Silver Slugger Winners Named

by JohnBowen

National League

C – Buster Posey (SFG)

1B – Adam LaRoche (WAS)

2B – Aaron Hill (ARI)

3B – Chase Headley (SDP)

SS – Ian Desmond (WAS)

OF – Ryan Braun (MIL)

OF – Andrew McCutchen

OF – Jay Bruce (CIN)

P – Stephen Strasbourg (WAS)

No major complaints here until –  Jay Bruce, who hit just .252/.327/.514 for the 18th best OPS in the league. By comparison, Matt Holliday hit .295/.379/.497.

It would’ve been an interesting move to give the 1B Silver Slugger to Joey Votto, the NL’s best hitter from the first half. Votto played just 111 games but still led the league in walks and place 2nd in doubles while also placing 2nd in OPS even when 28 hitless at-bats were added to his total. He would’ve had my vote, but 51 games is a lot to miss.

American League

C – A.J. Pierzinski (CHW)

1B – Prince Fielder (DET)

2B – Robinson Cano (NYY)

3B – Miguel Cabrera (DET)

SS – Derek Jeter (NYY)

OF – Mike Trout (LAA)

OF – Josh Willingham (MIN)

OF – Josh Hamilton (TEX)

DH – Billy Butler (KCR)

Right off the bat – how do you give it to Pierzinski over Joe Mauer, who led the league with a .416 OBP and 416,000,000 shampoo commercials? Pierzinksi’s 27 home runs were a career high and managed to gift him his first silver slugger.

Secondly – Butler? Edwin Encarnacion placed third in the league with a 152 OPS+ and hit 42 home runs and 110 RBI’s. Butler had a higher batting average, and that was it.

Still, 15/18 ain’t bad.

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93 Responses to “Silver Slugger Winners Named”

  1. Raul Says:

    Yeah that Pierzynski selection is bullshit.
    How weird is it to see Adam Laroche as a silver slugger winner? I guess that’s what happens when Pujols and Fielder leave the league.

    Didn’t Edwin Encarnacion play 3B? Could be why he didn’t win over Butler at DH.

  2. Chuck Says:

    Mauer only caught 74 games, he had more combined appearances at DH and 1B. Encarnacion was even more extreme, by games played he was a DH..(82), more than any actual position.

    It’s really not too difficult to see why neither won.

  3. JohnBowen Says:

    Ah ok. I guess that’s fair.

  4. JohnBowen Says:

    The NL was kind of weird. Your 1B’s include Joey Votto for 111 games…and then basically nothing else.

    LaRoche hit 30 homers. Hart was pretty good after moving there. Lahair had a hot start. That was, like, it.

    Contrast that with 3B: Headley, Wright, both Ramirez’s, Jones, Freese, and Zimmerman all had terrific years – hell even Pedro Alvarez hit 30 bombs.

  5. Lefty33 Says:

    FYI on Hamilton.

    New report from ESPN Dallas claims that Ryan and Daniels both want Hamilton back BUT they will not go longer then three years and they also will not wait very long for Hamilton to decide if he wants to return or not.

    Daniels is quoted as saying that they will visit with Hamilton next week and after that meeting he pretty much has to piss or get off the pot because Texas is ready to move on without him.

  6. JohnBowen Says:

    I would maybe go 4, but I don’t blame Texas. Don’t wait until it’s too late to try and patch up the hole that Hamilton will likely leave.

  7. Raul Says:

    So is Andrus the starting SS next year?

  8. Chuck Says:

    “So is Andrus the starting SS next year?”

    So, yeah, I mean, why wouldn’t he be?

  9. Bob Says:

    @ 7.
    What are the possibilities for Texas?
    1. Trade Andrus for stuff?
    2. Trade Profar for stuff?
    3. Trade Kinsler for stuff, moving Profar to 2nd base?
    4. Keeping Profar in the minors?

  10. Raul Says:

    I don’t think Andrus has done anything to warrant a move, but I thought Profar was the better SS.

  11. Raul Says:

    Rumors are that the Yankees/Cano negotiations next year will be contentious.
    And some think the Yankees will let him walk, because the Arod contract and situation is playing out right before their eyes, and they will not want to deal with the same thing in 5 years with Cano.

  12. Len Says:

    Chase Headley’s great season seemed to fly under the radar. It seemed like David Wright had this award locked up around the all-star break and was a serious MVP candidate as well.

    Wright had some drastic splits this season:

    1rst half: .351/.441/.563, 106 hits, 11 hr, 59 rbi, 56 runs, 27 2b, 2 3b, 50 bb, 170 TB in 356 plate appearances, 302 at bats.

    2nd half: .258/.334/.416, 72 hits, 10 hr, 34 rbi, 34 runs, 14 2b, 0 3b, 31 bb, 116 TB in 314 plate appearances, 279 at bats.

    A 107 point drop in on base percentage and a 93 point drop in BA and a 147 point drop in slugging??

    It’s interesting that his HR rate basically stayed the same throughout the year but his Doubles rate dropped drastically. He went from averaging 8.94 doubles per 100 at bats in the first half to averaging 5.01 doubles per 100 at bats in the second half.

    I don’t remember Wright being hurt. Was there any explanation in NY for these drastic splits?

  13. Raul Says:

    Sometimes you suck and sometimes you don’t.

    Anyway, Chase Headley isn’t that good. He just had a nice season.

  14. Chuck Says:

    Profar might have a slightly better bat, but Andrus is better defensively.

    Profar may end up at second or in the OF.

    Fuck Cano..4/70 with a couple of team options or take a hike.

    “Was there any explanation in NY for these drastic splits?”

    He played out of his ass the first half..second half was normal.

  15. Raul Says:

    On MLB TV they were discussing the trend of General Managers and Sabermatricians presenting the Manager with the nightly lineups — something that I gathered was likely to be the case with Walt Weiss in Colorado (I’m not sure, I tuned in mid-conversation).

    Larry Bowa said that one has to be open to looking at the new stats and information. But that if he was the manager of a team, he couldn’t work under a system where he was told what lineup to write down each night.

  16. Chuck Says:

    “On MLB TV they were discussing the trend of General Managers and Sabermatricians presenting the Manager with the nightly lineups — something that I gathered was likely to be the case with Walt Weiss in Colorado (I’m not sure, I tuned in mid-conversation).”

    I almost threw the remote through the screen.

  17. Raul Says:


  18. Chuck Says:

    As much as I’d love to be in Walt Weiss’ position right now, if I was called into the GM’s office and offered the manager’s job, with the caveat that Shaun Payne and his magical laptop would be making out my lineup card, I wouldn’t be able to say no fast enough.

  19. Chuck Says:

    So, saber geniuses..the Rockies lost 98 games last year.

    How’d that pitching/lineup thing work out for you?

    The pitching coach quit. The manager quit. The scouting director quit.

    The new manager got a one year deal because they know he’s done and they won’t have to pay off a contract.


  20. JohnBowen Says:

    If only the Rockies had Dusty Baker, they would’ve gone 102-60 and run away with the division.

  21. Chuck Says:

    Under their formula, Chet Lemon is a Hall of Famer.

  22. Raul Says:

    Well, John and Mike would like that HOF. It elects Tim Raines.

  23. Chuck Says:

    No one has the right to complain about the BBWAA after reading that list.


  24. Chuck Says:

    A day after getting a vote of confidence from Lakers GM Kobe Bryant, Coach Mike Brown was fired today.

    After five games.

  25. Raul Says:

    Lakers Nation is pathetic. They’re worse than the Yankees.

    Fired after five games. Wow.
    No patience. No player accountability. Not even acknowledgement that the League is better and maybe the Lakers just aren’t that good. That maybe what they have are big names and little depth.

    None of that. Just fire the coach because he doesn’t live up to the Phil Jackson legacy.
    Lakers fans everywhere should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously.

  26. Chuck Says:

    If you take away his last appearance (two thirds of an inning, five hits, four runs), Dellin Betances has thrown 9.1 innings, allowed 7 hits, three runs, walked three and struck out 13.

    That’s a 1.07 WHIP, and a 2.89 ERA.

    There may be hope yet.

  27. Raul Says:

    Better be. He’s approaching ten years in the minors.

  28. Raul Says:

    Ian Desmond got Silver Slugger? Didn’t he hit like .230?

  29. Raul Says:

    Sorry. Confused him with Danny Espinosa

  30. Raul Says:

    Dear lord.

    I just saw Rob Neyer on MLB Confidential say Miguel Cabrera should finish 3rd in MVP…behind Cano.

    Super sigh.

  31. Raul Says:

    Now Rob Neyer is saying the only reason Miguel Cabrera is an MVP candidate is Cabrera’s RBI.
    Because clearly Neyer knows everyone’s reasons for their votes.

    This show is awful.

  32. John Says:

    You guys have the best second baseman in a generation, and you don’t even appreciate it.

  33. JohnBowen Says:

    I had Cabrera ahead of Cano, but Cabrera is far closer to Cano than he is to Trout.

  34. Chuck Says:

    I’ll take a 28 year old Utley over a 28 year old Cano any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  35. Raul Says:

    Robinson Cano is a good player.
    He isn’t 200M good.
    And he isn’t Miguel Cabrera good.

    I haven’t been watching baseball for 50 years, and I understand where WAR has him, but I don’t think Mike Trout had THAT historic a season.

    I could rattle off 5 or 6 players in 1994 alone who were having just as impressive seasons.

  36. JohnBowen Says:

    “And he isn’t Miguel Cabrera good.”

    Yes, he is.

    “I don’t think Mike Trout had THAT historic a season.”

    Yes, he did.

  37. Raul Says:

    Well, obviously I can’t force you to be right, John.

  38. Raul Says:

    Clint Eastwood may be a chair-lecturing idiot, but at least he was a pretty decent actor once.

    For A Few Dollars More is on tv.

  39. Chuck Says:

    It was one year, John.


    In five years, Trout could be playing in Japan.

  40. JohnBowen Says:

    And if he does will still be a season for the ages.

  41. Bob Says:

    @ 38

    I still say “Escape From Alcatraz” was his best movie.

  42. Raul Says:

    Why? Because WAR says so? I think we’ve already discussed that.

  43. Bob Says:

    Joel Sherman is reporting that 5 teams have interest in Melky.

  44. Raul Says:

    I really can’t believe that the market for outfielders is that weak that there are even stories about Melky Cabrera.

  45. Chuck Says:

    I think it was Heyman who said the reason the Giants didn’t pick up Pagan’s option is they’re freeing up a spot to bring Melky back.

    My favorite Eastwood movie is “High Plains Drifter”.

    Eastwood hasn’t made too many, if any, bombs, there are things that standout in just about everything he made.

  46. Raul Says:

    I think they start announcing the MLB awards tomorrow.

    I hate that the league drags this out all week.

  47. Raul Says:

    So are these rumors of Josh Hamilton going to Baltimore completely full of it?
    Sounds nice in theory.

  48. Bob Says:

    Baltimore should have money to spend. And on paper a Hamilton, Jones, Markakis outfield seems decent… For 2 years.

  49. Chuck Says:

    One thing about trade/signing rumors.

    If they come from the current team, say the DBacks and Justin Upton, then it’s just them sticking their toes in the water to test the temperature.

    When the rumors come from other teams, and the current team isn’t saying anything, then said player is all but toast.

    None of the Justin Upton rumors are coming from the Dbacks, nor have they issued any denials.

    Peter Angelos is a cheap bastard, and he’s not going to pay Josh Hamilton $25 million a year.

  50. Chuck Says:

    MLBNetwork is moving their “Hot Stove” series to the mornings starting today, and it’s supposed to be in a talk show type format.

    One of their guests today will be Bryce Harper.

    They’re not bringing him onto the show to ask him how he feels about finishing third in the NL the suits at the network already know Harper won the award.

    Which is bullshit.

  51. John Says:

    Your hatred of Bryce Harper is beyond irrational.

  52. Chuck Says:

    He’s not ROY.

    Frazier, Miley, the catcher in Colorado.

    If he dominated like Trout did, then I’d support his winning the award, but he didn’t.

    His best month of the year was in September, when he padded his stats against minor league call-ups.

    It’s not hatred, it’s reality.

    Put down the Sports Illustrated Sidd Finch, the joke’s over.

  53. John Says:

    Todd Frazier: .273/.331/.498, 115 OPS+, 19 HR, 26 2B, 1.9 WAR
    Bryce Harper: .270/.340/.477, 119 OPS+, 22 HR, 26 2B, 5.0 WAR

    That’s what you’re getting all butt-hurt about? 3 batting average points?

  54. Chuck Says:

    “That’s what you’re getting all butt-hurt about?”

    The fact you went to look up the stats in the first place as some sort of defense mechanism tells me it’s your butt with the problem.

    In ten years Harper’s going to be doing card shows with Geronimo Berroa, so why should I care whether he wins the award or not?

  55. Chuck Says:

    Trout won unanimously, Harper won by a larger margin than I expected, Miley was second and Frazier third.

    Made John’s day.

  56. Chuck Says:

    I hope Felber’s OK.

    He hasn’t been on HHS lately either, hopefully the storm didn’t wash him out to sea.

    Once he sees that HOF article on HHS, he’ll go into labor…and I’ll be able to hear him all the way to AZ.

  57. John Says:

    “In ten years Harper’s going to be doing card shows with Geronimo Berroa, so why should I care whether he wins the award or not?”

    Again, why do you hate this guy?

    “The fact you went to look up the stats in the first place as some sort of defense mechanism tells me it’s your butt with the problem.”

    God forbid I look at a record of what happened instead of just blindly hating a guy for WEARING TOO MUCH FUCKING EYE BLACK

  58. Chuck Says:

    Reply fail

  59. Raul Says:

    Question is…would the MLB network have invited Wade Miley if HE won the ROY?

    My guess is they’d conference him in.

  60. Chuck Says:

    They’d probably send a fruit basket…COD.

  61. John Says:

    Harper (who I had behind Miley, for the record) won by 7 points, which is about as narrow as it gets.

  62. John Says:

    In 2007, Ryan Braun edged Troy Tulowitzki by 2 points… writers apparently weren’t watching Braun play 3B.

  63. Raul Says:

    Considering it was the shitty Brewers, it’s a miracle any writers were watching at all.

  64. Chuck Says:

    On writer from San Diego left Miley off his ballot completely. If he had given Miley a third place vote, he wins the award by one point.

  65. John Says:


  66. John Says:

    Bill Center, the writer that Chuck is alluding to, went Harper-Frazier-Alonso. Simply replacing Alonso with Miley would have given Harper a 6-pt edge instead of a 7-pt edge, because it’s a 5-3-1 voting scheme.

    Now, if he had left Harper off the ballot completely, and say, gone Frazier-Miley-Alonso, then Miley wins by a point.

    But literally no writer was actually dumb enough to leave Harper off the ballot completely.

  67. Len Says:

    I see Harper as good winner. .270/.340/.477, 98 runs scored (5th in the league), 9 triples (8th in the league), 22 hr, 18/24 in stolen base attempts, good defense in right field. You can make a case for Miley as well.

    Chuck does have a point that most of his success came in September against weaker call ups (.300/.400/.643). But the award is for the “year” and September counts not just Apr-Aug. Objectively he was a very good candidate, maybe Chuck has something against him personally.

    Rosario wasn’t a good candidate because his numbers were greatly inflated by Coors field and he’s not a good defensive catcher.

    Aoki, the right fielder from the Brewers kind of flew under the radar this year: .288/.355/.433, 30 stolen bases (9th) 30/38 in stolen base attempts, 81 runs scored, 13 HBP (4th), good defense in right.

  68. Bob Says:

    If it is true that Harper fared well in September against inferior talent, then should you expect to see upticks by evertybody who was in the majors pre-September? Could it be that he was finally acclimated to the rest of the league? Find out came April and May, but I have no qualms with Harper. I had Frazier second.

  69. Bob Says:

    The real question: Who wins on Wednesday? Dickey? Cueto? Verlander? Felix? Price?

  70. Bob Says:

    Pele had hip surgery. Hope he is okay has he should be the athlete who lights the 2016 Olympic Torch in Brazil. And it should be a runaway victory for him.

  71. Raul Says:

    No writer is dumb enough to leave Bryce Harper off the ballot?

    Didn’t a bunch of guys leave Rickey Henderson off the HOF ballot?

  72. Bob Says:

    Over 5% of the writers did not vote for him. Disgraceful

  73. Raul Says:

    Wow @ Bob. I had no idea it was that high a percentage.

    RA Dickey should win.

  74. Bob Says:

    No qualms with Dickey. Who prevails in the AL?

  75. Raul Says:

    Hard to give it to anyone but Justin Verlander.

    Just about everyone has pointed out that his 2012 was nearly identical to his 2011.

  76. John Says:

    @Len, Aoki was a pleasant surprise, but I’ve always thought it was a little silly to give ROY’s to players with 10+ years of experience in Japan.

    Granted, it’s a bit like AAA caliber talent…but something just doesn’t sit right about giving ROY to a 3-time JPCL batting champ.

    For Cy Young, the AL has to go to Verlander, and the NL can go to Dickey, Cueto, or Kershaw with roughly equal merit. My vote would go to Dickey as well.

  77. Bob Says:

    Dante Bichette is the new Rockies hitting coach.

    See you guys tomorrow.

  78. JohnBowen Says:

    Holy crap…

    See “news.” But I know you guys are all over this.

  79. Len Says:


    I don’t remember getting any attention this year. Yeah, I’ve always had a problem with JPCL players winning the ROY. There’s something that just seems against the spirit award.

    I agree with you that Verlander deserves it but voters tend to skew toward “wins” and “w/l %” and probably will select Price. It also might hurt Verlander a little that he won the award last year and MVP.

    Kershaw should really win but he’ll probably do poorly because of his wins and w/l %. Kershaw led the N.L. in ERA and Whip. I imagine it’s fairly rare to lead the league in both categories and not win Cy Young. He was 2nd in k’s by one. and led the league in H/9. He received horrible runs support and just had some terrible luck. The only guys that i could fine who led the league in ERA & Whip and not win the Cy Young were: Seaver ‘71, Clemmens ‘92, K. Brown ‘96 and K. Brown 2000.

    Kershaw LOST a game he gave up 0 earned runs, had 5 no decisions in games he gave up 1 earned run. He had 5 “LOSSES” in games he gave up 2 earned runs and received 2 no decisions in three games he gave up 3 earned runs. The 5 losses in the 2 earned run games is insane.

    There were 11 games that he pitched at least 5 innings and gave up 2 or fewer earned runs and he went 0-6. even if he went 6-5 in those games he would have ended up with a 20-8 record instead of 14-9.

  80. Chuck Says:

    The text I got this morning said the ROY votes were 115 for Harper and 112 for Miley and that third place votes were worth four points.

    I responded off that without checking.

    My bad.

  81. JohnBowen Says:

    Ah, gotcha.

  82. JohnBowen Says:

    “Kershaw should really win but he’ll probably do poorly because of his wins and w/l%”

    Ehh, give the voters some credit. They gave Cy Youngs to King Felix (13-12), Zack Greinke (16-8), and Tim Lincecum (15-7).

    The way I see it, the three leaders are roughly equal. If they use W/L as the tie-break, well not my cup of tea, but not a big deal anyway. It wouldn’t be like Colon beating Santana.

  83. Raul Says:

    Doesn’t mean RA Dickey isn’t deserving.

  84. JohnBowen Says:

    He’s perfectly deserving. Whether it goes to Dickey, Kershaw, or Cueto – fine choice.

    I’m thinking what might happen, unfortunately, is those three will split the votes and Kimbrel will sneak in and nab enough first place votes to win it.

  85. Raul Says:

    If Kimbrel wins the Cy Young, they should just stop giving it out.

    Every time a reliever wins the Cy, it’s a waste of the award.

  86. Chuck Says:

    Harper won the award because of the number of times his name got in the paper.

    He wasn’t close to being the most impactful rookie, or the most impactful player on the Nationals. They win the East easily without him.

    This is a residual effect of his SI cover and his manipulating the draft through Scott Boras and his $10 million contract than anything else.

    And he still almost didn’t win it.

    John has this weird belief that I have some personal hatred of Harper.

    Yes, I met him once and, yes, I thought he was a jerk, but I don’t have a vote, so nothing I say can or should influence anyone who does. (Not that they read this anyway).

    I work for the AFL, Harper played here for two years, almost everyday someone would tell a story about an interaction they had with him, and the vast majority of them were not positive.

    If some writer from the Washington Post wants to write an article about how Harper rescues puppies from burning buildings and single handedly cured hunger in Kenya, so be it.

    The same people who believe what a complete stranger writes about a complete stranger are the same people who won’t believe the word of a complete stranger that Jeff Bagwell did steriods.

    Understand if you don’t buy what I say, it’s YOUR problem.

    I honestly have no problem with Harper winning, he had a good season (despite his age..don’t even get me started on that ARL shit).

    I’ve previously made reference to the Baseball America report calling Harper a “lefthanded Mark Reynolds” and I’m fully on board with that, and nothing I saw from him this year would change that.

    Those people who think Harper is the next Griffey Jr. are ignorant fucking idiots.

  87. JohnBowen Says:

    Billy Ripken took those folks a step further and compared him to Mickey Mantle.

    “He wasn’t close to being the most impactful rookie”

    Come now, he was close. Miley would’ve been my pick, but whatever.

    “or the most impactful player on the Nationals”

    Not what the award is given out for.

    “They win the East easily without him.”

    Also irrelevant.

  88. JohnBowen Says:

    Actually, Bryce Harper was probably the best position player on the Nationals this year.

    I don’t think it’s a guarantee at all that they win the division without him. Atlanta only finished four games back.

  89. Raul Says:

    Well, whatever.

    Harper won it. That’s how it is.
    Once Jim Rice got elected, I stopped discussing how he wasn’t a HOFer

  90. Mike Felber Says:

    I had 5 days with no heat or hot water, the last during the nor’easter, which was nothing really. Just got distracted by other things, recently system down briefly.

    It is close for NL Cy Young, & we all prefer Dickey due to his story & he is a good guy. Harper should be at least a good-All Star player doubt he ends up in Japan. Trout or anyone could fade spectacularly, but I doubt he does not end up a star at least. Just so much talent in all tools, his comparison to Mantle by age is pretty apt.

    Will explore that HHS thread shortly, thanks Chuck.

    Arguable “The Unforgiven” is Eastwood’s best. Great drama & gravitas in his earlier movies, but the last came to terms with the emptiness & psychological consequences of violence.

  91. Mike Felber Says:

    Oh, & what strangers write about character can be weighed against what other’s say, & is often based upon documented conduct. Though character & conduct are matters of degrees, whether someone juiced is a binary that is damning to reputation & fortune-if accepted. And if anyone hears from someone else, even if I know the teller…just so many things that can go wrong there. Even when the last link in the chain is utterly honest & scrupulous.

  92. Len Says:

    I don’t see how Harper is the “left handed Marc Reynolds”.

    First off, Harper’s only 19 years old and it’s amazing he was even a full time player in the big leagues. Reynolds didn’t play a full season until he was 24.

    Reynolds is a horrible fielder, Harper is a very good right fielder.

    Reynolds strikes out 32.5 per 100 plate appearances for his career. Harper is at 20.1 per 100 in his first season.

    Harper has good speed.

    Reynolds is a career .235 hitter

    Harper had 98 runs scored which is the second highest seasonal total by a 19 year old. He hit 22 HR which is the second highest total for a 19 year old. 9 triples is the 4rh best by a 19 year old.

    There’s only 14 nineteen year olds who even qualified for the batting title and and Harper had the second highest OPS (.817) ever. He had 144 hits, 4rth highest ever by a 19 year old.

  93. Chuck Says:

    “(despite his age..don’t even get me started on that ARL shit).”

    Only took six comments for someone to bring up the “ARL shit”.

    Thanks Len.

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