AFL Live Blog, Part Deux

by Chuck

I know I’m probably going to be talking to myself the next couple of hours, what with today being a weekend and day dominated by college football, but that’s life.

In Surprise watching the Mesa Solar Sox take on the Surprise Saguaros.

I missed the first two hitters of the game, including Pittsburgh’s Robbie Grossman’s leadoff dinger, so were in the bottom of the first with Mesa on top, 2-0.

Starting pitchers are Cole DeVries (Minnesota) for Mesa, and Shane Dyer (Tampa) for Surprise.

Today is “Taxi Day”, meaning some guys who are only eligible to play twice a week are in the lineup.

So, no Josh Vitters, no Matt Dominguez or Mike Olt, but Kyle Shipworth is starting at catcher for Surprise, and Mesa’s starting CF is Aaron Hicks.


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105 Responses to “AFL Live Blog, Part Deux”

  1. Chuck Says:

    A note in the press notes says there are 33 first round picks playing in the league this year.

  2. Raul Says:

    33 first round picks?

    So…the AFL is kinda losing its exclusivity?

  3. Raul Says:

    Wait, no.

    I thought you meant 33 1st round picks from 1 year, lol.

  4. Chuck Says:

    A little bummed Vitters isn’t playing.

    I’ve seen him before, but not at first base.

  5. Cameron Says:

    Vitters is one of the only good players left in Chicago’s minors along with Brett Jackson.

  6. Chuck Says:

    Keith Law trashed Jackson in his chat the other day.

    Called him a “non-star prospect”

    Not that I care what Law says, I’m just saying.

    Of course, this is the same guy who didn’t like Hanley Ramirez in the minors either.

  7. Chuck Says:

    Junior Lake (Cubs) kills one to right center and jogs to first base. Mikie Mahtook catches the ball and hits the wall and drops the ball.

    Lake has to bust it to get to second, when he should have been on third.

    Kids have to know what’s at stake for them here.

    Not hustling is a guaranteed way to get your dumbass released.

    (Checks Media Guide)

    Figures, he’s Dominican.

    (No offense Raul, but I don’t have to tell you anyway)

  8. Chuck Says:

    (Further checks media guide)

    Lake was born March 27th, 1990.

    2011 was his FIFTH season in the Cubs organization.

    It was also the first year he played above A ball.

    He’s also not on the Cubs’ 40 man, which makes this his Rule V year.

    Yep, dumbass.

  9. Chuck Says:

    Baltimore prospect Joe Mahoney is playing first base for Mesa.

    Through five innings, he has four errors.

    Three in the fifth inning alone.

  10. Chuck Says:

    Jeffress is pitching now, Cam.

  11. Chuck Says:

    Walked the first batter on a 3-2 curveball.

  12. Chuck Says:

    walk, single, fielder’s choice, error (run), walk, two rbi single, pick off at second (Mahtook threw behind Grossman, who took a big turn, and got nailed).

    Stolen base. Shipworth threw a bullet to second..from his knees. Damn.

    Another single and a run.

    Another stolen base, third of the inning.

    Jeffress doesn’t hold runners well.

    Another rbi single.

    Shower for Jeffress.

    Five runs, three hits, three walks and an error.

    Jeffress was clearly working on his breaking ball, he was throwing hooks in fastball counts.

  13. Cameron Says:

    “Keith Law trashed Jackson in his chat the other day.

    Called him a “non-star prospect”

    Not that I care what Law says, I’m just saying.

    Of course, this is the same guy who didn’t like Hanley Ramirez in the minors either.”

    Brett Jackson realistically profiles as an annual 20-20 guy. Not necessarily a star, but a guy I’d still kill to have on my team.

  14. Chuck Says:


    In 2011, twelve players had 20 homers and 20 stolen bases.

    In 2010, there were seven.



    I’d say 20/20 qualifies you as a star.

    For one year, anyway.

  15. Chuck Says:

    Brett Jackson was supposed to play here but ended up with Team USA in the World Cup, not sure if he’s coming or not.

  16. Cameron Says:

    Yeah, Keith Law is an idiot.

  17. Chuck Says:

    Bryce Harper’s a DNP today for the second time in three days.

    He did get two hits yesterday to raise his average to .111.

  18. Raul Says:


    No offense taken. Dominican ballplayers can be super talented, but very lazy.
    The reality is a lot of those kids are good enough to get signed, and good enough to get sent to The States…but motivation can be a big problem sometimes.

    Wouldn’t want to put myself in the same boat, but my freshman year I got called up to Varsity and played well. Then I hit a slump where my timing was just off. So anyway, I hit this little dribbler that goes maybe 10-15 feet and I was so disgusted I just turned and started walking to the dugout. My teammates are screaming at me to run to 1B and I did and almost beat it out — which goes to show you I might’ve made it if I hustled.

    Coach doesn’t say a word. Next inning, I’m out of the game. Next practice, I don’t get to bat. Just running around the field for what seemed like all day. Didn’t play the next game either.

    Never lacked hustle after that shit.

  19. Chuck Says:

    Going to watch the last couple of innings from the stands..later.

  20. Chuck Says:

    Same thing happened to me, I was younger than high school, maybe 12, 13.

    I had made an error which cost a couple of runs, and the next inning I hit third. First two guys made outs.

    I tried to hit a five run homer with no one on, and topped this little dribbler about 20 feet in front of the plate halfway between the mound and the first base line.

    I took about two steps and peeled off (and threw my helmet).

    I got back to the bench and the coach never said a word, but my substitution was already on the field by the time I came out.

    I turned and looked at him, and he just gave me this little “come sit your ass down, son” jerk of his head, and that was that.

    Never again did I not bust it.

  21. Raul Says:

    Looks like Bryce Harper’s getting a big healthy dose of reality during his time in the pros.

  22. Chuck Says:

    Junior Lake hit a three run homer right as I was leaving.

  23. Cameron Says:

    Did Elvis Andrus’ beard somehow get goofier?

  24. Chuck Says:

    How would you tell?

  25. Cameron Says:

    Because his face somehow just seems more punchable when I look at him. Just a feeling I guess.

  26. Chuck Says:

    Check out John’s picture on his Twitter profile and tell me what you think?

  27. Cameron Says:

    Eh, he’s alright. Nothing overtly punchable about him.

    To be fair, I probably look more punchable than he does. That’s why my Twitter avatar is a picture of a squirrel drinking a can of Crystal Pepsi.

  28. Cameron Says:

    And I love this. They said since Nolan Ryan took over as team president that he’s been trying to get starters to go deeper into games. While that is true, let me remind you it’s been pretty easy to get starters to go deep into games when they don’t suck. Let’s compare…

    This year’s Rangers rotation…
    CJ Wilson – 223.1 IP
    Colby Lewis – 200.1 IP
    Derek Holland – 198 IP
    Matt Harrison – 185.2 IP
    Alexei Ogando – 169 IP

    To the last rotation before Ryan took over…
    Kevin Millwood – 172.2 IP
    Kameron Loe – 136 IP
    Vincente Padilla – 120.1 IP
    Brandon McCarthy – 101.2 IP
    Robinson Tejeda – 95.1 IP

    Would you feel safe handing those clowns 2011’s workload?

  29. JohnBowen Says:

    @26, I’d love for you to take a shot. It’d be cute.

  30. JohnBowen Says:

    And, the Rangers are going to the World Series. Off to the bars! Hope you all are nice to me tomorrow just in case…

  31. Chuck Says:

    There’s nothing cute about a broken jaw, John, careful for what you wish for.

  32. Cameron Says:

    Ha, the broadcast team was doing a little bit of advertising for the Patriots-Cowboys game saying it should be good.

    Let me remind you that the Cowboys tried to get both corners and a safety yo triple-cover Calvin Johnson and he still got two TD passes on them. Tom Brady lives to play secondaries that bad.

  33. JohnBowen Says:

    “There’s nothing cute about a broken jaw, John, careful for what you wish for.”

    I’m sure all the scruffles you got into in your high school locker room were quite the ruccus, but, dude.

  34. Chuck Says:

    I’ve seen your picture John, if your post-Navy career doesn’t work out, you could always qualify for the LPGA Tour.

  35. JohnBowen Says:

    LOL, ok buddy.

    Let’s be real here, you don’t even post your picture on twitter…probably because you have dick-sucking lips or something.

  36. Cameron Says:

    Good lord, are we getting into threatening punching people in the face over Twitter? We’re more dignified than this for god’s sake!

  37. Cameron Says:

    And need I remind you that my picture on Twitter is a squirrel drinking a can of Crystal Pepsi. I’M THE VOICE OF REASON! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

  38. JohnBowen Says:

    Cam, what’s your twitter handle?

    Because, in case you haven’t noticed in the past, um, year, you ARE the voice of reason around here.

  39. Cameron Says:


    And if I’m the voice of reason, this place is well and truly fucked.

  40. Chuck Says:

    “probably because you have dick-sucking lips.”

    As opposed to actually sucking dick?

    Whatever, Navy boy.

    Have it your way.

    I thought you were going out tonight?

    What’s the matter, your roommate borrow your sweater, now you got nothing to match your skirt?

    If nothing else, John, you have a great sense of humor. Props for that.


  41. Raul Says:

    Will Ferrell in VH1 Storytellers skit: “I’m smack you in the mouth! I’m Neil Diamond!”

  42. JohnBowen Says:

    Well, yeah.

  43. Chuck Says:


    I’m afraid to ask.

  44. JohnBowen Says:

    “I thought you were going out tonight?”

    Dude, it’s 10:15.

    Night’s barely getting started.

  45. Cameron Says:

    Long story. In short, it’s a failed in-joke relating to a bad pro wrestling storyline.

  46. Chuck Says:

    “Night’s barely getting started.”

    This is true.

    Pretenders went out on Friday.

    By Tuesday at work, it’s like, “dude, where are we going Friday night”, or, “I got this chick’s phone number at this club like a month a go and I’m going to see if she’s still there, gonna get me some this time.”

    Only true partiers go out on Saturday.

    Lightweights can’t handle back to backs.

  47. JohnBowen Says:

    Congrats Cam, you have another follower.

    You’ve gotta follow Old Hoss Radbourn. He offered this gem earlier:

    “I once saw a group of Texas Rangers obliterate a Comanche war party. It was more humane than this inning.”

    also this bad boy:

    “When J. Leyland and I fought together at Shiloh we often discussed the merits of the bunt.”

  48. Chuck Says:

    So, Cam, who’s your hero?

  49. Cameron Says:

    Hero? In what context?

    If it’s baseball, Greg Maddux.

  50. Chuck Says:

    Michael Young is the first player in history to have two extra base hits in the same inning of a postseason game.

  51. Chuck Says:

    CM Punk?

    Whatever, or whomever, that is.

    Cartoon character?

  52. JohnBowen Says:

    “Only true partiers go out on Saturday.
    Lightweights can’t handle back to backs.”

    True true.

    I’ve seen those guys.

    Still hungover at 5 PM the next day.

  53. Chuck Says:

    Well, tomorrow we find out which NL Team gets the honor of getting bitch-slapped silly by the Rangers.

  54. JohnBowen Says:

    …not necessarily *knock on wood*

  55. Cameron Says:

    Oh CM Punk. He’s another pro wrestler. Very different than the guys you grew up watching. Very small (by wrestling standards I suppose, 6′1″ 215 or so), covered in tattoos, slicked back hair, he’s like the anti-pro wrestler.

    Long story again, I’d have to explain what this guy’s done for the business as of late.

  56. Cameron Says:

    John, I’m loving the Brewers to death this year, but I can’t rely on your rotation more than I can count on a homeless guy to watch my car while I leave it running.

  57. Cameron Says:

    Chuck, who do you think was the best pitching prospect in the last draft? Baseball America says Dylan Bundy, Gerrit Cole went first overall. Personally, I like Trevor Bauer the best.

  58. Chuck Says:

    “Oh CM Punk. He’s another pro wrestler”

    So, I was right. Cartoon character.

  59. Cameron Says:

    Yeah yeah, you make fun of me for watching cartoons and I’ll make fun of you for spending more on Bengay and Viagra than I do on food.

  60. Chuck Says:

    Oh, I don’t know, Cameron.

    I’d lean towards Bauer myself, although it kind of depends on where guys end up or develop.

    I mean, take Bundy, he’s supposed to be the best pitcher in a deep pitching draft and he’s 18…what happens if he’s already peaked physically?

    It’s like Bryce Harper, you think at 28 he’ll have more power than now?

    I like Taylor Jungmann, I think Jose Fernandez is a sleeper pick, and Sonny Gray could end up the best of the entire draft if Oakland keeps him as a closer.

  61. Chuck Says:

    “I’ll make fun of you for spending more on Bengay and Viagra than I do on food.”

    Ben Gay is John’s roommate, and I don’t need Viagra, homey.

    And if I did, I wouldn’t take it anyway.

    Can’t stoop any lower than needing drugs to get a woody.

    And I watch more cartoons than you, it’s just there aren’t actually real people in them.

    My daughter’s into the Coyote and the Roadrunner lately, which has always been my favorite.

  62. Chuck Says:

    Nelson Cruz just set a ML record for most homeruns in a postseason series.

  63. Cameron Says:

    I just like Bauer because of what I’ve seen from the interviews and articles about him. Guy’s got the arm to be a straight hurler but he’s constantly trying to be a better pitcher, always working on the mental side. I like a guy who has talent like him and isn’t gonna sit on his ass with it.

    Though Milwaukee got a good couple of picks in Jungmann and Bradley.

  64. Cameron Says:

    Oh Chuck, we do have something in common. I’m a bit of an old cartoon buff as well. Especially old Warner Brothers stuff.

  65. Cameron Says:

    Is anyone even still watching this game? At this point, I’m just watching it for the comedy value.

  66. Cameron Says:

    Why is Neftali Feliz out there? You have a ten run lead! Closer in save situation? DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!

    …Oh wait, I don’t give a shit.

  67. Chuck Says:

    Because the WS doesn’t start til Wednesday, and you don’t want your closer to go six days without throwing.

  68. Cameron Says:

    I was just joking, but five bucks says that what these fuckwits actually believe.

  69. Cameron Says:

    What do you think would be funniest?

    A) Watching Jorge Posada try to catch in 2012?
    B) The Astros announcing they’ll try to compete in the AL West?
    C) Watching Prince Fielder get caught in a rundown?

  70. JohnBowen Says:

    “Ben Gay is John’s roommate, and I don’t need Viagra, homey.”

    full disclosure: John’s drunk, and, wtf…I’m confused…because he’s on roids?

  71. JohnBowen Says:

    oh….the gay thing.

    Chuck is a 93 year old virgin.

  72. Cameron Says:

    John is clearly the kind of guy who makes better insults sober.

  73. Bob Says:

    Fuck me. But congrats to the Rangers.

  74. Cameron Says:

    When you put the boots to a team like Detroit that badly, you deserve it.

  75. Chuck Says:

    From Tony LaRussa:

    “The longer your starting pitcher pitches, the better chance you have to win. I don’t care how good your bullpen is.”

  76. John Says:

    Not gonna disagree, but TRL is on the verge of an LCS victory where no starter made it 5 innings.

  77. Chuck Says:

    From Jayson Stark…

    The Brewers have lost 25 home games this year.

    Shaun Marcum was the starting pitcher in twelve of them.

  78. JohnBowen Says:

    And the season’s over.

  79. Chuck Says:

    Don’t feel bad John, it should be 5-0..Pujols was safe.

  80. JohnBowen Says:

    Pujols beat the throw, but I think the issue was with his foot not being all the way down.

  81. JohnBowen Says:

    Rafael Furcal hit .230 this year, and about .900 against the Brewers.

    How are these assholes so automatic right now?

  82. JohnBowen Says:


    Rickie just hit one “in play” to the TGI Fridays.

  83. Chuck Says:

    “Rickie just hit one “in play” to the TGI Fridays.”

    Excellent observation.

    Right back in it.

  84. JohnBowen Says:

    Helluva play by Berkman there.

    Let’s see if we can get through the middle of the Cards order without the customary automatic 3 runs.

  85. JohnBowen Says:


    That was too much to ask.

    Did ANYONE so much as glance at the scouting reports before the game today?

    Holy fucking shit.

  86. brautigan Says:

    I see Scott Radinsky was named Cleveland’s pitching coach.

    It was 2002 and Calgary is in to play Portland, and it is colder than heck. After the game, by friend Greg and I are beyond the fence in CF waiting for the players to come out and either take the MAX back to the hotel, or take the club van back to the hotel. Some of the players are milling around and we’re not having any probelm getting autographs. It is so cold, Toby Borland is standing under a vent that is pumping out warm air, but it smells like a clorinated pool, but that doesn’t stop Borland. In fact, when Greg goes over and asks Borland for his autograph, Borland puts his arm around Greg and pulls him close (for heat) and says “you’re my new best friend”.

    Scott Radinsky comes out and he is wearing a short sleeve Hawaiian shirt. He walks right past us, across the street, past MAX and he is making a bee line for the hotel. About 2 and a half miles away. The manager, Dean Treanor, says when he sees Radinsky bolt down the street, “fucking left handers”.

  87. JohnBowen Says:

    That settles it.

    The Brewers are the worst defensive team in baseball history.

  88. JohnBowen Says:

    Well, shit.

  89. Cameron Says:

    It could be worse, John.

    My team was eliminated on day one.

  90. John Says:

    And yet, you pretty safely won the Greinke trade.

  91. brautigan Says:

    Kansas City won that trade when Betancourt was included for Escobar.

    Betancourt hit well in the post season, but his inability to get to the ball that Craig hit in the 3rd is inexcusable. Hell, Jeter might even made a play on that, and Escobar puts it in his back pocket.

  92. Raul Says:

    So does Milwaukee finish 3rd or 4th in the NL Central next year?


  93. Bob Says:

    Way too early to tell.

  94. Raul Says:

    Carlos Gonzalez is 26 years old today.
    John Mabry is 41.
    John Rocker is 37.

    And Junior Gilliam would have been 83 today. He died in 1978 at the age of 49.

  95. Chuck Says:

    Dan Pasqua born today.

    He hit one of the longest homers I’ve ever seen, I’m convinced it would have gone out of Yankee Stadium throught the RF bullpen opening if it hadn’t nicked the far end of the third deck in RF.

    It was easy 10-15 rows above the upper deck entrance tunnel and just barely clipped the edge before falling into the rightcenter bleachers.

  96. Cameron Says:

    I think Milwaukee finishes third next year at the least.

  97. Chuck Says:

    In the Phoenix/Scottsdale game today, Toronto SS Adeiny Hechevarria hit three triples.

  98. Cameron Says:

    Impressive. How’s he look in the field?

  99. brautigan Says:

    3 triples is a much harder feat than 3 Homeruns.

  100. Raul Says:

    Never even heard of Dan Pasqua. Must have been a hell of a shot.

    I swear, my latino people…when it comes to names…I almost wish they’d stick with Jose. Adeiny? Really? REALLY???


  101. Raul Says:

    Matt Garza for Theo Epstein?


  102. Chuck Says:

    “Impressive. How’s he look in the field?”

    Not at the game..just checking boxscores.

  103. Cameron Says:

    So, what were the Red Sox rotation doing in games they weren’t pitching? Were they…

    A) On the bench supporting the starter like good teammates or…
    B) In the clubhouse getting trashed?

  104. Raul Says:

    The differences are funny.

    The 2011 Boston Red Sox supposedly blew a playoff spot because of their clubhouse antics.

    The 1986 New York Mets make the 2011 Red Sox look like a bunch of choir boys and they won 108 games.

  105. Cameron Says:

    The ‘86 Mets gave a shit, that’s the difference.

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