Milwaukee Brewers – Real Deal or Paper Pretender?

by ThomasWayne

The modern day version of Harvey’s Wall Bangers (okay, Harvey’s been gone a good  long while now - so have Coop, Yount, Gormon,  Ben O.,Teddy Simmons and the rest – but that hasn’t kept the walls from being banged by today’s Brew Crew)  are going to finish (most likely) 8 or 9 games ahead of St.Louis and the rest of the NL Central.

Barring a Cardinals comeback (Read:  a Brewers collapse) do the Brewers have the chops to go toe to toe with Atlanta and then, most likely, Philly?

What say you, dear reader? Sing their praises or announce their demise.

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23 Responses to “Milwaukee Brewers – Real Deal or Paper Pretender?”

  1. John Says:

    Absolutely…he says as Rafael Furcal fucking takes Wolf deep.

  2. John Says:

    I will say, this team gives away far too many runs in the field.

    My gramma has more range than Yuni B.

  3. Jim Says:

    Their defense will betray them. They’ll be gone in the first round.

  4. Raul Says:

    They’re the real deal for 2 reasons: Yovani Gallardo and Zack Greinke.

    Yes they can throw in a really crappy start from time to time, but in a 5 game series, they can easily put the Brewers in a 2-0 spot against any Top 2 starters in baseballl.

    The key for them is having those 2nd tier guys in the lineup perform well. Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun can play. The question is whether Cory Hart and Casey McGehee can keep a rally going.

    I don’t recall if Rickie Weeks is done for the year. Is he? Without Weeks in that lineup, it’s a lot harder.

  5. John Says:

    The Cardinals had two runners STANDING ON SECOND BASE and failed to record an out.

    Two batters later, Jake Westbrook hits a grand slam.

    Completely inexplicable that we’ve done this well with such a piece of shit defense.

  6. Raul Says:

    Wait, what?

    Who hit a grand slam?

  7. John Says:

    Weeks is not done for the year. He’d be back by now of the race was close…which it will be if they keep playing like this against their closest rival.

    Gallardo is overrated. Patient teams eat him alive. 100 pitches through 5 happens way too often.

  8. John Says:

    The pitcher…who’s hitting .100.

  9. Raul Says:

    You realize you’re just as critical of your Brewers as Chuck, myself and others are of the Yankees.

  10. Chuck Says:

    Anything can happen in a short series, I expect the Brewers to have little trouble with Atlanta in the first round, and could easily beat Philly in the NLCS.

    Will they?

    Duh…but I wouldn’t necessarily bet against them.

  11. John Says:

    Chuck is absolutely correct. Really anything can happen, as we learned in 2006.

    I just feel that our defense has too much potential to burn

  12. John Says:


  13. John Says:

    How many shit hitters are gonna burn us tonight?

    We’re just gonna let these guys get back into the race.

  14. Lefty33 Says:

    “and could easily beat Philly in the NLCS.

    Will they?

    Duh…but I wouldn’t necessarily bet against them.”

    I’ll bet against them and everybody else in the NL.

    If they are healthy, there is no one in the NL that’s going to be able to beat Halladay, Lee, and Hamels in a short series.

    The Brewers are a very good team and I think that they’re probably the second best team in the NL.

    But like Henderson and Raines, the gap between one and two is so wide that to compare them is stupid because there is no comparison.

  15. John Says:

    Brewers and Phillies will get to square off in a 4-game set in September at Miller Park.

    The Brewers play 4 more games against the Cardinals, who currently sit 8.5 back.

    I hope those games against Philadelphia don’t have to be interesting.

  16. John Says:

    Wow, the Brewers really are gonna do everything they can to let the Cardinals back in the race.

  17. John Says:

    Sweet, Gallardo…make sure to load the bases for Albert Pujols. Can’t wait to pull you after 3 innings and 187 pitches.

  18. John Says:

    On cue, Pujols hits a grand slam.

    Perfect. Sweep.

  19. brautigan Says:

    John: A couple of things.

    1) The Cardinals needed to sweep to have any hope whatsoever.
    2) This stuff is what books are written about 40 years from now.
    3) The Cardinals have a tall order. I’m not so sure they can come back from 7.5 games with a little over 20 games left. Milwaukee will get Lucas Harrell tomorrow in Houston, so they have to be thinking they are going to correct that 3 game slide quickly. In fact, the whole team should be lobbying hard to get into the lineup on Friday night.

  20. John Says:

    Objectively, I don’t think the Brewers shouldn’t be worried.

    The combined record of them and the Cards’ opponents just has to be 18-31 or better (or worse, from Brautigan and TW’s perspective).

    The Brewers play the Astros this weekend, while St. Louis must play Atlanta.

    The Brewers have a four game set against the Phillies remaining, but so do the Cardinals (and they’re on the road while the Brewers at least get to be at home).

    The Brewers close their season with 6 home games against the Marlins and Pirates.

    I know all of these things as a rational human being.

    But I’ve been a Brewers fan my entire life, and I’m conditioned to believe that we’re screwed.

  21. Jim Says:

    The Cards won’t catch the Brewers. They may make a run to make it interesting, but they won’t get closer than 3 games.

  22. Bob Says:

    The Mets partial sale to David Einhorn is not going to be completed. A huge blow to the Mets. Wonder if MLB will tell Wilpon he has to sell the whole team.

  23. brautigan Says:

    Jim: If my beloved Cards get within 3 of the Brewers, I’d be the happiest camper ever. If they win the division, I am afraid I’ll have to go to church forever.

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