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Thursday, May 13th, 2010 by Chuck

Maybe I’ve officially lost it; comparing a Double A player to a major leaguer, but, maybe, just maybe, the comparison should be the major leaguer to the minor leaguer.
Unless you’ve spent the past few months in the Pete Rose suite at the local Attitude Adjustment Center, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Jason Heyward.
Twenty year old hometown [...]

Putting Together a Batting Order

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 by Shaun

Making outs obviously kills rallies and getting on base keeps them going. So you want to bunch your best on-base guys together. Also, you want your best on-base guys to come up to the plate more often than other hitters. The best way to make sure they come to the plate as often as possible is to put them as close to the top of the order as possible.