Carlos Quentin Locked Up – Why?

July 22nd, by JohnBowen

In 2008, Carlos Quentin had an MVP caliber season for the AL Central Division Champion White Sox. Actually, he probably would’ve won the thing if he played the last month of the season; Quentin hit .288/.394/.571 with 36 home runs and 100 RBI in just 130 games before a temper-induced wrist injury ended his year [...]

Where Will Miggy End Up?

July 22nd, by JohnBowen

Today, Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera clubbed his 299th and 300th home runs of his career, which is surprisingly already in his tenth season. In doing so, Cabrera became one of just 13 players to hit his 300th home run before his 30th birthday, joining Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr., Jimmie Foxx, Mickey Mantle, Eddie [...]

What Will the New CBA Mean for Rentals?

July 21st, by JohnBowen

Will teams dish out for Hamels and Greinke what they did for Sabathia and Teixeira?

The Best Seasons by Ex-Athletics

July 8th, by JohnBowen

Also see my “All New York Yankees Team” for much of the same stuff!

AL All-Stars – My Picks

June 28th, by JohnBowen

Only a few hours left, make your picks!

The Annual All-Star Game Debate – NL Edition

June 22nd, by JohnBowen

Who deserves to start this year?

Dugout Central Challenge Updated Update

May 13th, by KerryWhisnant

Before the season began, Dugout Central staff and readers were challenged to predict win totals for all thirty MLB teams. In this article the predictions are presented and we see how they are faring a fifth of the way through the season. [Note: this article has been updated to include John Bowen, who was accidentally left off the list.]

Thomas Wayne’s 2012 American League Predictions

April 18th, by JohnBowen

Thomas Wayne shares his AL predictions – what are yours?

Thomas Wayne’s 2012 American League Predictions (Finally…lol)

April 18th, by ThomasWayne

No – to the shock of many – I do not have Albert Pujols winning AL MVP. Who do I have??? Read on…


April 10th, by ThomasWayne

Dugout Central Challenge Reminder

April 1st, by KerryWhisnant

Opening day (in the U.S.) is fast approaching. All you need to do is predict win totals for each MLB team.

American League Awards Predictions – 2012

April 1st, by JohnBowen

Opening Day is just a few days away – well, technically, it already happened, but if the two worst teams in the league play a game, and no one sees it, did it really happen? Anyway, here are my predictions for award winners in the American League in 2012.
MVP – Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers
He’s finished [...]

Fourth Annual Dugout Central Challenge

March 18th, by KerryWhisnant

Who are the best teams? Who are the worst teams? And just how good or bad are they? Dugout Central writers and readers are again challenged to predict the number of wins in the regular season for each of the thirty MLB teams.

Phillies and Amaro Could Learn from Amaro’s Career Stats

March 3rd, by Shaun

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro suggested, to writer Bob Brookover, that scouts shouldn’t rely too much on statistics when scouting the minors:
Amaro said statistical analysis should not be a big part of minor-league scouting.
“It’s just too difficult to really project what the numbers will say,” Amaro said. “I lived it myself. I [...]

Chipper Jones: A Class Act for Avoiding Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

February 28th, by Shaun

There is nothing wrong with a fan expressing admiration for Chipper for staying away from PED’s, for playing baseball on a Hall-of-Fame level or for staying with one team his entire career instead of chasing more money from another team. But none of this makes him any more or less admirable as a human being, overall.

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Dear Doug Melvin

July 23rd, by JohnBowen

John sends a heartfelt letter to the Brewers’ GM

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I've never been to Chicago except to change planes, and really have no desire. Obviously I would love to see a game at Wrigley, but I wouldn't go just for that. I'm not much of a traveler, if there's a reason to go somewhere that's OK, but to just get in the car and drive to San Diego or LA for the hell of it is kinda dumb if you ask me.

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