machado hit another flyout. He’s showing good ability to put wood on the ball, but he needs to read pitchers better to make the next jump.

    Bryce Harper ended up grounding to first. His swing this time wasn’t an Adam Dunn hack, it was this beautiful, seamless thing that would’ve laced a hit to right if the ball was an inch more to the left. He needs to learn how to hit more like that, because his bat moved so fast I couldn’t fucking see it.

    Paxton actually impressed me. He knows how to induce groudners like a good lefty and has decent stuff, but he’s hitting 95 from the left side, he could be good for Seattle down the line.

  167. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher for Team USA is Matt Moore, lefty in Tampa’s AA.

  168. Cameron Says:

    First good look at Alex Liddi. Big kid. First Italian-born position player in MLB. Effortless swing, lots of power. He could be something. Check swing strikeout.

    Silvireo took a good hack, but pulled the bat too low and grounded out. If he kept it level, it would’ve went right over Mannay’s head.

    Chiang has a decent build, got a good look at him this time. Alrigth swing, nothing that stood out. Lined to Machado for the out.

    Matt Moore has stuff just as filthy as Teheran and Miller, but he’s even less control-oriented than Teheran. Great high-80s slider, but he throws it too far out or too far low. He needs to pitch in the strike zone more or he’s gonna have problems.

  169. Cameron Says:

    World Team pitcher is Carlos Martinez. A-baller for St. Louis,

  170. Cameron Says:

    Goldschmidtt is a huge guy, muscles from his head to his toes, long, muscle-driven swing. I think it was a flyout that ended his AB.

    Mesoraco got drilled in the ribs to give him a base.

    Middlebrook took a hard hack that went straight to Hak-Ju Lee for a DP.

    Martinez could be something. Young guy, tall, muscular, has a 97-98 MPH heater, but he needs to reign ‘em in before he does anything special.

  171. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher for Team USA is Tyler Thornburg, A-Baller for the Brewers.

  172. Cameron Says:

    Rosario still had some trouble adjusting. The speed change really messed him up, think it was a strikeout.

    Hak-Ju Lee showed great hustle down the first base line, but his hit was a groundout and not the infield hit it almost was.

    Marte just ripped at everything he could see, hit a single and was just waiting to run as soon as he got on base.

    Altuve put more good wood on the ball, but this one flew straight into Harper’s glove. I’m really impressed with what I see out of Altuve so far.

    Thorngburg showed some great ability to change speeds. Mid-90s fastball, high-70s changeup/low 80s that just makes guys look silly. He’s someone to watch.

  173. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher for the World Team is LHP Martin Perez, LHP from Texas’ AA.

  174. Cameron Says:

    James Darnell either took a walk or got hit, I’m saying he got hit. In the shin.

    Myers wasn’t able to beat the throw this time, grounds into a DP.

    Gary Brown hit one into right field for a single. Slow swing, surprisingly, but his strength bullshitted the hit in there. Stole a base. Great lead, great speed, Rosario (who has a 1:3 success rate) doesn’t even try to throw him out.

    BATTING CHANGE: Grant Green substituted for Jason Kipnis.

    Green’s a big, athletic shortstop. He looks like a ballplayer. Showing great plate discipline there. The guy just sat on and waited for a pitch he was looking for, hit a ball that bounced off the left field wall to drive in Brown.

    BATTING CHANGE: Tim Beckham substituted for Manny Machado.

    He’s a tiny little guy, wiry build. Reminds me a lot of Michael Bourn. His first hit “went foul”. It was fair, but Liddi kicked it foul to fool the umpire. Strikeout to end the inning. He looks alright, but he’s not beating Lee on the depth chart yet.

    Perez’s curveball is just amazing. The thing goes from eye-level to in the dirt. That’s just ridiculous breaking ability right there. Mid-90s fastball (damn good for a lefty). Control problems, though. He’s not a finished product yet, but he could be something special. I think I noticed a mid-70s changeup in there with good break, but not tight. Not ML-ready yet.

  175. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher for team USA is Drew Pomeranz, A-baller for Cleveland.

  176. Cameron Says:

    Yonder Alonso went three pitches and whiffed on all of ‘em.

    Viciedo chopped one over Pomeranz’s head. Green made a great play to save it off the bounce, but Goldschmidtt couldn’t finish the play.

    Pomeranz is REALLY impressing me. Mid-90s fastball, great knuckle curve, he just made guys look silly out there. Pomeranz looks like the future ace in Cleveland.

  177. Cameron Says:

    (Sorry for breaking it up, I hit the back button on my mouse and posted this to beat it out and avoid re-typing this)

    US Defensive Change: Austin Romine subbed in for Devin Mesoraco.

    Liddi’s got this big, looping swing. He could be prone to Ks. Flew out to shallow center, Grant Green bolted for it and caught it before Brown (playing deep) could get there. Green looks like a Gold Glover out there.

    Silvireo drilled a shot to left field for a two-run homer. I can tell this kid’s not gonna be a home run type of guy at the ML-level, but he knew he could hit that one. Still doesn’t change what I said about Pomeranz, it was one bad pitch out of a good inning.

    Chiang worked the count on Pomeranz and eventually found a pitch he could hit.

    BATTING CHANGE: Sebastian Valle substitued for Willin Rosario

    Valle smacked one to left field and brought in Chiang from first. Nice hit from the kid.

    BATTING CHANGE: Jurickson Profar in for Hak-Ju Lee.

    Pomeranz is being taken out. While Drew has good stuff, when he gets hittable, it ain’t pretty.

  178. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher for Team USA is Kyle Gibson, AAA pitcher for Minnesota.

  179. Cameron Says:

    Jurickson Profar is a tiny guy. Almost 6 feet tall, but all lean muscle. Took the first pitch into center field and it rolled slow. Hit a triple. Slid, but he could’ve made it standing up. World Team takes the lead.

    BATTING CHANGE: Raymond Fuentes substituted for Starling Marte

    Fuentes is a decent-looking kid. Nice, athletic buil. Hit one to deep center field, but Brown caught the easy fly.

    Gibson is showing some good stuff, but control problems again. Romine’s saved him from at least one wild pitch by being able to bury and trap any ball you throw him, great catcher.

  180. Cameron Says:

    New World Team pitcher is Henderson Alvarez, AA pitcher for Toronto.

  181. Cameron Says:

    Harper drilled another ball, another great compact swing, but another groundout. He needs to lift the ball to do anything.

    Goldschmidtt lifts one to left field, but Chiang catches it just before it hits the warning track.

    Romine hit a single to left field.

    Someon grounded out to end the inning. Couldn’t tell who because ESPN announcers can’t pronounce names for shit.

    Alvarez is another kid in this game with some great gas, filthy stuff too. Though I don’t know the point of having both a splitter and a changeup in your arsenal. Same break pattern, really. Shows some control problems, but not on the level of Moore, Perez, or Teheran. When guys get wood on him it’s probably gonna be in play, but he can miss plenty of bats.

  182. Cameron Says:

    Fuck ESPN, they’re making it hard to follow this game with the interviews going in the middle of the goddamn game.

    Kyle Gibson is still pitching.

    BATTING CHANGE: Jonathon Scope substituted for Jose Altuve

    Jonathon Scope hit a ball to third that Middlebrook was barely able to play, kid beat the throw for the base hit.

    Alonso flew out.

    BATTING CHANGE: Francisco Martinez substituted for Dayan Viciedo

    Martinez is an athletic looking kid, high batting stance, kinda looks like Craig Counsell in the box. Hit a fly ball to first to fly out.

    Scope was picked off to end the inning.

  183. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher for the World Team is Arodys Vizciano, AA baller for Atlanta.

    James Darnell hit one to Profar for the groundball. Kid didn’t have to try to make that play, he’s just a natural.

    Myers struck out, not much to say.

    Brown grounded out to first.

    Vizciano made the inning go by so fast I couldn’t really get a good look at him. I think that may say it all right there.

  184. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher for Team USA is Jared Cosart, A-Baller for Philadelphia.

    Great shot of Ozzie Smith and Rickey Henderson laughing it up in the dugout. I’d love to see a conversation between those two in person.

    Jeffrey Marte is in for the World Team, kinda heavy around the hips. Cosart struck him out.

    Someone flew out. ESPN butchered his name, so I couldn’t tell you.

    Chiang back up again. Struck out, just outmatched by Cosart.

    Cosart is throwing fire out there. High 90s fastball with deceptive break. It’s there, but not obvious like Miller’s. Good mid-80s slider to go with it, too. If he does get traded, he’ll be that team’s ace of the future by default.

  185. Cameron Says:

    New pitcher for the World Team is Kelvin Herrera from Kansas City.

    Grant Green hit a double off the CF wall there.

    Tim Beckham hit a ball off the left-center wall to score Green and tie the game.

    Harper struck out on Herrera. On a pitch right down the middle…

    Goldschmidtt flew out to center.

    Austin Romine drilled a double to left field to take the lead back.

    Nolan Arenado was the name of the kid I didn’t know last time, hits a ball down the right field line to drive in Romine with a double.

    Herrerra, yet agian, has great gas but bad control.

  186. Cameron Says:

    Um… Guys, I gotta eat, so I’m done covering the game.

  187. Cameron Says:

    USA wins 6-4, MVP of the game is Grant Green.

  188. Chuck Says:

    Nice little recap there, Cameron

  189. Cameron Says:

    After the big inning, I sort of petered out and surrendered to my stomach. I’d love to hear what someone who saw the game in person had to think. As for my final recap, here’s the guys who impressed me the most.

    Austin Romine – Good at the plate, and god DAMN can the kid catch.

    Grant Green – He looks like a shortstop and he played great in the field, surprising amount of pop tonight.

    Jason Kipnis – I don’t know where the power came from that night, but he showed he’s good with the stick as well as playing the MI.

    Jose Altuve – Hadn’t heard much about him before, but he was out there with something to prove tonight, he really played his ass off.

    Jurickson Profar – Great glove and good bat. Combined with his legs, he’s gonna be a pain in so many asses.

    Devin Mesoraco – He did the job behind the plate and was more than comfortable in the batter’s box. When Ramon Hernandez gets traded, he’s joining Zack Cosart as the newest rookie in Cincinnati.

    Jared Cosart – The kid lit up the gun and has a good breaking ball. He’ll be a star.

    Drew Pomeranz – When he gets hit, it ain’t pretty. But his stuff was insane.

    Shelby Miller – What else can I say? I saw a young Roy Halladay on that mound while he was there.

    Julio Teheran – Even though he had trouble reigning it in, he still has electric stuff. He could be a Pedro-lite.

    …And I have to admit, I was a little impressed with what I saw in Bryce Harper. Good build and when he wasn’t trying to hit a homer (the slow hack), he’s got a beautiful swing. If he keeps the bat level and not keep it down as much, he could be a force. With what he showed at the plate, he looked like a guy in the Longoria/Tulowitzki/Utley family and a lot less like an Adam Dunn clone. He’s found something good here, he better not waste it.

  190. Chuck Says:

    I’ll probably do something in more detail tomorrow..time permitting.

  191. Cameron Says:


    Watching the game was fun. Got to get a good look at a lot of these guys for the first time. Like Shelby Miller. God damn is that kid impressive.

  192. Chuck Says:

    Wasn’t all that impressed with Will Myers.

    That Goldschmidt kid from the Dbacks didn’t do anything for me either.

  193. Cameron Says:

    Good players have bad games. Wil’s been playing well, but he didn’t do much at the game. Goldshmidttt could be a guy with a good bat, but he’ll never be anything special.

  194. Chuck Says:

    His bat seemed slow to me.

  195. Chuck Says:

    The guy who signed the most autographs?

    Mike Piazza.

    Cosart signed a lot too, but Piazza’s a rock star.

  196. Cameron Says:

    Myers or Goldschmidtt? Both were slow at the plate, but Wil was taking bad hacks. The slow swing seemed natural for Goldshmidtt, it’s a slow, strength-driven swing. Myers was good in the field at least.

    And Mike Piazza in a stadium with 40,000 people? That’s the most workout his arm’s gotten since ‘93.

  197. Chuck Says:

    Myers. Yeah, he did look pretty good in the OF, but really didn’t have a tough play.

  198. Cameron Says:

    True, but you still can’t afford to be lazy on easy plays, lest you look like a jackass in case that ball you thought was gonna be easy ends up ten feet past your glove because you didn’t hustle.

  199. Chuck Says:

    He’s not as big as I thought he was.

    As a catcher, I thought he’d have a little more meat on him, but he’s a pretty skinny dude.

  200. Cameron Says:

    Piazza wasn’t really ever a muscular guy. Had good muscle, but he was mainly just ripped. Now that he’s been out of the league for five years or so, he’s probably not as active as he used to be. Not saying he’s not touched a weight set or anything, but he doesn’t need to compete with MLB athletes for a job anymore.

  201. Chuck Says:

    Talking about Myers.

  202. Cameron Says:

    Oh… Yeah, Myers was never really built like a catcher. Every report said he was a lean, athletic kind of kid. Just acout every ML comparable listed his as Jayson Werth-level. He was a born outfielder, but he could still catch. The main thing that made him move to the outfield (advancement aside) was he was too tall to catch given how skinny he is.

  203. Bob Says:

    ARod is going to miss 6 weeks.

  204. Chuck Says:

    At FanFest yesterday Lou Brock, Rollie Fingers, Gaylord Perry, Fergie Jenkins and Earl Weaver were signing.

    Guess who had the longest line?

    Also signing were ex-Dbacks Tony Womack, Damian Miller and Greg Swindell.

  205. Bob Says:

    I will guess Weaver.

  206. Chuck Says:

    “ARod is going to miss 6 weeks.”

    The Yanks went into this season needing a RH bat and settled for Andruw Jones.

    That’s worked out well.

    They brought in Eric Chavez who, as usual, spends more time on the DL than in the dugout.

    I can almost see the Yanks getting a Ty Wigginton type to step in and split 3B RH DH opportunities.

    Pitching is a separate issue altogether.

    If the Yanks stand pat, they will miss the playoffs.

    Then Brian Cashman decides another job, and whomever takes his place fires Girardi.

    Wait, am I really complaining here?

    Short-term setback for long-term gain?


  207. Chuck Says:

    Good guess, Bob.

    They actually had to move him to a separate table because the line for him was so long no one could get near anyone else.

    I was surprised at that

  208. Cameron Says:

    Now here’s my question…

    Did anyone bring a jar of Vaseline for Gaylord Perry to sign?

  209. JohnBowen Says:

    LOL @208

  210. Chuck Says:

    You know who else disappointed me?

    Kyle Gibson.

  211. Chuck Says:

    Frank Thomas was there, too.

    He is one large human.

  212. JohnBowen Says:

    He is the Big Hurt.

    Or, was.

  213. Chuck Says:

    Randomly reading through some of Cameron’s comments and came across this;

    “Pomeranz is REALLY impressing me. Mid-90s fastball, great knuckle curve, he just made guys look silly out there. Pomeranz looks like the future ace in Cleveland.”

    Least impressive pitcher of the entire day.

  214. Mike Felber Says:

    I dunno about how good or bad Pomeranz really is, but you are completely wrong about Piazza Cameron. There is no player not formally admitting to or discovered to be juicing who was more likely guilty. And I have chided many for assuming facts not in evidence. But whether looking at his fabled sudden & terrible back acne, how quickly he added 20 lbs. & power, & what it has been reported by various sources he told reporters off the record, he used.

    Now I know you were only referring to size. But when you consider that he was pretty lean/ripped, at 240 lbs. of course he carried a large amount of muscle mass. If he was mostly just “cut” at 6′3″, he would have weighed in at around 200. From one report amongst many;

    Piazza is the prototypical player of this new power generation. He was born 10 days before Denny McLain won his 30th game in 1968, the Year of the Pitcher. Only three major league players drove in 100 runs that season; in ‘97, Piazza was one of 35 players with at least 100 RBIs. No catcher has ever caught as many games (139) and batted higher than Piazza did last year, when he hit .362 (along with 40 home runs). Then he spent the off-season lifting weights with bronzed bodybuilders while his personal shopper-chef-nutritionist whipped up six meals a day for him: omelettes, pancakes, tuna, chicken, steak and, daily, a creatine shake. He reported to camp at 240 pounds, expecting the rigors of catching to wear him down to 225 by the end of the season. He says, “I want to go out and top last season.”

  215. Chuck Says:

    “There is no player not formally admitting to or discovered to be juicing who was more likely guilty.”

    Do I believe Piazza likely juiced?

    I wouldn’t be surprised.

    More likely than Bagwell or Helton or Biggio or Andruw Jones, among others?

    Not even close.

    Piazza was never 240.

    Two thirty MAYBE, but never 240.

  216. Cameron Says:

    “Randomly reading through some of Cameron’s comments and came across this;

    “Pomeranz is REALLY impressing me. Mid-90s fastball, great knuckle curve, he just made guys look silly out there. Pomeranz looks like the future ace in Cleveland.”

    Least impressive pitcher of the entire day.”

    He impressed me with what he showed pitching. He’s got good stuff for a righty, but he’s a lefty. The problem is when he gets hit, he gets DRILLED.

  217. Mike Felber Says:

    There is no good evidence on Baggy Chuck, & if you have in side information that is more than dicey degrees of separation rumor, none of the rest of us can gauge that. I know not why you are so convinced the others juiced, but what I laid out above is accurate. Thus I stand by nobody more likely who is not direc tly exposed or confessed.

    I really wonder whether you or almost anyone can be so exact about weight. He was 6′3″, & you may have seen him near 230, as quoted above he would decline towards 225 in the course of a season. I would be surprised if he did not reach 240, lean. Anyway, any of these weights discussed, LEAN, let alone ripped like Cameron claimed, show him to have been not just defined & with a decent build, but pretty heavily muscled.

  218. Cameron Says:

    I can cast an eye on Bagwell. He’s lost a lot of muscle mass since he played. He looks to be in better shape, but he’s not nearly as bulky as he used to be. Not proof, but I can see where he’s coming from.

    Piazza looks a little smaller than his playing days now, but reasonably smaller.

  219. John Says:

    Lol, this again?

    Chuck has crazy inside information on Bagwell.

    I’ve always thought the evidence on Piazza is rather iffy. Bacne? Ya gotta do better than that.

  220. Cameron Says:

    I’ve seen guys who do a lot of weightlifting or exercise get backne. Sometimes it’s bad hygeine, sometimes it’s steroids, sometimes you just get it. I have acne pretty bad on my forehead lately, hell of a lot worse than when I was a teenager.

    …And I’ve been taking BETTER care of myself. Acne is weird shit.

  221. Cameron Says:

    Seems Pittsburgh and Anaheim were discussing a Jones-for-Mathis swap that’d fill both their holes.

    Problem is, Jones is a fairly decent player who can play corner outfield and first and Jeff Mathis is… A defensive replacement.

    Try Jones-for-Conger and see what happens.

  222. Mike Felber Says:

    It is not just very bad bacne, but its sudden onset, his quick growth-in itself not enough i agree-but mainly I doubt that the reports on him sharing use of PEDs off the record are false. Someone losing a lot of mass may be that they just stopped lifting, or lifting heavy, eat differently &/or train differently. Change in size over years is very thin as evidence: gaining a lot of muscle very quickly, at least if you are already fairly well built &/or have lifted for years, while not conclusive in itself, is much more suspicious.

  223. Cameron Says:

    In lighter news, here’s your lineups for the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

    American League
    1 – Curtis Granderson, Center Fielder (New York Yankees)
    2 – Asdrubal Cabrera, Shortstop (Cleveland Indians)
    3 – Adrian Gonzalez, First Baseman (Boston Red Sox)
    4 – Jose Bautista, Right Fielder (Toronto Blue Jays)
    5 – Josh Hamilton, Left Fielder (Texas Rangers)
    6 – Adrian Beltre, Third Baseman (Texas Rangers)
    7 – Davis Ortiz, Designated Hitter (Boston Red Sox)
    8 – Robinson Cano, Second Baseman (New York Yankees)
    9 – Alex Avila, Catcher (Detroit Tigers)
    Starting Pitcher – Jered Weaver, RHP (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)
    Manager – Ron Washington (Texas Rangers)

    National League
    1 – Rickie Weeks, Second Baseman (Milwaukee Brewers)
    2 – Carlos Beltran, Designated Hitter (New York Mets)
    3 – Matt Kemp, Center Fielder (Los Angeles Dodgers)
    4 – Prince Fielder, First Baseman (Milwaukee Brewers)
    5 – Brian McCann, Catcher (Atlanta Braves)
    6 – Lance Berkman, Right Fielder (St. Louis Cardinals)
    7 – Matt Holliday, Left Fielder (St. Louis Cardinals)
    8 – Troy Tulowitzki, Shortstop (Colorado Rockies)
    9 – Scott Rolen, Third Baseman (Cincinnati Reds)
    Starting Pitcher – Roy Halladay, RHP (Philadelphia Phillies)
    Manager – Bruce Bochy (San Francisco Giants)

  224. Cameron Says:

    The Dodgers have acquired Juan Rivera for a PTBNL.

    …Congrats, it took you half a season to find a left fielder better than Marcus Thames.

  225. JohnBowen Says:

    “9 – Scott Rolen, Third Baseman (Cincinnati Reds)”

    Rolen: .241/.276/.398 (83 OPS+)
    Headley: .299/.391/.401 (128 OPS+)
    Bochy: Dick/Dick/Dick (huge freaking dick)

  226. Chuck Says:

    Prince Fielder’s wife looks like Larry the Cable Guy with tits.

    I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there isn’t enough Jack Daniels in the world.

  227. Chuck Says:

    “Change in size over years is very thin as evidence: ”

    No, Mike it’s not.

    When it comes to a solid assumption of use, sudden and dramatic body changes are at the top of the list as far as guilt goes.

    Piazza and Luis Gonzalez were the managers of the respective US and World teams in the Futures Game on Sunday.

    The most noticeable body change was Gonzalez.

    Piazza was a star since his rookie year.

    Gonzalez played five or six years before anyone knew his name.


  228. Cameron Says:

    Actually, I didn’t notice anything too wild in change for Luis Gonzalez. He’s been the same size since I first saw him.

  229. Cameron Says:

    Don’t know when this happened, but Michael Pineda IS an All-Star tonight. About fucking time.

  230. Chuck Says:

    Talking about a surprise…

    Matt Kemp joins Willie Mays as the second player in the last fifty years to have 20 homer AND 20 stolen bases.

    Before this year, Kemp’s life highlight was seeing Rhihanna naked.

    Way to step it up, bro.

  231. Cameron Says:

    You have to wonder if they might trade Matt Kemp. Trading a leading MVP candidate midseason may be nuts, but if you ever had a sell-high opportunity on this bastard, this was it.

    Speaking of stars on the trade radar, Cincinnati’s in talks with Colorado (not sure how serious) seeing if Ubaldo Jiminez could come to the Reds.

  232. Cameron Says:

    Smooooth one, Asdrubal Cabrera.

  233. Chuck Says:

    OK, Cameron.

    I know you’re a music guy.

    Find me a better guitar solo anywhere.

    Fast forward to the two minute mark


  234. Cameron Says:

    Alright, I got two from two different viewpoints.

    One is from the emotional side. While not as show-offy as Kath’s solo, I DARE you to listen to this and not weep.

    Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (Live from Pulse)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWnapx502uQ (Starts at 4:53)

    And then if you want a guy who can just show off, I can name about a thousand of them off the top of my head. Here’s one of the more show-offy guys who tries to actually make his music music and not just a technical workshop.

    Joe Satriani – Satch Boogie (Live from Denver)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzQb79IhoRE (The actual song starts around 1:24)

  235. Cameron Says:

    Okay, Brian Wilson may be one of my favorite athletes during interviews. The guy’s funny.

  236. Cameron Says:

    Looking at the two Fielder kids Prince has, if they become ballplayers, the one with the afro actually looks like he could play a position that wouldn’t be first base, he’s skinny.

    The fat one, though? Like grandfather, like father, like son.

  237. JohnBowen Says:

    The Brewers just traded for Francisco Rodriguez. MLB article isn’t mentioning who the players were that the Crew gave up, but assuming they weren’t kidnapped from some other team’s system, they aren’t really worth mentioning.

    Rodriguez has a batshit crazy 17.5 million dollar option for 2011 which reads as follows:

    “Option becomes guaranteed with 1. 55 games finished in 2011 and 2. 100 games finished in 2010-2011 and 3. Doctors declare player is healthy after 2011″

    They key here is the 55 games finished this year, as 55 would give him 101 over two years and #3 seems like a bullshit thing that’s automatic provided he doesn’t need TJ.

    The Brewers are, of course, going to use Axford to close games this season. Here’s what I wanna know:

    There’s no way the Brewers really want to pay a relief pitcher 17.5 fucking million dollars next year. That’s 2 million more than Prince Fielder is making this year. To what extent are they going to look to weaker pitchers to close out games if/when Axford can’t (extra innings, if he just implodes, injury) to avoid coming close to that 55 games finished mark. Is Melvin just gonna tell Roenicke to (this is the technical term) fuck it and do whatever regardless of K-Rod’s salary?

    And now, Mr. Melvin, for the love of piss…try to acquire an upgrade at SS. An upgrade at SS is defined as: literally anyone else.

  238. Cameron Says:

    It’s cash considerations and 2 PTBNL from Milwaukee.

  239. JohnBowen Says:

    Ah, the PTBNL.

    Can one of the PTBNL be Yuni Betancourt? Somehow?

    Fuck, Sandy Alderson is GM.

    A year ago, that might’ve worked.

  240. Cameron Says:

    If I had to guess (and because they’re the only minor leaguers I can name), it’d be Mark Rogers and Mat Gamel.

  241. JohnBowen Says:

    Do the Brewers get to name who the PTBNL can’t be? How exactly does it work?

  242. Cameron Says:

    Not sure, I think PTBNL basically lets you trade someone on a handshak agreement. IIRC, PTBNL need to be agreed on by both teams.

  243. Mike Felber Says:

    You mean 20/20 in a 1/2 season Chuck?

    You argued something wholly distinct from what I said, even though you quoted me. “Change in size over years MEANS over an extended period of time. I already said above that a quick drastic change was suspect, at least & especially if the guy was already decently built. Even going from skinny to some bulk you might wonder, but yes, it is the guys like Bonds who already are decent size, have worked out for years, 7 then quickly get fairly huge that are the most suspect.

  244. Cameron Says:

    Protip: When you realize your computer’s in such shit shape that you know something is wrong, start using the antivirus software. Never just keep one either, I have a “war chest” for problems like I was having last night.

    -AVG Antivirus
    -Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    -Spyware Doctor Anti-Spyware
    -Piriform CCleaner (I use it to fix registry errors)

    I hate breaking the tools out because it’s a long, tedious process. I’ve spent the last six hours at war with my computer, but she’s purring like a kitten again. In the four years I’ve owned this computer, viruses hit me so bad I needed to reformat once and I lost all my saved data during that reformat (viruses killed my old backup software, needed to reinstall it). I’m not going through this shit again.

    TL;DR, Virus removal is a pain in the ass, but oh so necessary. Be prepared.

  245. JohnBowen Says:

    @241, right, something like that.

    In other words, there’s no way Gamel’s going anywhere. He’s not exactly a blue chip prospect, but he’s most definitely the 1B in waiting if/when Prince decides to take his talents elsewhere.

  246. Cameron Says:

    If he goes somewhere, you’d be able to find something better than Gamel on the free agent market for a few million bucks. Or, if you’re feeling really stupid, you could pick up Derrek Lee or Carlos Pena out of desperation like the last schmucks to sign them.

  247. JohnBowen Says:

    I’d rather have Gamel for 400k

  248. Cameron Says:

    If Casey McGehee is hitting as badly as he is and they aren’t even considering calling up Gamel to platoon, there’s a red flag on the kid so big you can see it from space.

  249. Bob Says:

    Alot of Ptbnl are prospects who have not been in the systm a year. Come Aug 20h, the trade could be complete.

  250. JohnBowen Says:

    Hitting has never been Gamel’s issue.

    He can’t play third base to save his life.

    In his minor league career, he has an .887 fielding percentage at 3B.

    He makes Ryan Braun look like Brooks Robinson.

    He can play first fine, which is where he’s been for the last year. He’s not up because he can’t replace McGehee’s defense, nor Prince’s offense.

    I really wish we could somehow work it out so that Gamel could replace Betancourt in the lineup. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we could really do to make that happen.

  251. JohnBowen Says:

    Here’s a good one from the Bill Chuck files:

    The highest batting average from someone on the Giants who could qualify for the batting title at this juncture is Miguel Tejada…at .241.

  252. brautigan Says:

    @ Chuck: Terry Kath was an under rated guitarist. No doubt about it. Too bad he played in a band that celebrated brass. Chicago Transit Authority is one of the best albums in my collection. It is inspiring.

    However, you can’t go wrong with these two guys:


  253. brautigan Says:

    Toy Caldwell could kick it too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEOV5vWfSgI

  254. brautigan Says:

    Steve Marriott was damn good before he went to Humble Pie (and better after he went): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcKZoFRpZCI

  255. Cameron Says:

    I put up a couple of challenges in a comment right after Chuck posted, but it’s still “awaiting moderation”.

    John, that’s your cue.

  256. John Says:

    Actually, it’s Chuck’s cue as it’s his article.

  257. Lefty33 Says:

    I’ll offer up someone a bit more obscure in Robin Trower.


  258. Lefty33 Says:

    “Too bad he played in a band that celebrated brass.”

    But that’s why his style sounded so good.

    On songs like Southern California Purples and Introduction the yin and yang of his sound with the brass and Seraphine’s beat made that album and that band what is was before they became the best Karaoke and Mitzvah band on the planet.

  259. Lefty33 Says:

    As much crap as Ron Wood gets for being a clown on stage with the Stones and for being just along for the ride at one point he could really play.

    His tone and intensity are amazing.


  260. Lefty33 Says:

    Ditto here for Townshend.


  261. Chuck Says:

    Cameron @#255..approved.

  262. Cameron Says:

    Thank you Chuck.

    For those curious, it’s post 234.

  263. Mike Felber Says:

    I’m Losing you has long been my favorite Rod Stewart Song, edging out the album title cut. The power & structure of the song are near perfect. Others covered it well too. Thanks for the Rock shots guys.

  264. Jim Says:

    It will be interesting which good hit, no field catcher, Ryan Lavarnway or Jesus Montero has the better major league career. Lavarnway started the season in AA Portland and was promoted to AAA in June. In 36 games at Pawtucket his line is .366/.441/.732/1.173 with 13 HR and 36 RBIs. Reportedly his defense has improved, though it is still below average.

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