Trade Candidates – NL Central Edition

by JohnBowen

By Bob Owens

For my third installment, i tackled the N.L Central, and fully expect to incur the wrath of Brautigan and Kerry (Cardinal fans) and John (Brewers fan)

Chicago Cubs – Matt Garza (RHP)

A lot of what they do will be based on what Bud Selig gives to Boston, for the Cubs signing Theo Epstein. However, a number of teams have inquired about Garza, and Theo and new GM Jed Hoyer have made it clear that nobody is untouchable; they will clearly eat some salary to insure a better return, as evidenced by their recent trade of Carlos Zambrano.

Cincinnati Reds – Joey Votto (1B) This could be the biggest name traded this season, as the Reds are concerned he will take his talents to the American League when his contract expires after 2013. Trading him this year will give a new team plenty of time to sign him to a contract extension, ala Adrian Gonzalez. Off course if the Reds are in the thick of things, they will not entertain this thought until November.  Which will still give said club plenty of time to negoiate with Votto.

Houston Astros – Wandy Rodriguez (LHP),

And yes their other options are less enthralling.

Milwaukee – John Axford (RHP)

The Brewers, a playoff team last year, have lost Prtince Fielder for 162 games, and possibly Ryan Braun for 50. This means that they will probably lose more games this year, making a closer a moot point. Also, as a proven closer, Axford should have a decent amount of value. A lot of what this team does will be based on the results of the Braun hearing. (I know, pointing out the obvious.)

St. Louis Cardinals – Kyle McClellan (RHP)

I honestly was going to pick a pitcher as we have known the Cards are in the Roy Oswalt hunt, and need to clear a spot. The headlines made it easier when I read the Cards are trying to trade McClellan with Baltimore as a possible fit.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Andrew McCutchen (CF)

I do not think the Pirates should trade Andrew McCutchen, even though I read he is a possibility if he does not sign an extension. I also doubt they part with Pedro Alvarez, as no team will give up what the Pirates want for the former 1st round pick. I suppose Brad Lincoln or Nate McCouth might fetch something, although I’m not convinced of it.

Up next: The AL West

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18 Responses to “Trade Candidates – NL Central Edition”

  1. Raul Says:

    The John Axford trade seems possible.

    Andrew McCutchen? Surely you jest.

    Nate McClouth is on the Pirates? Is this 2008?

  2. Cameron Says:

    Well Raul, if he rides arbitration as long as he can, they might do it just to get the max value they can out of him. I don’t think they’ll do it, but I see the possibility.

  3. JohnBowen Says:

    Haha, I didn’t catch that. Is McClouth still with the Braves?

  4. Cameron Says:

    Nah, I think McClouth actually did go back to Pittsburgh last year for depth.

  5. JohnBowen Says:

    Oh ok. So Bob was right.

    I remember in 2008, the Pirates had one of the best OF in the league until the trading deadline. McLouth in CF, Bay in LF and Nady in RF were all having big years.

    Then the Pirates fell in line and funded the Red Sox-Yankees war.

  6. John Says:

    If you think about it, trading McCutchen would be the most Pirate-esque thing the Oirates could do.

  7. Raul Says:

    LOL @ John


  8. Hossrex Says:

    (please take note that I’m not knocking the article. I promise)

    Lol… The NL Central.

    When the Angels signed Pujols, and the Tigers got Prince, my fathers first reaction was “holy shit… My Cubbies are awful… But all of a sudden we don’t look a whole lot shittier than the competition”.

    That about sums up the NL Central.

  9. Bob Says:

    @#1. As I wrote, I would not trade McCutchen, just read somewhere where the Pirates might entartain offers for him

  10. Kerry Says:

    Sorry, Hoss, the Cubs are still woefully outmanned in the division — I see the Cards, Brewers and Reds fighting over the division lead.

  11. brautigan Says:

    Nice Bob. The Cardinals didn’t do anything this offseason that I expected them to do, so I think they sit in the middle of a weak pack.

    Trading McCutcheon? Wow. That would be so dumb, but if Pittsburgh doesn’t surround that guy with some talent, then why would he sign an extension?….so yes, it does make sense they are entertaining offers. And if they do trade him, then dammit, just move the franchise and put an end to Pirate suffering.

  12. JohnBowen Says:

    I think the Cards will win the division fairly comfortably…I hope I’m wrong, of course, but I think it’ll break down roughly like this:

    Cards: 92-70
    Reds : 87-75
    Brewers: 84-78
    Cubs: 71-91
    Pirates: 70-92
    Astros: 58-104

  13. Cameron Says:

    They’re trying to surround McCutchen with talent, braut… But the only young guy near his level on that team is Walker.

  14. Hossrex Says:


    Bless you, but you obviously didn’t grow up with a die-hard (Re: DIE-fucking-HARD) cubs fan.

    The only time they have for optimism is January, so we just let ‘em have it. :p

  15. Bob Says:

    @11: Thank you.

  16. Bob Says:

    The Padres sogned Micah Owings. I will have the AL West done Monday night-Tuesday morning. Post-Super Bowl

  17. brautigan Says:

    @14: You haven’t lived until you get hip-checked by an 85 year old lady in Mesa trying to get Ryne Sandberg’s autograph. She could have been a Black Hawk with the execution of that hip-check. Put me face first into a parking pole.

    And no, I didn’t get Sandberg’s autograph that day. But she did.

  18. Lefty33 Says:

    @17 – I feel lucky enough that last year when the IronPigs were home I would see Sandberg out walking his dogs at around the same time every day and I just always happened to be out walking my um…….cats at the same time that he was.

    I never asked him for his autograph but I did have two excellent chats with him at a nice diner not to far from where I live and from where he rented a house last year during the season.

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