Hot Stove Week in Review

by JohnBowen

Sorry for my slowness everyone – the last week, and the next couple weeks are going to be busy for me.

But, I figure that everyone enjoys a good hot stove chat, so I’ll try to publish one of these every week, where I review what happened in this week’s off-season moves.

-Heath Bell signed with the Miami Marlins for 3 years, 27 million dollars. That’s the same amount of money that the whole 2008 team made.

- Chris Capuano signed for 2 years, 10 million dollars with the LA Dodgers. The former 18-game winner has gone through two Tommy John procedures, but enjoyed a bounceback 2011 with the Mets.

- Ramon Hernandez signed a two-year deal with the Rockies, presumably as a placeholder for Wilin Rosario. The Rockies promptly moved backstop Chris Ianetta, trading him to the Angels for Tyler Chatwood. None of this made Mike Napoli an Angel again.

- David Dejesus is with the Chicago Cubs on a 2-year deal with an option. The contract is for about 10 million dollars. A good buy-low move by Theo Epstein to improve right field; Dejesus hit .300 from 2008-2010 before struggling through a rough 2011.

- Jose “The Lessest” Molina continues to make his way around the AL East, signing a 1-year deal with Tampa Bay. Molina will take over for John Jaso, who was traded to the Mariners for character-man Josh Lueke. Jaso, who has a .700 OPS in 200 career games, instantly becomes about the best hitter in Seattle.

In other news, Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, CJ Wilson, Jose Reyes, and Mark Buehrle haven’t signed anywhere, but are apparently all destined for Miami. My guess is that Washington will nab CJ Wilson for about 100 million dollars…because they do things like that.

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57 Responses to “Hot Stove Week in Review”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Wrong East division there, Johnny.

  2. John Says:

    Yup, good call.

  3. Raul Says:

    I like the Molina deal.

    Not a fan of the others.

  4. John Says:

    The Angels have traded Jeff Mathis to Toronto, possibly hoping that Toronto will flip him to Texas…

  5. Cameron Says:

    Looks like Yoenis Cespedes will be considered eligible for free agency sometime next week. Consensus seems to be it’ll take $50MM+ to sign him. He’s being profiled as “A Cameron Maybin with more power and less speed.”

    …Unless he has Mike Stanton’s power, I ain’t paying fifty million for someone in the neighborhood of Cameron Maybin.

  6. John Says:


  7. Cameron Says:

    Even 7/50 I’m not paying that unless it’s backloaded with a team opt-out.

  8. Chuck Says:

    Seems like this Cespedes workout video is starting to backfire on him.

    5′11″, 215 pounds, 1000 pound leg lifts, 45″ vertical, makes you wonder?

    Apparently teams are, because both Detroit and Minnesota are asking for drug tests.

  9. Raul Says:

    Doesn’t mean anything if he makes contact like Maybin. What’s Maybin hit?

  10. Cameron Says:

    .264 actually. His bat’s starting to come around. Sadly, he’s a Padre, so he’s probably more along a .270-.280 hitter in somewhere that isn’t the grand canyon.

  11. Cameron Says:

    “Seems like this Cespedes workout video is starting to backfire on him.

    5′11″, 215 pounds, 1000 pound leg lifts, 45″ vertical, makes you wonder?

    Apparently teams are, because both Detroit and Minnesota are asking for drug tests.”

    Please, allow me to jump cut and I have a twelve foot vertical leap. That video was filled with bullshit editing and prop weights.

  12. Cameron Says:

    Well, it’s official. Pedro Martinez is officially announcing retirement. Even though he hasn’t pitched in two years, it still makes me kinda sad to see someone that awesome from when I was a kid retire. Not like how I felt when Greg Maddux hung it up, but this sucks.

  13. John Says:

    Even though he’s really been retired for two years…farewell Pedro.

    The things you did were incredible. That 1999 ALCS performance took my breath away.

  14. John Says:

    ROSES! We gonna get some Heavy Seas Brews, Bob?!

  15. John Says:

    Sorry, 1999 ALDS performance. Although I think he won his only ALCS start on that same bad back.

  16. Cameron Says:

    1999 ALCS performance, ALDS performance, performance period that year was astonishing.

  17. John Says:

    Yeah, what am I saying. 1999-2000 ANYTIME performance was incredible.

  18. Raul Says:

    Pedro should go in as an Expo…just to say FU to the Red Sox.

  19. Bob Says:

    John, I just emailed you. Just saw post #14.

  20. John Says:

    Haha, well you’re in Baltimore right? I’ll let you know if I head out there for a brew.

  21. John Says:

    By the way, Bob, how about that ending? Can’t say that I’m wild about winning on a “running into the kicker” penalty – helluva an acting job by the Badger punter – but I’ll take it!

  22. Bob Says:

    No, in Greenwich. In the scheme of things, Baltimore is not all that far from me. And yeah, the ending sucked for me when you combine it with the fact that the punt return was inside the 10. Oh well, congrats.

  23. Bob Says:

    I thought you lived in Baltimore. Or somewhere in Maryland.

  24. John Says:

    I do live in Maryland, but a little closer to DC than Baltimore.

    Silver Spring, actually.

  25. Bob Says:

    Did you get my e-mail?

  26. Mike Felber Says:

    1000 lb leg lifts. I guess that means leg presses. That is very strong, but not nearly as much as it sounds. Because the weight is on a sleigh that is angled, so much of it is held by gravity. Going down to the same degree, I can do about 3 X as much on leg presses compared to free weight squats. If these are done at least until upper leg parallel to the ground, especially without wraps, suits, or belts, then you get a better idea of lower body strength.

  27. Raul Says:

    “1000 lb leg lifts. I guess that means leg presses. That is very strong, but not nearly as much as it sounds”

    Depends on how much you think it sounds like to people.
    Because he’s a baseball player. He’s not a defensive tackle for the Packers.

  28. John Says:

    Fast-twitch muscles perhaps?

  29. Bob Says:

    Manny is going to file for reinstatement. Just wondering out loud.
    1. Boston is out
    2. The Cubs with Theo are out.
    3. The National League at large is out.

    So, would Baltimore take a flier on him with Duquette there?
    Does he have any friends in the Tampa organization?
    Wonder what John Farrell thinks of him for Toronto.
    Or is he done?????????????????

  30. John Says:

    In the last few weeks, the Houston Texans have lost both their starting QB and backup QB to injury, prompting some to ask – are we gonna go with the 3rd stringer…or try to sign The World’s Biggest Asshole, the-cocktexter-who-must-not-be-named.

    The Texans President squashed these rumors, saying that his team had no interest in “bringing the circus to town.”

    I gotta believe every MLB club is going to adopt roughly this mantra when it comes to Manny.

    You could probably DH him for a reasonable price, and get like .240/.375/.460 out of him, or something like that, even with him not having seen MLB pitching in roughly a year.

    Not worth the fact that he’s a clubhouse cancer, a joke, a moron, and a liability.

  31. Raul Says:

    Manny, like Bonds was, can still be productive on a limited basis for a team. But no one will take the risk.

  32. Cameron Says:

    They’ll probably stick with TJ Yates. The AFC South is so bad that they can still win the division with Yates at the helm.

  33. Bob Says:

    The cocktexter-who must-not-be-named. Screw that, I am guessing Anthony Weiner!!!

  34. Raul Says:

    well played, bob.

  35. Bob Says:

    Thank you.

  36. Chuck Says:

    Nobody will touch him.

  37. Cameron Says:

    Manny? Yeah. Not even sure if anyone will offer a minor league deal.

  38. Chuck Says:

    “or try to sign The World’s Biggest Asshole, the-cocktexter-who-must-not-be-named.”

    Brett Favre?

  39. Bob Says:

    Yes, that is whom he meant. I was being silly.

  40. Mike Felber Says:

    I am not sure what you mean John. There are actually a bunch of different types of muscle fibers, the fast twitch ones being responsible for most of the explosive power & size. I was just saying that it is dramatically easier to move a lot of wight on a leg press, because you are not really bearing the whole load! Also more muscles, small balancing/bracing muscles, are involved when you do free weights. The demand on the central nervous system is also much larger.

    if folks just pile on many plates on a leg press, which any guy can do if they are just reasonably strong, they will get the erroneous idea that their lower body is very powerful. But if I try squats-especially with the caveat that it is breaking thighs parallel to the ground-then most all-& I-find out that we are not such a powerhouse after all!

  41. Cameron Says:

    He piled plates and two of his buddies on that supposed leg press. Considering the other falsehoods in that video, I’m gonna assume those were prop weights and he really can’t leg press half a ton.

  42. Mike Felber Says:

    May well be Cameron. Post the link please, I wish to see how much weight & how far down he goes.

  43. Chuck Says:

    Just YouTube it, Mike.

    “Yeonis Cespedes”

  44. Cameron Says:

    The Marlins offered Jose Reyes 6/111. The only people said to be serious contenders besides Miami were the Mets, and they’ve dropped out once word of that new offer got out. Unless someone blindsides Jose with 6/120, Reyes is gonna be a Marlin.

  45. John Says:

    All yours, Florida.

    I’m not committing 6 years to someone as brittle as Reyes.

  46. Mike Felber Says:

    Thanks Chuck.

    Fairly cheesy presentation. i fast forwarded through most of it. The vertical jumping-are they allowed to take steps before? Because he does, every time. Otherwise it may be legitimate.

    The #s look off in all of the lists. I count 7 plates (45 lbs) per side, + 2 friends. That is around 1000 lbs., assuming his pals average 185 lbs., NOT 1300. And while he does a set, no repetition comes close to upper & lower leg parallel to each other. So while that is very good, given his range of motion (& how much easier a leg press is than other upper leg/butt exercises) it is not amazing.

    The hack squat looks like 450 lbs., not 510. And while THERE it looks a full squat *to parallel): except he is also bouncing off the exercise ball!

    The bench press looks like 345, not 350 lbs. Assuming he did not get help from his partner-he could not be touching it in a legal lift-it is very good, but not huge/NFL, steroid territory at all.

  47. Chuck Says:


    You’re welcome.

    Told you that three days after the World Series ended.

    If you don’t have a couple hundred in bets around town with your buddies, shame on you.

  48. Raul Says:

    Reyes deal is final.

  49. Cameron Says:

    At 6/106. Seems initial reports were a little high.

    Still, the highest other offer was 5/75-5/85 from the Mets with an option sixth year. More money, guaranteed years.

  50. Raul Says:

    6 years is too much for that brittle asshole. That said, if he can get on base, Stanton is gonna be harder to pitch around

  51. Cameron Says:

    Reyes can usally bat around .300. That alone setting the table is enough to make Stanton dangerous. Add the extra bases Jose’s legs give him and you’ve got something. If Hanley can hit like Hanley again, the Marlins are gonna get to a great start in the new stadium.

  52. John Says:

    Josh Johnson is the biggest question mark. Fantastic pitcher, but an ace who gets hurt after 20 starts isn’t much of an ace.

  53. Raul Says:


    Nice to see J. Loria finally spend some of the money he received for murdering the Montreal Expos.

  54. Cameron Says:

    @52 No, but he makes for a hell of a closer.

  55. Bob Says:

    It appears that the Mets will only get a 3rd round pick from the Marlins for losing Reyes. The article implied that Sandy Alderson might fight this ruling. since Florida lost nothing for Heath Bell. They will also get a supplemental pick as well.

  56. Raul Says:

    Happy 38th birthday, Cliff Floyd. Floyd never could stay healthy for an entire season. The four times he did, he actually performed quite well.

    Happy 25th birthday, Justin Smoak. You’re about half a season away from me calling you the James Loney of the American League. You better pick it up, because of Jesus Montero proves to be a better hitter than you, Seattle will really regret that trade.

    Also born on this date was Chico Ruiz. Ruiz wasn’t much of a player, and he died at the age of 33 in 1972. But his name was Chico Ruiz, and by law I have to mention anyone with a name that awesome.

  57. Chuck Says:

    “You better pick it up, because of Jesus Montero proves to be a better hitter than you, Seattle will really regret that trade.”

    Unless the writer’s start giving gold gloves to designated hitters, I don’t think Seattle is worried about it.

    Ruiz was killed in a car accident on his way to Palm Springs to take his pre-Spring Training physical before heading to Arizona.

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