Dugout Central Challenge Reminder

by KerryWhisnant

This is a reminder that entries in the 4th Annual Dugout Central Challenge are due by 6 PM CDT, Wedneday, April 4. Details were given in a previous article. Just send your predictions for regular season win totals for each MLB team to me at whisnant@iastate.edu. Don’t miss out on your chance to embarrass yourself in public!

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309 Responses to “Dugout Central Challenge Reminder”

  1. Bob Says:

    I sent mine in .

  2. Bob Says:

    Should we start discussing stuff here?

  3. Raul Says:

    Goodness sakes.

    Matt Cain had a complete game 1 hitter against the Pirates with 11 strikeouts.
    He got Pedro Alvarez and Garret Jones 3 times each.

    He did all that on 106 pitches.
    Time of Game: 2:10

  4. Cameron Says:

    This is why Matt Cain is awesome. A game like this is obtainable pretty easy. Good move by San Fran.

  5. Chuck Says:


    John would have pulled him after seven.

  6. Bob Says:

    That is good news for the Giants, given Lincecum’s early-season troubles.

  7. Bob Says:

    Che-Hsuan Lin was a late scratch for Pawtucket. he could be in Boston tomorrow as Ellsbury’s shoulder is effed up.
    Also, congrats to Kelly Shoppach on his first career stolen base.

  8. Chuck Says:

    I’m flipping back and forth on MiLB.com

    Double A hitters look pretty silly against Danny Hultzen.

    Of course, he’s pitching against the Cubs, so maybe not a true assessment.

    Bryce Harper is breaking out the high socks and old school stirrup socks.

    Pretty ballsy move for someone hitting .214.

    Mike Trout is working on three straight multi-hit games. With Torii Hunter and Vernon Wells looking like they’re senior citizen slow pitch players, the Angels’ front office has a dilemma on their hands.

    Jameson Taillon, Shelby Miller and Noel Arguelles pitching today.

    Updates to follow.

    So is Matt Barnes.

  9. brautigan Says:

    Trout will be out of Salt Lake shortly.

  10. Chuck Says:

    Ellsbury has, shall we say, a few more “Y” chromosomes than the average male.

    He’d go on the fifteen day DL because his hair dryer stopped working.

  11. Chuck Says:

    Watching now Pawtucket at Rochester.

    Bob was spot on..Lars Anderson is playing LF.

    JR Towles is playing LF for Rochester.

  12. Chuck Says:

    Taillon went five, allowing three hits and one run, with no walks and six strikeouts and a 4/3 GO/FO ratio.

    The run he allowed was in the fourth, when he allowed a double and single to the first two batters.

    So, the rest of the game he allowed one hit.

    The Pirates said they were “taking off the gloves” on Taillon this season, although five innngs is hardly reflective of that.

    That said, he is my number one prospect and I wouldn’t trade him for anyone, including Harper or Trout.

    I’m not so sure I’d trade him for Harper AND Trout.

  13. Chuck Says:

    Hultzen went five and two thirds, threw 88 pitches (58 strikes), had an 8-1 GO/FO rating, allowed one hit, two runs (both unearned), with three walks and nine K’s.

  14. Chuck Says:

    For the life of me I can’t figure out why Domonic Brown can’t hit.

    Seeing him set up in the batter’s box gives me a woody, there’s no reason why he doesn’t rake.

  15. Chuck Says:

    You’re down 8-6 in the seventh, on the road.

    You hit fifth in the lineup and are leading off the inning.

    You’re a lefty hitter, the opposing pitcher is a lefty.

    You’re a minor leaguer.

    First pitch breaking ball, you try and drag a bunt.

    Being physically gifted is obviously a plus, but if your fundamentally retarded you will never play in the major leagues.

  16. Raul Says:

    LOL @ 15

  17. Chuck Says:

    I saw Harper have three AB’s today.

    He got fastball, change, and curve on the first pitch, and swung at all three.

    That, my friends, is the sign of a guy who is totally fucking clueless in the batters box.

  18. Chuck Says:


    Kameron Loe is like 6′8″.

    He just tried to do a spin move to pick off Jason Heyward off second and almost fell on his face.

    Just to prove to himself he could do it, he tried again.

    And almost planted his face on the rosin bag.

  19. Chuck Says:

    Ellsbury out at least six weeks.

  20. Raul Says:

    Someone should put a picture of Glass Joe from that old Nintendo boxing game “Mike Tyson’s Punchout” in Jacoby Ellsbury’s locker.

  21. Raul Says:

    Alex Rodriguez tied Ken Griffey Jr for 5th all-time in Home Runs.

  22. Bob Says:

    Matt Barnes

    5 IP
    1 hit
    0 walks
    7 k’s

  23. JohnBowen Says:

    “Ellsbury has, shall we say, a few more “Y” chromosomes than the average male.”

    Y chromosomes are what men have. Women have 2 X chromosomes.

    “John would have pulled him after seven.”

    He wasn’t even kind of laboring. So, no.

  24. JohnBowen Says:

    “Bryce Harper is breaking out the high socks and old school stirrup socks.

    Pretty ballsy move for someone hitting .214.”



    He’s pissing you off because he’s wearing HIGH SOCKS.

    And again, the season is a week old. He’s 7 for 34. Jeez.

  25. Bob Says:

    John, there was a comment that needed your approval on the National league award winners thread according to Chuck.

  26. JohnBowen Says:

    I took care of that, I think.

  27. Bob Says:

    Fair enough. Sorry

  28. Bob Says:

    A sidebar to the ARod milestone. The Yanks will owe him 6mm for hr # 660, 714, 755, 762 and 763. That is 30 million bucks that could be used against them for luxury tax purposes.

  29. Chuck Says:

    Bonuses are not counted towards payroll and/or luxury tax.

  30. Bob Says:

    According to Joel Sherman it is a potential issue. I wondered about it myself.

  31. Raul Says:

    So I tuned in to the pre-game show for the Angels/Yankees game and it looks like Kevin Millar (I think?) was asked what the Jacoby Ellsbury injury means for the Red Sox, and he that said David Ortiz, Adrian Gonzalez and Dustin Pedroia need to STEP UP!


  32. Cameron Says:

    @14 Isn’t Domonic trying to drill everything he sees though? I know he changed his stance last season to try to hit for more power and his average tanked.

  33. Raul Says:

    Both CJ Wilson and Phil Hughes work out of 1st inning, 1st-and-3rd jams.

  34. Raul Says:

    Chris Ianetta hit a ball 315 feet.
    Problem is, Yankee Stadium RF is 314 feet.

    2-0 Angels lead.

  35. Chuck Says:

    Brown looks exactly the same to me now as he did in the AFL in 2009, with the exception that he’s brought his hands down (I can live with that) and they are more in front of him (not that).

    I just think he doesn’t understand how to hit, or what he’s supposed to do in certain situations.

    When all you do is “see ball, hit ball” you end up with Mark Reynolds numbers.

    He’s 6′5″, 210 or so, and should freakin’ mash everything, just based on his setup alone.

  36. Chuck Says:

    Cameron, that comment I asked John to modify was meant for you.

    It’s a link to a baseball job in Warren.

  37. Raul Says:

    Howie Kendrick hit a monster HR off Hughes.

  38. Cameron Says:

    Hands in front. I don’t know a lot about hitting, but I know anything being in front of a hitter is bad. Especially pitches, which probably coincides with the hands.

    And Chuck, I’ll see what I can do. Lemme guess, the Mahoning Valley team?

  39. Raul Says:

    The only thing David Phelps continues to prove for the Yankees is that he doesn’t belong in the bullpen — because he’s pitching pretty dang well.

    If he can’t be in the rotation, then he needs to be in AAA building up his endurance.

  40. Cameron Says:

    Ah. Sorry Chuck, can’t do it. Don’t know the technical side well enough. Thanks for the effort, though. Means a lot to know you guys care.

  41. John Says:

    @35, I moderated the right comment, right?

  42. Bob Says:

    Yes. My bad. Sorry

  43. Chuck Says:

    Cam..give them a call..maybe they’re hiring beer vendors or something.

  44. Raul Says:

    Brian Wilson out for the year and will likely need a 2nd Tommy John surgery.

    I’m sure he’s been overworked.

    75 innings in 2010.
    55 in 2011.

    130 innings…or…what’s known in baseball as half of a good starter’s season.

  45. Raul Says:

    Jesus Montero with his first home run of the year. A shot to centerfield off Oakland’s Tommy Milone.

  46. Chuck Says:

    “I’m sure he’s been overworked.”

    “Worked” wouldn’t be the first word I’d think of to follow “over”, but, hey, got to start somewhere.

  47. Chuck Says:

    “Jesus Montero with his first home run of the year. A shot to centerfield off Oakland’s Tommy Milone.”

    Close your eyes, and flashback 25 years, and you could easily replace “Tommy Milone” with “Jamie Moyer.”

    Probably left an 84 mph fastball out a bit over the plate, and Montero just had enough bat speed to lift it out.

    If the pitch was 88, he would have popped it up.

  48. Chuck Says:

    Not a very impressive outing again today for Darvish, nine hits in five and two thirds with four walks and a hit batter, that’s 14 baserunners in six innings, but he only managed to give up two runs, one earned.

    Threw alot of pitches (102) and K percentage was good 59%, but against an offensively inept team like Minnesota, you got to do better than that.

  49. Raul Says:


    Well it was definitely a ball out over the plate.
    Milone is a lefthander.

    The replay I saw didn’t have MPH listed. Not sure how fast he throws.


  50. Raul Says:


    Darvish hasn’t been the lights-out guy that he was billed to be (surprise, surprise). That’s typical of these Japanese imports.

    He probably won’t post an ERA below 4, but he’ll be close.

    That’s not really bad, but considering MLB teams keep investing 100 million in guys like Darvish and Matsuzaka, it does make it worse.

  51. Raul Says:

    After being down to Cleveland 9-2, the Royals are battling back.
    Currently in the bottom of the 7th inning.

    9-7 Cleveland leads.

  52. John Says:

    MLB teams keep doing it? You mean, they’ve done it twice?

    And Darvish has had two starts in his entire major league career. Sorry, not going to instantly group him with Dice-K because they have the same skin color.

  53. Raul Says:


    MLB has invested in a lot of players from Japan who’ve stunk.

    And there’s this odd thing where you can watch a player pitch, and know that he isn’t all that great.

    Would be nice to have that ability. Someday you’ll develop that, John.

    Might take a lot of prayer, though.

  54. John Says:

    Raul, just curious.

    Have you been right about anything? Like, ever?

    I mean, every year, you make theae silly claims. Every year, they end up being wrong. And then you keep making them.

  55. Chuck Says:

    There were a couple of bench clearers in the Cle/KC game.

  56. Chuck Says:

    Raul will be happy to know the Royals dropped Gordon from leadoff to fifth.

  57. Raul Says:

    Doesn’t matter how wrong I’ve been.
    I’ve been more right than you.

  58. John Says:

    You’ve made exactly zero correct predictions about anything.

  59. Raul Says:

    9-9 on a home run from Yuniesky Betancourt.

  60. Raul Says:

    I suppose you simply haven’t been paying attention @ 58.

    Not surprising, since there were around 40 comments on Girardi using Boone Logan for 2 pitches and you couldn’t even admit that was fucking stupid.

    I mean even when the most basic baseball common sense escapes you, it doesn’t surprise me that you fail to see a proper prediction.

  61. John Says:

    Dice-K = Asian

    Therefore, Darvish=Dice-K.

    Great 21st century argument.

  62. Raul Says:

    That is rather amazing.

    It’s too bad I never made that case.

  63. Raul Says:

    Jarrod Dyson is listed at 5′9, 161 lbs

    No way this kid is an ounce over 140.

  64. Chuck Says:

    According to pitch tracker, the HR was on the sixth pitch of the AB, on a 3-2 count.

    First pitch was four seamer, 87, pretty much down the middle, called strike

    Second pitch, four seamer, 86, almost same spot as the first pitch, but inside, ball.

    Third pitch, four seamer, 86, ball high

    Fourth pitch, changeup, 82, high, ball three.

    Fifth pitch, four seamer, outside corner at the thighs, fouled off

    Sixth pitch, four seamer, 88, identical to first pitch, HR.

    Give Montero credit, he hit it out, but as a major leaguer, when you see six pitches that are virtually identical in speed and virtually in the same location, you damn well better hit it out.

  65. Raul Says:

    “Fourth pitch, changeup 82, high, ball three.”
    You don’t see too many high changeups.

    “Fifth pitch, four seamer, outside corner at the thighs, fouled off”

    It was a 3-1 count. Why would you swing at a fastball away? I agree. Credit for hitting the homer. But you’re a dickhead for swinging at that 5th pitch.

  66. Chuck Says:

    Tom Milone’s not a major league pitcher.

    Which is justified by the fact he’s in Oakland’s rotation.

    When Montero takes some 3-2 96 cheese from David Price out of the yard, call me.

  67. Raul Says:

    Dyson nearly caught a ball at the wall with 2 outs in the top of the 10th.

    Unfortunately, it went for a double. It’s 11-9.
    Cleveland leads.

  68. Mike Felber Says:

    Good to get the updates. Though Raul, nobody had been throwing 260 IP for some years now. Last time was Halladay, ‘03.

    Doing any lifting?

  69. Raul Says:

    Picking up the weight training this week, Mike.

  70. Mike Felber Says:


  71. Chuck Says:


    His fastball was averaging 87, the changeup was 82..hard to call either one what they are.

    Probably just slowed his arm down to take something off, which usually results in the pitch being up.

  72. Cameron Says:

    87 on the heater and 82 on the change? That’s terrible.

  73. Cameron Says:

    @63 140? My guess for Dyson’s about 125.

  74. Bob Says:

    Mark Prior worked out for the Sox.

  75. Bob Says:

    The Sox also designated pitcher Michael Bowden and catcher Luis Exposito for assignment. They needed to make room on the 40-man roster for Nate Spears and Jason Repko, both of whom are now on the 25-man roster for the Sox.

  76. Chuck Says:

    I have a feeling this Padres ownership deal is going to end up a bigger mess than either the Dodgers or Mets.

  77. Cameron Says:

    I haven’t even heard they had a problem.

  78. Mike Felber Says:

    Dyson is listed elsewhere at 165. I say he is 97 lbs., after hitting a buffet table with all he’s got.

    C’mon now, I doubt he is not at least around a buck fifty. Though Ozzie was 150 at 2″ taller, so 140 is possible. If he has any lower body mass at all he will not be 140 or less, even at 5′ 9″. he would have to have minimal muscle &/or bird bones to be 125.

    Not so rare, especially amongst, say, marathon runners, but would be rare for a professional ball player.

  79. Mike Felber Says:

    Do not see how this circus play can be disputed as legal, though many do in the comments section:


  80. Bob Says:

    Bobby Valentine first criticizes Youk then apologizes to him.

  81. Chuck Says:

    Bobby Valentine…first manager unemployed this season.

    And Youkilis SHOULD be criticized. He’s a butthole.

  82. Raul Says:

    The Rangers are atop MLB rankings this week. Hard to say what that means. It’s only 2 weeks into the season and while Texas is 8-2, they’ve played the Twins, Mariners and White Sox; 3 teams that figure to wind up in the bottom 3rd of the American League standings this year.

    As for Kevin Youkilis,

    It’s normally not worth fretting over 30 at-bats early in the season but this IS Boston and they tend to react sensitively to just about everything. That said, Youkilis had an awful Spring Training and he hasn’t shown any signs of breaking out. Two weeks in April is one thing, but coupled with Spring Training, Valentine does have reason for concern. He just shouldn’t have said anything about it yet.

    Similar concerns should be directed towards Mark Teixeira, though Del Grippo covered that on NYBaseballDigest.

    I’m not worried about Pujols though. He might not put up MVP numbers (heck, he’s been doing that for 11 years and nobody does it forever), but I think he’ll settle in just fine once he becomes a bit more familiar with AL pitchers and how they’re coming at him.

    Probably the big surprise thus far is how competitive teams have been with the Philadelphia Phillies. They’re 4-5 and this team could easily reel off 7 or 8 wins in a row, but they were held in check by the Pirates and Mets and currently sit 2nd-to-last in the National League in Runs Scored with 28. That offense really needs to get rolling.

  83. Chuck Says:

    Since last season’s All Star break, Youkilis is hitting .186.

  84. Raul Says:

    Dems Adam Dunn-esque numbers.

  85. Chuck Says:

    When you’re raking and making all start teams and winning gold gloves, your propensity for being an asshole can be overlooked (Bonds, Manny, ARod, etc), but when you’re hitting a buck ninety it’s kind of hard to look past the extracurricular stuff.

  86. Raul Says:

    This isn’t the first time I’ve read stories about Youkilis being a jerk.

  87. Raul Says:

    Speaking of jerks, Aramis Ramirez is really screwing my fantasy team with his slow start.

    I know Milwaukee is about as depressing as life can get, but he better find some silver lining and get me some points.

  88. brautigan Says:

    Already one in the books. 1-0 Tampa Bay, they win on a bases loaded walk!

  89. Raul Says:

    I can’t blame Daniel Bard too much for that one.

    He lost 1-0. Boston has to do better. James Shields is good, but he isn’t THAT good. And he shouldn’t be shutting you out when you’re playing at home — IN FENWAY.

  90. Bob Says:

    His nickname is “Big Game James” for a reason. Helped them avoid a sweep in Boston on a sweltering day.

  91. Chuck Says:

    James Shields is 73-63 lifetime in seven seasons with a 3.98 ERA and has allowed more hits than innings pitched.

    Big Game, my ass.

    More like James “Lucky as Hell I pitch for a good team” Shields.

  92. Raul Says:

    Who’s the HR leader right now?

    Kemp’s got 6, I think. I suppose he’s on his way to his 50-50 prediction.

    Jose Bautista is 7-34 with just 2 extra base hits (1 homer, 1 double).
    I’m sure he’ll do better, but .206/.333/.324 is the Jose Bautista I know.

  93. brautigan Says:

    Shields was one of the better pitchers last year, after having rotten 2009 and 2010 seasons, he is back to being a quality starter.

    Shield is good, Raul, but don’t tell me Bard is better. (he may be, but he has to show it first).

    Omar Infante has 4 homeruns. This year’s Asdrubal Cabrera?

  94. Raul Says:

    I didn’t mean to suggest Bard is better than Shields.

    Just that I wouldn’t think Shields is the type of guy to shut out the Red Sox 1-0 at home.

  95. Raul Says:

    Today is Fernando Vina’s 43rd birthday. I remember when Albert Belle knocked him over on his way to 2nd base. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy. LOL.

    The Giants extended Madison Bumgarner with a 5 year, 35 million dollar contract.

  96. Jim Says:

    The Bobby Valentine is Grady Little reprised meme is going hot and heavy in Boston. But BV won’t be the first manager fired as he was the trio’s pick and they won’t admit it was a bad idea this year.

    With each futile Youk at bat the Will Middlebrook’s bandwagon gains adherents and his 1.014 OBS this year is fanning the flames. The kid needs a full season at AAA.

  97. Raul Says:

    Yankees, Twins tonight.

    Seems like Joe Mauer always hits the Yankees well, so I checked his stats…

    Against NYY: .299/.395/.433 in 44 games

    Pretty good. But not as good as these:

    Against KC: .348/.433/.487 in 105 games
    Against TAM: .376/.468/.541 in 37 games
    Against SEA: .377/.479/.594 in 48 games

  98. John Says:

    @95, great deal.

  99. Raul Says:

    As of this very moment, AJ Pierzynski is hitting .320/.308/.760

  100. Cameron Says:

    How in the hell?

  101. Raul Says:

    Matt Wieters was once projected to be Joe Mauer, with power.
    That hasn’t been the case in Baltimore but things are looking up.

    Wieters splits for 2011:
    1st Half: .264/.322/.406 with 8 homers.
    2nd Half: .259/.336/.504 with 14 homers.

    Similar stuff, but he really picked up the power towards the end of the season last year and he’s taken it with him to 2012. Tonight, Wieters hit two home runs including the game-winning grand slam. Early on this season he’s hitting .344/.462/.750 with 4 homers.

    Even Adam Jones is showing a bit of a power streak early in the season.

    No one is expecting THIS kind of power to last for the season for Wieters or Jones, but for a team that hasn’t had much go their way in terms of development lately, it’s a welcome sign.

  102. Chuck Says:

    This whole Bobby Valentine thing became a non-issue once Dustin Pedroia opened his mouth.

    Curt Schilling used the word “fractured” when describing the Red Sox clubhouse, and Pedroia’s comment pretty much put that in perspective…there’s a clique of veteran players who control things, and Terry Francona pretty much let them.

    There were some internal (between players) confrontations in ST relating to Francona leaving, with some players believing there was a clubhouse rat responsible.

    I think Valentine was just trying to deflect some of the internal BS onto him.

    But what Pedroia said should be a concern to John Henry and Cherington, and if someone doesn’t do anything, this is going to end up like the Swingin’ A’s of the 1970’s…minus the World Series rings.

  103. Bob Says:

    Let us call it Fenwaygate. Just to piss off Raul.

  104. Raul Says:

    Well played, Bob.
    Because you remember how mothereffing stupid it is to throw “gate” at the end of anything to suggest a scandal.

    This stupid country…

  105. Bob Says:

    Thank you.

  106. Chuck Says:


    Saw this yesterday, and it’s a bitch.

    Who was the last American League pitcher to homer in a regular season game….before the DH rule.

  107. Bob Says:

    Jim Hardin???

  108. Raul Says:

    Marty Pattin

  109. Bob Says:

    Raul, a guess or do you know?

  110. Raul Says:

    Make that Roric Harrison

  111. Bob Says:

    Yup. Good job.

  112. Kerry Says:

    Roric Harrison is correct.

    Here’s a related question: who is the only AL pitcher to homer in a game with another AL team after the DH rule was implemented? (He was also the only AL pitcher to homer after the DH rule was implemented but before interleague play.)

    [There are actually two players who did the first feat, but one of them was not normally a pitcher.]

  113. Raul Says:

    I didn’t know. I was doing a search for it.

    Marty Pattin homered for the Red Sox on September 26, 1972.
    Lindy McDaniel homered for the Yankees on September 28, 1972.
    Roric Harrison homered for the Orioles on October 3rd, 1972. It was the final day of the season.

  114. Chuck Says:

    Roric Harrison is correct.

  115. Chuck Says:

    Kerry cheated..read the same article I did. (wink, wink)

  116. Kerry Says:

    No, I looked it up on bbref using the game search.

    Any guesses to my question?

    Another thing that I noticed while doing the search was that Mark Buehrle and Josh Beckett both homered on the same day (2009-06-14) during interleague play, the only time two AL pitchers have homered on the same day since the DH was started (although Jon Garland and Kris Benson homered a day apart in 2006). Before the DH, it last happened in 1971.

  117. Kerry Says:

    Actually, you’d have to be really good a trivia or use the bbref search to find the answer to my question.

  118. Chuck Says:

    So, he homered BEFORE and AFTER the DH rule?

  119. Chuck Says:

    The first AL pitcher to homer in a game after the DH was implemented was Bobby Witt, in 1997.

  120. Chuck Says:

    I was watching the Yankee game on ESPN Sunday night, and Terry Francona was in the booth.

    Dan Schulmann, who was doing the play by play, asked him if there was one thing he learned right away when he “came to the other side”, and Francona said it was how hard guys like Kirkjian and Olney worked to get their information and how respected they were.

    When Baseball Tonight was in Maryvale, Aaron Boone and Kirkjian were the crew. They finished their taping about 45 minutes before the gates opened.

    The “set” the Brewers gave them was on the concourse, right out side the gate to the clubhouse.

    There’s this big team shop that is open early and has an exit onto the concourse, but before the gates open it’s closed, with the exception of a roped off area where people can go out and watch BP and take pictures of the empty stadium or the players on the field.

    As they were wrapping up their taping, Boone and Kirkjian had to walk by this area to exit the park and go to the ESPN bus to change.

    Someone recognized Boone, and he walked over and signed maybe four or five autographs, just a chance encounter for the people who were there.

    Kirkjian went to the field (Boone right behind him), and stood outside the Brewers dugout, with players and coaches, etc, passing back and forth.

    Guys would pass by Boone and give him a high five or whatever, some would intentionally go out of their way to talk to him.

    Not one person stopped or said anything to Kirkjian.

    He might as well be invisible.

    Some respect.

  121. Raul Says:

    I’d say hello to Kirkjian. Guy is pretty likeable and knows his stuff.

  122. Chuck Says:

    I did..I told him I had met him at the AFL a couple of years ago and relayed the story about going to shoot pool across the street from Peoria Sports Complex.

    He seemed to remember and made reference to something that apparently happened after I left.

    In the 45 seconds I was talking to him, he must have gotten three or four texts. He said he never turns his phone off..when he gets up in the morning it buzzes for a half an hour with all his messages, so he just leaves it on “silent” mode.

    I asked him if he makes bets with Olney on who gets the most calls, and he said he would but Olney never pays up.

  123. Kerry Says:

    Good grief, I didn’t realize the person who I thought was the answer wasn’t a pitcher either. So there is no answer.

    Jeff Kunkel was going to be the answer, but he was a SS who came in as a pitcher in a blowout in 1989. Likewise Nick Swisher hit a HR as a P in 2009 in an AL game.

  124. Cameron Says:

    Jeff Kunkel isn’t the name of a guy who takes the mound, it’s the name of the guy who cuts the grass around it.

  125. Raul Says:

    So Gio Gonzalez got my fantasy team some points.
    But I almost got fucked out of them by Brad Lidge’s dumb ass.

  126. Raul Says:

    1.1 innings for Johan Santana

  127. Raul Says:

    Kevin Youkilis is 0-4 with 4 strikeouts.

  128. Bob Says:

    Congrats to Jamie Moyer, who at 49 is the oldest pitcher to ever record a victory.

  129. Chuck Says:

    So, I’m out with my daughter last night and don’t get home til late, and I flip on MLBNetwork and see the Rangers/Sox game is on.

    8-2 Texas, top of the eighth, Kinsler on second and 2-0 count on Andrus, Mark Melancon on the mound.

    Melancon is perfect for the spot, sort of a garbage time, innings guy with a funky delivery.

    After the Kinsler double, Melancon walked Andrus on four pitches.

    Curve, and according to Pitch/FX..three straight cutters, 92, 93, 93.

    93 cutters?

    Um, no.

    Probably two seamers (watching, the ball definitely had down and away movement as opposed to in, but that’s a different argument).

    Anyway, Josh Hamilton is next.

    First two pitches are fastballs, both in almost the exact same place, one low for a ball one Hamilton fouls off.


    Next two pitches are changeup and curve, both pitches away, a foul and a ball.


    FX has the next two pitches as fastball and change, but no way Melancon’s change is 86, so we’ll call it a two seamer as well, they’re both out of the strikezone low but Hamilton fouls both pitches off…straight down.

    When a batter fouls a ball straight into the ground like that, it means he’s cheating early, and for a good hitter like Hamilton, is probably doing it on purpose, waiting for a good pitch.

    I’m guessing Melancon didn’t have his curve warming up, remember, he threw six pitches combined to Kinsler and Andrus and only one was a breaking ball, and it wasn’t a good one.

    Probably worth pointing out the Sox catcher was Jarrod Saltlamachhia, an ex-Ranger and who probably knows Hamilton better than any opposing catcher.

    Now, for me, down six runs, all I want Hamilton to do is pound something on the ground, need a DP, or a strikeout, or at worst a ball in the air that doesn’t move the runners.

    Out of the six pitches in the sequence, he’s fouled off three pitches down, two fastballs and a changeup.

    If I’m Melancon, I try and get one of the two away and see if he rolls over on it and pulls something on the ground to the right side.

    Last thing I want to do is throw a curveball..I didn’t have it in the bullpen and the one I threw to Andrus was kind of a roller, a bad breaker to Hamilton wouldn’t be a good thing.

    I’m sure Hamilton knows this too and would likely be looking for something down, but it’s a better risk for me, because if I locate the pitch, even if he puts a good swing on it it’s not going anywhere.

    Melancon threw him a curveball.

    You probably wont’ see too many balls to right in Fenway hit further, it was well over the bullpen, about halfway up the bleachers.

    It was effin’ KILLED.

    Next batter is Adrian Beltre.

    He KNOWS he’s not getting a curve, Melancon throws a fastball, and Beltre hits it into Conigliaro’s Corner.

    900 feet of homers in two pitches.

    Pitchers are dumb.

  130. Bob Says:

    Matt Barnes pitching well in a morning game.

  131. Cameron Says:


    All I can think of in that situation is “Changeup middle-in.” You can jam a good amount of guys on that one, and if his change was with him and his curve wasn’t, NO excuse not to go for it.

  132. Raul Says:

    Why would you throw a change-up middle in? The action you’re going for is close to a two-seam fastball. The difference is, nobody gets jammed on a changeup — and definitely not going to happen to Hamilton.

    A hanging curveball gets hit pretty hard.
    A poor changeup on the inside part of the plate —– that’s called Home Run Derby.

    Hamilton might have hit it to Nova Scotia.

  133. Chuck Says:

    You couldn’t jam Yuniesky Betancourt with a changeup.

  134. Cameron Says:

    Bah, not jam. I say shit without thinking it out sometimes. It’s just something I’ve thrown with decent success. Guys think something in on the hands is gonna be a fastball and they get out in front of it if you set up the few pitches before it away. Either they whiff or make shit contact on it, and it’s harder to foul off a pitch inside.

    Of course, maybe it doesn’t work on a guy with major league stuff. It’s just something that’s worked for me at a good rate.

  135. Chuck Says:

    “It’s just something I’ve thrown with decent success”

    “I say shit without thinking it out sometimes”


  136. Bob Says:

    Matt Barnes

    6 innings
    9 k’s
    3 hits
    0 walks
    0.00 ERA… the game was the against the Astros Low-A ball club

  137. Raul Says:

    Slow start for Bryce Harper in AAA

    12 Games
    Batting 12 for 49

    4 doubles
    1 triple
    0 homers
    10 strikeouts
    2 walks
    1 rbi

    .245/.275/.367 (BA/OBP/SLG)

    I know some are a bit touchy about traditional slash stats, lol.

  138. Cameron Says:

    You know what I find amazing? Paul Mooney is 70. …The dude looks like he’s fucking 40.

  139. Raul Says:

    Mooney is a funny guy.
    Carlin was the tops for me, but among living comedians, I enjoy Paul Mooney, Louis CK, Jim Jefferies, Dave Chappelle, Lewis Black, Bill Burr and a few others I’m definitely forgetting.

    I wish I could sit here and give you a female standup comedian that I like but I really can’t think of any. Most of the females I find to be funny are much better in sketches or acting — not so much as standup comics.

    Comedians I don’t/didn’t find funny: Greg Giraldo, Joe Rogan, Dane Cook, Mitch Hedberg, Ralphie May, Chelsea Handler, George Lopez…I realize there are a lot of people I think are just terrible.

    Bill Hicks was a funny guy, and I enjoy him, but I didn’t like his delivery.
    Doug Stanhope is angry, perhaps too angry, but in his rambling nonsense he’ll drop a few gems.
    Robert Schimmel was raunchy as could be, but hilarious.
    Rodney Dangerfield never gets brought up these days but his puns and delivery were perfect.

  140. Cameron Says:

    Raul, I can name two great female comics off the top of my head. Gilda Radner and Rita Rudner.

  141. Chuck Says:

    RIP Dick Clark

  142. Raul Says:

    I saw an old Rita Rudner standup from the 80s on cable a few months ago.
    Very dry humor. The kind of crowd that is maybe 1 notch up from a Billy Joel concert. Not quite high society, but definitely wanna-be yuppies.

    I’ll pass.

  143. Cameron Says:

    It’s an old style of comedy, I’ll admit. She’s a comic’s kind of comic. I’ve seen some interviews with her and she’s a very intelligent comic. I’m a guy who makes a lot of jokes in my life and people like her who make me think about how to be a better comic is something I appreciate.

    And I love Rodney like you mentioned. Again, a comedian’s comedian. Almost no one in the past 50 or so years ever just got up on stage and just told joke after joke. There’s some narrative to the routine or it’s a story. Rodney was an old-school comedian. Not something I’d be ANY good at if I tried it, no one really can just go up and tell jokes anymore, but the guy made it work.

    Also, I find it a bit odd I’m as big into black comedy as I am. I actually did grow up in a poor black neighborhood, I’ve got a few black friends still, I’ve gone through a lot of the stuff they talk about (well, besides the racism, but just about everything else…). And thinking back, god DAMN do I miss Bernie Mac.

  144. Chuck Says:

    Don’t like Rudner either.

    There’s this one I’m trying to think of..she’s from a few years ago..pretty hot too, but damn if I can remember her name.

  145. Chuck Says:

    Black comedy sucks, and Bernie Mac wasn’t the slightest bit funny.

  146. Cameron Says:

    There’s a bunch of female comics out there I enjoy, I was just going for the real idols. If you can tell me some of the routine, I might be able to give you a name.

    And Dick Clark. You know, I kinda forgot about him. Guy always looked great. There was a Bill Hicks joke about he was the Antichrist because he never aged. Though the dude was a real influence in American culture through American Bandstand. Hell, the success of that show inspired Britain to do Top of the Pops, and a lot of big names were launched there, too. He helped, directly or indirectly, to get a lot of names out in the world of music. He’ll be missed.

  147. Raul Says:

    Well, as you can see from my comment above, I do tend to go with the more raunchy/aggressive humor.

    I mean, I can appreciate the clean comic — I love Raymond just like everyone else. But that kind of thing wouldn’t keep my attention for very long.

    Matt Cain vs Cliff Lee tonight.
    I need a win. This is about the only time I’ll get on the Cain Train.
    (Not you, Herman.)

  148. Cameron Says:

    You know what I find amazing? With five games left in the NBA season, every playoff team has a winning record right now. There’s kind of an asterisk there because Philadelphia is 31-30 and are playing terribly right now and Milwaukee would need to go 4-2 in the last 6 games they have to make it right.

    Still, considering the track record the NBA playoffs have had recently, I like that. Even 15/16 is REALLY good for the way the NBA is now.

  149. Cameron Says:

    Raul, thought popped in my head. What’s your opinion on Sam Kinison? You think Stanhope is too angry, Sam… Jesus Christ. I think he’s funny as hell, but the guy could’ve standed to take a fucking valium or something.

  150. Mike Felber Says:

    Black comedy sucks. That is a “Wow, just wow” type of comment, even if you mean race oriented comedy, not just comedy by black folks. I guess Richard Prior, Dick Gregory, Chris Rock, old Eddie Murphy & Bill Cosby albums, David Chappelle, Wanda Sykes, & all Living Color offshoots amongst innumerable others have been wasting their (& our) time. Good to know.

    Though what is liked is so subjective, & many cannot appreciate some things due to cultural differences. Still, there are things that can be widely if not universally loved-delivery, story telling, charisma, impersonations…It is hard NOT to enjoy a great old Prior or Cosby album.

    My siblings had a comedy show 5 minutes from me for 6 years. Twice & then once a week, my Sister hosted, booked stand up talent, improvised, sung-my brother played keyboards & sidekick. She went on to write for Comedy Central, Court/True TV, head Social Media for BBC America…Brother writes for Bill Maher & on 100 + syndicated radio markets for a news quiz show.

  151. Cameron Says:

    Chuck’s about as white as Strom Thurmond eating a mayonaise sandwich on Wonder bread in a snowstorm. Not that surprised he’s not a fan, Mike. Nothing he can relate to. Me? I lived that shit. I know where it comes from and I laugh at it. Sure, some guys try too hard to be black and are bad. Katt Williams is an example. He’s funny to me, but it’s like he’s TRYING to be black despite him being one of the blackest muthafuckas alive already.

  152. Chuck Says:

    “all Living Color offshoots amongst innumerable others have been wasting their (& our) time.”

    Not mine.

    Cosby was funny, early Murphy and Pryor were funny..the rest? Nah.

    Has nothing to do with skin color, Cameron.

  153. John Says:

    “I guess Richard Prior, Dick Gregory, Chris Rock, old Eddie Murphy & Bill Cosby albums, David Chappelle, Wanda Sykes, & all Living Color offshoots amongst innumerable others have been wasting their (& our) time. ”

    Yes, they have been. Chappelle was the only one of those folks who is funny, and even then, I thought his stand-up was pretty mediocre (Chappelle’s show sketches were hilarious though).

  154. Chuck Says:

    Two funniest guys I saw live were Stephen Wright and Billy Riback.

    Riback was a club comedian on the East Coast and made it as a writer in Hollywood, primarily with Tim Allen on “Home Improvement” and the Toy Story series.

    Wright is self explanatory.

  155. John Says:

    Wait, glossed over Cosby (somehow). He was funny too. Disagree about Murphy.

  156. Raul Says:

    Kinison died when I was 11 and I never really saw too much of him.

    My initial feeling is that Kinison was funny, but to me he seemed funnier when he WASN’T screaming.

    Speaking of mean comics…Artie Lange is a trainwreck and not especially funny. However, I saw a DVD of his standup “It’s The Whiskey Talking” and it was absolutely hilarious.

  157. Cameron Says:

    He was Raul. Funny thing about Kinison. You know where he picked that screaming up from? He used to be a Pentecostal preacher.

    @152 True. If it was about skin color, I wouldn’t find it funny. It just doesn’t speak to you. That’s cool. I don’t find a lot of “redneck” comedy funny. It just speak to me because it’s not what I know. The stuff about growing up in a poor black neighborhood and dealing with stupid white people all day? Yeah, I get that.

    To each his own, really. Sorry to play the race card when it didn’t need to be, man.

  158. Raul Says:

    When someone says “black comedy” to me, I think I know what they mean.

    Look, I’m not a fan of the Katt Williams thing or that old BET Comicview stuff.
    That whole “White people do this, Black people do that” comedy is so lame and boring. So is a lot of the comedy that panders to women or dwells on drug jokes.

    There are black comedians that I think transcend that and Chappelle is one of them. At least, he can be. I think he’s a fantastic storyteller and has awesome delivery. But admittedly, there are a good 3-5 minutes in every standup where I just want to fast-forward.

    I will say that I really like that Key & Peele sketch comedy show on Comedy Central. I don’t watch it often, but the 2 or 3 times I’ve come across it, the show was pretty good.

  159. Raul Says:

    Rangers vs Senators tonight!

    I’m loving this hockey playoffs season.

  160. Raul Says:

    Chuck’s boy (just kidding), Kirk Nieuwenhuis went 3-4 today with 2 doubles, 3 runs scored and an RBI.

    Unfortunately, the Mets lost to the Braves 14-6.

  161. Bob Says:

    Ron White and Bo Burnham are both solid comics.

  162. Bob Says:

    The one time I saw her Kathleen Madigan was extremely funny.

  163. Bob Says:

    The Yankees are going to don their 1912 uniforms Friday night at Fenway.

  164. Bob Says:

    Terry Francona is going to come to Boston Friday night. Which begs the question, who gets the biggest cheer of the evening?
    1. Francona
    2. HOFER Jim Rice
    3. Yaz
    4. Someone else
    5. Yankees players do not apply, and me writing this provision will preclude people from trying to be funny/witty.

    Guess here- Francona

  165. Cameron Says:

    I thought Francona said he wasn’t gonna be there. Changed his mind, I guess.

    My guess is Yaz. Dude’s a fucking legend.

  166. Raul Says:

    1912 was the last time they went as the New York Highlanders.
    And they were 50-102.

    I know it’s 100 years, but that’s a year I would rather forget.
    That team made 384 errors. Last year’s team made 102.

    Hal Chase had 32 errors. A 1st baseman, mind you.
    Jeff Sweeney had 34.
    Roy Hartzell had 35.
    And their SS Jack Martin had 42 errors —- in 70 games.

    Francona gets the biggest cheer.
    Followed by Yaz.
    Followed by the nearest beer vendor.
    Then Jim Rice.

  167. Bob Says:

    Raul, good point about the beer vendor. Completely my bad for omitting him or her.

  168. Mike Felber Says:

    That is what some folks mean by black comedy. Chuck does like some black comedians, but if’n you do not specify, sound like you are saying all suck.

    And it is absurd (by you here John) to automatically conflate what you like with what is good. Though we all can make arguments about it, when you do not like folks like any early Murphy or Richard Prior for crying out loud, forget about the others, time to suspect that it is a matter of lack of ability to appreciate certain basic skills & expressive nuances that most can, NOT a matter of you being correct about what *is* or is not funny.

    Defense has gotten better, but with the mitts they had a century ago, there would be more errors today.

  169. Chuck Says:

    There’s this comic out now who’s a ventriloquist..can’t remember his name, funny guy.

    I like Ron White too.

    If Francona gets the biggest cheer, Bobby V might as well walk down the runway, pack his shit, and head back to Bristol.

  170. Raul Says:


    Bobby V doesn’t need to manage in MLB. He should have stayed in Japan or come back to the States and retire.

    He’ll never be as popular as he was in Japan, and he’s got no chance of ever getting into the Hall of Fame here.

    He’s a sideshow and would be perfectly suited to television, doing analysis or commentary.

    But hey, if he’s managing because he loves it I can’t fault the guy. I just think with his reputation it’s all risk and little reward.

  171. Mike Felber Says:

    I agree Raul.

    Bobby V., we hardly knew Ye.

  172. JohnBowen Says:

    171 is by far Mike’s most pithy comment.

    Bobby V has a lifetime .510 winning percentage and zero first place finishes in MLB.

    Not saying that necessarily makes him a bad manager, but you’d think he’d have a little more to show for it, given all the hype he gets.

  173. John Says:

    Aramis Ramirez finally got you some points, Raul.

    Through the first week of the year, the Cards are hitting .293 as a team. Not only are they the best in the NL, but they’re .034 better than 2nd. That’s a little insane.

  174. Raul Says:

    Yeah Aramis Ramirez is not on my good side right now.
    Ryan Braun appears to have found his stroke a little bit.

  175. Raul Says:

    David Freese is raking in STL.
    So is Beltran.

  176. Raul Says:

    I have to say, it is pretty cool that Jamie Moyer got a win the other night.

    From what I’ve read, Moyer is one of the nicest guys in the game.
    I’ve heard good things about Jason Giambi, Sean Casey and Tim Wakefield also.

  177. Raul Says:

    And Ivan Rodriguez is retired.

  178. Raul Says:

    Jeter with a home run to CF after 10 pitches, but Granderson strikes out and Teixeira flies to right end it.

    6-5 Twins win it.

  179. Mike Felber Says:

    Did not have much to say there John besides to agree, & am busy organizing my dog & pony shows.

    Would it be so hard to have an excellent power pitcher develop a great junk pitch like the knuckleball? How about a picther/batter combination, it would be tough, but neart impossible to be very good at both?

  180. Raul Says:

    Jaime Garcia hit a triple.

    Jaime Garcia is a pitcher.

  181. JohnBowen Says:

    Glad I stayed up to watch the Brewers pull it out (early morning tomorrow), but I’m not so sure we should’ve won. Sac-Fly play at the plate, Kemp’s throw was a little off-line (flat-footed, he had to make the catch going back on the ball) but the Dodger catcher (Ellis) recovered and made a beautiful tag attempt. If he grazed Morgan, then Morgan should’ve been out (legs were late getting there).

  182. JohnBowen Says:

    err…nevermind, Kemp wasn’t really going back at all. Should’ve made a better throw.

  183. JohnBowen Says:

    But yeah, should’ve been out

  184. Mike Felber Says:

    David Wright sure could write & deliver. 1st saw him (in video) in College in the ’80’s, never live. Near namesake in baseball, maybe not quite so much.

  185. Cameron Says:

    @179 I think Early Wynn was a pretty hard thrower back in the day, and he had a knuckleball as a fifth pitch or so. Though it’s rare to see a knuckleball as part of an arsenal, it’s usually the go-to.

  186. Cameron Says:

    San Fran and Philly looked like an awesome game. Cain gives 9 scoreless innings, Lee goes ten scoreless, San Fran walks off in the 11th.

    Also, two teams became the first this season to hit ten wins today. Texas… And of all teams, Washington.

  187. Chuck Says:

    Pedro Alvarez hit his second HR of the season yesterday.

    It was also his second HIT of the season.

  188. Raul Says:

    Is Alvarez playing fulltime? I thought he lost just about all of his at-bats to Casey McGehee.

  189. Chuck Says:

    McGeehee’s played 10 games and has 31 AB’s, Alvarez 9/27.

  190. Raul Says:

    Ivan Rodriguez juiced, though there wasn’t ever much outcry about him.
    He’ll get elected, but he might wait a year or two.

    Though if things change, he might go in on his 1st ballot.

  191. Raul Says:

    Pittsburgh should trade Alvarez.

    Take the loss, see if you can steal a good low level prospect. I’m not saying they can get a Jose Campos, but surely some team would give up a young power arm (probably with control issues) that maybe the Pirates can develop.

    Maybe Colorado would take him.
    Err…or Oakland. They could use a platoon bat.

  192. Cameron Says:


    I think he’ll get in too. He did juice, but it wasn’t a really drastic improvement like Sosa and unlike a lot of juicers, the press still liked him. They sold Sosa, Bonds, McGwire, and Clemens down the river even though they only hated one of those guys before the scandal. Rodriguez? They just sorta gave him a pass.

    As for me? …Eh. His numbers may look kinda lacking offensively, but catchers aren’t a hitting-first position and Rodriguez was a hell of a catcher. Not to mention the fact he broke the games caught record. You can’t tell me the steroids helped him get that record because he juiced in his prime, not at the tail end of his career. If anything, the steroids would’ve hurt his chance at catching that many games because of injury patterns related to it by the age he broke it.

    I’m not sure I’d vote for him if I had a vote, circumstances considered, but I won’t be outraged if he did. It’s kind of like A-Rod. I can’t tell how much it improved his performance, but he’s good enough without the steroids considered.

  193. Bob Says:

    Just to piss everybody off. Belt for Alvarez. See I can piss off everybody like Valentine.

  194. Cameron Says:

    Not me. Then again, I’m not mad at Valentine either. I’m mad at how fast the media wants to throw Valentine under the bus for being completely right. Youkilis isn’t the same player he used to be because the dude’s missed, what, the equivalent of two seasons in the past five years? Guy’s breaking down.

    …And a gigantic asshole.

  195. Chuck Says:

    You can’t be selective of the players who juiced when it comes to the HOF.

    You either vote for them all, or you vote for none.

    This “They were HOFers before they cheated” argument is stupid..you broke records, you played longer than you should have, you’re out.”


    Pudge is in this category.

    He was part of those Texas juice factory teams with Gonzalez and Fullmer and Helling and ARod.

    He wasn’t a casual user, if there is such a thing, and his career is 100% a reflection of that.

    Pudge was great, there’s no debating that, but without the juice, he’d already be in the Hall.

  196. Bob Says:

    Is the fact that he is a gigantic asshole somewhat indicitive of his intensity.
    Manny said he had too much.
    Issues with Ellsbury over it.
    Told to relax by Boston management
    Turned himself into a serviceable player and a gold glover at 2 positions.

    And then to see his name mentioned as lackig intensity?

    I agree he is declining at a rapid weight.
    I agree that the Sox need a replacement for him sooner, as opposed to later.
    But Valentine never should have mentioned a player in a negative way to the Boston media. And I know you do not hate Valentine. The Yankees are your second favorite team, so anybody who sabotages the Sox is a heroic figure.

  197. Mike Felber Says:

    Valentine said he was not physically & EMOTIONALLY into the game. Meaning he was not trying that hard, even if due to psychological problems. He explained he did not mean to say this, the words came out wrong, which may be completely honest. But whether he has been breaking down or even a jerk does not address the comment. He hopefully did not LIE about not meaning that to save his skin, & words mean particular things. That Y-man has physical issues or behaves badly at other times does not mean he is not into the game or trying hard, & a Manager who says that, at least incorrectly, seems to be undermining his players publicly & sabotaging clubhouse unity.

    I would vote for any juicer who 1) would clearly have been good eno9ugh WITHOUT the juice, 2) Admits his usage & apologizes for it. The A-Rod story had many holes in it.

    If someone has been caught as using, though we do not know how much, AND they have a particular career pattern, even I assume they were not a “casual user”.

  198. Mike Felber Says:

    Amen Bob.

  199. Bob Says:

    If you have to explaon your statements/comments you fucked up. And he did.

  200. Cameron Says:

    He did, but c’mon, it’s Bobby fucking V. What did you expect? Still doesn’t change the fact he’s absolutely right about Youk physically not being at his old level of play.

  201. Bob Says:

    Thank you Mike. Post 197 was spot on.

  202. Chuck Says:

    You guys are totally missing the point of what’s wrong with the Red Sox.

    It isn’t what Valentine said, it’s what Pedroia said.

  203. Bob Says:

    Actuall, Pedroia should be named captain. Valentine wants to use the media, why can’t Pedroia?

  204. Cameron Says:

    I’m kinda just watching this and laughing to be honest. The Red Sox forgot they’re supposed to implode at the end of the season, not the beginning. 1946, 1975, 1978, 1986, 2003 ,2011… Only collapse I can’t pin a year on was The Boston Massacre. Forgot the year.

  205. Bob Says:

    Middlebrooks has 5 homers already.

  206. Bob Says:

    So did George Brett use pine tar, and if so, how big of a cheater is he?

  207. Chuck Says:

    “So did George Brett use pine tar, and if so, how big of a cheater is he?”

    Good question..let’s ask David Ortiz.

  208. Cameron Says:

    Gaylord Perry, Hall of Famer, admitted cheater.

  209. Bob Says:

    Fine by me.

  210. Chuck Says:

    Youkilis has one gold glove.

  211. Cameron Says:

    At first, I believe. To be fair, if Adrian Beltre was a National Leaguer, he probably could win at third, too.

  212. Bob Says:

    So, we have a shitload of cheats, yet Williams and Feller get screwed because of WW2.

  213. Chuck Says:

    You guys sound like a couple of first graders arguing over the sandbox.

    You think Brett has ANY of his hits because of pine tar?

  214. Bob Says:

    Actually, you retorted to my Brett question, technically praising it. In other words, a 3-some in the sandbox.

  215. Cameron Says:

    Maybe a couple because of a good grip, but I know what you’re getting at. 18 inches of pine tar =/= 3,100 hits.

  216. Chuck Says:

    “..a 3-some in the sandbox”

    Never tried that one before.

  217. Bob Says:

    I am one creative SOB.

  218. Raul Says:

    The idea that George Brett is a cheater because of excessive pine tar is…I’m not being hyperbolic here…it is by far…BY FAR…the dumbest thing I’ve ever read regarding baseball.

    It far surpasses anything Shaun ever wrote.

  219. Bob Says:

    Raul, you understand that I was pissing of Cameron by going after a Royals icon, right? And I just posed a question. I did not register an opinion myself.

  220. Cameron Says:

    Oh don’t worry Bob, I forgot, you’re a Tigers fan, right? Pretty sure there’s plenty of cans of worms to open in that one.

  221. Bob Says:

    Yes. The Tigers are my silver medalists.
    Feel free to read up on Ron LeFlore and Dave Rozema.

  222. Cameron Says:

    I was actually thinking of the accusation of Ty Cobb throwing games to get rich. Guy was greedy enough to do it.

  223. Mike Felber Says:

    Heh, well that does sound exaggerated Raul. But you are right that too much pine tar does not = intent to cheat, nor is there reason to believe he had this intent.

    Steroids are clearly different, in intent & effect. If a player sometimes corked a bat, that is wrong, but besides that it may never have helped anyone physically one bit, this does not rise to the level of poor sportsmanship & effect on the game that ‘roids do. Now throwing the spitter often-& the psychological advantage of folks worrying about it being delivered-you can make a case against this.

    Once again Cameron: nobody has an issue with V. saying Youklis was broken down. The whole point has been that he indicated he was not trying as hard. Can you not see this?

  224. Bob Says:

    Way before my time. Rozema was awesome. Guess who his best friend is/was.

  225. Cameron Says:

    Kirk Gibson?

    Also, Rozema may have had the manliest injury in baseball history.

  226. Bob Says:


  227. Raul Says:

    Chuck is right.

    The bigger issue is Pedroia because it’s indicative that the players aren’t behind Valentine.

    25 players, 25 cabs.

    I’m on the record as saying that Valentine isn’t the right manager for this team. But at the same time, you can’t have your team dictating who your manager should be. And in the event that a teammate or manager makes some boneheaded comment to the press, you don’t start taking sides publicly.

    The sad part is that you would think veteran guys like Pedroia would know how to handle the media better, given his time in Boston.

  228. Bob Says:

    Joey Kocur had “manly” injuries as well. His fists were so ugly and bruised.

  229. Raul Says:

    Son of a…

    Kemp went deep again today.

    Giancarlo might wanna go back to Mike. He’s got zero home runs and he’s batting like Yuniesky Betancourt.

  230. Bob Says:

    Actually, Raul this is where we disagree. Valentine opened his mouth first. Pedroia simply responded on behalf of a teammate. Pedroia, although close with Francona, never dictated who Henry and Lucchian hire. Never. Nor did any player.
    And why is it Pedroia who should be media savvy, while Valentine gets a mulligann? He managed in New York. Valetine brougt this on himself. That is a fact.

  231. Raul Says:


    Valentine put his foot in his mouth.
    Pedroia should have never said a goddamn word to begin with. That’s the point.

    And it’s widely known that several Red Sox players were against the Valentine hiring.

  232. Bob Says:

    So was Cherington. Once Valentine publically criticized Youk, Valentine became fair game. And Pedroia did not initiate or start it. His comments were a rejoinder, not an ambush.

  233. Chuck Says:

    Fact: Valentine, unintentionally, called out a player in public.

    Fact: While responding to said call-out, Pedroia intentionally called out his manager in public.

    I can see both sides for what Valentine tried to do, and could give him the benefit of the doubt.

    You CANNOT, in any way, shape or form, give Pedroia ANY break on what he said.

    No effin’ way he can come back and say, like Valentine did, (or Ozzie did), that his words were not what they were intended to be.

    Pedroia figuratively walked up to Valentine, and on behalf of most every player in the clubhouse, stabbed him in the back.

  234. Raul Says:


    Valentine did become fair game — for the media.
    Not for Pedroia.

    If Roy Halladay goes out there and posts a 9.50 ERA in April and Charlie Manuel says Halladay’s pitching like crap, that doesn’t mean Shane Victorino should get up and tell the media that Manuel should go f*ck himself.

    You keep things limited and you keep them in-house.

    That’s the point. That’s why Pedroia is wrong.

  235. Bob Says:

    @233 If he stabbed him, it was in the front, not the back.

  236. Bob Says:

    Pedroia is not back-pedaling. Valentine is, because he is wrong.

  237. Chuck Says:

    In a move apparently to improve the rotation in Scranton, the Yankees signed Nelson Figueroa to a minor league contract.

    And the Rays made another trip to the landfill today, picking up Brandon Allen.

  238. Chuck Says:

    Missing the point, Bob.

    This isn’t about Valentine anymore.

    What Pedroia said is far more insulting and far more inflammatory than what Bobby said.

    It’s not even a discussion.

    It’s a manager’s job to deflect media criticism from a player who is struggling, he just picked a poor choice of words to do that.

    As soon as I heard what he said, I knew what he “meant” to say.

    Unfortunately, the media and the blogs are full of black socks to gym class, got beat up everyday in the cafeteria nerds whose only time in a lockerroom came when they got lost looking for the debate class.

  239. Raul Says:

    Yankees are just stockpiling pitching. I don’t know what good it does to have Figueroa in AAA though.

    I guess because it’s too early to promote anyone from AA.

  240. Bob Says:

    Why is Pedroia not worthy of a mulligan, if he wants one?
    It was said in the heat of the moment whe players were angry and not in control of their thoughts?
    Pedroia and Francona were very close, from Francona telling Dustin to stop eating Big Macs and playing cribbage. But he should just get used to this new regime/style 24 hours after it occured?

  241. Bob Says:

    LOL @ 237

  242. Raul Says:

    Baltimore centerfielder Adam Jones hit his 5th homer of the season.

    He’s starting to make the debate tougher…as far as who’s the better CFer: Adam Jones or Andrew McCutchen.

  243. Chuck Says:

    “But he should just get used to this new regime/style 24 hours after it occured?”

    More like six months, and yes.

  244. Bob Says:

    He had a spring training and about a half-dozen games. Enough time to get acclimated to a different system? A different personality? Really?

  245. Chuck Says:


    LOL..good one.

  246. Chuck Says:

    What system?

    Pedroia’s a 26 year old adult, if an authority figure says no beer during games and to wear a tie on road trips, why would there be a “period of acclimation”?

  247. Raul Says:

    Jones is getting better, Chuck.

    Don’t laugh too hard.

    Side note: I’m keeping track of Jose Bautista. He’s not looking as dominant.

  248. Bob Says:

    Chuck, the players are not griping about prohibition, they are griping that a player was ambushed, and became irate. On a human level I side with Pedroia/the players.

    I will give you the last words.

  249. Raul Says:

    I hardly think a manager criticizing a player is an ambush.

  250. Cameron Says:

    I can side with Pedroia on a personal level, but I’m with Chuck and Raul. Deal with that shit behind closed doors, don’t bitch to the press.

  251. Bob Says:

    You thought wrong, when the criticism is made to the media. That much has to be clear.

  252. Bob Says:

    Not surprised at all Cameron.

  253. Cameron Says:


    In about 2008 or 2009, there was a debate between the two. I’m psyched to see Jones return to form, as Adam at his peak can give Catch-22 a run for his money. The bitch is the consistency.

  254. Chuck Says:

    Wait, Bob, so you’re OK with a player ambushing his boss, but you’re not OK with the boss ambushing a subordinate?

    Glad you don’t work for me

  255. Bob Says:

    Post 254 is a distortion at best Who went first? Valetine. No issues with a rejoinder, just an ambush.
    Have a good night.

  256. Chuck Says:

    Happy Birthday to my buddy Mike Colbern.

    A non-descipt major league career, but there are a LOT of former players who are indebted to him, because it was Mike who was the driving force behind the MLB Alumni suing MLB for pension benefits.

    If I remember the story correctly, prior to the CBA ratification that ended the strike in 1995, you had to play three years to be vested in the pension plan and be covered under the MLB insurance policy.

    Since 1995, you became vested on your first day of service time.

    So, guys like Colbern, and Larry Yount and some others whose careers ended before their three years got screwed out of benefits, and any resulting medical care was out of their own pockets or from whatever insurance they were able to get.

  257. Raul Says:

    I didn’t know that.

    Seems like the kind of thing that should have been publicized more. I mean we all know (to some degree) about Marvin Miller and Curt Flood.

  258. Cameron Says:

    I remeber that, but didn’t knoe Mike was the driving force. Pretty cool, man.

  259. Raul Says:

    Wait a minute.
    Explain that to be a bit.

    So let’s say Gerrit Cole gets called up next week. He injures his arm and needs Tommy John surgery. Under the old plan, he might’ve had to pay for his surgery because he’s got less than 3 years service?

  260. Chuck Says:

    No, Raul, because it’s a baseball injury and was employed by the team, his surgery would be covered, but let’s say he never played again and needed a follow up procedure in five years to remove bone spurs from the elbow.

    That would be on his own dime.

  261. Cameron Says:

    Ooof… RIP Levon Helm, drummer and singer for The Band. I’m a huge fan of them and this really hurt. Sure he had throat cancer and he was 71, but it still sucks, y’know?

  262. Raul Says:

    Thanks Chuck

    So I was looking back at the 2011 MLB draft…

    And I’m not trying to criticize, but Arizona had the 3rd pick AND the 7th pick.
    They took Trevor Bauer at #3 and then Archie Bradley at #7. Two pitchers.

    Behind them went:
    Francisco Lindor – SS
    Javier Baez – SS
    Cory Spangenberg – 2B
    George Springer – OF

    I realize you probably take based on talent and not to fill a position, but it sure does seem like a nice SS prospect would go very well in their system.

    Then again, maybe Archie Bradley turns out to be a front-line Ace…

    Meh, I was just thinking…

  263. Chuck Says:

    Check out Larry Yount.

    He blew out his back warming up before his first ML start and never actually threw a pitch, but because he was announced it’s counted as an appearance.

    He’s had back problems his whole life, and despite being a millionaire, has had to pay out of pocket for all his treatments.

    He’s lucky to be able to afford it, but most guys in his same situation aren’t.

  264. Chuck Says:

    I agree, the DBacks screwed up.

    Lindor’s going to be a special player.

  265. Cameron Says:

    Bauer was definitely something special, no arguments there. As for Bradley over Lindor and the like, I’m not gonna criticize them too much over it. They have a fuckload of young pitching with high ceilings and they want to build on that. They already have a bunch of good batters and young cornerstones to build on and guys that are already there. I’d rather have too much pitching than too many hitters.

  266. Raul Says:

    I understand, Cameron.

    But it’s really hard to find a good shorstop. Usually you find a good hitter or a good defender. It’s rare to have both.

    For balance, I think I’d take a shot at having an All-Star SS and an All-Star Starting Pitcher over having 1 AS Pitcher and a solid #3 guy, with a .260-hitting SS behind them.

    Again, I have no idea how good Bauer or Bradley will be.

  267. Cameron Says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Bradley. Guy’s a big guy who could’ve easily been a first round draft pick for the NFL if he went to play football. One of the hardest throwers in the draft and decent stuff. Not as good stuff as Bauer, but Bradley could easily be a Josh Beckett type of pitcher. He’ll be the #2 guy behind Bauer, but Bauer’s comparison is… A more muscular Tim Lincecum. Figure in the fact they also have Kennedy and Hudson and how weak NL West lineups are, it’s a good pick.

  268. Cameron Says:

    Hm… I’m curious since I wasn’t really an athlete, but you guys are. What other sports are good cross-training for baseball? I know quite a few guys played football and I can name two Hall of Famers (Winfield and Gwynn) who were pretty good basketball players in college, too.

  269. Raul Says:

    I don’t really know what you mean, Cam. I didn’t play another sport because it was helpful for baseball. I just played sports.

    Now if you’re a football player and you’re a tight end but in baseball you’re a pitcher, well the exercises for the two sports really aren’t relevant or compatible.

    Sure, the leg presses and squats can help you in baseball, but curling 50 pounds with each arm doesn’t help you and probably hurts in regards to pitching.

    Not that I’m an expert or anything but if I could go back, I’d probably just do as much baseball as possible, and run cross country in the fall.

    I hate running, but I joined the XC team when I was 15? 16? and I enjoyed it. I should have stuck with it. Probably the only time in my life that I ever had 6-pack abs.

  270. Cameron Says:

    I’m just curious as to what goes into what more than anything. I don’t know how baseball helps you be good at basketball and vice versa, but Winfield was a three-sport star in school and Danny Ainge was a Toronto Blue Jay before making a bunch of trips to the NBA playoffs. I just… How? I don’t see the crossover potential, but I can’t argue the results.

  271. Raul Says:

    I really don’t know if playing basketball or football makes you better at baseball. Or vice versa.

    It probably just comes down to athletic ability and how much you play a sport.

    If you’re a kid and you play baseball and basketball and football every year for 6, 7, 8 years during your youth…I guess the chances are you’re going to be pretty good at them just from playing so often.

  272. Cameron Says:

    I suppose. Only real crossover I can see is quarterbacking and pitching because both build arm strength.

    Which brings me back to Archie Bradley, because the guy’s pretty good at both. Real live arm.

  273. Cameron Says:

    Huh. When Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher to ever record a win, he admitted he doesn’t know a lot about baseball history and would like to learn more.

    As a result, the Baseball Hall of Fame has offered Jamie Moyer an internship so he can learn “in case he should ever decide to retire”.

  274. Bob Says:


    1. Wind sprints
    2. Sit-ups
    3. Push-ups.
    4. Build up your cardio

  275. Raul Says:

    Curtis Granderson has a 3-HR game.

  276. Chuck Says:

    OK, Cameron, I’m going to teach you how to think like a scout.

    It’s June first.

    The draft is on the fifteenth or whatever.

    You’re in scout meetings or conference calls.

    You personally have scouted Lindor and believe 100% he can play SS at the major league level.

    Your job right now is to sell him. If your team drafts and signs him, you will make more money in ten minutes than you made in your entire life.

    The worst kept secret of the draft is the Dbacks taking Bauer at #3 if he was there.

    Now, you look at your starting SS being a free agent at the end of the 2012 season, is currently out for the 2011 season with an injury that could be career threatening for a shortstop.

    And who was on the trading block BEFORE he got hurt.

    You look at your minor league system, and realize you have a 35 year old retread playing SS in AAA and a filler playing AA.

    Your only option in your entire system is Chris Owings, who is essentially a Drew clone..decent enough on both sides of the ball but not an All Star type player, and at best wouldn’t be ready until 2014.

    Or you can draft an A+ prospect who could also be ready by 2014.

    For a guy who wants to be a ML General Manager, you choices are;

    1) Draft a pitcher, even though you know he won’t be better than the guy you just drafted.

    2) Draft a premier SS prospect who will be playing everyday in the majors before your second pitcher reaches AAA.

    OK, smart guy..Bradley or Lindor?

  277. Cameron Says:

    Hm… Considering the circumstances (I didn’t realize how fucked they were up the middle), Lindor would be the better choice. On top of that, the best fr4ee agent option for a shortstop is either resigning Stephen Drew or a 40 year-old Derek Jeter (and since Jeter is a lifetime Yankee, your option is Drew). However, I wouldn’t exactly call Bradley over Lindor inexcusable. It may have been the wrong choice, but it won’t keep them from competing.

    But yes, I’ll concede that Lindor was the better pick. However, it’s still two guys with VERY bright futures in the league and you can’t really go wrong with either one.

  278. Mike Felber Says:

    I guess the Levon Helm related links need moderation to be displayed. John?

  279. Chuck Says:


    No. No one gives a shit.

  280. Cameron Says:

    I’d like to see them, Chuck. I’m a big fan of The Band and Helm and wanna see what Nike has to say.

  281. Chuck Says:

    Cameron, you have to look at the big picture.

    You have a farm system built on pitching, so much so you could afford to trade your number one guy in Jarrod Parker.

    Pitching is an excess.

    You drafted the guy most scouts and PD people believe to be the best prospect in the entire draft..better than Cole, better than Hultzen, better than Bundy, etc.

    And you turn around three picks later and draft another pitcher.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I think Bradley’s going to be a pretty good pitcher, and if Kevin Towers wants a Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz/Avery rotation in three years, then more power to him.

    But the opportunity to draft a potential All-Star SS is too hard to pass up, considering your incumbent guy is hurt and you have no ML ready prospects on the horizon.

    If the Dbacks didn’t have the #3 pick and Bauer was already off the board, I STILL would have taken Lindor.

  282. Cameron Says:

    I understand Chuck, and circumstances considered, I would’ve made the same pick as you. However, the lineup is stacked and the team is one of the better defensive units in the league.

    I also have a sneaking suspicion that if the shortstop need becomes dire enough, that excess of pitching is going to be their best weapon in filling that need via trade.

    It’s a pick I wouldn’t make, but it’s not completely indefensible.

  283. Mike Felber Says:

    What happened Chuck, you got kicked out of charm school again?

    What does “No” mean? I recall you asking John to moderate a comment. Mine starts with a baseball paragraph, then goes on to a wholly non-controversial ‘;lil tribute to a beloved musician who just died. Others like Raul bring up stuff like this, comedians, other cultural & even political figures-but because you have a cozy relationship with Raul, if he wrote the EXACT same thing re: Levon Helm links, you would not have been so…Unkind.

    Cameron is even such a big fan that he wants to see what Nike has to say! :-)

  284. Chuck Says:


    The average draft pick takes four years to reach the major leagues.

    When you sign a free agent, it’s for next year.

    When you make a trade, it’s for tomorrow.

    When you make a draft pick in 2011, it’s for 2014 or 15.

    Even if Drew didn’t get hurt, and if he had a year comparable to what he’s done in the past, you have to consider the long term cost.

    This isn’t the Rockies investing in Tulowitzki, or the Rays investing in Longoria.

    Drew is a nice player, but he’s not a franchise player.

    His agent is Boras, he’s going to make the claim, and rightfully so, that Drew is a top ten SS.

    Drew has been hurt in the past. He’s not a big guy. Healthy, his window is pretty small.

    Are you going 8/110 for him?

    That’s a question you really don’t have to answer until December, but in June 2011 you have to consider it.

    Personally, I draft Lindor.

    Even if Drew comes back, and even if he proves healthy, and even if he signs a team friendly contract, I want him at third over Ryan Roberts.

    A 32 year old Drew and a 22 year old Lindor as SS is a much better infield than a patchwork thirdbaseman and Drew at short.

    Crystal ball, bro.

  285. Cameron Says:

    Congratulations Mike, I’ve given you a nickname.

  286. Cameron Says:

    Chuck, when you say patchwork third baseman and Drew at short, are you talking a platoon or are you not confident in Ryan Roberts’ ability to keep up his play at third?

  287. Chuck Says:

    Levon Helm

    Never heard of him.

    Which means he’s a nobody.

    RIP and all, but, seriously, other than that, why continue?

    Bob McConnell passed away last week.

    He was one of the founding members of SABR.

    How come I didn’t see anything here about that?


    Dick Clark died yesterday.

    For a time in the late fifties and through the sixties, he was arguably the most famous person in the world.

    Both Mick Jagger and John Lennon are on record as saying the only autograph they ever asked for was Clark’s.

    And you go on a tangent busting my nuts on some obscure rocker who hasn’t been relevant since the Carter administration?

    Picture this, Mike

    Me standing in a room, commando style, touching my toes.

  288. Chuck Says:

    LOL @ #276

    When you walk into a room for a contracted autograph signing, and you’re introduced as the “Tat Man”, you really don’t have much of a career.

    I like Roberts. I like the way he plays the game.

    But I wouldn’t want him playing everyday on my team.

  289. Cameron Says:

    You might like Helm’s work, Chuck, I’m not sure. He was the drummer and singer for The Band. It’s kinda hard to describe them… Little folk, little country, little rock and roll. Definitely worth checking out.

  290. Cameron Says:

    Oh, and watch The Last Waltz. It’s a Martin Scorcese film about their farewell concert. Shitload of people showed up to guest on it. Dr. John, The Staples Singers, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Muddy Waters, Emmylou Harris, Van Morrison, and legends Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton. Best concert movie ever, bar none.

  291. Chuck Says:

    Helm doesn’t appear on the list of the 100 greatest rock drummers of all time.

    He does appear on the sixty or so honorable mentions


    Sorry, guys, but he was a fucking nobody, who made his name playing for a fucking nobody band.

    RIP and all, but, Jesus Christ.

    You could go to the neighborhood country/western bar and the drummer would be better than this guy.

  292. Chuck Says:

    Helm was the Yuniesky Betancourt of Rock.

    LOL..couldn’t resist.

  293. Cameron Says:

    The reason I don’t like Helm is his drumming, it’s the songwriting and his voice. Sure he wasn’t Vince Coliuta on the drums, but he was a hell of a songwriter. And The Band weren’t nobodies. They were Bob Dylan’s touring band and co-headliners for a good decade or so. Great album they did was Before the Flood. One of the best live albums I’ve ever heard.

    And Chuck, unlike Chicago, they knew when to quit.

  294. Chuck Says:

    Coyotes beat the Blackhawks in OT, take a 3-2 series lead.

    If the ‘Yotes and Rangers play in the Stanley Cup Finals, I’ll have a boner for two weeks.

    When I worked for the Rangers’ farm team in New Haven in the late ’70’s, one of their best players was Don Maloney.

    He went on to have a long, productive career with the Rangers.

    I knew him well, I went to his brother Dave’s wedding.

    Guess who is the Coyotes’ General Manager?


    Tickets aren’t a problem.

  295. Cameron Says:

    You know, I don’t watch a lot of hockey, but I gotta admit, the Rangers are making me wanna watch it.

  296. Chuck Says:

    “And Chuck, unlike Chicago, they knew when to quit.”

    Yeah, I’m sure they have the same thought after they check out of the Ritz and cash their seven figure check.

  297. Chuck Says:

    My daughter just kicked me off the computer.

    She said she has “some really important stuff to do on her chat room”.

    Being a parent is so cool.

    Going to the horse races on Saturday.

    She loves horses.

    We walk right down to the gates when they come out..even I’m impressed.

    She picks winners better than I do, too.

    Her winnings end up being her allowance for a couple of months, what she doesn’t know can’t hurt, right?

    A big plate of nachos, a souvenir at the gift shop, and petting a couple of thoroughbreds…priceless.

  298. Cameron Says:

    Sounds like fun Chuck. I say I wish I could experience that sometime… But given the fucked-upedness of my family’s gene pool, I have a feeling me having kids would be a crime against humanity.

  299. Mike Felber Says:

    Thank you for trying to edgeyouduhkate (sic) Chuck Cam, but it is a huge task.

    Your arrogance is is matched by your ignorance here Chuck. This is a measured, not intentionally insulting, thing to say given your attitude here.

    1st: you busted my balls, not vice versa. Yours was the gratuitous, & manifestly wrong, statement that nobody here cared about Levon Helm or what i might post on him. I just called you on it, non-0commando style.

    You conflate whether YOU know a rock artist, ro even how famous he is, with how good he is?! That is as sadly misinformed as some, say, too cool for school hipsters who will not like anything popular, say, the Beatles, just ’cause they are loved.

    You value & rate folks by whether YOU know them, even in a field you are far from an expert in? The mind Rels, Boggles, & finally must snap.

    Levon helm was greatest as a singer & songwriter.

    The Band is a “fucking nobody band”? That is a profoundly, monstrously incorrect statement in every sense of the word. If you do not know one the moe most critically acclaimed & influential bands ever, & then dismiss them, you are embarrassingly ignorant about Rock & Roll.

    That would be fine, if you did not try to imply otherwise.

    They had commercial success too, such as”The Weight”, “Up on Cripple Creek”. But that is not why they are great. To you Madonna & Lady Gaga must be tops because popular.

    Anyway, your comments are so far off that I guess it is good few read us here, & we can just compartmentalize our feelings about you as an endearing grump-if we are as charitable as possible-on the subject.

    Rather than the Mayor of Crazytown. ;-0

  300. Bob Says:

    The Tigers re-acquired Zach Minor. The Tigers parted with Cash. No, not Norm.

  301. Cameron Says:

    Even though it’s not around anymore, it’s also the 100th Anniversary of the opening of Tiger Stadium.

  302. Cameron Says:

    And the Cincinnati Reds are sitting on 9,999 wins as a team. Only team I know that’s broken the 10,000 mark so far is the Giants. The Phillies are the only ones I know with 10,000 losses.

  303. Raul Says:

    There are 5 franchises with 10,000 wins.

    1. The Giants
    2. The Cubs
    3. The Dodgers
    4. The Cardinals
    5. The Braves

    The Reds will join them this week.
    The Pirates will get there next season.
    The Yankees will get there in 2014.

  304. Chuck Says:

    Just watched the 100th anniversary celebration of Fenway Park.


  305. Jim Says:

    Pedro was in the NESN broadcast booth during the third inning. He won’t be coming out of retirement to help any team, this side of a beer league. Not with the gut he’s carrying.

  306. Raul Says:

    Mucho Presidentes y arroz con habichuelas, my friend.

  307. Raul Says:

    This infuriates me so much.

    Ivan Nova went 6 innings and left with a 4 run lead, all while throwing just 93 pitches.

    In comes Cory Wade for 1 inning and throws 13 pitches.

    Then comes David Robertston in the bottom of the 8th.

    There’s no need to use that many pitchers!! Doesn’t this dumb ass manager realize that:

    A) His starters haven’t been going deep into games lately.

    2) That Yankees/Red Sox games tend to be quite long and often depth is the difference between who wins and who loses.

    III) Your next off day is Thursday, and your next 2 series after Boston are against Texas and Detroit…and you might need your bullpen against those good-hitting teams? That you only have 1 off day in the next 16 days????

    Son of a…gyah! I want to punch Joe Girardi in the mouth.

  308. Mike Felber Says:

    EAEAEASY there,slugger. Though of course you are correct.

  309. Cameron Says:

    93 pitches in six innings… And they pull him with a four run lead? The fuck? Sure it’s kinda hard to pitch past 100, you get tired then. …But it’s a four run lead for fuck’s sake. You can spare another inning.

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