BREAKING: Ryan Braun Reportedly Tests Positive for PEDS

by Chuck

Both ESPN’s Outside the Lines and columnist Ben Badler of Baseball America are reporting 2011 National League MVP Ryan Braun has tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs.

ESPN’s report states that Braun was tested sometime during the National League playoffs and was notified of the positive result towards the end of October, almost a month before being notified of his MVP Award.

MLB has not officially made the result public because, as is his right, Braun has filed an appeal to the test through the Player’s Association.

If upheld, however, Braun would be suspended fifty games at the beginning of the 2012 season and would be subject to random testing for the remainder of his career.


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132 Responses to “BREAKING: Ryan Braun Reportedly Tests Positive for PEDS”

  1. Raul Says:

    Do players get paid while they’re suspended?

  2. Kerry Says:

    @1, nope, he loses nearly $2 million. Maybe now the Brewer’s can afford to sign Fielder :-)

  3. Cameron Says:

    Huh… Well, the testosterone was artificial as it showed by the second test. There’s three things that make me wonder what the hell’s going on here.

    1) The substance is classified a “prohibited substance”, not “performance enhancing drug”. To my knowledge, the last suspension of this type was Ron Washington’s cocaine test.

    2) He’s appealing it. That does give an air of innocence about it. If he knew he was gonna fail the appeal, I doubt he’d have filed it.

    3) The fact that two tests were conducted within the same month, one with a testosterone level that was more than twice as high than the highest level conducted in a drug test, followed by one with a normal level. Steroids are a constant thing, that testosterone stays in there. The second test would’ve confirmed it, rather than just have a spike result.

    …My supplement theory’s looking kinda solid at this point.

  4. John Says:

    Obviously, I believe Ryan because I want to.

    So everything I say is tainted on the subject, and that’s fine.

    But in the last 24 hours, we’ve learned the following.

    1) It wasn’t a PED that he tested positive for.
    2) He took a second test which was negative.
    3) The amount of testosterone reported in the first test has never been measured in a human on any test.

    Point 3 is especially worth noting.

    At a certain point, shouldn’t an excess of fake testosterone fucking kill you? I mean, from what I’ve read, it sounds like if someone blew a 0.9 into a breathalyzer. How?

  5. Cameron Says:

    Mouthwash, John. You can blow crazy shit on mouthwash.

  6. John Says:

    I’ve seen someone blow a .04 with just mouthwash.

    But it sounds like Braun tested postive for an impossibly high amount of testosterone. Not just impossibly high to be natural, I mean impossible for any human to actually sustain.

  7. Cameron Says:

    It wasn’t sustained, that’s the crazy thing.

  8. John Says:

    I’m not at all familiar with the mechanics of flushing out substances.

    But yeah, it does sound like if someone had tested for a level unattained by a human ever (at least in a test), he wouldn’t be able to just flush that shit out in a matter of a few days.

    Again, I could be wrong.

  9. Cameron Says:

    Steroids go in cycles of sustained use and get flushed by other drugs, usually an estrogen supplement. Manny got caught using an estrogen supplement used to get guys off cycles. These things take a few weeks. If they tested him twice in October, he would have most likely tested positive twice if it were actually steroids.

  10. Raul Says:

    LOL Kerry

    Fielder wants out. I think that was apparent. Doesn’t matter if MIL gave him 200 million.

  11. Raul Says:

    Players born today:

    Larry Doby. Doby was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998. Not sure you can criticize the VC that time.

    Ricky Nolasco is 29. This guy shows flashes of being dominant but the Marlins should get rid of him.

    Fergie Jenkins is 69. In 1971, Jenkins won the Cy Young while pitching 325 innings, going 24-13 with a 2.77 ERA. Thirty of his 39 starts were Complete Games and he struck out 268 batters, while walking 37. Unfortunately, the Leo Durocher-led Cubs would win just 83 games.

    Lindy McDowell is 76. There probably isn’t anything special about Lindy McDowell, except I have to give credit to anyone who hangs around the Major Leagues for 21 years. In 1960, McDowell finished 3rd in the NL Cy Young voting. He pitched 116 innings with a 2.09 ERA as a reliever.

  12. Chuck Says:

    “Lindy McDowell is 76″


  13. Raul Says:

    Oh yeah.

  14. Cameron Says:

    Man, Colorado’s quietly built up a good rotation core. Chacin, White, Chatwood, Pomeranz, that’s solid.

  15. Cameron Says:

    Ugh, guess who has to wipe their hard drive today? This is gonna suck.

  16. Raul Says:

    Happy 46th birthday, Craig Biggio. About a decade ago, Bill James released his Historical Baseball Abstract and you were ranked the 35th best player of all-time. Certainly your .281/.363/.433 (OPS+ 111) career line has done nothing to diminish that praise.

  17. Raul Says:

    Happy 62nd birthday, Bill Buckner.

    In contrast to Biggio above, you might not deserve as much ridicule as you’ve received; for you were a fine defensive player for several of your 22 major league seasons. 1986 still stings though.

  18. Bob Says:

    @17. I concur.

  19. Bob Says:

    The Red Sox traded Lowrie and Kyle Weiland for Mark Melancon. At first glance, it sucks for the Sox.

  20. Raul Says:

    Not that Lowrie or Weiland were great, but for a bullpen guy?

    You know what’s funny? A few years ago, some Yankees fans thought Melancon would be Rivera’s successor.

  21. Bob Says:

    I remember that.

  22. Raul Says:

    On, former GM Jim Bowden (in his infinite wisdom) proposes the following trades:

    1. Boston and Oakland
    Red Sox get Gio Gonzalez
    Athletics get Will Middlebrooks, Anthony Ranaudo, Ryan Kalish

    2. New York and Seattle
    Yankees get Felix Hernandez
    Mariners get Ivan Nova, Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances

    3. Atlanta and Baltimore
    Braves get Adam Jones and Josh Bell
    Orioles get Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado

    4. Tampa and Cincinnati
    Reds get Wade Davis and BJ Upton
    Rays get Yonder Alonso and Yasmani Grandal

    5. Kansas City and San Diego
    Royals get Mat Latos
    Padres get Aaron Crow, Jake Odorizzi and Blake Wood

    ….criticize as you like.

  23. Bob Says:

    1. 5 years down the line Oakland wins.
    2. Yankees win
    3. Seems fair to me
    4. Holy shit that is an explosive deal.
    5.I need more time to study that one. And #4 as well.

  24. Raul Says:

    I have this feeling that Gio Gonzalez is on a Barry Zito-esque path.

    When that curveball starts to go, it’s going to get ugly for him.

  25. Bob Says:

    I will side with Tampa on #4.

  26. Raul Says:

    Agreed, Bob.

    Tampa has a nice pool of talent in the minor leagues but I wouldn’t consider Wade Davis to be in the upper-tier, the way Alonso and Grandal probably are for Cinci.

  27. Bob Says:

    Exactly. Still need time to mull over the lat one.

  28. Chuck Says:

    Now you know why Jim Bowden is an ex-GM.

  29. Brautigan Says:


    There is plenty there to criticize.

    I agree with #28.

  30. Jim Says:

    Take away from a discussion on a boston blog regarding Gio Gonzales.

    Gio is left handed Dice-K

    Gio’s home/away splits are large; he benefits greatly from playing in the coliseum.

    Why would the Mariners take that for Felix?

  31. Bob Says:

    The Red Sox signed Nick Punto. In your face ALEast pitchers!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Bob Says:

    Fuck me. Hearing it is a 2-year deal.

  33. Chuck Says:

    He’s better than Jed Lowrie Bob. Don’t cry too much.

  34. Jim Says:

    Melancon is a decent arm in the bullpen, though not a closer or a primary set up guy. As far as Lowrie. Bob, I think you over valuing him. As a hitter he’s been very streaky, he’s a poor defender and often hurt for long stretches. Jed seems to have lots of upside, but… Weiland is at best a back of the rotation starter on a poor team and a long man on a good team, but he’s likely not ready for that yet.

    Punto is a reasonably priced back up and a better defender than Lowrie.

  35. Cameron Says:

    “1. Boston and Oakland
    Red Sox get Gio Gonzalez
    Athletics get Will Middlebrooks, Anthony Ranaudo, Ryan Kalish

    2. New York and Seattle
    Yankees get Felix Hernandez
    Mariners get Ivan Nova, Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances

    3. Atlanta and Baltimore
    Braves get Adam Jones and Josh Bell
    Orioles get Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado

    4. Tampa and Cincinnati
    Reds get Wade Davis and BJ Upton
    Rays get Yonder Alonso and Yasmani Grandal

    5. Kansas City and San Diego
    Royals get Mat Latos
    Padres get Aaron Crow, Jake Odorizzi and Blake Wood

    ….criticize as you like.”

    1. Too many unproven players for me to ever feel comfortable about that one for Oakland.

    2. Do we really need to revisit the “Felix Hernandez is never getting traded” discussion?

    3. This is about the only semi-reasonable trade, but if I’m Baltimore, I decline.

    4. Davis is too good, too young, and too cheap to let go of for a spare part and an unproven. The Upton part just makes it even worse.


  36. Jim Says:

    Saw a note this morning that when the Marlins inquired about Gonzales Beene asked for Mike Stanton in return. If that is true then the A’s have no interest in trading Gonzales and would only do so if overwhelmed by the offer.

  37. Raul Says:

    If Billy Beane called me and asked for Mike Stanton in return for Gio Gonzalez, I’m liable to take the next flight out to Oakland, walk past his secretary, into his office, sock him right on the mouth, turn around, and fly back home.

  38. Chuck Says:

    Sounds like Beane qualifies now to be a contestant on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab.

    Maybe Charlie Sheen will share the twins.

  39. Brautigan Says:

    IF Florida calls me and says they are interested in Gio Gonzalez, you’re damn right I’m starting the conversation with Mike Stanton. If they say, “Stanton is untouchable”, then I say “so is Gio”. I mean, why the hell would Oakland trade Gio? I mean, they should if they get overwhelmed with an offer, and you think Middlebrooks and Renaudo and Kalish will get it done?

  40. Brautigan Says:

    I could have been less snippy and instead said: “Jim @ 36 is absolutely correct”.

  41. Chuck Says:

    OK, dudes, lets chillax here.

    In 25 years Mike Stanton’s going into the HOF, Gio Gonzalez will the limo driver who takes him from the Albany airport to Cooperstown.

    I like Gio Gonzalez, but, holy shit, he’s not worth a game used Stanton uniform, much less Stanton himself.

  42. Brautigan Says:

    I believe you’re right Chuck, but that said, Florida doesn’t have anything else I’d be remotely interested in trading Gonzalez for.

    Besides, I think my Jeffery Loria bias is showing.

  43. Bob Says:

    What about his art collection?

  44. JohnBowen Says:

    Yeah, whatever, shoot for the stars. What’s the worst that happens if you’re Beane? You…don’t…have Mike Stanton? Sounds like you’d be right back where you started.

    Bob Ryan won Around the Horn today, and used his face time to justify the absolutely asinine argument for Jack Morris into the Hall of Fame. He even mentioned “pitching to the score.”

    Once again:

    OPS, by situation for Jack Morris:

    Tie Game: .692
    Within 1: .684
    Within 2: .691
    Within 3: .691
    Within 4: .693
    More than 4: .699

  45. Bob Says:

    Damn, he could have really pissed you off ih he said he led the majors with wins in the 1980’s.

  46. JohnBowen Says:

    Yes, he mentioned that also.

  47. Bob Says:

    Well then. He recieved my talking points!!!!!!!!!!! I’m kidding

  48. Raul Says:

    Bob Ryan could have done worse.

    He could have hinged a HOF argument on stolen base percentage.

  49. Bob Says:

    LOL at Raul.

  50. Bob Says:

    Last bit of news from me until tomorrow.
    1. the Red Sox have interest in Oswalt.
    2. Likewise with Joe Saunders.
    3. Varitek still has a chance to sign with the Sox, according to Nick Cafardo via his Twitter.
    4. 1&2 make sense.

  51. Cameron Says:

    Chuck, the main thing I don’t like about that trade is Oakland gets no immediate help out of it. Not even Ryan Kalish is an ML-ready player.

  52. JohnBowen Says:

    “He could have hinged a HOF argument on stolen base percentage.”

    Or on-base percentage.

    Or something related to how good at baseball you are.

    And not how good your teammates are.

  53. Cameron Says:

    Ooh Braut, I just read Brandon Roy retired due to his knee condition. The Blazers took a huge hit.

  54. Jim Says:

    “Brandon Roy retired due to his knee condition.”

    Somewhere Kevin McHale should be smugly smiling, but he keeps remembering that he used that draft choice to choose Randy Foye.

  55. brautigan Says:

    He was done last year. He had no meniscus left in his knees, so it was bone on bone.

    At least he had one good game left in the tank. He alone beat Dallas in the playoffs last year.

  56. Cameron Says:

    I also remember the health problems being the reason Yao Ming retired, and he wasn’t much older than Roy. You think Ming will go into the Basketball Hall of Fame despite a relatively short career?

  57. Raul Says:

    Just want you to know that you’ve insulted about 600 combined years of basketball coverage by suggesting that Yao Ming might belong in the Hall of Fame.

    Nice job, Cameron.

  58. Cameron Says:

    Just asking, not saying one way or another. I say he might’ve if he played longer than nine years, but he wasn’t good enough to be inducted in that short a time. Only guy to be THAT good was Pistol Pete.

  59. Mike Felber Says:

    Pete was good, but better in College, & many players were better than him in 9 years, considering his whole game. 117 all time in player efficiency rating. .441 FG%. Unimpressive in win shares & in similarity scores. Did not rebound much, nor block…in his case his College years & flash never translated to equivalent real contributions as a pro.

    Hate to say it, but I do not know if he was good enough to deserve the HOF, given his real peak value, & limited career length.

    Sports with fewer games tend to be harder to last longer in, they are more physically demanding. Not that it is a huge difference from baseball, but 9 great years should be enough.

    Was Yao good enough for the HOF? I am not sure, he likely would have needed more time. But it is not an absurd question.

  60. Cameron Says:

    Mike, I think Pete’s college career helped his case more than anything he did in the pros. Remember, the Naismith Hall isn’t just for the NBA. It acknowledges Americans who played at great levels in college and international play as well.

  61. Mike Felber Says:

    Well boys, checking the record, Yao had only 8 years, the last just 5 games, & only 486 over a career, absent labor stoppages. That is pretty limited time for an HOFer, through no fault of his own.

  62. Cameron Says:

    Without the ankle injuries, he probably makes it, but he had little time in the NBA to build a legacy and his time in the CBA was so short it shouldn’t even be considered. He’s impressive, being the first international prep-to-pro player to be taken first overall, but it’s just not enough.

    He’ll be a great “What if” story, though, along with guys who were cut short like Pete Maravich, or speculation on what might have been like Len Bias. On its own, I don’t think so. He did a lot for the sport, brought a lot of attention to the CBA and China as a basketball market in general, and he might be inducted for his influence that way, but he’s not doing it on his feats on the court alone.

  63. Cameron Says:

    Speaking of ballplayers past their prime, Chauncey Billups is an asshole. New York waived his ass ,presumably to add cap space for Chris Paul, which if they add him and the upgrade from Turiaf to Chandler at center makes the Knicks one of the scariest teams in the NBA.

    Billups said if he didn’t clear waivers and wasn’t free to sign with a contender, he’d likely retire. …He was subsequently claimed by the embodiment of failure, the Los Angeles Clippers.

  64. Bob Says:

    The Twins will sign Josh Willingham.

  65. Raul Says:

    More than half of the top 50 in career PER have played their careers in the last 25 years.

    It’s a dumber stat than WAR.

    It’s also abundantly clear that Felber doesn’t know anything that WAR or PER or whatever the stat-of-the-month isn’t telling him.

    Tracy McGrady has a higher PER than Bill Russell.

  66. Raul Says:

    Happy 65th birthday, Art Howe. Howe was born December 15, 1946; the product of some war-hero lovin, I’m sure.

    Mo Vaughn is 44.

  67. Bob Says:

    I bet you we all know where Mo Vaughn is celerating his birthday.

  68. Jim Says:

    The Knicks releasing Billups, gave them the ability to sign Chandler. With Chandler in NY, the Knicks won’t have the cap room to sign Paul.

    Yao Ming isn’t going to the BB HoF, he had a nice career, but he wasn’t a dominant player. Ballot box stuffing by his countrymen played a significant role in several of his all star appearances.

  69. Chuck Says:

    “Tracy McGrady has a higher PER than Bill Russell.”

    LOL..back to the drawing board

  70. JohnBowen Says:

    I wonder if Yao’s countrymen stuffed the ballot box on the “elo-rater.” According to Mike’s list, the fans have him ranked as the 55th best bball player of all-time.

    Sounds kind of…wrong. Then again, I know very little about the NBA. It’s such a lame league. And I guess the Clippers have acquired Chris Paul? Since when do the Clippers ever make an effort?

    Oh, and Mo Vaughn is celebrating his birthday in an all-you-can-eat strip club. Check that. An all-the-food-you-can-eat strip club. You know, to reduce the ambiguity.

  71. Raul Says:

    Well played @ John (re: Vaughn)

  72. Bob Says:

    Regardless of what type of strip joint he is at, we are all jealous.

    And Elo is for ranking chess players. Or an orchestra.

  73. Raul Says:

    Electric Light Orchestra?

    If you’d pick up that telephoooooonnnneeee


  74. Bob Says:


  75. Raul Says:

    Sounds like a party, Bob.

    Let me just grow out my “Serpico beard” and throw on a plaid sports jacket and aviator sunglasses.
    But if Hall & Oates comes on…I’ll need to shave the beard and go all moustache.


    I’m just joking.

  76. Bob Says:

    Yeah, play the song “Maneater” at a strip joint. Even better if the ladies are “out of Touch” from your reach.

  77. Cameron Says:

    “The Knicks releasing Billups, gave them the ability to sign Chandler. With Chandler in NY, the Knicks won’t have the cap room to sign Paul.”

    Ireelevant now. Paul’s a Clipper.

  78. Cameron Says:

    Oh god, the Clippers are really gonna try and start Billups as a shooting guard? I don’t like this idea, Billups is old and small for that position. He’s gonna get beat up fast.

  79. Bob Says:

    @70. Tuna fish is food.

  80. Jim Says:

    The Clippers are stuck with Billips for the season. A condition of ‘amnesty’ or what ever they call the provision that the Knicks’ used to get out of his contract, is that the claiming team needs to keep the player on their roster for the season. They can’t trade or release him.

    The Clips badly need a SG and as foolish as it sounds to put Chauncey there, he’s probably better than what they have.

  81. Mike Felber Says:

    ELO is something else, fan ratings are too given to personal bias. It is mainly an interesting survey of opinions.

    Address “Felber” directly Raul. Where is you evidence that I do not know anything, instead of a lot, about all of those stats? Time for some intellectual rigor on your part. That you disagree about the validity of a stat’s diagnostic powers does not show another’s lack of knowledge.

    But I am skeptical that you pay attention to details. I have repeatedly described problems I have with the accuracy of WAR, a couple of Bill James’ ideas, etc. I can enumerate them at any length. But they do not add up to showing they have no validity or utility. Also, ER * PER are things IO came to myself: I did not even read articles endorsing it. So your implication that I follow trends “stat of the month” is both insulting, based on just assigning those who disagree with you a stereotypical set of behaviors, & flat wrong.

    You take a reactionary, all or nothing approach.

    Ironically, your skepticism about the validity of PER seems based on your own ignorance. NOT because you disagree with me, but your argument against it is cursory & weak. Like so many who do not understand the context of a stat, or what it is trying to say.

    1st, the NBA is MUCH younger than MLB, so the # of players ranking in the top 50 from the last quarter century-especially considering that they may have started before that-is not so disproportionate. There is something else that does not make it at all disproportionate…

    While an excellent guide to overall player quality, I never claimed it said everything about how good a guy is. But also, a basic fact did not occur to you. Which anyone who knows anything about WAR & PER & similar composite rate stats notices, or learns about, immediately.

    Total seasons, games, & minutes played. Did you even look to see how long one must be around to qualify? Chris Paul is great, #8 all time: but in only 425 games played. Of course you need to be discerning enough to know a player who is at most mid career (like another short names Chris, Bosh, his elder at 26):

    Is likely to fall in a moderate or long length career. Stats like these are a snapshot in time, NOT meant to be considered absent the most basic context like playing time.

    Just like nobody with any discernment takes a 25-26 year old player, OR someone in the league as few years as them, & considers their only peak years stat-like WAR averages to make them Ruthian. Sheesh.

    I did consider that a stat like league shooting % was lower in the past, so ideally an “adjusted” PER or ER would be best. But I do not think it would be very different. You do not have the massive home park differences as in baseball, & it was also easier for players to acquire massive # of certain stats like rebounds, with no penalty for a “missed rebound”.

    And the level of competition has gone up, as basketball rewards pure athleticism more than baseball overall. Russell is both overrated by many-some thinking he is the best ever, mostly due to rings-is absurd-& there are other factors besides PER to say that this stat underrates him.

    But it DOES show useful things like how much better Wilt was than him overall. Neither would have the same extreme #s in points &/or rebounds. But actually, if Wilt chose to be more physical, he could likely dominate in a roughly similar way today.

    He did not have to throw his weight around much when so much physically superior then. Against a prime Shaq or Howard, he would be more likely to, & thus he has untapped potential to be nearly as dominant. He was always almost deferential to Russell. Not a killer instinct, did not fight Ali after all. But if pushed by necessity? I think he would be more forceful.

  82. Cameron Says:

    “The Clippers are stuck with Billips for the season. A condition of ‘amnesty’ or what ever they call the provision that the Knicks’ used to get out of his contract, is that the claiming team needs to keep the player on their roster for the season. They can’t trade or release him.

    The Clips badly need a SG and as foolish as it sounds to put Chauncey there, he’s probably better than what they have.”

    That’s why I really didn’t like the fact they sent Eric Gordon over in the package. The Hornets really like Eric Bledsoe and with Paul and Billups they REALLY don’t need Bledsoe around anymore. Ah well, do what you will I guess.

  83. Jim Says:

    The Clips gave up a lot for Paul and now they have holes. You wonder if Stern reached out to Sterling to get the deal through.

  84. Cameron Says:

    They have a slight hole at 2 with Chauncey there. He’s by no means a bad player, but he’s not suited to play the two at all. They’re also really hedging their bets at center with DeAndre Jordan. I don’t like the fact they gave up 3/5 of their rotation, but I’ll give them that Caron Butler’s an upgrade over Al-Farouq Aminu.

    I think they’ll be contenders just because two of the top teams in the Lakers and Mavericks took big steps back this year.

  85. Chuck Says:

    Let’s make something clear.

    David Stern is a douchebag.

    Not as big a douchebag as Gary Bettman, but in the neighborhood.

    They both make Bud Selig look like Pete Fucking Rozelle.

    That said, I heard a Stern interview today in which he explained the denials on the two previous Paul trades.

    And you know what?

    He’s right.

    The NBA, meaning Stern, own the Hornets.

    Stern, as was his right, as the OWNER, did the right thing for the future of the franchise for not allowing obvious bullshit trades that would help the rich and fuck the poor.

    Especially coming on the heels of a new CBA which actually prevented the screwing of the poor.

    I wouldn’t trust that motherfucker as far as I could throw him, but in this case I happen to agree with him 100%.

  86. Cameron Says:

    David Stern is the biggest ball of scum I’ve ever seen run a sport. The level of which games are rigged are so ridiculous that I can’t help but call bullshit. Quite emphatically. You think refs fuck up in the NFL? …Well, okay, they do. But no refs ever get called out on their corruption like NBA refs. Stern has whoever he wants to win. The NBA’s like the fucking mob.

    And I don’t think this trade hurt the Hornets at all. If anything, they won this trade handily. With Gordon at the two and the frontcourt of Okafor and Kaman, this team’s gonna be good. Not a great team, but there’s a solid foundation in place.

  87. Chuck Says:

    You know the first thing I though of after hearing of the trade?

    The pick New Orleans got from the Clippers is potentially a lottery pick.

    Want to bet Stern pulls another Patrick Ewing and the Hornets “win” the first overall pick next year?

  88. Cameron Says:

    Dude, it’s the freakin’ Timberwolves. As much as I like them, they’re not gonna compete this year. They’re a down-the-line team. Beasley has an assload of potential, Johnson’s good, Rubio could really be something special, and Love is one of the better 4 men in the league. Granted, Love is a potential free agent next year as well, I don’t know if he’ll stay.

    I don’t think Stern needs to rig the lottery for that pick to be #1.

  89. Chuck Says:

    Ricky Rubio sucks.

    Stern would need to rig the lottery for New Orleans to end up with the pick.

    How many teams are in the lottery, 12?

  90. Cameron Says:

    I believe 14, but unless you’re top-5, your chances at #1 are less than 1%. It’s a very top-heavy system.

  91. Cameron Says:

    Okay, I just saw how the Draft Lottery is conducted and… Well, it’s screwy, to say the least. Every team gets a chance to be pick 1-3, but it’s weighted so worse teams have less chances. The chances for #11-#14 in the lottery have less than 1&, #10-#7 have less then 5%, #6 and #5 have less than 10%. #4 has about a 12% chance, #3 has a 15% chance, #2 has a 20% chance, and #1 has a 25% chance.

    …I’m pretty sure the Timberwolves are gonna suck hard enough to be pretty comfy in that lottery. Only real offensive presence on that team is Beasley.

  92. Cameron Says:

    The Rangers are working on a five-year extension for Derek Holland, with a club option sixth year. Smart investment there.

  93. Mike Felber Says:

    # 85 seems very fair Chuck.

    So since you were objective there, I ask you: do you also think that Stern literally tells refs-or in effect does so-how to massage calls when they officiate, at least in the playoffs? And thus he might really rig a lottery?

  94. Cameron Says:

    If it makes the league money, anything will be done to make it. David Stern pretty much has every ref in the league in his back pocket. First year draft lottery, New York gets a pick because it’s a money town. Sacramento’s gonna win the conference finals? Bullshit! The Lakers make more money! It’s all business.

  95. Cameron Says:

    Aslo, Red Auerbach was a great coach, but that fucker used every dirty trick in the book. The visitor’s locker room? no air conditioning, no hot water, and the water fountains were hooked directly to the stadium’s sewage line. His methods to get the upper hand made him look like the villain in a bad sports movie.

  96. Chuck Says:

    “I ask you: do you also think that Stern literally tells refs-or in effect does so-how to massage calls when they officiate, at least in the playoffs? And thus he might really rig a lottery?”

    Why would he stop now?

  97. Cameron Says:

    It seems the winning bid for Yu Darvish is likely the Blue Jays, with a bid somewhere between the $40-50MM range, at behest of Rogers Communications. Ownership really wants Darvish in Canada.

  98. Bob Says:

    Boras wants an opt-out clause for Prince. In other words in 3 years he will be playing in the American League.

  99. Cameron Says:

    In three years? If Texas doesn’t win the Darvish posting, I expect them to gun hard for Fielder. The opt-out is there because… Well, look how much money it made CC.

  100. Bob Says:

    It’s there for two reasons.

    1. To make more money
    2. Allow him to DH.

  101. Bob Says:

    Which begs the question: Why doesn’t a team offer him 3/90?

  102. Bob Says:

    1.The Rockies will sign Cuddyer.
    2.Paging Lefty.

  103. Chuck Says:

    “Why doesn’t a team offer him 3/90?’

    Hopefully, that’s a misprint.

  104. Chuck Says:

    I heard the Rangers won the Darvish bid, something like $40-42 million.

  105. Bob Says:

    Not at all. He and Boras want an opt-out so he can DH. Shorter deals lead to bigger yearly salaries.

  106. Bob Says:

    @104 I keep hearing the Jays.

  107. Cameron Says:

    I’m hearing Toronto posted close to fifty, so we’ll have to see.

  108. Bob Says:

    Precisely what I have read/heard.

  109. Cameron Says:

    And Mike Cuddyer is a Rockie. 3/31.5

  110. Chuck Says:

    I wouldn’t give Prince 20 a year, much less 30.

  111. JohnBowen Says:

    30 million dollars a season is a ridiculous sum to pay a ballplayer, even one as productive as Prince.

    You’re talking about, what…1/3 of your payroll? On one guy? I love the guy, but he wouldn’t justify 30 million dollars a year if he was a gold glove SS, much less a sloppy 1B.

  112. Bob Says:

    For 3 years you pay a premium. Let’s be honest here. if he wants an opt-out, he really wants to test the market at 30. A 3-year deal does that. I am not about to go 7 years now, when I would have as recently as yesterday.

  113. Cameron Says:

    If Pujols couldn’t clear 30 a year, no way in hell does Prince clear that.

  114. Raul Says:

    The reason Prince Fielder doesn’t want a 3 year deal is because if he gets injured or plays poorly, his market value is worthless at the end of the 3 years.

    If you do a Sabathia-esque deal, Fielder can opt out to get additional years and money if he’s performed well — or he can choose not to opt out and still collect the additional 3 or 4 years of money if he was performing poorly.

    You think if Sabathia had been putting up AJ Burnett numbers, that he would have even considered opting out?

  115. Raul Says:

    Happy 46th birthday, Billy Ripken.

    Happy 22nd birthday, Tyler Chatwood.

    Happy 25th birthday, Alcides Escobar.

    And unfortunately, Mike Flanagan would have been 60 years old today. He died in August, 2011. Flanagan was your 1979 AL Cy Young winner, going 23-9 with a 3.08 ERA, 16 Complete Games and 5 Shutouts.

  116. Cameron Says:

    Billy Ripken had the greatest baseball card of all time.

  117. Brautigan Says:

    Several years ago, Billy Ripken goes to Charlotte, North Carolina to instruct little leaguers on the finer points of baseball. Every other word he uses is the F word, and he is dropping bombs all over the place. In front of 10, 11 and 12 year olds.

    Now THAT’S a ballplayer. Old school.


  118. Chuck Says:

    ” Every other word he uses is the F word, and he is dropping bombs all over the place. In front of 10, 11 and 12 year olds.”

    You should hear Bryce Harper.

  119. Cameron Says:

    At least Ripken has the decency to keep his obscenities on the bottom of his bat and not written in eye black like a tool.

  120. brautigan Says:

    I wonder if that Fleer photographer got fired? Or got a raise?

    They enjoyed massive publicity over that black sharpie.

  121. Bob Says:

    Bonds got house arrest.

  122. JohnBowen Says:

    I think it sucks that Topps got sole distribution rights.

    Donruss, Score, Fleer, Upper Deck – they all had great designs.

  123. Chuck Says:

    So, Bonds got 250 hours of community service.

    I would pay big bucks to see him in an orange jump suit scooping dog shit at a city park.

  124. Cameron Says:

    And in the NBA season opener, Kyrie Irving scored 21 points to get the Cavs to beat the Pacers 95-85. I should be surprised, but Irving and Anthony Parker are really the only scoring options these guys have.

  125. Cameron Says:

    Also, with Toronto trying to heavily bid for Yu Darvish, San Francisco’s outfield settled, and Michael Cuddyer being a Rockie, it seems all but inevitable that Carlos Beltran is a Cardinal for the next few years.

    Holliday, Berkman, and Beltran? Not bad, I’m guessing Lance is going back to first.

  126. Bob Says:

    @ 123. Bonds is appealing the ruling, so you will have to wait.

  127. JohnBowen Says:

    Padres and Reds with a big trade. Latos going to Cincy, Volquez and Alonso heading to San Diego.

    I started a thread about it; interesting move.

  128. Bob Says:

    You just beat me to it. Also, Rollins is staying in Philly for the next 3 years. 11 million annualy.

  129. Raul Says:

    House arrest and probation.
    For obstruction of justice.

    This is what money gets you.

  130. Bob Says:

    Actually, Rollins will most likely spend 4 years there.

  131. Cameron Says:

    There’s a vesting option that’s said to be “easy to get”, so yeah, likely four.

    …I give them until two months into the season before they realize this was a really bad idea.

  132. Hossrex Says:

    Sometimes it feels like a lot of fans won’t be happy until every modern player is handed a lifetime suspension, and the legends of the past brought back through a combination of time travel, robotics, and necromancy.

    Zombie cyborg Timelord Jim Creighton is my pick for the 2012 MVP.

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