American League Awards Predictions – 2012

by JohnBowen

Opening Day is just a few days away – well, technically, it already happened, but if the two worst teams in the league play a game, and no one sees it, did it really happen? Anyway, here are my predictions for award winners in the American League in 2012.

MVP – Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

He’s finished top-5 in each of the past three years, sporting a .332/.421/.583 line, and is coming off back-to-back OBP titles, as well as the 2011 American League batting title. Now that he has the fearsome Prince protecting him in the order, I expect some very Nintendo-esque numbers from the Tigers superstar – the only question is whether or not his defense at third base will be so atrocious that it loses him votes (or if Leyland will come to his senses and put one of his three DH’s at DH).

Runners-up: Albert Pujols, Robinson Cano

Cy Young: CC Sabathia, New York Yankees

He consistently gets it done, year-in and year-out; I see his accomplishments being magnified with the current Pineda injury and question marks with the rest of the rotation.

Runners-up: Felix Hernandez, Jered Weaver

Rookie of the Year: Matt Moore, Tampa Bay Rays

Fresh off a contract that will leave him set for life, Matt Moore will have an even better season than his teammate Jeremy Hellickson had last year. Yu Darvish is quite tough to predict, but I have to imagine the voters will side with the true rookie if it’s close. There was some question about whether or not Mike Trout would end up being eligible (he had the maximum number of PA’s to still be eligible, and had some limbo time originally counted as MLB service time) – but the final verdict was that he is, and will be a heavy contender in the race as well. Like most on this blog, I believe Jesus Montero will underwhelm, especially at DH.

Runners-up: Darvish, Trout

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258 Responses to “American League Awards Predictions – 2012”

  1. Bob Says:

    1. Fielder
    2. Dustin Ackley
    3. Evan Longoria

    Cy Young
    1. Felix
    2. Verlander
    3. Mariano Rivera

    1. Mike Trout
    2. Matt Moore
    3. Darvish

  2. Chuck Says:

    Wow, Bob, you really like Ackley, don’t you?

  3. Bob Says:


  4. Raul Says:

    Ackley won’t be anywhere near Top 3 in MVP, but in 3 years he’ll be the best 2nd baseman in baseball.

    I’m surprised at John’s kindness to the Yankees. I don’t think Sabathia wins it this year. Cano certainly has the ability to gain MVP votes and he’ll be batting 3rd in the lineup this year. Still, I leaned towards Longoria over Cano…just slightly.

  5. Raul Says:

    Brett Lawrie doesn’t qualify for ROY?

  6. Chuck Says:

    Lawrie is not ROY eligible..171 PA’s last year

  7. Raul Says:

    Ubaldo Jimenez drills Troy Tulowitzki.

    Not cool. It’s Spring Training, dude.

  8. Cameron Says:


    MVP – Miguel Cabrera
    2nd – Albert Pujols
    3rd – Prince Fielder

    Cy Young – Justin Verlander
    2nd – CC Sabathia
    3rd – Felix Hernandez

    Rookie of the Year – Matt Moore
    2nd – Yu Darvish
    3rd – Mike Trout

    Comeback Player of the Year – Alex Rodriguez

    Manager of the Year – Jim Leyland

  9. Chuck Says:

    Three homers for Desmond Jennings today.

    Granted, they were against an AAA team, but three bombs is three bombs.

  10. Raul Says:

    Yeah 3 homers is impressive. Especially for a guy like Jennings.

  11. JohnBowen Says:

    Bob does really like Ackley…

    Don’t think we’ll be seeing an MVP season from him just yet, but he’s a great young talent. Hopefully he gets some support in that lineup…

  12. JohnBowen Says:

    “Comeback Player of the Year – Alex Rodriguez”

    That’s interesting…I would say either Dunn or Wells.

  13. Raul Says:

    Probably Carl Crawford takes it before Vernon Wells.

  14. JohnBowen Says:

    He’s starting the year on the DL though. I don’t think he’s gonna come back too much.

  15. JohnBowen Says:

    I didn’t realize Dante Bichette Jr. is in camp, with the Yankees.

    He has 2 at-bats, and 2 home runs.

  16. Raul Says:


    I just figured that Vernon Wells has been healthy this entire time and still sucked.

  17. Raul Says:

    So we re-drafted tonight.

    C – Joe Mauer
    1B – Albert Pujols
    2B – Ryan Roberts
    3B – Aramis Ramirez
    SS – Elvis Andrus
    OF – Andrew McCutchen
    OF – Alex Gordon
    OF – Andre Ethier
    UTIL – Mark Teixeira
    UTIL – Adam Dunn
    BN – Jemile Weeks
    BN – Michael Brantley

    SP – Matt Cain
    SP – Gio Gonzalez
    SP – Ricky Romero
    SP – Yu Darvish
    RP – Jordan Walden
    RP – Carlos Marmol
    RP – Sean Marshall
    RP – Grant Balfour
    P – Phil Hughes
    BN – Brett Myers
    BN – Mike Minor
    BN – Jeff Samardzija

  18. Cameron Says:

    @12 Wells and Dunn aren’t recovering from injury, and didn’t A-Rod spend about 60 games on the DL last year? He’s about the only major injury case in the AL I can think of.

    The NL is where it’s at. Wainwright and Strasburg.

  19. Cameron Says:

    Few points of note on the last day of ST here.

    1. Finally got a look at the Gordon contract. 4/37.5 and an option for 5/50. I like it.

    2. Last I checked, Hosmer led ST in RBIs by 10. God. Damn.

    3. In today’s Cardinals game, a white Chevy Silverado was given away to a fan. The truck was Adam Wainwright’s in a gag planned by Lance Berkman and David Freese, who was the fan’s cousin. THAT is an awesome April Fool’s prank.

    Also, my mom would have been 52 yesterday. If you were wondering why I wasn’t on much yesterday or the past few days, that’s why. April is a bad month for me.

  20. Chuck Says:

    So, for all the fuss about what a stud he is, the Rockies sent down Drew Pomeranz yesterday.

    And to once and for all solidify what I’ve been saying for years now, Brett Wallace sucks ass, because he got sent down too.

    He couldn’t make a team that won 56 games last year.

    At least he lasted longer in camp than Pedro Alvarez, which I guess means Alvarez sucks worse.

  21. Bob Says:

    Kentucky 73
    Kansas 66

  22. Bob Says:

    Josh Beckett has a thumb injury.

  23. Chuck Says:

    Opening a beer?

  24. Bob Says:

    And a 20 piece of extra crispy.

  25. Chuck Says:

    Looking forward to driving out to Pawtucket to see Ryan Lavarnway?

    Beats the alternative I guess, which is driving to Boston to watch Daniel Bard.

  26. Bob Says:

    Yeah. Pawtucket should be decent this year. Of course I have yet to contrast it to other AAA rosters.

  27. Raul Says:

    Happy 67th birthday, Don Sutton! The Hall of Famer had a 23-year career going 324-256 with 5 consecutive Top-5 finishes for the Cy Young award. His 5,282.1 innings pitched is good for 7th All-Time. Sutton received just 56.8% of the vote in 1994 and was finally elected in 1998, squeaking by with 81.6% in a weak year.

    Happy 42nd birthday, Denny Hocking! A 13-year veteran mostly with the Minnesota Twins, Hocking was basically Jeff Bagwell before the juice — physically and in terms of minor league production.

    Happy 42nd birthday, Jon Lieber! Few players have gotten by with as little talent as Jon Lieber. The guy was practically a “crafty veteran” as a high schooler. Fourteen years and an ERA of 4.27 in the 1990s and 2000s isn’t too shabby.

    Happy 67th birthday, Reggie Smith! The 17-year switch-hitting veteran had a rocket arm and was one of the more consistent hitters during the 1960s and 70s. Smith would go on later in life to be a coach the US Olympic baseball teams.

    Of interest:

    Reggie Smith
    314 HR
    363 Doubles
    2,020 Hits
    1,123 Runs
    137 OPS+

    Jim Rice
    382 HR
    373 Doubles
    2,452 Hits
    1,249 Runs
    128 OPS+

    Everyone knows Jim Rice. Nobody’s heard of Reggie Smith.

    Also born today:
    HOF Luke Appling
    HOF Hughie Jennings

  28. Chuck Says:


    Pete Incaviglia

    A friend of mine’s son went to high school with Pete. We went to Yankee Stadium when he came to New York the first time in ‘86 with the Rangers, Pete left us tickets.

    We get there early so we can get down near the field to talk to him, and it’s crowded and the rent-a-cops won’t let us anywhere near the field. My friend gets his attention and he goes down and talks to him and they make arrangements for us to meet outside the visitors clubhouse after the game.

    He comes out and my buddy waves him over and he shakes our hand and I hand him my scorecard, Pete takes it and turns it over like he’s going to sign it, and I had written on the front cover, “I know your brother Tony.”

    Pete signs it and comes over to me and we start talking about his older brother, who played in the EL when I was working for them.

    I still have it.

  29. Raul Says:

    Pete Incaviglia is a great name.

    Right up there with Rico Brogna.

  30. Raul Says:

    Cardinals @ Marlins
    Kyle Lohse vs Josh Johnson
    Wednesday night, 7pm ET.

    Who hits the first home run in the Marlins’ new stadium?

  31. Bob Says:

    Jose Reyes.

  32. Raul Says:

    No lucky homer off Josh Johnson by the Cardinals in the 1st?

  33. Bob Says:

    Giants+Matt Cain = 5-year extension for $100MM

  34. brautigan Says:

    I used to go to Incaviglia’s liquor store in New Monterey (between Pacific Grove and Monterey). Mr. Incaviglia was very nice, and he used to store a great beer, Mackeson’s XXX (which by the way, the only store I can find it now is in Mesa, of all places). Aw, fond memories. Used to be on Lighthouse avenue….the good ol’ days.

  35. Raul Says:


    Looks like the Talk Radio Yankees fans will have to find someone else to fawn over for 2013, because Cole Hamels aint coming either.

  36. Chuck Says:

    Wait til later today or tomorrow when Joey Votto’s extension is announced.

    Big years, big money.

  37. John Says:

    The extension is official, 10 years, 225 million dollars.

    A risk for sure, as any deal of that length and size is bound to be.

    But Votto is just 27, not a total clutz around the bag, okay baserunning skills, and has been an automatic lock for .300/.400/.500 so far in his career.

    This deal makes a lot more sense than the Pujols or Fielder deals.

  38. Chuck Says:

    “This deal makes a lot more sense than the Pujols or Fielder deals.”

    That, I agree with. And while he’s not a position player, you can add CC to the list too.

  39. John Says:

    Granted, the deal isn’t even half over, but how can you not be pleased with the returns on the Sabathia deal so far?

  40. Bob Says:

    Not sure if I should do this, because of an upcoming article, but here goes.

    NL MVP
    1. Matt Kemp. If he is close, he gets it this year.
    2. Troy Tulowitzki
    3. Joey Votto

    NL Cy Young
    1. Clayton Kershaw
    2. Tim Lincecum
    3. Stephen Strasburg

    1. Yonder Alonzo
    2. Bryce Harper- Depends when the Nationals call him up.
    3. Shelby Miller

  41. Raul Says:

    The Yankees already got 1 World Series title out of the Sabathia deal.

    That’s more than they can say about a lot of other trades and signings over the last decade.

    Though, if you ask me, Joe Torre cost them that 2004 ALCS, and probably cost them other playoff series based on his insane baseball decisions and galactically poor management of team chemistry once Alex Rodriguez got there.

  42. Raul Says:

    Regarding this praise for Cincinnati’s deal for Joey Votto…

    My concern has nothing to do with whether or not Joey Votto is worth 225 million.
    It’s how the hell are the Reds sitting on that kind of money? Next thing I know, the Rays are gonna sign Desmond Jennings for 150 million out of nowhere.

  43. Bob Says:

    Baseball is flush with cash.

  44. Raul Says:

    Indeed it is. Probably from all those luxury tax dollars the Yankees pay.

  45. brautigan Says:

    @ 43: A fool and his money are soon parted.

  46. Chuck Says:

    I’m not a Sabathia fan, I was against the original acquisition and moreso the extension.

    He’s not in the “ace” category of Halladay and Lincecum (not many are, I know).

    The Yanks would have won in 2009 without Sabathia, and if he was so good, how come they DIDN’T win the last two years?

    I’d almost bet my house he’ll be out of baseball before the contract expires.

  47. Raul Says:

    I guess you could argue that Alex Rodriguez was probably the biggest reason they even got to the World Series that year. But Sabathia was good. I mean, maybe they win without him, but it would take a quality pitcher in his place to do so.

    I agree, Sabathia isn’t Lincecum or Felix Hernandez. But he is a stable, consistent pitcher. The Yankees overpaid for him but given their options and their resources, who could blame them?

    The Reds committed a lot of dollars to Joey Votto. But if they’re going to win, they’ll need to lock up some pitching — or develop it…quickly.

  48. Raul Says:

    It’s nonsense how I sometimes read about Nick Swisher’s poor hitting in the playoffs with the Yankees but I read nothing about Mark Teixeira.

    Swisher’s hitting .160 in the playoffs in NY.
    Teixeira’s at .170.

  49. Raul Says:

    Spring Training is just about over.

    Strikeouts leader: Danny Espinosa 25
    Home Run leader: Freddie Freeman 7
    Hits leader: Eric Hosmer 32
    Stolen Base leader: Gregor Blanco 12
    Pitching Strikeouts leader: Francisco Liriano 33
    Pitching Walks leader: Carlos Zambrano 21
    Pitching Home Runs Allowed leader: Julio Teheran 9

  50. Chuck Says:

    Most autographs signed leader: Josh Hamilton.

    Every year, it never ceases to amaze me just how much time he spends doing that.

    Especially for a “star” caliber player.

    IMO, it’s an obligation to sign, especially at the park and/or in uniform. Ten minutes a day is certainly sufficient, but I’ve seen Hamilton sign non-stop for over an hour.

    And he signs EVERYTHING, hats, shirts, pictures, hot dog wrappers, napkins, skin, balls, cards, you name it.

    It’s unbelievable.

  51. Chuck Says:

    Blue Jays sent Brett Cecil to….Double A.

    I didn’t realize their pitching was that deep?

  52. Raul Says:

    Is he hurt?

    Seems rare for a pitcher with his experience to get sent down to AA without injury.

  53. Chuck Says:

    If he was hurt, you’d think he’d stay in XST?

    I don’t know.

    Let me check his stats…

  54. Chuck Says:

    Cecil, B 3 1 6.48 6 6 16.2 21 14 12 2 9 10 .296 1.80

    Yeah, he sucked.

    But still, AA?

  55. Raul Says:

    Yeah. AA has to sting after being in the Majors for 3 years.
    I guess AAA was too crowded for Toronto.

  56. Chuck Says:

    I just saw the Jimenez/Tulowitzki replay.

    Have to say, that may very well be the first time I’ve ever seen a pitcher charge the plate after hitting a batter.

    You can say whatever you want during your presser, you can have your agent say whatever he wants during his, but actions do speak louder than words.

    By charging Tulo, you basically proved yourself it was intentional.

    Here’s my beef with MLB’s stupid suspension rule.

    If Tulowitzki charged the mound and he was suspended five games, that’s 25 plate appearances and 45 defensive innings in the field.

    For arguably the best SS, offensively and defensively, in the National League.

    Jimenez’ five “game” suspension is one start. Nine innings.

    Why not suspend him five starts?

    Count out 25 game days on the calendar (including off days) and suspend him off that?

    Five games for the best player in the league for one game for a number three starter on a 90 loss team isn’t fair.

  57. Raul Says:

    Exactly @ Chuck.
    I’m amazed at myself for not having brought up that discrepancy before.

    I don’t think a pitcher needs to be suspended every time he hits a batter. But the pitch was intentional and caught Tulo on the elbow. He could have gone on the DL for half the season, costing the Rockies millions. And in exchange, Jimenez sits out a start in April against Toronto or Chicago.


    And why? Because Tulo got a contract extension and you didn’t?

    The Rockies have a beef.
    Jesus Montero, not so much.

  58. Bob Says:

    @56 Spot on.

  59. Chuck Says:

    I have no problem with a pitcher intentionally throwing at a hitter, as long as it’s for a “baseball” reason.

    When you’re pissed off because the guy was calling you names, then you need to seriously tighten your tampon string.

    If Tulowitzki went into second and roll-blocked Jason Kipnis on a DP, and went out of the baseline to do it, fine, drill his ass. He deserved it, and he knows it.

    But because he called you out for whining about a contract extension?

    Boo fucking Hoo.

    If I was Tulo I’d be calling up one of my brothers, like Evan Longoria, and making sure that score got settled. Can’t do it yourself because it was an interleague game, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

  60. Cameron Says:

    Colorado doesn’t extend pitchers for good reason, Ubaldo. You should know that, you pitched there.

  61. Cameron Says:

    Hey Chuck, you have MLB TV right, or is it just MiLB TV? I noticed there’s a Free Game of the Day. Have they always ran that?

    Also, saw Prince Fielder in a Tigers uniform for the first time today. You know how guys just look like they belong on certain teams when they put on a uniform? Prince Fielder LOOKS like a Tiger in that uniform.

  62. Raul Says:

    I found that I like spinach in my sandwiches over lettuce.
    Heh. Just a random blurb.

    I recall running a Free Game of the Day last season.

  63. Cameron Says:

    I do too, but for odd reasons, I don’t think they ran it every day. That’s why I was asking Chuck, as I think he’s the only subscriber here. …Actually, I think John has it too, now I think about it. Hey John!

  64. Cameron Says:

    Also, I’ve never tried spinach in my sandwiches before, but I might try it, Raul. I can see why it’d be preferable. Not as watery a vegetable.

  65. John Says: hasn’t been doing spring training, as far as I can tell. I tried a couple times and it didn’t work.

  66. Raul Says:

    I caught a few Spring Training games but on radio.
    You could watch them, but you needed the MLB Premium account.

    I just have the basic.

  67. Raul Says:

    Andrew Bailey, you’re f*cking out.

  68. John Says:

    “I’m not a Sabathia fan, I was against the original acquisition and moreso the extension.

    He’s not in the “ace” category of Halladay and Lincecum (not many are, I know).

    The Yanks would have won in 2009 without Sabathia, and if he was so good, how come they DIDN’T win the last two years?

    I’d almost bet my house he’ll be out of baseball before the contract expires.”

    Let’s see:

    “He’s not in the “ace” category of Halladay and Lincecum (not many are, I know).”

    That’s a pretty loosely defined category, then. I mean, those guys are better, sure, but in the lats 3 years as a Yankee, CC Sabathia ranks 6th in MLB in WAR, 4th in IP, 2nd in wins, 7th in ERA+, 5th in OPS+-against, and 8th in strikeouts. What does “ace” mean to you?

    “The Yanks would have won in 2009 without Sabathia,”

    There’s no way to know that for sure. He did win the ALCS MVP that year, winning both his starts and surrendering just 2 runs in 16 innings of work. He was also the workhorse of that rotation, which helped keep the bullpen fresh.

    The Yankees were good enough that year that they probably could’ve gone without any single player and still made the playoffs and likely made a run but it’s hard to not love the total dominance that CC exhibited in that post-season.

    “and if he was so good, how come they DIDN’T win the last two years?”

    If Roy Halladay is so good, how come he’s NEVER won a World Series?

    It’s a team game, Chuck. No matter how good CC Sabathia is at pitching, he can’t make AJ Burnett not suck, or give Jeter range, or cure ARod’s hip. He can only go out once ever 5 days and give you a guaranteed solid start.

    Which is what you’ve gotten from Sabathia. In the last three years, 60 of Sabathia’s starts have been at least 7 IP and 3 or fewer IP, (call it a “modified quality start”) which ranks third in baseball behind King Felix and Roy Halladay.

    “I’d almost bet my house he’ll be out of baseball before the contract expires”

    He hasn’t even missed a single start since 2006. But yeah. Out of baseball within the next 5 years, guaranteed.

  69. John Says:

    @66, yeah, I think I just have the basic too.

    At some point, we’ll bring back live game blogs. Those are fun.

  70. Chuck Says:

    I don’t subscribe to MLB.TV, and yes, they have had free games daily during spring training.

  71. Mike Felber Says:

    I agree on the suspension policy flaw, & how Jimenez action was a vicious weakness. Though revenge through a 3rd party would not be much better.

    And the gratuitous reference to Bagwell having juiced was not super-cool. Another unwarranted assumption of guilt from eyeball “evidence” that holds no water.

    Cameron, sorry about your Mom. You must have lost her quite young. I was able to be there the last few weeks of my Mom’s life in LI, & at her deathbed, less than 3 years ago. A confluence of fortuitous circumstances allowed the latter. How are you doing now?

  72. Raul Says:

    Doesn’t matter if you think Bagwell was clean.
    He juiced.

  73. Mike Felber Says:

    It matters not so much what either of us thinks. But arguments that are unsupported by anything but an eyeball test that can be refuted-& much of what I wrote knowing far more than you about potentials for SOME in weight training went unaddressed-are wrong. In both senses.

    I got around to reading that Lou Cappetta article. It was pretty bad.

    Why? he ended with a non-controversial even handed look at both sides strengths. But where is the beef? He expressed surprise at the central comparison of Jones & Howard as about as productive over the last 3 years. But he never goes into any analysis to support his argument!

    I thought this paragraph of his was incorrect:

    “More teams would water down the competition, more playoff spots would make the regular season less meaningful and instant replay will remove the human element from the game are all some of the arguments made against change in baseball. They all seemed valid at one time, yet in hindsight, now seem a bit ridiculous.”

    Seems absurd to who? Only the instant replay argument seems so, the other things are very rational & continuing concerns.

    And his praise of Shawn Payne’s article as well written seems misguided. It is also very incomplete. He merely reports the results of SM analysis, he does not go into the math itself, or the defensibility of what credit is assigned for different facets of the game. Absolutely no mention even of offense vs. defense even, or what goes into each.

  74. Cameron Says:

    You know, Jose Canseco said 85% of the majors was juicing before they clamped down. As usual, I’m pretty sure Jose’s full of shit and way off-base. …But how off-base do you guys really think he was, just want a good gauge here.

    Given the numbers… I’d say maybe about 35% at the most? There were guys like Martinez, Johnson, and Smoltz who I’m sure put up clean stuff. However, some of the lesser guys probably needed stuff to improve. Like say, John Rocker or Mark Wohlers I wouldn’t be surprised. Given the numbers, Griffey could have… But somehow I just can’t imagine the guy doing it. Seems too nice, like his soul is clean. Juan Gone and Raffy Palmeiro though? Fuck ‘em.

  75. Raul Says:

    35% juicers?
    It was at least 50%.

    Add in greenies, and it probably was that 85% Canseco was floating.

    Short of a confession by Bagwell himself, it’s obvious he juiced. No other team in baseball had as many PED connections as the Houston Astros. Chuck himself was told by a former player that Bags juiced. Bags claimed to have started lifting in 1995 after Mike Hampton called him sickly-looking. Doubt it. But even if that was true, 30 pounds of muscle starting at age-27? Right. Shoulder injury forced him out of the game. Completely common for a 1B, I’m certain of it. Didn’t say a word about PED use until his retirement, despite being in the midst of the most notorious steroid clubhouse in the league? Fantastic. Christ, even Rick Helling knew steroids was rampant in baseball…especially Texas, and he was saying that shit in 98.

    This has been talked about too damn much here, and it’s obvious Mike doesn’t agree, because until Brian McNamee comes forward with another beer can and syringe, Jeff Bagwell must go down as among the 9 people on the planet to pack on 30lbs of muscle naturally after age 27 but before 30, and then promptly lose all of it within a year of his retirement.

    Jeff Bagwell: Blows Up & Shrivels Faster Than the Incredible Hulk.

    If only I could have that super power.

  76. Cameron Says:

    Were they even still using greenies in the 90s?

  77. Raul Says:

    Hey Cam…

    Take a look at that forearm. Preacher curls don’t do that shit.

  78. Cameron Says:

    I know, forearm veins aren’t supposed to be seen unless you look for ‘em. Bulging like that? I think Jeff was probably on it, I was just asking a question.

  79. Raul Says:

    Whatever dude.
    Opening night is basically here.

    I’ll be watching the game on mute because I hate ESPN’s broadcasts but hopefully the Marlins make a good showing.

  80. Cameron Says:

    You think ESPN TV is bad, try the radio broadcasts they do. That’s where they send the guys too bad to call TV.

  81. Raul Says:

    That’s the good thing about the feed. You can choose if you want the Home or Away broadcast.

  82. Cameron Says:

    And it’s the local AM station. That’s good for KC games, because you get to listen to Denny Matthews.

    Also, I find KC’s TV team interesting in the fact it’s a former player (Frank White) and the son of a former major leaguer (Ryan Lefebvre, son of Jim Lefbvre). Also, their post-game is handled by former Royals closer Jeff Montgomery. Kinda fitting. First he closes games, then closes the TV broadcast.

  83. Raul Says:

    My fellow Yankees fans make me sick. Today I saw a facebook comment going around that said the last 6 times Kentucky won the NCAA Championship, the Yankees have won the World Series.

    In a related story, the last 4 times I scratched my sack while watching Breaking Bad, there was a car accident.

  84. Raul Says:

    15 “experts” on picked the Diamondbacks to play in the World Series this year.

  85. Cameron Says:

    Stop killing people Raul.

  86. Raul Says:

    Words of wisdom, Cameron.

    I’ll try my best.

  87. Bob Says:

    The Indians extended Asdrubal Cabrera through 2014. With Lindor in the wings, look for teams to scout the Indians other shortstops.

  88. Raul Says:

    Good move for all parties.

    It still puts Cabrera on the market before age 30. And it gives Lindor more time to develop.

    Still, Lindor is just 18 years old. Will he be ready for the Majors by age 20?

    Jeter was the full-time SS at 21.
    Vizquel at 22-23.
    Tulowitzki at 22.
    Reyes at 22.

    It’s only a year or two, but a player can develop an awful lot in a year or two.
    I’m sure Lindor can get play the SS position by age-20, but the bat probably won’t come around until 2 or 3 years after that.

  89. Raul Says:

    Minka Kelly sure knows how to step it up.

    After dating Derek Jeter (who knows who dumped who?) she is now with Wilmer Valderamma (Fez, from That Seventies Show).

    I suppose that would be like Albert Pujols anulling his 250 million dollar contract to appear in Subway Sandwich commercials for $10k a pop.

  90. Bob Says:

    Raul, did you see the mug shot yesterday of Lisa Robin Kelly? Holy shit. She used to be attractive.

  91. Raul Says:


    I dunno what drugs she’s taking but they ruined her.
    She looks terrible. I couldn’t believe that mug shot and her acting photos were the same person.

  92. Bob Says:

    Neither could I.

  93. Mike Felber Says:

    Chuck you may find this of interest.

  94. Raul Says:

    Interesting, Mike.

    The thing I don’t understand is that if the medical community understands and acknowledges that BMI is crude and often inaccurate, why continue using it?

    I can hear John’s brain churning now…(well, people still use Batting Average….)

    Anyway, I don’t think obesity is 30-40% in America.
    We’re probably closer to half or more.
    I think Mexico has something like 60%
    Maybe I should move to Denver. I thought I read they had the lowest obesity rates in the country, and I need to drop some serious weight.

  95. Chuck Says:

    I agree, all you have to do is walk through a mall or down a street, or see the lines of cars in Taco Bell drive thru’s at rush hour.

    20 years ago I thought there may out, the only cause for obesity then was lack of common sense, but today I think it’s reached epidemic proportions.

    You’re not fighting one thing anymore, you’re fighting ten. We might win a battle here and there, but I think the war’s already lost.

    Sad to say.

  96. Bob Says:


    1. Cook with oil instead of butter
    2. A breakfast of one bowl of cereal plus a banana, apple or granola bar.
    3. You have started breakfast correctly. The rest should fall into place.

  97. Raul Says:

    Bit of a dilemma.

    So my fantasy team has Albert Pujols, Mark Texeira and Adam Dunn.

    Pujols is listed as the 1B.
    Tex and Dunn are entered as Utility players.

    I’m only allowed to have 3 1B on my roster and one guy just dropped Brandon Belt.
    I’m wondering if Belt is a better option this year than Dunn.

    Both had fantastic Spring Training.
    I’m just not sure if Belt is for real. I think he can hit for more average than Dunn, but if Dunn is right, he’s a 35-homer guy. On the other hand, if Belt can hit .300 with 20 homers…he’ll likely have far less strikeouts and could be the better choice.

  98. Bob Says:

    I would go with Belt myself.

  99. Raul Says:

    I think so, too.

    Tex and Pujols should be enough homers.
    I’m thinking I’d rather have the BA/2B advantage from Belt.

  100. brautigan Says:

    Belt plays his home games in San Francisco. That should be enough to avoid temptation.

  101. Mike Felber Says:

    Who know how far back Dunn will bounce? Somewhat at least Belt can play when he applies himself.

    I do not agree Bob. Oil has exactly as much fat as butter, 100%. Now SOME oils are better for you, avoid the tropical s & certainly partially hydrogenated ones (used in fast foods too). But for weight they are the same calorically. Also you breakfast is good overall, but is the cereal whole grain & low sugar, or refined flour &/or saturated with sugar? And adding some some protein would be even better.

    It is hard to believe obesity rates are over 40%. But 2/3 of folks are at least overweight! And you are right Chuck: given the trends in society, & the difficulty of KEEPING weight off, I think the only way a non post-apocalyptic America is gonna slim down is through magic pills or genetic modifications.

    On BMI I am obese, in reality I am overweight. But folks like a security guard just at the MTA headquarters sometimes say I look fit, or even buff: I tell them NO, my waist is about 40″, I just am bulky so they mistake muscle for fitness. And the mass means my waist size is less apparent.

    Just like at your height you likely can get pretty fat Raul, a-fore folks realize it! Guy who runs a local New Age store for years, bounces in the evening: he does not know his top weight, but it was at least around 500 lbs! Now he is 350, & even with big bones at 6′ 3″, he relaizes he should lose around 100 lbs.

    But I doubt you are nearly that heavy Raul!

  102. Raul Says:

    I thought about it, Braut.

    But I think Belt can hit the gaps.
    Dunn is batting behind Alejandro De Aza and Brent Lillibridge. He could hit 40 home runs and wind up with 50 RBI.

  103. Mike Felber Says:

    The medical community can be lazy & ill informed, one thing gets traction, it applies to most in a sloppy fashion, they keep it. Hence BMI.

  104. Bob Says:

    Cereals that I meant.
    1. Cheerios ( Honey Nut version is fine)
    2. Shreaded Wheat
    3. Raisin Bran

  105. Mike Felber Says:

    Ah, though some raisin bran has much sugar added, these are good. At least I usually eat whole grains.

  106. Bob Says:

    And for real studs since fishing season starts this month ( freshwater )
    Some seafood in the form of
    1. Salmon
    2. Trout
    Twice a week. Grasshoppers are great bait for trout. Otherwise you can drown a worm.

  107. Raul Says:


    I’m really heavy. 6′5, 295. In my playing days I was 205.
    Eating more veggies now and trying to do some juicing for at least 1 meal a day. Though I’m finding that not even juicing can hide the disgusting taste of celery and cucumber. So I’m going a lot more with carrots, kale, spinach and some other fruits.

    As my vegetarian friend told me: “As far as I’m concerned, celery’s only job is to make everything taste terrible”. LOL.

    Nobody thinks I approach 300. They all think I’m around 260, probably because a lot of my weight is in the lower half. Big legs, I guess.

    Goal for me is to hit 270 at some point in the summer. And if I can stick to it, hopefully 240 by the end of the year. I think that’s a moderate goal.

    If you’ve got any tips or anything, I’d love to hear them.

  108. Bob Says:

    Actually, I like cucumbers. You drink coffee? If so, do you use sugar? To be fair I do. But do you use cream?

  109. Chuck Says:

    I’ll take Dunn.

    Belt may not get enough playing time to make it worth your while, and if he does it will be as an OF anyway.

  110. Chuck Says:

    The biggest myth for weight gain/loss is to count calories.

    That’s why these Weightwatchers/Jenny Craig things are all scams, because they don’t teach you anything. Unless you’re willing to pay $100 a month for the rest of your life or spend ten minutes a day entering information into an online database, you’re pretty much wasting time and money.

    Calories don’t make you fat.

    It’s what’s IN the calories.

    One guy lives on 500 calorie chef salads for a month, and one guy lives on Big Macs.

    And the end of the month, will they both experience the same loss/gain?

  111. Bob Says:

    Try this for a month. Assuming you live near a high school track.
    1. Three days a week, jog 2 laps (half-mile) around a track.
    2. If you crash at 11:00, try not to eat anything after 9:30.
    3. During commercials, do 10 sit-ups.
    4. No gym membership required. If you have one, the treadmill or stationary bike for 30 minutes would be solid. Live near a local pool in the summer? 10 laps of freestyle, and 4 laps butterfly. Who gives a shit about the other 2 strokes? Cerrtainly not me!!!

  112. Raul Says:


    I drink coffee but I’m not an addict or anything. I don’t go to Starbucks nor do I need a coffee every day. I probably drink a small coffee with some sugar and a bit of half-n-half maybe 3 mornings per week.


    I don’t get all neurotic and count calories for everything but I admit to estimating from time to time. And if I happen to be eating out, I will pay attention to the posted calories of meals because often times, what sounds healthy at a restaurant might actually be worse.

    But I don’t need to preach to a guy who’s been in nutrition for 30 years.

  113. Raul Says:

    I’m not too close to a HS track, Bob. I have a gym membership though, which I have been using more lately.
    And I can’t swim. There’s really no excuse to not know how to swim.

    Except that I’m 6′5. I’ve always been taller than all of my friends. And when we went to the pool or beach as kids, I would be standing in 4 or 5 feet of water while they floated.


  114. Raul Says:

    SF named Belt their starting 1B.
    Short of him starting the season 3-for-49, I think he’ll see good playing time.

  115. Raul Says:

    Reports are that Andy Pettitte’s appearance went well.
    He hit 86 mph. Ha.

    It’s staggering to think that in 2 months he could take Phil Hughes’ or Ivan Nova’s job.

    Well, Nova’s been pitching terribly. But I’d rather have Phelps get a shot at Nova’s position before I went to a 40-year old guy who hasn’t pitched in a year.

  116. Raul Says:

    Grady Sizemore is on the DL, again.
    60 days this time.

    I’m only half-joking when I say this: Grady Sizemore should take steroids.

  117. Raul Says:

    3-2 nobody out.
    Cardinals up 3-0.

    Matheny sends John Jay to run on the pitch.
    Fouled off.
    Sends him again.
    Descalso strikes out at the plate and Jay half asses it to 2nd and gets thrown out.

    Welcome to 2012, my friends.

  118. Mike Felber Says:

    Sure, Raul, glad too help, though since everyone else is advising here, I will do the same. I see you added that extra inch again. ;-)

    How many calories you take in vs. burn is a basic starting point. Though certain things make you burn or store them differentially, like how often you eat, & exercise effects your metabolism. Eating moderate balanced meals with decent amounts of protein keeps your metabolic rate up. Skipping meals or losing quickly will slow it down, make you gain more later, lose muscle: your rate of weight loss plan is perfect.

    Let’s take a bird’s eye view: what will make you healthy & allow you to lose most all fat, nor water & muscle in good part, AND set you up physically & psychologically for keeping off the weight?

    So you can plug in ANY food, not married to a specific program:

    Each meal, have at least a portion of fruit or veggies, both is even better. Unless starchy stuff like potatoes (have sweet, not white), unlimited basically. A variety of more COLORFUL stuff is best for attaining a range of nutrients, & they are low cal & high fiber. Couple with a source of whole grain, & lastly a source of complete protein, whether meat daily eggs or fish, or combining grain/seeds/vegggies to get complete protein. You do not need a lot at one time, but not tiny for a guy your size, like 6 ounces of lean meat,make it not ground beef nor fried, keep saturated fat low.

    Those 3 food groups at least 3 times a day, more often with smaller meals is actually better, is good for health & the whole foods prevent the spike in insulin that high glycemic index foods cause. So minimize refined flour & sugar. But after a good workout, or occasionally for a treat, go for it!

    Keeping protein high & healthy fat not too low increases satiety, Testosterone levels, & helps minimize muscle loss, which tends to occur when you lose weight.

    Exercise: it is best to do something for cardio & weights, i am only doing the latter. Like circuit training, which combines both, lifting with minimal breaks & changing muscle groups hit. But weight training can be at least as good for weight loss. Muscle burns calories. But mainly, while you lift, you burn maybe 60% as much as cardio. Though a hard session can ratchet up your resting metabolism for up to 2 days!

    Lastly, it is re-habituation that is everything! bring food with you so you do not skip meals or eat junk. East when you are hungry, around the clock, just fill up on healthy foods, & keep a balance of the macro-nutrients: some significant protein each meal, healthy & moderate fats like nuts & seeds, & carbs that are whole grains & fruits & veggies. Fruit better than too much juice, though juicing fibrous veggies will not net you so much sugar.

    Find a workout routine that you LIKE. And if you tend to be goal oriented, measuring your progress on an aerobic machine what you are lifting, etc…Can be helpful. 2 X a week is enough to make gains in lifting, 3 X for cardio.

    Tell me IF you want me to blather on about general lifting tip for overall strength, not jus’ beach muscles, & I will send something to that address.

  119. Raul Says:

    Thanks Mike.

    I used to lift a lot when I was in my HS days but I really haven’t done so in about 8 years. Gym right now is just 30-45 mins on the elliptical, depending on how I feel on a given day.

    Really have no interest in lifting to get bulky.
    But I’m curious what you have to say, so sure, go ahead and send me your thoughts.

  120. Raul Says:

    Kyle Lohse has a No Hitter through 6.

  121. Raul Says:

    Jose Reyes breaks the No Hitter with a single to lead off the 7th.

  122. Mike Felber Says:

    I sent you he suggestions Raul.

  123. Raul Says:

    Thanks Mike. I appreciate it.

    The Nationals sent John Lannan to the Minors, using the final rotation spot for Ross Detwiler.

  124. Chuck Says:

    Your body absorbs protein much slower than carbs, and it stays in the body much longer.

    It’s why athletes carb load before games and eat steak dinners at 11pm AFTER games..because they’re eating for tomorrow.

    When I was playing, I would eat a large, protein based or two eggs in some form, some type of breakfast meat, once in awhile potatoes or an english muffin, but rarely at the same time.

    “Dinner” was around 3/4 pm, a Subway, maybe spaghetti and meatballs, chef salad, something to fill you but not make you uncomfortable.

    If I had a game on a specific day, I would rarely eat anything afterwards, and if I did it was a snack sized protein of some kind, maybe some chicken wings, a slice of pizza, etc.

    I’m not a believer in the “five small meals” theory as it leads to overeating.

    As long as you eat the right things at the right time and pay attention to intake, and balance with some sort of cardio, then it’s easy to lose weight AND maintain it.

    It’s not rocket science.

  125. Chuck Says:

    “The Nationals sent John Lannan to the Minors”

    And he promptly demanded a trade.

    Newsflash, dumbass.

    You couldn’t make the fucking Nationals, so, like, what, you think the Tigers want you?


  126. Raul Says:

    I can’t think of a team where he could start.

    Even Pittsburgh, KC and Seattle all have internal arms they should rather give a shot at before going with Lannan.

  127. Chuck Says:

    Bryce Harper’s first AAA AB…..after working the count even at 2-2 after falling behind 0-2 and fouling off a couple of pitches he doubled to right.

  128. John Says:

    “I can’t think of a team where he could start.”

    Lannan has had three years in the last 4 where he has posted at least 180 IP and an ERA under 4.

    Hardly Christy Matthewson, but you really think he’s worse than every #5 starter in all of baseball?

  129. Raul Says:

    “you really think he’s worse than every #5 starter in all of baseball?”

    That’s not what I said.

    What I said was, why would a team take Lannan ahead of any internal candidates?
    Save the 5 million bucks and develop your own — especially if you’re KC or Pittsburgh.

  130. Raul Says:

    @ Chuck 127

    To battle from 0-2 and even the count is nice.
    But if he doubled to RF, it means he pulled the ball. So either the pitcher gave him a breaking ball, or a fastball that didn’t get inside enough.

    Sounds to me like a nice job by Harper, but also poor location/pitch selection by the pitcher.

    But I’m just guessing here.

  131. Chuck Says:

    He singled to right his second AB and stole second.

    Through five innings, the Rochester pitcher has given up two hits. Harper has both.

    And, yeah, I agree. Two foul balls on 2-2 were likely fastballs or sliders, and he pulled a poorly located off-speed pitch.

  132. John Says:

    Jose Bautista just homered against Cleveland.

    Jose Valverde blew his first save of the year, spoiling a spectacular effort by MVP Justin Verlander. Valverde was 49/49 in save opportunities last year.

  133. John Says:

    “Save the 5 million bucks and develop your own — especially if you’re KC or Pittsburgh.”

    I agree on that count, since those teams won’t be competing this year.

    Of course, the Pirates traded to acquire AJ Burnett, so that would suggest they’re not above doing something like getting Lannan.

    Boston is trotting out two relievers to cover their last two spots. You’d really rather have Daniel Bard over Lannan?

    He’s a 4/5 guy, don’t get me wrong. But not every team is featuring studs at all 5 spots in the rotation.

  134. Raul Says:

    But be careful. Lannan had a 4-ish ERA pitching in the National League and in Washington.

    In Fenway, and in the AL East, I imagine it would get uglier for him.

  135. John Says:

    Tremendous catch by Rasmus just now

  136. Raul Says:

    Did he follow it up with a tremendous strikeout?

  137. Bob Says:

    No. Rasmus is batting 9th and 0-3, but no K’s according to the ESPN boxscore.

  138. John Says:

    Chris Perez just blew a save; Edwin Encarnacion with a 2-run double.

    Brett Lawrie with a chance to put Toronto on top.

  139. John Says:

    Great start by Justin Masterson; 8 IP, 2 hits ( a solo HR to Jose freaking Bautista, and a bloop single), 1 walk, 10 K’s.

  140. Raul Says:

    Miguel Cabrera went 0-1 with 3 walks.
    It could be a lot of walks for him all season.
    Prince Fielder will need to step up.

    Agreed @ John about Masterson. He was good last year, too. If this continues, it’ll look like Cleveland got a better return on Victor Martinez than people thought.

  141. John Says:

    This game is still going on.

    But the Blue Jays have taken a 7-4 lead on a HR from JP Arencibia.

    Omar Vizquel scored against his former team.

  142. Raul Says:

    Masterson did that on 99 pitches.

    Yeah, I think Complete Games are a good thing.
    And it would have been a good thing for Cleveland today.

  143. John Says:

    Absolutely I would’ve stuck with him.

    I mean, 2 hits. In 8 easy innings. 1 hard hit ball, to one of the very best hitters in baseball.

  144. Raul Says:

    It has to be a circumstance of “well, it’s the 1st game of the year, and he’s at 100 pitches…”

    Masterson is 27, in the prime of his career. He’s listed at 6′6, 250 pounds.

    At what point do MLB managers say “Fuck this stupid shit. He looks great. I’m going to ride a good thing?”

  145. Raul Says:

    By the way, who the hell is the manager in Toronto?

    Romero goes 5 innings, and the next FOUR pitchers go 1 inning each?

    ….I should not be getting this pissed off, this early into the fucking season.

    Jesus Christ…

  146. John Says:

    So, I was checking out the Indians roster and came across a guy named “Roberto Hernandez.”

    I was thinking…no way is that ’90’s closer for the White Sox and Devil Rays still around…he’s gotta be like 50.

    Nope, not him, different guy. It’s actually the real name of the player formerly known as Fausto Carmona.

  147. Raul Says:


    He’s still Fausto to me.
    Same with Ron Artest’s dumb ass.

  148. Mike Felber Says:

    Good point about protein Chuck, I suppose you meant that overnight the steak keeps them from being catabolic. Though protein can be absorbed every 3 hours, sometimes less, certainly if whey protein.

    Though most nutritionists recommend many small meals, 5 or 6 if they are moderate that is even better. Even blood sugar levels, distribution of nutrients, keep metabolism up through digestion & minimal times when the body slows down due to being on empty…Though admittedly many tend to overdo the size & content of their meals, this also is very doable with decent =judgement & restraint.

    And someone bigger, very active, especially doing strength training-more meals is especially useful, they need the fuel & extra protein (only so much can be absorbed at one time). If someone is inactive, especially smaller or older too, their calorie & energy needs will be so much lower than, say, an active good sized male athlete, or very active smaller runner type.

    I recall a story talking about the massive appetites of Wilt, as in sex. The author cited him eating 3 entrees & looking ready for more after retirement. But he was huge, 7′ 1″ 7 still close to 300 lbs., & I read he felt bad if he was not active, like running or playing volleyball, for 3-4 hours a day.

    For an outlier like that or a Michael Phelps, all bets are off.

  149. Chuck Says:

    “sometimes less, certainly if whey protein.”

    Which is artificial.

    “Though most nutritionists recommend many small meals, 5 or 6 if they are moderate that is even better.”

    Part of the fad.

    Like sabermatricians preaching some newfangled stat every five minutes.

    You can be dumber than a bag of shit, but if you sound smart, that’s what matters.

  150. Mike Felber Says:

    It is not merely a fad, this has been conventional wisdom for many years. Though if you can take a shot at SM too, that is a twofer for you! ;-0

    Whether you call them small meals or snacks-& if you are less active it can be just something like fruit &/or a few nuts-the reasons given for eating moderately, often & healthy are sound.

    There are several ways to skin the proverbial cat. You & I (if I actually cared to lose the (10% body fat that would be best, but do not mind being overweight when strong) could lose weight either method Chuck, & be fine.

    Now if we do not have the discipline to avoid overeating, less meals are fine. If very active, especially lifting hevy, more are better. Though i am usually jus; doing 3 now.

  151. Cameron Says:

    “By the way, who the hell is the manager in Toronto?”

    John Farrell, Boston’s old pitching coach.

  152. Raul Says:

    I’ve actually read that 3 meals a day is no worse than 5 meals @ Chuck & Mike.

    Personally, I find it easier to go with 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snack once or twice. Maybe that’s technically 5 meals? It doesn’t feel like it.

    So let’s say I go with breakfast….then around 11 or 11:30 I’ll have lunch. I start getting hungry again around 2:30-3:00. I’ll have a quick snack. Dinner is around 5:30. Then around 8:00 I’m having a snack or I’ll juice up some fruits and veggies. Then it’s water if I’m up late.

    At least, that’s what I’ve been doing lately.


    The Texas Rangers unveiled a statue of Shannon Stone and his son at their stadium. It’s a nice statue, and while I really don’t know that his tragic death warranted such an honor, I really see no problem with it. It’s not like it’s in the Hall of Fame or anything. The statue more-or-less captures the bond between father and son at baseball games. That’s something that anyone could identify with.

  153. Chuck Says:

    The five meal thing is silly.

    If you’re meals are balanced, then there’s no reason for anything between meals.

    Snacking is fine, especially if you’re not sedentary. Protein shake or bar, fruit smoothies (big hit in my house), even a multi-vitamin with a Gatorade is more than acceptable.

    If you have lunch at 11:30, there’s something wrong if you’re hungry again at 2.

    If you eat dinner at five, you shouldn’t be eating anything again til breakfast.

    Your system goes into shut-down mode well before whatever snack you’ve had can be fully digested/processed, with the end result being it’s then converted to fat.

  154. Raul Says:

    Thanks Chuck

  155. Chuck Says:

    For what?

  156. Raul Says:

    lol, for the input.


    Over/Under .275 BA for Mark Teixeira this year?

  157. Chuck Says:

    Starting lineup last night for Oakland’s AAA Sacramento team;

    Grant Green CF
    Daric Barton 1B
    Chris Carter DH
    Brandon Moss LF
    Michael Taylor RF
    Derek Norris C
    Wes Timmons 2B
    Stephen Parker 3B
    Adam Rosales SS

    Hate to tell you, but that’s a better lineup than Oakland’s.

    Green led off the “season” with a HR to center.

  158. Raul Says:

    Barton, Green, Carter, Moss and Taylor…

    If you’re going by potential, you’ve just assembled an all-star team.

  159. Chuck Says:

    It must be cold in Syracuse’s media room.

  160. Raul Says:

    Really? That’s the line of questioning? Were you warm?

    Dynamite job, Mr. Reporter. You’ll be on CNN in no time.

  161. Mike Felber Says:

    I have read several times recently that the slowed down metabolism thing later in the day is a myth, according to recent scientific studies.

    But let us presume for the sake of argument there is at least some truth to it due merely from being less active. It is pretty much universally accepted that it is better not to go many hours without eating. If you go to bed really early, then not eating after 5 may be fine. But if you are up to anywhere near let alone after midnight, having something later keeps you from being catabolic/breaking down muscle tissue, keeps your metabolism stoked. Especially if you are active & weight training.

    Sorry Chuck, i respect your general knowledge of nutrition but that is not what is commonly believed, nor what science supports. That last meal or snack is best to be not large, balanced, have some significant protein, & higher in things like veggies than high calorie stuff, but eating nothing for about a full(!) working day while you are awake, AND nothing all night, even more so if one is large &/or active, one will tend to burn less calories & not fuel muscles.

  162. Chuck Says:

    Reading and Portland played an opening day doubleheader. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before.

  163. Mike Felber Says:

    Whether it is called meal or snack is a matter of semantics & what exactly is meant by the terms Raul. There is a subtlety here: if you are eating not enough &/or high glycemic index food like white sugar & white flour, potatoes, junk food: you may get hungry just ’cause your blood sugar/insulin levels spike & crash, & you should cut that out & make sure you have whole grains/fiber, lean protein,whole foods, & healthy fats in moderate amounts. ALL of which are satiating & better for you.

    BUT: if you are eating healthy & still hungry what you describe as 3 or so hours later, that is EXPECTED for a large man, especially if you are active! You SHOULD then eat that snack! You may want to make it a little more protein too, DEFINITELY when you start lifting.

    Check independently with expert sources about anything we disagree with here. I think you will find that nutritionists agree that if you eat appropriately & are hungry a few hours later, you should east something healthy, not let your stomach become a pit. You will burn less calories, & many studies have shown that causes you to east more calories when you eat again.

    Which only makes sense, we evolved to conserve calories when are ancestors faced starvation! It is a physical & psychological reality that we need frequent & healthy fuel to not keep our body functioning best & not in protective/slow metabolism mode.

    Also, it is hard to overstate how there is much individual variation. Your calorie needs will be significantly higher than, say Chucks, even IF you are the same activity level, given age & considering height. being male, large, active, muscular…These things, especially together, make it more necessary to eat more &/or more often.

  164. Chuck Says:

    #160..I was talking about Harper’s headband.

  165. Mike Felber Says:

    Is this story inspiring, or the guy incredibly dense that he did not know until almost 600 lbs. that he needed to lose weight?

  166. Chuck Says:

    “Sorry Chuck, i respect your general knowledge of nutrition but that is not what is commonly believed, nor what science supports.”

    So why are you overweight then?

    The shit you say NEVER ceases to amaze me, Mike.

  167. Raul Says:

    I get hungry every 3.5 to 4 hours. I am a big dude, but I don’t think that’s unreasonable to get hungry that often.

    Opening Day doubleheader is weird. What also went overlooked is that STL opened the season against MIA with just 1 game. Now the Cardinals are at Milwaukee.

    Regarding that 600 lbs. man…good for him. While the blueprint to losing weight seems easy enough, actually following through and sticking to it isn’t very easy. At least, not at first, which is what I think most people find disheartening and causes them to quit trying.

  168. Chuck Says:

    “I get hungry every 3.5 to 4 hours. I am a big dude, but I don’t think that’s unreasonable to get hungry that often.”

    The fact you weigh 295 and have gained 90 pounds in the ten years since you stopped playing competitive sports says otherwise.

    Proof is in the mirror, my brother.

  169. Mike Felber Says:

    Why are YOU overweight Chuck? Your question makes no sense.

    We could both be expert or idiots at something, & for a variety of reasons not practice shat we preach. Or even not preach it, but just describe what is necessary to be in shape &/or not be overweight at all.

    And I wrote several times here: when i am strong, I do not care if I am overweight. Around 10%, not obese. True, it would be healthier to have less belly fat, but I feel good being bigger when I am lifting fairly heavy. I have looked very different in videos I linked here: if I stop lifting much & lose muscle, I lose fat & muscle.

  170. Raul Says:

    I don’t shy from personal responsibility, Chuck. And criticism doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit. I suppose it’s one of my better qualities. I can be honest with myself.

    That said, I appreciate all the feedback. I just have to step up.

  171. Mike Felber Says:

    This may be fun for you guys to subscribe to. Bill Murray’s ppening day/pitch run & slide is fun too. Bleacher Report.

    False causation Chuck. That he got fairly fat does not at all show that eating when you are hungry is bad! It shows he ate too many calories, likely the wrong things especially as you have wisely pointed out, & did not burn off the calories.

    if he stopped wearing khakis when he gained weight that would also be irrelevant. Eating when you are hungry, IF you have been eating healthy non-insulin spiking foods, is a basic way to keep your metabolism, energy, & muscle mass elevated. For someone Raul’s size, particularly as he starts to exercise, it is absolutely better than not eating for hours as he gets famished, sluggish, burns less calories, & then is more likely to stuff himself when he does eat!

    Jared lost 245 lb.s on 2 subway sandwiches a day. OK, there are several ways to lose weight. But that he DID this does not mean it is the easiest, healthiest & most effective way to do so. And Jared is naturally smaller than Raul.

  172. Raul Says:

    I could never eat just 2 sandwiches a day. LOL.
    Kudos to Jared, though.

    I love Bill Murray. Which reminds me, I need to get Kingpin, The Life Aquatic and Lost in Translation on DVD one of these days. One of the most underrated comedic actors ever.

  173. Chuck Says:

    “Why are YOU overweight Chuck?”

    Because I work at a bank and sit on my ass ten hours a day, and am too drained when get home to do anything other than fix dinner and take the dog out.

    I also have a ten year old living in my house with a picky yet ever changing palate and my grocery list is reflective of that.

    I’m blessed with good genetics in the sense losing weight comes very naturally to me, I once lost 33 pounds in 26 days while preparing for surgery.

    My problem stems from lack of exercise, not from food ignorance. If I started a five times a week, thirty minute per day cardio routine, I’d drop 25 pounds in a month without changing anything dietary.

    All I know about Raul is he’s taller than average, is a former athlete, has a non-physical occupation and is in his early thirties.

    Based on that information alone, I can put him on a program that would GUARANTEE he could lose his 80 pounds by New Year’s, because I have the expertise and experience to do so.

    Can you make the same guarantee based on “what is commonly believed”?

  174. Chuck Says:

    “Jared lost 245 lb.s on 2 subway sandwiches a day.”

    You don’t honestly believe that’s ALL he did, do you?

  175. Chuck Says:

    “I don’t shy from personal responsibility, Chuck. And criticism doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit..”

    It’s not criticism, it’s pointing out the contradictions in what you said or believe to the reality of what your mirror is telling you.

  176. Raul Says:

    I would say lack of physical activity probably has most to do with my weight gain.

    Growing up I was a stick. It wasn’t until I had a regular job in HS that I started working out, because I could afford a gym membership. But we always had Pop Warner football, little league, street basketball games, stickball, PE class in HS…

    As a sophomore, I was probably around 6′3, 170lbs. No joke. My arm was one long bone, with a gigantic ball for an elbow, and then the rest of my arm. LOL.

    I started working out soon afterwards, and I got up to about 195 lbs. When I was starting college, that’s when I remember weighing in at 205.

    I’d say that the college lifestyle got me to around 240. Then there was a period of time…probably 2.5 years where I really ballooned and hit 285…but that time was, admittedly, littered with excessive amounts of junk food. I mean pizza and mcdonalds a number of times a week, coupled with a sedentary job and just staying home.

    Over the last few years, I’ve hovered around that 290 to 310 range.
    It’s embarrassing to say but I can be honest about the gains.

    If I just exercised more (which I am doing now), I could probably drop the weight pretty quickly. Not all of it. I know diet is a big part. I don’t eat amazingly healthy but I don’t eat a ton of junk anymore either. It would be awesome if I could just practice with a HS baseball team and catch a few grounders at 1B or something.

    I kinda have this feeling that people should do exercise they enjoy. I like baseball so to me, that would be ideal. I hate running, so it’s kinda hard to work up the motivation for a jog every day. But that’s just how I think about it. I dunno.

  177. Chuck Says:

    “It would be awesome if I could just practice with a HS baseball team and catch a few grounders at 1B or something.”

    There’s a softball field in my neighborhood, sometimes I take a bag of balls and throw to a spot, then sprint to the spot and do it again. Occasionally if the trash can is empty I’ll lay it down on its side and do the old barrel drill. It’s monotonous to do these things alone all the time though, I do wish there was someone around who wouldn’t mind playing catch a couple of times a week.

    “I kinda have this feeling that people should do exercise they enjoy. I like baseball so to me, that would be ideal. I hate running, so it’s kinda hard to work up the motivation for a jog every day. But that’s just how I think about it. I dunno.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I never did any non specific exercises when I was playing. If it was hockey season, I did hockey work, during baseball season it was games and practice. Once you’re in shape, it’s pretty easy to stay that way, and using different muscle groups or different training methods during the year is good.

  178. Raul Says:

    Pretty good start for Erik Bedard yesterday in Pittsburgh.

    7 innings
    6 hits
    1 ER
    1 walk
    4 strikeouts

    They lost 1-0 to Halladay though.

  179. Mike Felber Says:

    You are correct Raul, do what you love, that will also KEEP you doing it. Or try to enjoy some activity more if you cannot play active ball often enough.

    The BIGGER trick is to keep off the weight. I appreciate your description Chuck, I knew most of that, i was just saying that being overweight or not does not show whether you or I know our stuff. i have lost weight a few times from getting busy & not eating much, lifting little.

    I’ll bet you could put Raul on a program to lose that weight, yet even faster programs could work to. Though considering a max of 1% a week as wise to NOT slow down metabolism & lose muscle, & NOT to cause the body to horde calories & regain that & maybe more afterwards: 80 lbs. for Raul by NYE is reasonable!

    Though I cannot say the same for the times you have lost about a lb. a day. You asked about what is commonly believed: you are RIGHT that this does not = correct, that is a most basic fallacy. But in cases like this that knowledge dovetails with theory, observation of what happens afterwards, & what experts believe.

    As fro Jared: well, y’know i am the most naive man on the planet! ;-) . I have no idea that he did anything else, have you even heard rumors? And it is absolutely true that though it is not the healthiest way to do it, many lose weight on 2 meals a day, often with things like walking…

    Hell, my brother did so a couple of times, & did not stop the Maker’s Mark. After the 1st time he regained the weight & about 30 lb.s more. Though that almost certainly was partly due to giving up smoking then! The 2nd loss, he kept off most of the weight, for years now, swimming is his exercise.

  180. Raul Says:

    Speaking of which,

    I have about a half-bottle of Makers 46 in the house. Haven’t touched it in 3 months. Might have a little swig tonight.

  181. Chuck Says:

    “I’ll bet you could put Raul on a program to lose that weight, yet even faster programs could work to.”

    Well, but at what cost? Because faster doesn’t mean healthier.

  182. Chuck Says:

    In reading comment #176…

    Gaining 30 pounds (and 2 inches) in three years between 15-18 isn’t unusual for because it’s part of the physical maturation process. The working out and weight training played little part in the overall physical changes.

    The subsequent thirty pounds in four years is the exact were still working out and playing competitive sports but the physical growth had virtually stopped, so the McDonalds and Budweiser and Papa John’s are the primary reason.

    In reading his description of himself, I think Raul’s a naturally skinny guy with an athletic body (most weight below the core), and his college freshman weight of 195 would have been his prime weight, with a ten pound variance on either side depending on diet, natural aging and activity level.

    But 12 years past college graduation, with the normal aging process and being less active, I believe 205 is an unrealistic (and unhealthy) goal, unless you’re training for a Triathalon or something.

    On average, we gain about one to two pounds per year, so at age 33 Raul’s ideal weight should be roughly between, say, 215-225.

    That’s without doing anything.

    If you add in a reasonable 10 pound muscle gain by working out, that moves the scale to 225-235.

    So, for me, if Raul was a paying client, I would say to him his initial goal would be somewhere on the high side, say 230, because people naturally will stick to either a weight loss plan or an exercise plan but not both.

    But, that’s me.

  183. Raul Says:

    That’s actually incredibly accurate.

    I was skinny my entire life. Hell, when I was 14, 15, 16…my family would say I actually needed to gain weight. LOL. My grandma used to tell me to start taking vitamins and stuff, lol.

    I want to take things to 270. I think that would be a nice sort of…”milestone” or goal to hit. Once there, I want to focus on 250 and go from there. Still above the 230-235 that Chuck says. I’d like to get to that 235 range, but there’s just something daunting about saying “hey, I need to lose 60 pounds”. I kinda want to go in steps.

  184. Chuck Says:

    There’s roughly 36 weeks remaining in the year.

    At 2 pounds per week (not unreasonable), you could comfortably lose 72 pounds between now and then, which would put you around 223.

    Doesn’t seem so daunting now, does it?

  185. Raul Says:

    Not especially.

    This feed of the Yankees game is terrible. Maybe it’s just my computer but it’s not crisp at all. Lots of flickering.

  186. Raul Says:

    Turns out it was my Google Chrome browser. I guess Flash was screwing up. Working much better with Firefox.

  187. Bob Says:

    They played double-headers they could have Easter off.

  188. John Says:

    Ugh…back to back solo shots for Beltran and Holliday.

    Albert who?

  189. Mike Felber Says:

    This is unusual! I have nothing at all to disagree with in about in his last couple of posts, it all sounds spot on. I will just say that faster not being healthier was the precise point I elaborated upon, most recently in my last post, # 180.

    I do wonder whether folks should allow themselves that extra 1 or 2 lbs. a year. If it is not muscle, & unless they were very lean/low body fat to begin with, does that not enable a lot of extra weight by middle age, let alone when you are old?

    Anyway body fat % is more accurate in measuring if you are getting fat. Most of these scales do allow a gradually rising level of body fat upon aging. But even that amount is less than 1 or 2 lbs. a year, which really adds up.

  190. John Says:

    Gallardo gives up his fourth fucking homer of the game. It’s the fourth inning.

  191. John Says:

    Just kidding, it’s the third inning.

  192. Raul Says:

    Don’t tell me STL is going to be the fountain of youth or something. Everyone who was crappy who goes there ends up playing better — it seems.

    Chris Carpenter, Joel Pinero, Lance Berkman, and now Carlos Beltran.

    I suppose there’s hope for Oliver Perez after all.

  193. John Says:

    Follows it up with a 4-pitch walk.

    Still not an ace…

  194. Raul Says:


    So the Rays take a 4-0 lead off Carlos Pena’s grand slam.
    The Yankees cut it to 4-2 the next inning.

    I go back to work, come home, and now it’s 6-5, NY leads.

  195. Raul Says:

    Jake Arrieta goes 7 innings of 2 hit baseball against the Twins.

    Pretty good. But it’s hard for me to credit him very much…it is, after all, the Twins.

  196. Raul Says:


    Gallardo threw 89 pitches in 3.2 innings today. With his inconsistency, maybe he’s best suited to be a #3 guy.

  197. John Says:

    1st and 3rd, 1 out. Weeks bounces a high chopper out to the 2B…it would’ve been a tough play for him to get anyone, definitely wasn’t gonna cut down the runner.

    Except that Jonathon Lucroy runs right into him. Interference. Runner goes back to third. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Manny Parra’s out there, which I think might be my cue to leave.

  198. John Says:

    In typical Parra fashion, two hits given up…Brauny nailed Rafael Furcal trying to take 2nd.

    Now for Holliday/Berkman/Freese. Sigh.

  199. Raul Says:

    Granderson looked like crap against lefty Jake McGee.

    I’m not reading much into it, but if he goes back to being incapable of hitting lefties, you can forget about him ever repeating his career year of 2011.

  200. Raul Says:

    lol, John you’re suffering too much.

  201. John Says:

    Haha, if Granderson goes back to his former self against lefties, he would have to slug about .900 against righties to match last year.

  202. Raul Says:

    Watching this 8th inning, I forgot how many pitches Yankees batters force pitchers to throw.

    I don’t know if they track that sort of thing but I’d be surprised if NY wasn’t near the top of the list.

  203. Raul Says:

    I imagine everyone can relate…

  204. Raul Says:

    Atta boy, Swisher.

    Both A-Rod and Teixeira draw walks (Tex did so in a 10-pitch at-bat) and Swisher swings at the 1st pitch.

  205. Cameron Says:


    Aren’t you also in your 50s or so? I know guys around your age gain weight easier and lose it slower. The “middle-age spread” as it were.

  206. Raul Says:

    So 1st and 3rd.

    Maddon calls for a double steal. Jose Molina doesn’t get the sign and swings away. He fouled it off, but could have killed Sean Rodriguez.

  207. Raul Says:

    Rays tie the game in the bottom of the 9th off a single from Jennings and a triple by Zobrist.

    They’re about to win this one.
    Zero outs.

  208. Raul Says:

    So the Yankees intentionally walk 2 batters to load the bases.
    Sean Rodriguez strikes out.
    But Carlos Pena hits a deep fly ball to win it.

    Gardener didn’t even bother trying to catch it.

  209. Mike Felber Says:

    Good recap Raul!

  210. Cameron Says:

    When a left fielder gives up on you in No Man’s Land, you know you fucking nailed it.

  211. Raul Says:

    thanks mike

    I’m watching the Diamondbacks vs Giants game now. Gotta say, Mark Grace is pretty enjoyable in the booth.

  212. Raul Says:

    Wow. Paul Goldschmidt owns Tim Lincecum.

  213. Chuck Says:

    “I have nothing at all to disagree with in about in his last couple of posts, it all sounds spot on.”

    You’re not qualified to disagree, so why would it matter if you did?

    “I do wonder whether folks should allow themselves that extra 1 or 2 lbs. a year.”

    It’s not a choice.

  214. Chuck Says:

    Gallardo had a career year last season, and Greinke had one of the worst years of his career, yet their stats were pretty similar.

    Do I really need to say anything else?

  215. Raul Says:

    Fine gator shoes with a corduroy blazer. Walking ’round this place faster than a glacier. Look out Twitter I’m following @WaltFrazier !!

  216. Mike Felber Says:

    Sorry Charlie (Chuck), a learned dilettante can be right, experts can be wrong, & not only have you not offered tangible evidence to several claims, some of yours demonstrably contradict the consensus opinions-amongst experts. The truth is what matters, & nobody has the market cornered on it.

    Full grown? It is hard to avoid weight gain in this culture especially, but of course folks can avoid that weight gain. As you suggested Raul could but it would not be good. Since Raul was fairly lean at 205, a few more lbs. is fine. But 1-2 lbs. a year?

    So let us say you are 50. That is 30-60 extra lbs. from 20 onward, 60-90 lbs by 80 (if you make it there). Of fat, you were not talking about bulking up. That has gotta be too much!

    I have – 70 lbs. I have gained from 20 or 21 until now is hardly too much. When you consider that about 1/2 of that is muscle, then I have gained “just” 1 & 1/2 lbs. per week, purrrr-fect & unavoidable by your standards?

    And while i am demonstrably not as fat as the charts say I am due to bulk, I wanna amend my description of how overweight I am from 10 to 12%. This is as avoidable as your extra weight Chuck: I have chosen to allow my waist line to expand as long as I am strong.

    Faster than a glacier?? Is it not impossible to walk as SLOW as a glacier?

  217. Chuck Says:

    ” not only have you not offered tangible evidence to several claims”

    Thirty years is my evidence.

    You have a track record here of always being a dollar short or a day late on things, so forgive me if I don’t take seriously anything you say.

    I am truly not interested in talking with someone whose subject knowledge comes from Tony Horton infomercials.

  218. Mike Felber Says:

    I meant I would say not less than ~ 40 lbs. of fat since 20 or 21. Even with increased mass since then, 1 lb. a year would still be pushing what I “should” be.

  219. Mike Felber Says:

    Snap! More unsupported claims.

    1) How am I late or “short”? I was early to the conversation, & as usual, not “short: of evidence, so i think you are using the phrase just because you think it sounds good.

    2) Experience itself is not evidence. What about many others who have 30 years of nutrition, baseball, whatever experience under their belt, & strongly disagree? One side is right, sometimes completely, & those on the other, novices or expert, are wrong. Whether through knowledge or coincidence. On both sides.

    3) I canceled TV years ago. My information on nutrition comes overwhelmingly from reading & reasoning. I do not know Tony Horton.

  220. Chuck Says:

    Right, Mike.

    Always a pleasure.

  221. Chuck Says:

    So, Mike reads an article on brain surgery, and feels qualified to argue with the chief surgeon at Lennox Hill on how to perform a lobotomy.

    Because, you know, he reasoned on how to do it.

    You’re such a monumental windbag and are so full of shit it’s amazing.

    Everyone on the fucking planet knew Mark McGwire was on steriods before he admitted it..except you.

    Because, you know, there was no evidence.

    Did it take Bernie Madoff cleaning out your investment account to know he was a crook?

    Did it take seeing the internet pictures of bin Laden with half his head missing to believe he was dead?


  222. Mike Felber Says:

    If you mean it you have definitely mellowed! But you know the most gullible man alive will believe anything. :-)

  223. Mike Felber Says:

    I did not claim I can master specialized & highly complex skills that one PRACTICES like brain surgery without a lot of training. Something like how many meals to eat or how much weight one should lose at a time is well within an intelligent layman’s grasp. And I take the best evidence from experts & apply critical thinking, i did not invent conclusions.

    So your comparison & insult has no traction. But I guess if I write at length you can always insult me as a windbag 7 full of worse, so go ahead if’n it makes you feel better!

    The Big Mac crutch again! 1st, you are WRONG about what i claimed, though I again corrected you recently.

    I acknowledged he used due to his non-testimony before Congress.

    And many folks did NOT believe he used, or reserved judgement, before that time.

    Madoff few even suspected before he was finally investigated. Then I accepted his guilt, when everyone else did.

    The fact that they did the Bin laden thing secretly 7 saved no evidence leant credence to conspiracy theorists. But I never doubted they got him. Could have years ago, Bush folks let him escape.

  224. John Says:

    Not everything requires a rebuttal, Mike.

    Rough outing for Lincecum, eh?

  225. Mike Felber Says:

    True john-though I do not recall you practicing that-but that does not mean it is bad to provide one, especially reasoned & polite ones. And in the face of insults, why is it not better to provide one in this very manner, instead of remaining silent?

  226. Chuck Says:

    Here’s my final word on this Mike.

    I have a sheepskin hanging on my wall and almost 30 years experience in the nutrition field.

    You feel qualified enough to debate my knowledge based on a handful of random articles you’ve read, despite having no formal training or education in the field.

    I can’t even comprehend the mindset you’d have to do that.

    Here’s what I said earlier.

    I made several observations about Raul, whom I’ve never met, based on random comments he made about various points in his life.

    Which he described as “incredibly accurate.”

    I defy you to do the same.

    I guaranteed him if he followed my advice he would lose the weight he wanted to, with minimal changes or effort to what he does now.

    But he’s not paying me, so you probably asked yourself what’s the point, because I’m not losing anything if he doesn’t.

    But I am, and something much more important than a couple thousand bucks.

    My reputation.

    He loses half the weight, and ends up with chronic acid reflux or shingles and posts a few comments on Twitter or some various nutrition sites, and my name is shit…..forever.

    You can question anything I say Mike, it doesn’t matter. All it shows is a fault in your personality, not mine.

    But questioning a man whose willing to put his reputation on the line based on what he says, then, quite frankly, that makes you an assbleep.

  227. Raul Says:

    I’m not sure you guys are really saying anything different. Sounds to me like you’re on the same page…or at least, in the same book.

    I’ll take the suggestions and advice where I can get it.

    That aside,

    A rather uneventful debut for Albert Pujols tonight, though Jared Weaver made some good Royals hitters look bad tonight.

  228. Raul Says:

    First four batters of the Royals lineup tonight: 0-12 with 10 strikeouts.

    Weaver allowed 4 hits all night and one that he gave up to Jeff Francoeur, he got back when he picked him off SECOND BASE.

  229. Raul Says:

    I realize there are people that think lineups are largely irrelevant, but I think batting Alex Gordon leadoff is a mistake.

    It basically means his only shot at driving in runs hinges on Brayan Pena and Alcides Escobar.

    I’m not saying Ned Yost is an idiot, but that’s an idiotic move.

  230. Cameron Says:

    Well, Gordon and Butler are the only .300 hitters in KC. You want Butler’s fat ass leading off? Gordon’s the best guy setting the table because he’s the best shot at getting on base before the meat of the order drives him in.

  231. Raul Says:

    Let Cain lead off.
    Or bring Giavotella’s ass back up and have him lead off.

    The bottom line is they don’t have anyone that’s gonna OBP .380 in the leadoff spot anytime soon and I wouldn’t be interested in paying Gordon to drive in 40 rbi and score 60 runs in front of Lorenzo Cain.

  232. Cameron Says:

    Giavotella might have the ability to and Cain could if he’s shown he can hit the ball. Right now, I don’t see the harm in it since we’re in no way a competitor. Let the guys who can lead off develop and if not, there’s still a good chance you have the 50 doubles hitting Alex Gordon getting driven in by the 50 doubles hitting Billy Butler.

    Not optimal? Yes. Stupid? Not really, you still get a lot of runs driven in either configuration.

  233. Raul Says:

    Gordon’s leading off.
    Butler’s batting 4th.

    Only real reason Gordon isn’t batting 3rd seems to be because Ned Yost doesn’t want back-2-back lefties in the 3 and 4 slots with Hosmer as the cleanup.

    That’s a weak reason to me.

    The only thing you’re gonna see in KC this year is Alex Gordon get on base and walk his ass off to the dugout 30 times this year when Lorenzo Cain hits into a double play.

  234. Cameron Says:

    Hm… Yeah… In that case, the weak point isn’t Gordon leading off, it’s a bad #2 hitter.

    Ah well. At this point, I’m not TOO upset because we aren’t really gonna win anyway and everything’s flexible. I’m just watching how the guys come along. At this point, the real work is in the pitching. We can pretty much leave the hitters alone and we’re good.

  235. Raul Says:

    April 7 birthdays includes former Red Sox 2nd baseman, Bobby Doerr.

    Did he really deserve to get elected to the Hall of Fame?
    Oh. He was a Veterans Committee pick in 1986.


  236. Raul Says:

    It’s a funny thing, Cam.

    I think leadoff hitters become good leadoff hitters by leading off.

    It wouldn’t have done Kenny Lofton any fucking good to bat 5th.

  237. Cameron Says:

    True. Though the offense is pretty much idiotproof once everyone’s healthy.

    I’m more concerned with the fact that Felipe Paulino’s in our rotation than who’s leading off.

  238. Raul Says:

    Son of a…

    How long has this rule been in effect that you need 5% of the HOF vote to stay on the ballot?

    I’m looking at the 1956 HOF voting and 106 different players received a vote.
    42 players on that ballot would make the Hall of Fame.


    Including 7 who received FEWER than 3 votes: Lou Boudreau, Billy Herman, High Pockets Kelly, Rick Ferrell, Al Lopez, Phil Rizzuto and Leo Durocher.

    I can get Leo Durocher, but the rest?

    I kinda lost some respect for baseball just now.

  239. Mike Felber Says:

    Raul is largely right Chuck. You get upset that i dare question you, & do not discern where I agree & where I disagree. I was not putting down OR disagreeing at all with statements about how fast you though Raul could lose weight. I explicitly joked about how unusual it was that I agreed with all you said in two posts.

    Yet you make inaccurate assumptions about me getting my info from TV, or a Tony Horton I do not know at all, or reading only a handful of articles instead of too many to count…

    We question each other of the time Chuck, & it does not make us at all inappropriate if done respectfully. If you tell me endlessly why i am wrong about something, not mockingly (well, unless done with non-mean rough humor) I would & should never object.

    The ability to disagree & TAKE differences without being disagreeable is a basic component of personal security & health.

    Now if I questioned, nicely, any specifics of a plan you put out publicly, that would not be wrong at all. If someone DID put out damaging info, whether a Professional or not, say, Atkins diet is good for health & long time weight loss, i think it would be our responsibility to oppose it.

    I just differ in things like do not eat after 5, or that people (esp, large guys) should not get hungry or eat something after moderate, healthy meals. While I say many meals/snacks are great if small n& healthy, & most nutritionists unequivocally agree, I said there is more than 1 way to skin a cat, 7 3 meals a day is fine too.

    Though especially for someone Raul’s size AND active, eating more times a day seems clearly preferable to keep his metabolism stoked.

    Anyway, the main point is: I never suggested you could not write Raul a plan that would be health, have him lose the weight, & set him up for the bigger project, keeping it off.

    Now maybe write a program that makes us WANT to lose weight enough to do it. ;-)

  240. Cameron Says:

    @238 I think the 5% rule went into effect some time in the 70s. Only guy to be reinstated since the rule went into effect was Ron Santo, who did get elected. …By the VC. …After he died. Scratch that, because he died.

    Also, was there a better defensive infield than the ‘71 Orioles? Powell, Grich, Belanger, and Robinson.

  241. Bob Says:

    1. Enjoy your Easter.
    2. Go Ferris State in the final game of the college hockey season.

  242. Raul Says:

    NYR, Bob.

    I’m just not too happy about them facing the Capitals in the 1st round.

  243. Cameron Says:

    Who is it that owns the Rangers? Jerry Sloan. I know it’s the same guy who owns the New York Knicks. I find it funny that the team he’s less involved in is the one that’s more successful.

  244. Raul Says:

    …Jerry Sloan is a basketball coach. What are you talking about?

    The Rangers are owned by MSG, which is chaired by James Dolan.

    Dolan’s a jagaloon. But he owns Cablevision and I guess that makes him a lot of money.

  245. Cameron Says:

    Dolan, thank you. That’s the name I was thinking of.

  246. Mike Felber Says:

    A guy in an elevator told me I looked like Dolan. That cannot be good on any level!

    Yet it is an established fact that folks of a different race tend not to see distinctions amongst other groups as well as within their/our own groups.

  247. Raul Says:

    There’s some truth to that.

    To some, all spanish or asians look the same. But I can tell differences with the latino community, at least, sometimes.

  248. Mike Felber Says:

    A bunch of times I got Ferrigno, Tom Hulce, & Von Damme. These folks do not look alike at all. Folks see all kinds of strange things, but if you are not used to certain features/looks, folks look more similar & the mind does not distinguish differences that are obvious to in group members.

  249. Chuck Says:

    “Now maybe write a program that makes us WANT to lose weight enough to do it.”

    Starting Monday, write down everything you eat or drink during the day, including water.

    I don’t expect you to walk around all day with a scale in your back pocket, but you know what’s what, so your best guess is fine.

    Don’t cheat, don’t do anything different than you normally would, because you’re only hurting yourself in the long run.

    And don’t fudge things either, if you stop on the way home from the bar at 11:30 and swing by the drivethru for a Big Mac combo meal, don’t say it was 8:30 and a grilled chicken.

    I’m not judging you. If you work the 8pm to 5am shift, then 1 am is your normal “big meal” time, then a Big Mac combo would fit your normal eating plan. Obviously, you’d be better off with the chicken combo, but that’s a discussion for later.

    I also need your best estimate on the following questions.

    Again, truth helps.

    Your “best” weight and age
    Your “worst” weight and age
    What time you wake up, and go to bed. Don’t estimate, I can figure out the average.

    Hours of activity per day.

    I sit behind a desk ten hours a day, but I still get a couple of hours of “movement” too. Sometimes I do 30-45 minutes on the treadmill, sometimes I’ll swing by the park and shoot hoops for a half hour, and every day I make dinner, which is a half hour in the kitchen.

    I’m not interested in how fast you can run a half mile or how much you can bench, I’m only interested in how much “time” activity you get every day.

    If you walk half an hour back and forth to the subway stop, that’s an hour a day, and that’s what I’m looking for.

    Kind of personal information, so email to me at

    Remember, starting Monday, and for seven days.

    Everything you eat and drink, and at what time. And I mean EVERYTHING..

  250. Chuck Says:

    “Also, was there a better defensive infield than the ‘71 Orioles? Powell, Grich, Belanger, and Robinson.”

    Davey Johnson was the second baseman.

    Grich took over in ‘72.

  251. Chuck Says:


    I want one email with seven days, not seven emails with one.

  252. Mike Felber Says:

    Hey Chuck, that you very much, really & truly. Though my comment both asked about motivating us to want to lose weight, not asking how to do so, & it included an actual wink icon. Meaning I was kidding around. I both know how to lose weight if i wanted to, & am fine being overweight when strong, though absolutely it would be healthier to do cardio & lose a few inches off my waist.

    The cardio you do is more than you let on before. So you are not so sedentary, though not on a program to lose now.

    Seriously, that is very nice of you. But I can certainly lose if i wanted to, I settle for being generally healthy, having muscle, but maybe 12% overweight. Maybe that will change, but I am not doing badly with this non-ideal “regimen”.

    I don’t like drinking, smoking, coffee, nor most fast food. I do like sweets. Your approach sounds pretty thorough & sensible though.

  253. Chuck Says:

    “my comment both asked about motivating us to want to lose weight”

    I can’t motivate you to lose weight.

    Only you can do that.

    “So you are not so sedentary,”

    Yes, I am.

    “I don’t like drinking, smoking, coffee, nor most fast food.”

    Yep, stick with the dumpster diving.

    Whatever works.

  254. Mike Felber Says:

    If you are doing that cardio a few times a week, unless the hoops involve mostly walking & shooting, & the treadmill does not get your hear rate up, you are more than what is considered merely sedentary. Let us say relatively sedentary, certainly compared to a former athlete.

    I know Chuck, again, i was joking about needing that motivation. I have the discipline, not the will, but while not perfect what i am settling for, my overall condition is OK. Not so bad to be overweight, not obese, when holding bulk & lifting heavy/doing some powerlifting. Though again, not overweight & aerobics are unarguably better for you/me/all.

  255. Chuck Says:

    If you’re happy with your lifestyle Mike, that’s all that matters.

  256. Chuck Says:

    I added something to my bucket list today.

    I want to have a beer with Josh Hamilton and Tim Tebow.

    At the same time.

  257. Mike Felber Says:

    Whaaa? Are you not an heathen unbeliever like a few of us here?

    But they are good men, though I know not whether Tebow has much depth or life experience.

  258. Bob Says:

    Fuck me. And Chuck, I think Tebow would be easier to have a beer with.

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