Where Are They Now…?

by Chuck

Minor League Baseball recently published a complete list of organizational field staff assignments for the 2010. The list is dotted with a number of former All-Stars, major Award winners and even a Hall of Famer. For those inclined to reach back into their memory banks, or out of nothing else but curiosity, a list of some of the more prominent members follows. Some may not find all of the candidates worthy of being listed, and I may omit someone who should be, but space is a concern, obviously.

So is the fact it’s my list…LOL.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Triple A manager Brett Butler, Triple A coach Rick Burleson, Double A manager Rico Brogna, short season Class A pitching coach Doug Drabek.

Atlanta Braves: Rookie League hitting coach Sixto Lezcano

Baltimore Orioles: AAA Manager Gary Allenson, AAA hitting coach Richie Hebner, AA manager Brad Komminsk, Low A hitting coach Mike Devereaux, Short Season pitching coach Scott McGregor, Rookie League hitting coach Milt May.

Boston Red Sox: AAA hitting coach Gerald Perry, Low A manager Billy McMillion, Rookie League hitting coach U.L. Washington.

Chicago Cubs: AAA manager Ryne Sandberg, AAA hitting coach Von Joshua, AA manager Bill Dancy, AA pitching coach Dennis Lewallyn, Class A hitting coach Richie Zisk, Low Class A hitting coach Barbaro Garbey, Short Season manager Jody Davis, SS pitching coach Jeff Fassero.

Chicago White Sox: AAA manager Chris Chambliss, AAA hitting coach Gary Ward, AAA pitching coach Rich Dotson, High A manager Joe McEwing, High A pitching coach Bobby Thigpen, Low A manager Ernie Young, Rookie hitting coach Jerry Hairston Sr.

Cincinnati Reds: AA manager David Bell, AA pitching coach Tom Browning, Low A manager Todd Benzinger, Low A hitting coach Ken Griffey Sr, Rookie manager Delino DeShields, Rookie pitching coach Bob Forsch, Rookie hitting coach Jorge Orta.

Cleveland Indians: AAA pitching coach Charles Nagy, AA manager Joel Skinner, SS manager Travis Fryman.

Colorado Rockies: AAA coach Rene Lachmann, AA pitching coach Bryan Harvey.

Detroit Tigers: AAA manager Larry Parrish, coach Leon Durham, AA manager Phil Nevin, pitching coach Ray Burris, High A pitching coach Joe Coleman.

Florida Marlins: High A manager Ron Hassey.

Houston Astros: AAA pitching coach Burt Hooten, High A manager Tom Lawless, SS coach Joel Chimelis

Kansas City Royals: AAA hitting coach Tommy Gregg, Low A pitching coach Jerry Nyman, Rookie manager Nelson Liriano.

Los Angeles Angels: Rookie manager Tom Kotchman, Rookie hitting coach Dick Schofield, Rookie pitching coach Trevor Wilson.

Los Angeles Dodgers: AAA manager Tim Wallach, coach John Moses, pitching coach Jim Slaton. AA coach John Valentin, pitching coach Danny Darwin, High A coach Franklin Stubbs, pitching coach Charlie Hough, Rookie manager Damon Berryhill

Milwaukee Brewers: AAA manager Don Money, pitching coach Rich Gale, AA pitching coach John Curtis.

Minnesota Twins: AAA manager Tom Nieto, coach Floyd Rayford, pitching coach Bobby Cuellar, High A manager Jake Mauer, hitting coach Jim Dwyer, Rookie pitching coach Jim Shellenback, rookie hitting coach Milt Cuyler.

New York Mets: AAA manager Ken Oberkfell, pitching coach Ricky Bones, AA manager Tim Teufel, High A manager Edgardo Alfonso, pitching coach Phil Regan, SS manager Wally Backman, hitting coach  Benny DeStefano, Rookie Manager Mike DeFelice, Rookie Manager Sandy Alomar Sr.

New York Yankees: AAA coach Butch Wynegar, High A manager Torre Tyson, Low A manager Greg Colbrunn.

Oakland Athletics: High A manager Steve Scarsone, SS coach Casey Myers, pitching coach Craig Lefferts, Rookie League pitching coach Ariel Prieto.

Philadelphia Phillies: AAA coach Greg Gross, AA coach Bob Milacki, Low A manager Mark Parent, coach Greg Legg.

Pittsburgh Pirates: AA manager Matt Walbeck, Rookie coach Woody Huyke

St. Louis Cardinals: AAA pitching coach Derek Lilliquist, AA pitching coach Dennis Martinez, Low A hitting coach Mitchell Page.

San Diego Padres: AAA manager Terry Kennedy, AA manager Doug Dascenzo, coach Max Venable, High A manager Carlos Lezcano, Rookie manager Ivan Cruz, coach Kory DeHaan.

San Francisco Giants: AA pitching coach Ross Grimsley, A manager Brian Harper, Low A pitching coach Steve Kline, SS manager Tom Treblehorn, Rookie pitching coach Mike Caldwell.

Seattle Mariners: AAA pitching coach Jaime Navarro, AA coach Andy Fox, High A coach Tommy Cruz, pitching coach Tom Dettore, Rookie pitching coach Andrew Lorraine.

Tampa Bay Rays: Class A pitching coach Neil Allen, SS manager Jared Sandberg.

Texas Rangers: AAA manager Bobby Jones, coach Scott Coolbaugh, AA manager Steve Buechele, coach Brant Brown, SS coach Brian Dayett.

Toronto Blue Jays: AAA pitching coach  Dave LaRoche, High A pitching coach Darold Knowles, Low A manager Sal Fasano.

Washington Nationals: AA manager Randy Knorr, High A coach Matt Nokes, Low A coach Tony Tarasco.


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19 Responses to “Where Are They Now…?”

  1. Hossrex Says:

    Tim Wallach managing the Isotopes?


    Sucks for him that we’re grooming Mattingly to replace Torre.

  2. Cameron Says:

    True, but that leaves Donnie’s hitting coach position available, Wallach could fill it.

  3. Lefty33 Says:

    “Atlanta Braves: Rookie League hitting coach Sixto Lezcano”

    Thanks for including that one Chuck, it gave me a laugh.

    Other than Dick Trickle, Sixto is easily my all-time favorite sports name.

  4. Richard Says:

    I don’t know what’s funnier….Ricky Bones as a pitching coach, or Dick Schofield as a hitting coach. And wasn’t Jared Sandberg supposed to be the future of the Rays at one time?

    Sweet Lou is treading on thin ice with Ryno managing in AAA.

    I thought Chris Chambliss should’ve gotten a shot managing by now.

  5. Lefty33 Says:

    “AA manager Bill Dancy”


    Is that the same guy who was in Phillies organization as a ML manager/coach at various levels for a number of years?

  6. Bastaducci Says:

    Richard, I would go with Dick Schofield as hitting coach. when I seen that I LOL’ed

  7. Patrick Says:

    Richie Hebner is the O’s AAA hitting coach which is a step up from his old job. From the back of his baseball card; “Richie works as a gravedigger in the off season.”

  8. Matt Says:

    Old Carrot Top is the Cubs ‘Short Season’ manager? What the hell does that mean?

  9. Chuck Says:



  10. Hartvig Says:

    I once bought an autographed Barbaro Garbey baseball card on eBay for 50 cents as a birthday present for someone.

  11. Hossrex Says:

    Psh… all of MY Barbaro Garbey autographs come with an official certificate of authenticity. They continue to appreciate in value every year.

    (I’m lying)

  12. Raul Says:

    Sal Fasano is the only name ’stache that matters.

    Greg Legg? Really? That guy’s parents have a great sense of humor.

  13. Raul Says:

    There should be a slash between name and ’stache

    Adam makes some thread a while back asking what improvements should be on this site and apparently an edit button isn’t necessary because he never makes a mistake.

  14. Bastaducci Says:

    Poor Garbey. I thought he was gonna be a stud for us.I met him a number of times(I worked as a junior usher at Tiger stadium as well vended there) . Ricky Peters teased us Tiger fans as well,I thought he was gonna be a good leadoff man for us for years.

  15. Don E Says:

    Dick Schofield’s lifetime OPS+ is 73. Milt Cuyler’s is 71. Good enough for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

    Cuyler had great speed…couldn’t hit well enough to take advantage of it. Those who can’t, teach.

    Personally, I like seeing some of the former stars down on the farm. They don’t need the dollars, but they’re there just the same.

    Thanks! I didn’t think I’d see Barbaro Garbey mentioned again.

  16. Hartvig Says:

    I saw Milt Cuyler hit a triple once. I swear he was standing on third base before I could blink. It looked like someone hitting the fast forward button on your old VHS player. If he & I raced around the basepaths I’d probably get lapped about 3 times…

  17. Bastaducci Says:

    Yeah Harvig, Cuyler was lightning but his bat was made of mash potatoes. he is another guy we had high hopes on.

    Fastest player I think I ever seen on my Tigers was probably Kirk Gibson. many people don’t realize how fast he was.Ron Leflore was right there though as well as Cuyler and the hard hitting Gary Pettis.

  18. Hartvig Says:

    “and the hard hitting Gary Pettis.”

    That made my day.

    I saw Gibson play several times but probably never saw a situation where his speed really showed I guess. I saw Pettis too but again don’t remember seeing him turn on the afterburners. If I saw Leflore at all it would have been when he was with the White Sox. Chet Lemon was another guy who could really move & I saw him with the Sox & Tigers both but he had the worst base-running instincts I’ve ever seen & really wasted his speed, at least offensively.

  19. daniel Says:

    Interesting list of names from the past. Tried to pick one as the oldest. I saw Phil Regan pitching coach for the NY Mets. He is 73. A very good relief pitcher of the 60’s. Anyone see an older name?

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