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Fan’s Guide to Using Statistics to Evaluate Minor League Baseball Players

Monday, February 13th, by Shaun

This is not a replacement for watching and scouting, in addition to looking at the statistics. This is merely a way for fans—who often don’t get to see their team’s minor-league players and the minor-league players everyone is raving about—to eyeball some numbers and get an idea about what their team has in the organization.

Attempting to put an end to the Stat-versus-Scouting debate

Sunday, May 30th, 2010 by Shaun

It seems most Major League organizations are always looking for ways to improve and at the same time save money, so most have grasped that a more statistical/scientific approach to evaluating players is extremely helpful. But there are some out there, and maybe a few within the game, who still think it’s an issue worth debating.