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Inside the Game: Plate Adjustment has Alex Rios Back on Track

Thursday, May 6th, 2010 by Chuck

Let’s face it; Alex Rios didn’t have a very good year in 2009, matter of fact, Rios might consider “not very good” to be a compliment.
Rios went through his worst season since his second full major league season, with Toronto in 2005. He posted career worst splits in ’09, including an embarrassingly bad .296 OBP.  [...]

Long Road to the Show Finally Ends for Sergio Santos

Thursday, March 25th, 2010 by Chuck

With enough twists and turns to make Stephen King proud, the long, arduous road to the major leagues has reached its climax for former number one pick Sergio Santos. On Tuesday, during an interview with TV broadcasters Ken Harrelson and Steve Stone, Chicago White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper said Santos has “all but secured” [...]