Mets Rebuilding Must Begin with the Trading of David Wright

by Chuck

Authors Note: This article originally appeared at Mike Silva’s

It’s difficult to look at a team who has managed to remain close to .500 all season despite getting nothing from your staff ace and less than 100 games to date from each your three best players, but that’s exactly the situation the New York Mets’ find themselves in as the 2011 season winds down and preparations for 2012 are on the drawing board.

An unamed Mets’ official recently told Joel Sherman of the New York Post that General Manager Sandy Alderson “recently established parameters when he insisted the team could be competitive in the $100 million-$110 million range, which simply reiterates one of the reasons he was hired in the first place: the belief he could do more with less.”

Unofficially and privately, the same source believes the $110 million figure will be the absolute ceiling, with the actual payroll being somewhere in the $90-$100 million range.

This ideal is all well and fine if you’re a young and up and coming team like the Kansas City Royals; your best players are part of a core group that is still years away from free agency and there are no dinosaur contracts on the major league roster weighing down your ability to do anything else.

This is not the case with the Mets, however. Even a guy with the proven pedigree and genius of Sandy Alderson would have to have a bit of Harry Houdini in him to pull off a $40 million dollar payroll reduction and keep the roster mostly intact and the team competitive.

The issues start at the top with Johan Santana and Jason Bay, who are scheduled to make a combined $42 million dollars in 2012 and who would both be untradeable even if they didn’t have full no trade privisions in their respective contracts.

Then there are the arbitration eligibles of which there are five and who combined to make just over ten million in 2011. The highest paid of that group, pitcher Mike Pelfrey, is almost certain to be offered arbitration, as is the lowest paid, pitcher Bobby Parnell. The others in the group, including outfielder Angel Pagan, likely won’t receive an offer and could either re-sign at a minimal increase or would be included in a trade. Pelfrey is almost certain to receive a substantial raise, even if Pagan and the others are not with New York next year, the savings would be minimal, maybe three million. The Mets also have nine players scheduled to hit free agency, most of whom are bottom of the roster guys who are easily replaceable. Not so the case with Jose Reyes, who is in the last year of a four year “team friendly” contract which paid him $11 million dollars this season.

Say what you want about his recent run of minor injuries, but the truth is since Reyes became a full time player in 2005 he’s failed to play 130 games or reach 610 plate appearances just once. Sounds pretty consistent to me. Oh, yeah, almost forgot. Reyes is three months removed from his 28th birthday. This is a guy who by all accounts is one of the most physically gifted all-around players in the game and is just entering his prime years. Can you imagine the damage control the Mets will have to endure if Reyes hits his prime with another team and reaches the postseason before the Mets do?

So, how can the Mets’ afford to bring back the two or three arbitration guys they like or bring in a handful of role players AND double Reyes’ salary for the next five years? Easy, they MUST trade David Wright‘s $15.2 million 2012 contract.

There are a handful of reasons why, individually some may not be as justifiable as another, but combined it’s pretty obvious there’s no choice.

1) Wright is seven months older than Reyes, but while Reyes is an elite player at a premium position, Wright is a corner infielder whose best tool is clearly his bat, and even at that it’s no longer of corner infield quality.

2) In 2009, the Mets received a total of 133 games played from stars Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado and Reyes. Coming off back to back .300/30/100 seasons, Wright was looked upon to be the on field team leader and he responded with his worst overall season.

3) Despite winning two Gold Gloves early in his career, Wright’s defense has regressed to the point where he is no longer in the conversation among the best in his position, and one could argue his defense has fallen further than his offense.

4) Wright could be a free agent after the 2012 and most certainly would be in line for a pay raise, whether deserved or not. He already makes more than Reyes, a new contract would pay him at least what Reyes would be in line to receive, somewhere in the $18-$20 million range.

Four guys making close to $80 million on a team with a $100 million budget?

5) Unlike Santana, Bay and Reyes, Wright is actually tradeable. If Reyes walks, the Mets get back two draft picks, as unguaranteed a return as there is. At least if the Mets’ move Wright they can expect to get in return at least one proven major league caliber player and conceivably a handful of minor league prospects, all of whom have higher expectations of a return than two amateur picks.

I’ll take this one step further.

Even if the Mets’ don’t re-sign Reyes, they should STILL trade Wright.

There’s no guarantee they’ll get anything out of Johan next year, the Mets’ certainly understand that and should head to Dallas in December with a starting pitcher on their Christmas list. The Mets’ could also use Wright as bait to replace Reyes, and still have enough in the coffers to afford a pitcher and an outfielder. Even if the Mets agree to pay half of Wright’s salary, that’s $7.5 million dollars they can give to Pelfrey and the other arb guys without taking a second hit on the payroll, or use the money to replace Pagan and provide rotation insurance. Three players for the price of one.

Sandy Alderson should get consideration for 2011 Executive of the Year, but his best job is yet to come.

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124 Responses to “Mets Rebuilding Must Begin with the Trading of David Wright”

  1. Raul Says:

    Yes, they should move David Wright. Always better to trade a player too soon than too late. And while Wright’s value isn’t as high as it was, he can still get the Mets some good players.

    And this year’s crop of free agent 3B is weak.

    The Mets should have been in rebuild mode the second it was clear they could not get Roy Halladay from Toronto. They should have blown up the team right then and acknowledged to themselves that Philadelphia was going to run the division for a few years, but that they could contend in 2015 or so.

    As it stands now, they’re behind Philadelphia, behind Atlanta and the Marlins and Nationals are both primed to battle things out as soon as Dominguez, Harper and Rendon come up.

    If you can’t spot the sucker in your first 5 minutes at the table…you are the sucker.

  2. John Says:

    I’m a big David Wright fan, but I think it’s absolutely wise for the Mets to move him.

    The Mets are currently tied with the Nationals for third in the NL East. They aren’t competing in the next two years…at least, it’s unlikely. Johan Santana may or may not come back healthy in 2012, but he absolutely won’t be worth 1/5 of the payroll.

    The Bay signing is a disaster. Joseph Del Grippo wrote an article on here a while back entitled “Bay will be Minaya’s Sexson.” He was so right that he was wrong. The Sexson deal looks awesome compared to this travesty.

    I also think, however, the Mets should let Reyes get away. Fantastic player, but he’s missed like 200 games due to injuries in the last 3 years. The Mets aren’t going to compete while Reyes is in his 20’s.

  3. Raul Says:

    Holy crap. Bottom 9 and Baltimore leads Boston 6-5.

    Tampa could be 1 game back in the Wild Card tonight.

  4. Raul Says:

    NVM, Tampa has the night off.

    Still. Interesting!

  5. Raul Says:

    A battle of former Yankees pitchers tonight!

    Ian Kennedy goes for win #20 against Pittsburgh’s Jeff Karstens.
    Karstens is 9-8 with a 3.45 ERA.

  6. Jim Says:

    And the Sox have John Lackey going tonight. So indeed the Rays could be a game back and never get out of the easy chair.

    If the Mets let Reyes go, and they should have traded him in July, dealing Wright will have the fans expecting that they get a large haul back and I doubt they will.

  7. Raul Says:


    I thought Lester was going tonight.

  8. Raul Says:

    Not sure exactly where David Wright would get moved to.

    Baltimore? Minnesota?
    Wright would be an upgrade in both cities and each has enough pitching to entice the Mets.

  9. John Says:

    I could see the Orioles coming up with just a crazy stupid trade to get two years of David Wright.

    Fits right in line with their organizational scheme.

  10. Raul Says:

    Not sure if this offers any perspective, but Curtis Granderson hit his 41st homer of the season today.

    The last time (as best I can tell) that the Yankees had an outfielder hit 40 home runs in a season was 1980, when Reggie Jackson hit 41.

    To be fair, Jackson also DH’d 44 games.

    My guess is you have to go back to 1961 to find a straight outfielder to hit 40 homers or more. Obviously that’s the Mantle/Maris season.

    Please correct me if I’m forgetting someone.

  11. Chuck Says:

    You don’t have any idea how stupid the Orioles are.

    They offered Buck Showalter the GM job.

    And said he could stay on as manager.

    So, they’re willing to let him fuck up two jobs.

  12. Chuck Says:

    Maris, Mantle and DiMaggio are the only Yankee OF with 40 homer seasons.

    Was the trivia question on the Fox game Saturday.

  13. Chuck Says:

    And Ruth, sorry.

  14. Bob Says:

    Thankfully, I will not watch any baseball this evening as 2.5 Men and the Roast to Sheen take priority. Have a great night.

  15. Chuck Says:

    LOL…Charlie Sheen will likely show up roasted to his own Roast.

  16. Bob Says:

    Here’s hoping. A couple of jokes have already been leaked.
    1. Sheen you are amazing. With all the damage you have done to your lungs, liver and kidney, somehow the only thing you had removed were your children.
    2. Charlie tells the world that he has Tiger blood, however the doctors re-tested him after yhislatest skank and informed him that it was Tiger Wood’s blood that he has.

  17. Raul Says:

    I think #1 cuts a little deep, Bob.

    Not your joke, I know.
    Just saying…wow.

  18. Bob Says:


  19. Chuck Says:

    Hoping what? That the other jokes are funny?

  20. Bob Says:

    Yes. I am hoping for that.

  21. Chuck Says:

    Ian Kennedy’s going for #20 tonight.

    Sorry, Charlie.

  22. Raul Says:


    No need to apologize Bob.
    Charlie Sheen deserves a lot of crap.

    I just would think the roasters would leave his kids out of it.

    It’s one of the few lines I think people shouldn’t cross.

  23. Chuck Says:

    No matter how funny the jokes end up, the biggest choke will be Sheen himself.

  24. Raul Says:

    I think they used to say that Sheen would be one of the future acting stars back in the early 80s, Chuck.

    Funny how things turn out, I guess.

  25. John Says:

    Cliff Lee and Clayton Kershaw are making progress towards winning the Cy Young tonight. Shiiiit.

  26. Chuck Says:

    “Cliff Lee and Clayton Kershaw are making progress towards winning the Cy Young tonight. Shiiiit.”

    What Cliff Lee did in June and August has been done only twice before in ML history (minimum five wins, ERA 0.50 or below).

    His other three and a half months?


    Clayton Kershaw pitches for a non-playoff team.

    Lee is the second best pitcher on his own team.

    At best.

    Both will get Cy Young consideration, but really aren’t in the discussion for the award.

    Zach Greinke will get more votes than either of them.

  27. Jim Says:

    Ah, John Lackey. The Sox stake him to 11 runs and he still can’t get through 5 innings to get a win. Francona gets a standing O when he comes out with the hook.

  28. Chuck Says:

    John Lackey couldn’t make the Yankees.

    At least AJ Burnett can pitch 4.2 innings with an eleven run lead.

    Laugh all you want at Burnett’s contract, Lackey’s is worse.


    Dice K, Lackey, JD Drew…

    For a guy who graduated from Yale, Theo’s a retard.

    Just goes to show you an MBA doesn’t qualify you to work in baseball.


    After this year, Red Sox Nation can stick the 2004 ALCS up their collective asses.

  29. Chuck Says:

    BA against Ian Kennedy with RISP is of any pitcher in MLB.

  30. John Says:

    “Both will get Cy Young consideration, but really aren’t in the discussion for the award.

    Zach Greinke will get more votes than either of them.”

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    Zack Greinke does not deserve, nor will he get, a single Cy Young vote.

    Kershaw and Lee are going to finish in the top-3, easy.

  31. John Says:

    “At least AJ Burnett can pitch 4.2 innings with an eleven run lead.
    Laugh all you want at Burnett’s contract, Lackey’s is worse.”

    They’re the same.

    “Dice K, Lackey, JD Drew…
    For a guy who graduated from Yale, Theo’s a retard.”

    2004, 2007…

  32. John Says:

    Also, the following people have won NL Cy Young awards on non-playoff teams:

    Tim Lincecum (08-09)
    Jake Peavy (2007)
    Brandon Webb (2006)
    Eric Gagne (2003)
    Randy Johnson (2000)

    So that’s 6 of the last 11.

    Kershaw might not win, but it won’t have anything to do with the playoffs.

    Matt Kemp, on the other hand, may very well get screwed.

  33. Chuck Says:

    “Kershaw and Lee are going to finish in the top-3, easy.”


    The money you’ve made in your life isn’t enough to cover that bet.

  34. Chuck Says:

    “2004, 2007…”

    Actual bonus question on Jeopardy.

    “Major League Organization which employs the most scouts.”



    Theo signed their paychecks, so, of course, you’re right.

  35. John Says:

    Kinda like how Jaime Garcia wasn’t going to finish in the top-5 ROY last year?

    Halladay’s either going win or finish second.

    Lee plays on the same team and is basically his statistical equal this season.

    Cole Hamels has been fantastic, but is worse pretty much all the way around than Lee, Halladay, and Kershaw.

    Ian Kennedy would get my fifth place vote, but the only way he’s better than those 4 is wins, and the Cy Youngs given to Greinke, Lincecum, and King Felix have shown that the writers have gotten smarter than that.

  36. Chuck Says:

    Through six innings in his bid for his 20th win..Ian Kennedy is pitching a one hitter with the only hit going to opposing pitcher Jeff Karstens.

    The hit reminded me of John or Shaun, slider down and away, close your eyes and swing.

    If you get a hit, great, if you whiff, just blame it on dust in your eye.

    Problem being, the Dbacks can’t do shit off a journeyman.

    Never mind.

    Justin Upton just homered to left.

    And broke his bat at the handle.


    Hold the phone..replay.

    Still, broken bat, but whatever.

    Replay confirms HR.

    You got to check the video.

  37. Chuck Says:

    Got to ask you, John.

    Are you going to school for creative writing?

    Because I’ve never seen anyone type more words and say less than you.

    Well, except Mike.

  38. John Says:

    “Are you going to school for creative writing?”


    That was like 25 words.

    +10 on your twitter post though.

  39. Chuck Says:

    Seventh inning.

    Andrew McCutchen, Derrick Lee, Ryan Ludwick.

    Kennedy strikes out the side.


  40. Raul Says:

    LOL @ well, except Mike.

    I think Lee will be Top 3 in the voting. He may even win it.

    Whether it’s deserved is another story.

  41. Raul Says:

    I really don’t know what the heck happened to Brian Matusz but he really is awful.

  42. Raul Says:

    Congratulations, Yankees!

    You traded away a pitcher who could conceivably win multiple Cy Young Awards — and at the very least, may contend for it each year for the better part of the decade.

    In your defense, you may have the 2011 AL MVP.

    Still, that move was kinda questionable.

  43. Chuck Says:

    Through eight..Kennedy still up 1-0..has tied his career high with 12 strikeouts and has struck out the last six batters, 114 pitches through eight.

    Five bucks says he gets yanked?

    Who’s in?

  44. Chuck Says:

    “Still, that move was kinda questionable.”

    In the long run, with what Jackson and Kennedy are capable of, the Yanks lost the trade.

    Suck me if you think Granderson will ever hit 40 homers again.

  45. Chuck Says:

    Not forgetting of course, defensively, Granderson can’t carry Jackson’s jock.

  46. Chuck Says:

    Kennedy pitches eight innings, allows one hit, ties his career high with 12 K’s, strikes out his last six batters, and gets yanked after 114 pitches.

    I hate baseball.

    If I was Kennedy, the only way I get taken out is if Kirk Gibson kicks my ass in a dugout fight.


    Triple for Alex Presley.

    Grounder to first that Paul Goldschmidt bobbles but makes the play on, runner holds.

    Presley’s a rookie with good speed, probably afraid to make an out, anyone else, tie game, blown save.

    Credit to him, Putz strikes out McCutchen for the game.

    Kennedy joins Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling and Brandon Webb as the only Dbacks pitchers to win 20 games.

  47. Raul Says:

    Pitchers don’t seem to have the guts anymore to tell managers to screw off and that they’re staying in the game.

  48. John Says:

    “Pitchers don’t seem to have the guts anymore to tell managers to screw off and that they’re staying in the game.”

    Go ahead and tell Kirk Gibson how to run this team.

    I would fucking love to see that.

  49. Raul Says:

    If you’re a pitcher, you have to believe you’re the best motherfucker there.

    Who the hell is Dallas Braden? Nobody. But I liked his attitude in the whole A-Rod thing.

    Get the hell off my mound. You’re damn right.

    Frankly, I think on the field Kirk Gibson might not appreciate it. Privately, I’d bet he would love to have players with that kind of fire.

  50. Mike Felber Says:

    I am definitely more wordy, to the point where some ADD folks here do not notice the content. I have had to remind a few times recently of what i said. It is not a lack of substance, but if you do not like the conclusions, & (at least in this forum), do not have patience to read a few paragraphs, you may lazily claim those pesky words say little. I could start numbering each premise, example, hypothetical questions & nuance.

    Or you could just increase tolerance & patience for differing opinions.

  51. John Says:

    @50, a word of advise.

    Short, to-the-point sentences, no more than 2 or so per paragraph, and try to limit the commas.

    No one reads every word of a big old block of text.

  52. JAD Says:

    Thinking logically: you are right about Wright. Thinking like a Mets fan: What if Jason Bay regains his form, Ike Davis comes back from injury as good or better than ever, Lucas Duda proves for real, Jose-Jose-Jose re-signs, and the pitching staff figures itself out. David Wright might just recover from the Citi Field Blues and be the player he was when supported by Beltran and Delgado. If…might…maybe…

  53. Raul Says:

    The Mets pitching doesn’t even have the potential to be better than the rest of the division.

    Even if they all hit their ceiling, they’d still be inferior.

  54. Chuck Says:

    Check out where this ball lands

  55. brautigan Says:

    I’ve been to Pro Player. THAT is a JACK! Wow.

  56. brautigan Says:

    JAD: New York should get their best pitching prospect back too (after TJ surgery), Jhenry Mejia. But that said, that is a woeful pitching staff and unless the bolster their pitching, they are headed for the second division. It is time to rebuild from bottom to top.

  57. Raul Says:



  58. Chuck Says:

    DBacks President, Derrick Hall has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

  59. Raul Says:

    Guess that’s Ball One.

    Sorry, tasteless joke.

  60. Raul Says:

    It’s not going to happen for Ichiro. With 9 games remaining, he needs 25 hits.

    Joe Girardi says Francisco Cervelli likely does not make the postseason roster due to lingering effects from a concussion. The article on ESPN notes that Montero is unlikely to catch (an understatement) and that there is little chance Austin Romine takes his place.

    Get ready for the “true Yankee” cheers of “Hip Hip, Jorge!” as rolls over fastballs to 2nd for several double plays.

  61. John Says:

    What are they saying about Montero making the roster? Any chance he makes the roster based on the injury exception? I mean…Cervelli’s injured, so…

  62. Raul Says:

    I don’t know if Montero makes the roster. He’d basically be a backup DH on a playoff roster that is already full of DHs.

    I mean, I could see if they took another guy as a backup outfielder but Montero doesn’t play the OF…and they aint gonna experiment on that shit in the playoffs for his bat.

  63. John Says:

    I dunno, Posada has just been so bad this year. Not saying Montero is anything special with the bat, but you’d hope he can hit better than an 88 OPS+.

    Also, if worst come to worst, Montero has caught at the professional level. He sucks at it, but hey, so does Posada and he’d been the guy for over a decade.

  64. JAD Says:

    brautigan: What if Johan Santana comes back better than ever? What if Pelfy continues his pattern and has a good year after this bad year? What if Niese shows further improvement and R.A. keeps doing what he has been doing the past two seasons? What if there is a feisty logjam for 5th starter between Capauno, Young, Batista, et. al.? What if Bobby Parnell improves his control by pitching blindfolded? What if Terry Collins makes the bullpen more effective by managing as if the stupid save statistic is of no consequence? What if more tax breaks for the rich and largest corporations really do pull us out of these economic doldrums?

  65. Raul Says:

    I’d definitely take a risk and go with Montero’s bat over Posada’s right now.

    But the catching is a big concern. Especially because the Yankees don’t have any pitchers that are quick to the plate.

    Anybody gets on and it’s a double.

  66. John Says:

    Mets have blown a 4-0 lead.

    Pelfrey, some fucking crazy how, is still pitching.

    Terry Collins is a moron.

  67. brautigan Says:

    JAD: I hear what you are saying. But my pragmatism tells me: If your answer is Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey and Jonathan Niese, then you’re asking the wrong question.

    Pelfrey at best is the back of the end rotation guy. He has a career of not missing a lot of bats. Niese has some upside, but this is the second year in a row he has a late fade (in the past month Niese pitched, he gave up 56 hits in 39 innings, including 31 runs).

    And JAD, that is a huge “if” for Santana. He will be 33 next year coming off shoulder surgery, so excuse me if I have little confidence he will return to 2009 numbers (I picked that year due to Santana’s 166 innings, which is what he will probably get at best next year).

    What if I win the lottery? (which is difficult to do since I don’t play) It’s nice to dream. That’s what Cubs fan do every year.

  68. John Says:

    Hahahaha +1 Braut

  69. Raul Says:

    Tampa is 2 behind Boston for the AL Wild Card.

    St. Louis is 2.5 behind Atlanta for the NL Wild Card.

    The Cardinals have 2 more games against the Mets, followed by 3 against the Cubs and 3 against the Astros.

    The Braves have 1 more game against the Marlins, followed by 3 against the Nationals and 3 against the Phillies.

  70. Bob Says:

    And the Angels are only 3.5 games back.

  71. Cameron Says:

    *checks the transaction wire*

    “New York (AL) calls up C Jesus Montero from Scranton-Wilks Barre”

    …On September 21st. Wasn’t he supposed to win the job out of Spring Training?

  72. Chuck Says:

    He was called up on September first.

    And, yes.

  73. JohnBowen Says:

    err…Montero’s been up for a while. I mean like, 3 weeks or something.

  74. Cameron Says:

    Yeah, see what not having the internet does to me?

  75. Cameron Says:

    Also, with the Chiefs having a -79 point differential and Jamaal Charles on IR, I’m calling this season lost. I know it’s only week 2… But Jamaal’s on IR.

  76. Bob Says:

    Cameron, even without the internet, can’t you head to the nearest 7-11 and buy a paper, then check the box scores? I know newspapers are a dying breed, but some store in Missouri has to sell them, I would think.

  77. Chuck Says:

    LOL, Bob.

  78. Cameron Says:

    That would imply me having money. Or gas.

  79. Bob Says:

    I suppose, although the walk might be nice. I walk to Dunkin Donuts 2-3 times a week just so I don’t become a complete fat ass.

  80. Chuck Says:

    “I walk to Dunkin Donuts 2-3 times a week just so I don’t become a complete fat ass.”

    Or you could just lay off the donuts.

  81. Bob Says:

    Actually I go for the coffee or the new hot cider.

  82. Raul Says:


    Good to see you’re not in prison. I figured you went on a shooting spree after the Chiefs lost to the Lions.

  83. Bob Says:

    The Lions are 2-0. They will make the playoffs, unlike the Red Sox

  84. Cameron Says:

    I actually pegged the Lions to do fairly well this season, so I’m at least partially happy to see the offense firing on all cylinders like I thought they would. …Long as Stafford stays healthy, anyway. With Leshoure on IR, they’ve got one back.

    Come to think of it, they really only have one good receiver, too. Then again, that receiver is Calvin Johnson.

  85. brautigan Says:

    Sigh, summer is over. Only 11 more days of box scores and the the Sports section becomes a complete and total bore.

  86. Bob Says:

    Well at least they sell newspapers in Oregon. How about that!!!

  87. Chuck Says:

    I’m going to the Dbacks game today against Pittsburgh.

  88. Chuck Says:

    “Only 11 more days of box scores and the the Sports section becomes a complete and total bore.”

    AFL, baby…

  89. Raul Says:

    Hope you get to see a few nice plays from that CFer in Pittsburgh.
    I heard he’s pretty good.

  90. brautigan Says:

    Man, my trip to Dallas (and one upcoming to watch the Oregon Ducks @ Stanford) pretty much killed any trip to Arizona for the AFL. However, I hope to retire in January and it is my goal to make it back for the 2012 AFL (although, the rosters look pretty damn tempting this year). The AFL is one of the best baseball experiences I have ever had.

    I remember one year, I was down at the Mesa dugout and John Madden walks in during the game. I had at least 5 players ask me to go get John Madden’s autograph during the game. LOL. SO I did and got two broken sticks for my effort.

    I would highly recommend it. And Cameron, if you’re not working, you’re young enough. I would suggest you hitchike to Arizona and enjoy yourself with some AFL. Even if you don’t have any money, you can camp under the Arizona skies at night. Hell, I’ve done it. You can too.

  91. Cameron Says:

    Fun Fact: Clayton Kershaw is currently holding on to the National League Triple Crown.

  92. Cameron Says:

    And Justin Verlander to the AL, actually.

    If they stay that way, they’ll be the first set of pitchers to win the Triple Crown in the same year since Dazzy Vance and Walkter Johnson in 1924.

  93. Cameron Says:

    Matt Kemp is having a hell of a season too…

    If Kemp and Kershaw win the MVP (no debating on they won’t win it, just asking the question), will this year’s Dodgers be the worst team ever to field an MVP and a Cy winner?

  94. Chuck Says:

    My first game is October 5..Scottsdale @ Surprise.

    Mike Trout and Bryce Harper will be teammates with Scottsdale, although there are rumors Trout will be pulled.

    Oh, well, who cares.

    It’s baseball. It’s free.

    What else matters?

  95. JohnBowen Says:

    Undoubtedly, although I think Steve Carlton really should’ve won MVP in 1972.

  96. Raul Says:

    Not gonna make the AFL, unfortunately.

    Have to fly to NY late October/early November.
    I will have to make plans early to go to Spring Training though.

  97. JohnBowen Says:

    The current breakdown on

    Boston: 89%
    Tampa: 8.5%
    Anaheim: 3.8%

    Atlanta: 81%
    St. Louis: 18.3%
    San Fran: 1.7%

  98. Cameron Says:

    I still have to ask, HOW IN THE BLUE FUCKING HELL is Arizona doing this well? It’s a team of fucking scrubs!

  99. Raul Says:

    Drew went down at it didn’t really hurt so much because Bloomquist has played solid defense — that’s my guess.

  100. Cameron Says:

    Well, the current starter is listed as John MacDonald. Guy has a hell of a glove, but if you’re so thin for offense that John MacDonald is starting… This guy could bat ninth on an NL team.

    Then again, looking at the team… They’re coming into their own. Goldschmidtt’s finally up, Roberts is a surprise, the outfield’s one of the best offensively (though the defense is suspect), and adding Hill and Mac to back up Drew… They could be exciting. However, that pitching still scares me as a unit. They’re one regression away from total implosion.

  101. Chuck Says:

    “the outfield’s one of the best offensively (though the defense is suspect”

    There’s a Gerardo Parra Gold Glove movement going on here, and Chris Young is one of the best CF in the NL.

  102. Cameron Says:

    Haven’t seen much of Parra in the field. If Young’s anything like I remember, the guy’s got great athleticism, but he can fuck up a play just like his neighbor in RF. Good athletes, bad defenders.

    At least they’re not the Blue Jays.

  103. Jim Says:

    Hey Admins, when you put up a new featured article or daily discussion remember to move the prior one off to the article menu. I only found this thread again since someone else commented on it. Thanks

    Shit, fall does start today or tomorrow. The only benefit is that the summer people have gone home…

    How lousy are the remaining Dodgers if Kershaw and Young are favorites for the CY and MVP and Dodgers have been out of it since May?

  104. Bob Says:

    Jim, I think you meant Kemp, not Young

  105. brautigan Says:

    Parra is putting up numbers in Leftfield we have never seen before.

    Just goes to show how much leadership is worth in baseball (which cannot be quantified). Can you imagine pissing off your manager in Arizona? It gives me goose bumps just to think about it.

    And Ryan Roberts may not have great skills, but he is a gamer (using my favorite cliche).

  106. JohnBowen Says:

    Jim, you can access previous articles at the top if we haven’t done it. But I’ll move the Kershaw thing to daily discussion.

  107. JohnBowen Says:

    “Parra is putting up numbers in Leftfield we have never seen before.”

    He is?

    I guess he is leading the league in RF/9 for LF. But 2.5 is not unheard of.

  108. Jim Says:

    Yeah Bob, I meant Kemp – brain fart.

  109. Jim Says:

    JB- found out also that you can find a list of prior articles by clicking on the “Live Bookmarks” icon at the top of the Articles menu. Even if the article hasn’t been moved to the article menu.

  110. Chuck Says:

    “Hey Admins, when you put up a new featured article or daily discussion remember to move the prior one off to the article menu”

    Jim, there are no admins. It’s up to the author of the article to move it.

    If, for example, I have a “Featured Article” and John writes something to replace it, it’s up to me to go back to my article and remove the feature option so it remains on the home page under “general” articles.

  111. Raul Says:

    Happy Birthday, Bill Murray!

    In his famous words in “The Life Aquatic”:

    “Bull dykes can get pregnant, too.”

  112. Jim Says:

    @Chuck. Didn’t know that, just trying not to lose threads I’m following.

  113. Mike Felber Says:

    Thanks John, though I am very familiar with similar council. To a degree I seek to accommodate, but as a matter of principal not completely. Folks have been conditioned like lab rates, especially on towards a sort of the Internet, towards a sort of “Idiocracy”. It feeds in to that to limit all paragraphs to 2 or so sentences, & while long run on sentences are not a good idea, a reasonable amount of commas to assemble a compound or complex though SHOULD be tolerated.

    The above paragraph is a good example of what you would advise against. Yet by no rational standard is it a large block of text, most are not so far gone, aka ADD reflex monkeys, that they cannot & will not read these few lines.

    So it is good to balance getting understood with not feeding in to short attention span Theater.

  114. Raul Says:

    Get yourself a six pack of Lagunitas IPA. Pretty damn good.

  115. brautigan Says:

    I don’t know if anyone has been paying attention, but Javier Vasquez in his last 11 starts has gone 76 innings, given up 50 hits, 4 homeruns, and struck out 71.

    Pretty impressive for a guy that stunk last year in New York and in all probability should have been cut by Florida at the start of the season with his pitching performance.

    Hats off to Javier.

  116. Raul Says:

    Javier Vazquez is the Yuniesky Betancourt of pitching.

    Fuck that guy.

  117. Cameron Says:

    Javy’s at least shown to be capable of greatness in the past. Yuni has ALWAYS sucked. The Yuniesky Betancourt of pitching is Yuniesky Betancourt, because he sucks that hard.

  118. brautigan Says:

    Raul: He usually sucks in a Yankee uniform.

    Reason #2 why I like the guy.

    And, he has 25 innings in a row without giving up a run.

    Raul….lol……your pin stripes are showing.

  119. JohnBowen Says:

    If Yuniesky Betancourt were a pitcher, his OPS would be almost average.

  120. JohnBowen Says:

    Actually Javy Vazquez is the Jack Morris of pitching.

    Same career ERA+. Same career WAR.

    Shows you how overrated Jack Morris.

  121. Chuck Says:

    The Mets tonight entered the ninth inning trailing St. Louis 6-2 and scored six runs to win 8-6.

    It was the first time since 1973 and the fourth time in team history they trailed by four runs or more entering the ninth inning and won.

    During the inning, the Cardinals intentionally walked Angel Pagan to face David Wright.


  122. Chuck Says:

    Mike @#113..

    Are you a native New Yorker?

    If so, there should be no reason for discussion.

    If not, then do us all a favor and learn to get to the point.


  123. Mike Felber Says:

    I grew up in LI suburbs after born in NYC, lived in NYC since out of University, in Boston & mostly Buffalo. That does not change the usefulness of this discussion.

    few times can I be accused rightly of not getting to the point, including my last post # 113. going on in detail to establish a point or tell a story is normal & correct writing.

    Context: some of the greatest literature in the world’s styles would not fit well here. I would not presume to write at the length & structure of Emerson.

    I am breaking this up to establish an ironic point-this style is fine, but a lack of tolerance or interest in several at most medium length standard paragraphs is an unhealthy, ADD type of expression to DEMAND.

    To conform to it regardless of the amount of content, complexity, or any personal preference is as foolish & destructive to the common good as writing pages of Proustian text.

    There needs to be some room for individual expression & distinction in style & content. Otherwise we feed an idiocracy of conformity to the least common denominator: not that shorter posts & groupings of words are necessarily worse, but dumb & destructive to the common good is assuming that anything outside of a very narrow range of ways to write is bad.

    I trust you see that if I used half as many paragraphs here NOBODY should have any deficits of intelligence or patience & maturity to prevent equal absorption & appreciation of my direct points.

  124. Chuck Says:

    This isn’t an English Lit class, this is a baseball website.

    If you can’t make your point in less than 100 words, then it’s not worth making at all.

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